Dora Mojzes

By Roshannah Bagley

BUDAPEST, Hungary:: Fashion designer Dora Mojzes aims to “create the image of a 21st century woman. A woman with high standards, a woman who is open and self-confident, a woman who is successful in work and can be feminine in everyday life.”Specialising in leather with a penchant for all things dark, the young designer allows FAULT and its readers an insight into her new Autumn Winter 2010/11 collection.

FAULT:: How are you finding life as an emerging designer in Hungary?

Dora:: Not very easy…the fashion industry in Hungary is very scant and small..but thanks to the internet there are plenty of new possibilities arising. Therefore, I don’t really think it matters where I am based. Fortunately there is an increasing number of possibilities and customers from different countries who have come my way from finding me on the internet.

FAULT:: Where did your fascination with fashion begin?

Dora:: I was raised in a family where art was very important, (my mother is a designer and freelance artist, and my father was an architect) this milieu provided the opportunity to pursue something artistic, I wasn’t really thinking about any other career path.

FAULT:: Who or what inspires you?

Dora:: Books, music, artists …everything. It is always different…If I am finding it difficult to find inspiration, I just put on music by my favourite bands like Tool, Nine Inch Nails…or Depeche Mode and I usually think of something easily.

FAULT:: How did your experience at London College of Fashion shape your knowledge of fashion and design?

Dora:: I only spent a semester at the London College of Fashion. The teaching was very different to how it is in Hungary….it was a huge advantage for me to have the opportunity to gain a firsthand insight into a foreign educational system. We have a more complex education system in Hungary.

FAULT:: Can you tell us about your new Autumn Winter 2010 collection?

Dora:: The AW 2010/11 collection is inspired by Jeanne d’Arc! I intended the collection to look like an army of Dora Mojzes …haha…The colour palette includes a lot of black, but I also used dark-red and white. This was the first time I made t-shirts with graphics! You can find pieces from street wear to couture in the collection.

FAULT:: Which is your favourite piece and why?

Dora:: I love the trench coat! It’s unique and easy to wear!

FAULT:: What’s next for Dora Mojzes?

Dora:: Now I will begin to design my next Spring Summer collection. And I hope the Dora Mojzes brand becomes bigger and bigger!

FAULT:: What is your FAULT?

Dora:: I can’t do anything in time. I hate deadlines!:-)

Credits: Photographer: Mark Vislay
( Hair: Tamas Tukes ( Make up:
Richard Fazekas Model: Luca @ Attractive Model Agency.