Bianca Barrett

FAULT: How would you describe your work?

My photography is predominately live music photography. A collection of bands and artists rocking the show! I have been shooting gigs for 4 years now.

FAULT: What is the creative process of your photography?

I approach each gig that I photograph with an open mind. I like to get a feel for the band’s/artist’s live performance and their interaction with the audience. Live music photographers usually only have the first three songs to get their images, so you have to think on your feet. Primarily I aim to capture the essence and emotion of the performance in my shots.

FAULT: Tell us about your creative background?

I am definitely a creative being. I currently work as a web designer. I started my working life as a hairstylist and progressed to become an educational director for Toni & Guy, Birmingham. Photography has been a passion of mine since childhood.

FAULT: Who or what inspired you to take a career in photography?

I was inspired to take up Music Photograph after I picked up Linda McCartney’s book; Sixties, Portrait of an Era. Her photography is so raw and beautiful. That comes from her use of natural light in most of her work. Every time I look through her work I get the fire in my belly to get out there and capture…

FAULT: What are you working on at the moment?

My main project at the moment is Gig Junkies ( Gig Junkies is a live music photography, review and interview website covering gigs throughout the UK.

FAULT: What has been the biggest compliment you have ever been given and who was it from?

In Birmingham (where I live) there are an amazing group of music photographer and music writers. There recognition and support is a great compliment to me.

FAULT: What was the first album that you bought?

I didn’t buy it myself, but my first album was U2’s ‘Boy’ which I got for Christmas. My mom got me the cassette and a walkman and I listened to the album all day. I Will Follow is such a great song…

FAULT: Who would you like to work with?

It would be hard to collaborate with another photographer, especially when shooting a gig, but the opportunity to just sit in on a studio session with someone like Annie Leibovitz or Rankin shooting an artist or band would be simply amazing!

FAULT: What new music are you listening to?

I must confess I’m not incredibly on the ball with new music. I kind of stumble across songs and albums that are recommended to me by friends. I always seem to revert back to old favourites. I’m a huge fan of 60 and 70s music. I love Jimi Hendrix, Free, The Doors etc. However I have just downloaded the new album from She & Him, I adore Zooey Deschanel’s voice. I’m also looking forward to hearing the new album Brothers from The Black Keys next month (May).

FAULT: What couldn’t you live without?

That’s a really hard question as there’s so much I couldn’t live without. I think a life without music would be extremely dull…

FAULT: Do you have a favourite artist/photographer?

I have a lot of favourite photographers and artists, the list is endless, I’m in awe of so many. If I had to say one it would be Linda McCartney’s for the purity of her work.

FAULT: Do you have a favourite all time favourite image?

There is a photo of Jimi Hendrix taken at the Royal Albert Hall in 1969 by David Redfern, it was actually Jimi’s last concert. The image and colours are so stunning and surreal it almost looks like a painting. Simply beautiful.

FAULT: What are you looking forward to?

I’m really looking forward to shooting a couple of festivals this year, hopefully V and Download. I shot my first festival last year and although it’s hard work, it’s such an amazing buzz and lots of fun…

FAULT: Where do you see yourself this time next year?

This time next year I hope my portfolio of work is even stronger, with a few more published photos, and Gig Junkies well and truly rocking!

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

I still suck my fingers at 34 years old! However my biggest FAULT has to be my lack of confidence, it stops me from growing as a photographer. I need to be brave and just LEAP!