FAULT in conversation with Warpaint’s Theresa ‘TT’ Wayman

Words: Jennifer Parkes


Have you heard of TT? The moniker may not be too familiar right now, but you’re almost certain to know of Theresa Wayman, founding member of iconic indie rock band Warpaint, and otherwise known as TT.


While the group’s psychedelic dream pop has enticed and entranced fans for the past 14 years, last month saw Wayman release her own offering, LoveLaws, under her two-lettered alter-ego. But this is no band break-up – Warpaint shows no signs of slowing down, with several tour dates in the diary for 2018. FAULT caught up with Wayman in between shows to talk more about her debut solo offering, the challenges facing women in the music industry, and dream festival line-ups…


So, you’ve just released a solo album, which is pretty exciting! What made you decide to do that alongside Warpaint?

I just needed to be expressing more than I can do in Warpaint; it’s been 14 years being in a collaborative process, and I wanted to experience being on my own and having more control.


Did you approach this album differently at all to how you approach creating an album as a band? What were the challenges in that?

I didn’t have to do it in any specific timeframe, so I was able to indulge myself and question things more. It was scary to do that at times, and I worried I would never make it to the end – sometimes it seemed like I could keep questioning forever, but I figured it out!


You examine love and relationships in a number of ways across different tracks, but I’m also intrigued by the album’s title ‘LoveLaws’ – how did that come to be?

I thought of that title as a good concept to build an album from. I was feeling ruled by love and romance, and also seeing love as being a fundamental of life in so many ways. It seemed important to write about it.


Who would you say your influences have been, both in your own music and as a band? 

First and foremost, my music is always influenced by my emotions and mood. I tend to go into starting a song feeling blind, like I have no idea what will come out of me until I see it on the page. But then I start to hone it and let influences in, like Al Green, Sade or Trip Hop like Portishead and Massive Attack. Also current artists like King Krule, Rihanna and Adele, and that song ‘Get Free’ by Major Lazer.


How do you feel Warpaint’s sound has developed over the last 14 years?

I think Warpaint has gone in many directions over the years; we’re becoming more concise with our arrangements and clearer in what we’re saying. We used to jam a lot and write together in a room, but we did less of that on this last album – I think we’re into the idea of going back to that again, just because that old way now seems like something new and different.



It’s impressive that, as an all-female four-piece, Warpaint has stood the test of time in a notoriously misogynistic industry – how have you dealt with challenges that you’ve faced over the years in this respect? 

I think there’s more freedom in the indie-rock world for a girl band to exist, and not feel as much pressure and expectation to be something appealing to men. I think that’s a lot more common in the pop world.


I’ve generally felt very welcomed by our male peers, although there are times I’ve felt excluded from “the boys club”, like I can’t be a part of some technical conversation or ask questions. But I think the guys that act like that are the most insecure, and ultimately want to exclude women just because they just don’t know how to talk to them or don’t feel attractive to them.


Are there any new artists that you’re into at the moment you think we should keep an ear out for?

Kali Uchis, who I’m sure you’ve already heard of! And Dick Stusso – he’s from Oakland, he’s a really great singer/guitar player/overall musician, and he’s self-produced.


You guys have a few tour dates  over summer, including playing at All Points East Festival – are there any bands you happened to catch while you were there, or at other festivals?

Yes! War On Drugs at All Points East, and I saw Bjork and Fever Ray at Primavera – they were absolutely incredible!


If you were to host a festival, anywhere in time and space, what would your dream location and line-up be? 

Probably on the beach somewhere in the Caribbean. It would be Bjork from the Homogenic tour, so that she’s playing songs from debut and post too, with Portishead, Nirvana, Al Green, Kendrick Lamar, Fever Ray, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, and Bob Dylan playing all my favourite songs from over the years (I would get to choose)… the list could really go on and on!


Lastly, something we ask all of our guests, what is your FAULT?

I can be really stubborn and not let things go, and I always need to be right. I’m working on it!


LoveLaws is available to buy now – visit ttlovelaws.com for more info.


British Summer Time Announce New Wave of Acts


BST_colAdding to their already stellar line-up, British Summer Time just keep the good news coming. As of today, on Friday 1st of July, Massive Attack will be taking the main stage in Hyde Park alongside Patti Smith, TV on The Radio, Warpaint and Ghostpoet. Tickets for this day will be going on sale at 9am on the 11th of March.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 13:  A general view of The Rolling Stones performing on stage during a headline performance as part of Barclaycard Present British Summer Time Hyde Park on July 13, 2013 in London, England.  (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 13: A general view of The Rolling Stones performing on stage during a headline performance as part of Barclaycard Present British Summer Time Hyde Park on July 13, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

This 2016, Barclaycard presents British Summer Time Hyde Park hits its fourth year, firmly established as the essential London summer event. Already announced for July 9th as headliners are Take That, bringing their full live experience to Hyde Park for the very first time. And on July 8th, Mumford & Sons will headline with special guests Alabama Shakes and Wolf Alice

On the 2nd of July, Jamie XX and Blood Orange will join a Grammy winning Kendrick Lamar alongside BRIT Award winner and platinum selling Florence And The Machine on the main stage of BST. This will be Kendrick Lamar’s only UK festival appearance. You can check out the announcement video below.


