New Designers Exhibition 2010: Dominika Seweryniuk

By: Joanna Prempeh

Dominika Seweryniuk is a graduating creative from Edinburgh Napier University. The intricate and unique design on display in her latest project, instantly draw people in as she merges the practical with the fantastical.

FAULT: How would you describe your work and where do your inspirations come from?

My work stems from the ideology of Wonderland. It is about distorting perception. Initially the project was inspired by brain processing disorders such as Synaesthesia and Dyslexia. These conditions let people perceive the world differently. To them the ‘normal’ set of rules and systems of our reality can be restricting and limiting. It proves our world isn’t flat and has many altering interpretations and wonderful realities.

My aim was to create a series of curious objects that will awake curiosity and spark imagination. I wanted to take the viewer on a little sensory journey that will inspire him to take notice of things that go unnoticed in our sensory overloaded world. Each of the cases serves as a vessel for my ideas and each tells a story that invokes a different sense.

FAULT: Why did you decide to use cases for your project?

I used an old-fashioned case because it’s a very curious object. It has a personality! It has lost its primary function as a suitcase but it became special and precious for different reasons, flaws and wrinkles tell its story. It is like its FAULT became a feature. Don’t you find it a very human characteristic?

FAULT:Definitely, so what is your key goal now that you have graduated?

I want to explore different mediums of expression. Studying product design helped me develop a practical approach however I am still drawn to more abstract ideas. I like the concept of merging art with design. At the moment I’m planning to study a postgraduate course in visual communication to learn new skills and be able to work confidently across different disciplines of design.

FAULT: What is in store for DomdotDesign this year?

I am still in the process of uploading my work onto my website… web design is not my strongest point you see but please be patient, it should be ready and up to scratch by the end of this month.

FAULT: What would you say makes your work different from other design work?

My cases don’t have a function per se; it’s more of a critical piece. It talks about seeing beauty in imperfection. I didn’t attempt to design a flawless practical piece out of a new material. I like when ‘form follows dysfunction’, it makes it more challenging.

FAULT: Do you have any hidden talents?

I have a soft spot for photography, I don’t take my film camera out often enough but I’m thinking of getting back to B&W analogue photography. I also make batik paintings. Batik use to be my thing before I got into design.

FAULT:What would you have liked me to ask you?

Nothing comes to mind now… but I like difficult/unusual questions

FAULT:How can someone get hold of a DomdotDesign piece?

Get in touch please! I’d love to know that my work does inspire.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

I’m restless; I find it hard to settle for one thing. It’s half fear of commitment and half because I want to try too many things in the same time. For example I find that you can put maple syrup on virtually anything and it will taste good!

Visit DomdotDesign at, should you wish to find out more.