FAULT:: Where did you seek inspiration for your MA collection?

Lilly:: I was looking at Picasso’s studies of curvaceous women and his sculptures and at the same time started using fabric to create volume. Once I put these shapes onto the body, it was like sculpting on a person. When the models walked around in the garments, the different layers started to move and looked like sculptures in motion.

FAULT:: How were the garments made?

Lilly:: Every shape is laser cut and then every layer is pieced together by hand stitching. It is a very labour intensive collection. Sometimes there were quite a few of us standing around a garment on a mannequin, sewing in different places. Essentially, it is in part a couture collection, disguised by the fact that it looks modern.

FAULT:: How does it feel to be one of the winners of the renowned Harrods award for best collection?

Lilly:: Good and unexpected.

FAULT:: Where have you gained experience in the industry?

Lilly:: I have worked for McQueen, where I designed prints for Spring Summer 08. I had such a good time there, I laughed a lot! I also worked for Jonathan Saunders the summer before that, one of the last seasons when print was still the focal point of his work.

FAULT:: What’s next for Lilly Heine?

Lilly:: I have some freelance work and some interviews in the next few weeks…

FAULT:: What is your FAULT?

Lilly:: I get so obsessive when I am designing that I cannot concentrate on anything else.