Teasing even further, amongst the new additions you’ll find BRIT Award-winning trip-folk star Cat Power, whose spellbinding mix of folk, country and blues you won’t want to miss, as Hyde Park will be the only place to catch Cat this summer in London.

She’ll be joined on the main stage by Norwegian DJ and producer Todd Terje and The Olsens. Rolling Stone magazine has placed Todd amongst their “25 DJs That Rule The Earth” , scoring an impressive no.17 slot. He’s bound to get crowds grooving in Hyde Park, especially since his live band The Olsens will be joining him. Expect a musical whirlwind that will bring to life hits from Todd’s debut album It’s About Time.

Also, Kamasi Washington, a genius of the tenor sax, is set to bring jazz funk fun to the afternoon. He’s definitely a force to be reckoned with, playing alongside household names such as Snoop Dogg, Chaka Khan and Flying Lotus.


This year’s line-up has gotten everyone at FAULT HQ bouncing off the walls. We can’t help but wonder if Alex Turner is going to make another cameo appearance and dance like nobody is watching despite everyone will be watching – definitely a highlight to The Stroke’s first UK gig in years.

Avoid disappointment and grab yourself early tickets, as this year’s festival promises to be another memorable experience.


Ticket Prices:

£59.50                          General Admission     

£69.50                          Priority Entry           

£89.50                          Premium View                                                           

£129.50                        Barclaycard VIP Summer Garden                               

£199.50                        The Terrace


You can find more info on the event on their website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The Reverb Conspiracy Album Review

Out of the late 60s, drug-induced Woodstock haze in America came the new music/art genre of Psych Rock.  Pioneered by bands such as Jefferson Airplane and The Doors, we at FAULT have been privileged enough to oversee its modern day revival in the form of The Reverberation Appreciation Society.

Austin Psychfest & the Reverberation Appreciation Society in FAULT Issue 11

The Reverberation Appreciation Society, founded by Christian Bland, Alex Maas, Oswald James and Rob Fitzpatrick is exactly what it says on the tin. When you mix lots of reverb, trippy rock sounds and four guys with an appreciation for the people who make them, what do you get? Austin Psych Fest – the festival started in 2008 by The Reverberation Appreciation Society to showcase some of the genre’s best and brightest talent right in the heart of one of its birthplaces – Austin, Texas. Bands that have previously played the festival include The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black Lips and Beach Fossils, with Warpaint, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Black Angels and Acid Mothers Temple already announced to play in 2013.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre in FAULT Issue 11

FAULT interviewed Christian Bland and Rob Fitzpatrick, as well as 2012 headliners The Brian Jonestown Massacre, for our Underground Issue (Issue #11) earlier in the year to delve deeper into the festival’s history and the two founders’ visions for the future of Psych Rock. What they didn’t tell us in the Summer Issue is that they’ve been busy collaborating with Fuzz Club Records on the first in a series of European Psych Rock compilation albums: The Reverb Conspiracy – Vol 1.

The Reverb Conspiracy – Volume 1

The Reverb Conspiracy – Vol 1 is a double LP available as a digital download and also in limited quantity on white vinyl – the perfect format for the album considering the importance of art within the genre. It is also a decision which shows its producers have taken into consideration the unrivalled sound quality of vinyl. The double LP opens with Black Market Karma’s ‘Weightless’ which shares a warm nostalgic resemblance to MGMT’s ‘Pieces of What’. The band, which formed in London in 2007 liken themselves to My Bloody Valentine, Nirvana and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – which is apparent from their song composition. ‘ Weightless’ is taken from their first album Comatose where other tracks such as ‘March’ share similarities with new Indie band on the block Peace with their close vocal and guitar styles.

The Reverb Conspiracy – Vol 1 has been carefully put together with no songs feeling out of place. From the first track there is a consistent flow through soundscapes, samples and a build up into heavier sounds towards the end of the first LP. The second LP has been approached more delicately and features one of the best songs on the compilation: Lola Colt – ‘Diamonds’, as well as The Underground Youth – ‘I Need You’ – both of which will appeal to fans of The Cure, Sonic Youth or early New Order. The Underground Youth, a Manchester-based band inspired by Shoegaze and Psychadelic Rock that have been described as “combining psychedelic and raw garage sounds with a hauntingly beautiful twist”, are particularly worth checking out.

The compilation album’s epic 19-track list is a great documentation of the Psych Rock genre, coming to a head with Dead Rabbits’ dreamy, Oasis-reminiscent ‘When I’m Blue’ with Hammond organ interludes and strong influences of early 90s Rock. Although this LP is primarily aimed at devoted followers of the Psych Rock genre, given that both so-called Indie and Pop music have always taken varying levels of influence from psychedelic music it is a great entry point for more mainstream listeners to hear some brilliant bands that are still playing under the radar in the UK and Europe.

