Ballad:The Memory

FAULT: How would you describe your music?

Omar: my music has its folk feel, as well as its healing lyrical side. I try not to label my music to one specific sound; I usually let the people decide in what message or interpretation they get from listening.

FAULT: What is the creative process of your music?

Omar: My music is simple. It has its balanced effects and all but I think the creativeness is exposed when I play it live and people see the full on impact that I present. Also it all comes down to the recording process! While I’m recording I get creative and sometimes add parts and what not. And well to give it a little more back bone, the lyrics, I think.

FAULT: Tell us about your musical background?

Omar: I grew up in a family with quiet a lot of musical talent. My father and some uncles of mine did some touring back in there prime, heh, but never did they encourage me to fall into music, I taught myself playing by ear. I used to write poetry ever since I was twelve, and I had this guitar around that was my Dad’s, and on that I would work on just songs I heard on the radio from a few bands that I was listening to at the time like Nirvana, System Of A down, The White Stripes, and some good ol’ Stephen Stills. I would pick up the guitar for a good month or two, then leave it for a year off and on haha. In middle school I took the courage to join band and started off on a snare drum going over some simple beats and then picked up the saxophone through High school. Entering college, I drifted away from the Sax, and picked up the guitar with a more serious approach and got into my writing more heavily. I was in four different metal bands, as the singer, playing a lot of festivals, house shows, and garage practices, but one after the next, the bands I was in at times were dropping little by little. All this would frustrate me being without a band for so long, so then I decided to put out my acoustic project of songs that I’ve written. And now, here I am with two albums out and gotten further than any band I was in.

FAULT: Who or what inspired you to take a career in music?

Omar: I got a hold of some early recordings of Elliott Smith when he was doing his basement demos, and that really sparked the flame for me. I thought to myself, I can put out my poetry, with simply an acoustic melody beneath it! Then I kept an ear out for blues, jazz samba music, and of course THE FOLK.!

FAULT: What age did you discover music?

Omar: At the age of 8 listening to my Father play his accordion, and teaching me the sounds of the black and white keys.

FAULT: What are you working on at the moment?

Omar: My new recordings and preparations to construct this new album I have in mind. I’m constantly writing new ideas, and putting them down on tape! =]

FAULT: Biggest musical icon?

Omar: The Man to blame for where I stand, Elliot Smith. (RIP)

FAULT:  Do you have a Favourite artist/photographer

Omar: The artist that is my most recent favourite has to be Justin Vernon from Bon Iver, and photographer, I don’t have one, but I’m working with a Really cool camera crew and I’m impressed with the work that they have done for me. There name is Z&Tree Photography and you can check out some of their work at as in “L” =]

FAULT: What do you think of new music?

Omar: New Indie music? Because in my books I don’t have much radio playing, but I’m always out searching for new acoustic artists and some good indie. And I Love It! haha

FAULT: What was your highlight for 2009?

Omar: To be honest, the new coming of 2010, because for this month, I’m on THIS MAGAZINE! Pretty Awesome.

FAULT: Who is the sexiest person in the music industry?

Omar: Oh don’t get me started! I have to go with Lisa Hannigan.!! <3 Call me!

FAULT: What Female Vocalist would you love to work with?

Omar: I’m a big fan of Feist, but then again, who isn’t.. If for some reason Leslie Feist was too busy to work with Omar and be a part of Ballad:The Memory, then I’d have to go with Katrina Ford of Celebration. <3 you can call me as well!

FAULT: What has been the biggest compliment you have ever been given and who was it from?

Omar: I played In Willits California at the Sanachie Pub, and I remember this lady asking me, “Excuse me, young man, did you write all those songs you just performed?” I said yes, and she replies with her glass of wine in the air and hand on her chest, “Amaaazzinngg!” *just like that. Pretty intense, I know.

FAULT: What was the first album that you bought?

Omar: Growing up I got exposed to some hip hop and even before I purchased a rock, or acoustic cd, I got my hands on The Wu-Tang Klan’s 36 Chambers album, which I now have their complete discography by the way.. And it’s nothing to F**k with Yo.!

FAULT: Who would you like to collaborate with?

Omar: I would love to share at least one track with Dallas Green. He sings, and angles give sweet birth…

FAULT: What new music are you listening to?

Omar: I am currently listening to some new Portugal.The Man. Those guys are awesome musicians!

FAULT: What couldn’t you live without?

Omar: Music of course. My close friends at Lovesick Tattoo, my Mother and my Father.

FAULT: Who has been your biggest influence?

Omar: Besides Elliott Smith, The Frames.

FAULT: Do you feel sexy when you perform?

Omar: Well, I probably feel more bashful than anything when there’s that one cute girl in the front smiling back at me. I don’t know, am I sexy?

FAULT: What are you looking forward to?

Omar: Some feedback on the music I have out now, and also the reaction from all the totally new songs I have coming soon. It’s going to be a whole new different sound, without drifting away from my foundation in which I stand.

FAULT: Where do you see yourself this time next year?

Omar: My plans are to be in either Denmark, or Canada living there, playing some music, and playing on the road. (Not literally)

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Omar: It’s my fault, to get some new tunes stuck in your head!

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