FAULT: Tell us about your collaboration?

M&W: Well, we have the same kind of background as photographers. We have studied photopgraphy and then we´ve been assisting for 7-8 years for different photographers.

We are from the old school, assistning with darkroom and analog film.  Since we have been sharing an office for 5 years in Stockholm we have always talked very open about our own different shootings. Giving each other inspiration and sharing ideas and picutures we love. About one year ago we decided to shoot a story together.

We do a lot of preproduction of our work together.so when it comes to the shooting we are very well prepared and we know  what we want to capture.

Most important for us ,and what we put a lot of energy to, and talk about – is the feeling and mood that we want to capture in the images. What we are going to do to achieve that.

Our collaboration had been very difficult  if we didn´t know each other so well.It’s a big step to go from shooting yourself compared to when you are collaborating with someone in an artistic way. For us it´s been very exiting.

FAULT: When did you first realise you worked well together?

M&W: After doing our first Editorial together we realized that it will work and that we had done something special. The wibe and feeling we wanted to capture was there, on every single frame. We were exited about what we had achieved together. People around us frequently asked us how we do when we shoot. When we did our first shooting we didnt actually know how it would carry through and what was going to happen. But it turned out to be very sucessful.

FAULT: How do you inspire each other?

M&W: We have always shared things we like with each other.

We collect a lot of inspirations from diffenent kind of creativ artprojects like movies and music and books. Everything that we like and want to add to an editorial story goes goes up on a wall… It could be pictures. Stills from movies, music or lyrics. When we have this beautiful mix we start to kill our darlings.

FAULT: What are the benefits of working together?

M&W: To combine and to use our different skills that we have, makes us stronger, a

nd we are able to get closer to the feeling and image that we are looking for. Brainstorming is more effective with two minds.

And most of all, it’s more fun.  It´s more nice to share a dinner with somenone than to eat alone..Especially when you have made it together.

FAULT: What are the drawbacks of working together?

M&W: In a collaboration, there will always be times when you disagree. It’s part of the working process.

If you never disagree you´ll keep on standing in your own backyard, digging your own dirt. The trick is how you solve it and move on. 

FAULT: Why do you think your relationship works so well?

M&W: We know one other very well and we respect each

others work and skills.

We bring each others best capacity to the surface.

FAULT: Is there anyone else you would both like to work with?

Waldemar: I would love to do an artmovie with David Bowie and Neil Young.  A documentry during a summer/holiday where i let them spend time together to share and exchange ideas, inspiration, music and thoughts. Or why not just silence. No directing and no guiding. David and Neil has their own dv camera to capture their own movie in the movie.

Max: Wes Anderson, Sean Penn and Sofia Coppola are people i really would like to work  with. I see moving pictures in the future.

FAULT: What are you both currently working on?

M&W: We are now doing the last retouch of  a work for your magasine Fault. Then we will start preparations for another editorial that is a movie/theatre inspirated story. We are also working on a exhibition we are having in Stockholm.

FAULT: What are you both looking forward to?

M&W:Our exibition soon to come

FAULT: What is your partners FAULT?

Waldemar: Christmas songs in office, starting in mid october!!! (c´mon..please no)

Max: For someone who have such good taste in music, makes it a mistary to me that he sometimes makes me listen to so bad popcountry music.