The Reverb Conspiracy – Vol 1 is on sale now from austinpsychfest.com and fuzzclubmusic.com with 25% of proceeds going to Child’s i Foundation that help abandoned children in Uganda: childsifoundation.org



Austin Psych Fest 6 Line-up April 26-28th, 2013



Austin Psych Fest has revealed its preliminary lineup for 2013 and acts include Deerhunter, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Warpaint, The Black Angels, Clinic, The King Khan & BBQ Show, DIIV, Boris, White Fence, Acid Mothers Temple, Black Mountain, Vietnam, Spectrum and Dead Skeletons.

The festival runs April 26-28th, 2013 at Carson Creek Ranch. Weekend passes are currently available via the festival’s website

FAULT had the pleasure of featuring Austin Psych fest 5 in our Summer Issue 11.


YELLE performs at Music Hall of Williamsburg (yes, in Budweiser pants)

YELLE has spent this fall traveling the globe from Europe to Australia to South American, and so on… in celebration of their infectious sophomore release, Safari Disco Club. We caught up with the Electro Pop frontwoman Julie Budet before the trio’s sold out performance at Brooklyn’s Williamsburg Music Hall for a few words.

FAULT: Bonjour! How’s the tour going?

Julie Budet: We’re really happy about how the tours going. Its been fun and we’ve met lots of people, visited lots of countries… It’s good.

FAULT: You have just a couple shows left, with a finale in Paris. Are you excited to finish?

Julie Budet: Yes, I’m really happy. Tonight the show is sold out and it’s sold out in Paris, too.

FAULT:In the beginning of your career, people we’re always a bit fascinated by the idea that you had such a massive audience, but only sang in French. Do you feel that people are still going on about this, or has it just become accepted?

Julie Budet: People are still enjoying both the old songs and news songs… I still think they don’t really care if they don’t understand you. It’s just, like, the energy and the mood. Lots of people are telling me they took some French lessons to help understand, which is really funny. I just think it’s more about vibe and communication and I think the live show really helped us get this connection with people and I express a lot of the lyrics with my body.

FAULT: Your shows are pretty much a big dance party. How do you do that night after night and not get exhausted?

Julie Budet: I’m not going out after. I’m not drinking. I’m not taking drugs… It is, like, really boring (laughs). It’s the only solution to stay healthy and keep this level of energy because, yeah, it’s really intense every night.

FAULT: You, Grand Marnier and Tepr all have different musical backgrounds. What was yours before beginning YELLE?

Julie Budet: I grew up with lots of different styles of music, and my father was a French musician. We were listening to Rock and Roll, Pop bands, Classic Music and Blues… And, I was listening to lots of Rap and mainstream music. A mix of everything. I’m still listening to different styles of music now today.

FAULT: Who are you listening to now that you really like?

Julie Budet: I’m a big big fan of Warpaint. I saw them at Coachella… It was prefect. A really intense moment.

FAULT: Speaking of Coachella, you met Katy Perry there and that turned into a big thing. You ended up opening for her in the U.K. You’ve mentioned that the English audience is a little bit unique…

Julie Budet: Yeah, because, you know, the English people just listen to English music. Like in the U.S., you listen to Spanish and other music, but the English they have a really good scene so they don’t really care about the others, particularly from France. So it was quite a challenge for us to play every night in front of… I don’t know, tens of thousands of people. You know? But, they were really nice and open-minded in the end.

FAULT: Katy Perry, like most American pop stars, comes with that “visual packaging.” It becomes a huge brand. YELLE, on a cooler level, is very into visual—from shows to videos to album artwork, etc. Do you all collaborate on the visual aspects as well?

Julie Budet: Most of the time it comes from the brain of Grand Marnier [main producer and percussionist] because he likes to think about the aesthetics. It’s important for us to have control on our image. We just launched our label and it was important because we wanted to decide and have the choice, and if we make mistakes, it’s our fault, it’s ok. It’s not a problem!

YELLE performs at Music Hall of Williamsburg

FAULT: You recently did an acting debut… Is film something you are going to be getting into more?

Julie Budet: Yes, I just did a short film. It was a great experience and I received some prizes, so I was like okay cool. And actually, I’m going to be shooting a little scene in a long film coming up soon. I’d love to act more because I really loved it, but it’s important to find a good project with good people and good roles.

FAULT: Now… You’re a bit of a fashion icon!

Julie Budet: (Laughs.) It’s always funny for me to hear that because sometimes I’m just dressed like… nothing.

FAULT: What would you say is your personal style?

Julie Budet: I don’t know? I guess it’s a mix between old, vintage clothing and new designers, such as Jean-Paul Lespagnard, the guy who did all the outfits on the cover of the album. I love him. And I enjoy collaborating with designers, because sometimes, there’s just a connection, you know? I like to mix bright colors a lot, except right now I’m wearing all black…

FAULT: Well, you are in New York.

Julie Budet: (Laughs). And it’s cold!

FAULT: So what’s next after the tour?

Julie Budet: We’re going to have holiday with family and friends, be off for two months and then start to work on new songs. I don’t know what will happen, we just want to take the time to be in the studio and do new stuff.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Julie Budet: That’s hard to answer… I don’t know. I love candy a lot. It’s probably really bad for my teeth, my stomach… and, my ass.

Interview by Rachel Eleanor Sutton/Photographs by Tescia Deak