By Joanna Prempeh

Chrissie Miller has worked hard to raise the Sophomore clothing line from an underground convenience to a fashion wardrobe essential.  Beginning by making a few t-shirts for people she knew, her clothing has now expanded and is currently sold in numerous stores from the US all the way to Japan. The popular sportswear trend taking over the fashion world makes Sophomore perfect for the moment.

Miller’s designs accentuate the throwback trends of the Spring/Summer season by exuding an almost 70s ‘New Yorker’ feel.  Working with Cass Bird to create her lookbooks, together they manage to present energy that is different from any other designer out there. Miller chooses not to use the conventional model to display her clothing, but prefers using her friends. Actress and model Bijou Philips, Artist Lucien Marc Smith and Donald Cumming of The Virgins are just a few chosen to represent the line in lookbooks and the 2010 collection promotional video.

The Spring 2010 collection presents a low-key, laid-back gorgeousness. The colours are easy. The tones are classic. All suggested by the perfect fit of the clothing; combined with that care-free Manhattan edge. The womenswear collection is fun and flirty, with the occasional appearance from ‘the professional’ pencil skirt. The menswear collection suggests a more quirky, casual coolness.

Jessica Stam is an avid fan and popular TV show, Gossip Girl lent a hand in promoting Miller’s clothes. Before she knew it, there was a surge in public demand for her designs and she considered expanding her ideas. Designer, Madeline Von Froomer, previously associated with Proenza Schouler, was brought onto the project and together, the pair hopes to keep up with the ever-growing demands for their clothes.