Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour



Her Swifties are definitely not swiftly moving on. Welcome to the Reputation Tour.


Pop phenomenon Taylor Swift conquered Wembley Stadium tonight with a Cirque du Soleil like performance. Swift’s latest Reputation tour is the embodiment of pop impeccability.

Swift is a star that knows how to please everyone. The show comes together through a unique blend of dancers, lasers, fireworks, flame-throwers and a flying cage that whisks her away from stage to stage.

Her fans are in celebratory spirits. Going to a Taylor Swift show is an experience of belongingness for her fans as opposed to merely a high-octane spectacle. For an artist who has continuously published her personal journals, the stadium show feels strangely powerful and intimate at the same time. It’s a heart to heart in a high-octane show. Swift is a musician who doesn’t hide behind her lyrics. Stadiums can often strip the biggest stars of their presence, but Swift stands tall, undiminished by the flames, the fireworks, and the big-budget hydraulics.

With an all-inclusive playlist that features both songs from her previous albums and latest releases, Swift’s performance blends them all together into a cohesive version – reflective of her genuine self. The old songs are rendered in a new formula that makes them blend effortlessly into the high-octane setlist.

The show kicks off with criticism towards tabloid media who have torn the star to shreds previously and carry on doing so to present day. She’s taking in all in stride though. At the end of the day, it’s the fans that matter the most. Swift is a performer that never sought to make the same album twice. And her fans have stuck with her from her country days to her pop-infused 1989 up until present day with her EDM-reminiscent Reputation album. Ultimately, it’s their continuous support that sky-rocketed Taylor to household calibre and encouraged her to evolve and experiment.

The innocence of ‘You Belong With Me’ gave way to the vitriol of ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ as the imagery of snakes flooded the stage (a nod to the label Swift was given after a feud with Kanye West). Taylor Swift is an artist that appeals to both the little girl inside a woman and the woman inside a little girl.

And Wembley stadium is the perfect home for her latest album. Reputation is designed to be performed on a large scale. It’s perfectly curated for that particular high-caliber level of sound and light. It’s the definition of stadium-curated pop sensation. Throughout her set, Swift’s voice never falters, hitting all the high notes that are carefully timed in order to make a long-lasting impact. Her performance is inch-perfect and Swift sounds poised and potent.

The most impressive part of Taylor’s show lies within the stage design and overall outrageously perfect production, from her microphones to an arch designed in the shape of a cobra.

Infused with timeless pop references from George Michael’s 2006 stage – along with Coldplay’s concept of giving out wristbands that flicker to the beat, Swift quickly turns her fans into fireflies for the evening.

People might have strong opinions about Swift, but the singer-songwriter is clearly in her imperial phase. With 13 years in pop music, long may her reign continue. In a couple of decades, we will see this emblematic day at Wembley Stadium as the pinnacle moment of when Taylor Swift’s became a legacy name to rival Michael Jackson.

Miguel Takes FAULT On A Journey Through His Artistry in FAULT 23


After a half hour phone conversation with Miguel it becomes clear there’s much simmering beneath the sexy veneer. Deeply influenced by his childhood growing up in San Pedro, California, Miguel is an artist committed to speaking his truth and sharing it with the world. That’s why it’s impossible to categories his music as purely just R&B.

His latest and third studio album “WildHeart” plays out as an extension of his experiences, and is carnal in its intimacy. Unlike his 2012 album “that included hit singles “Adorn” and “Do You…,” “WildHeart” takes more of a careful listen and sees Miguel fully coming into his calling as a storyteller and music auteur.



FAULT: You traveled back to your middle school in San Pedro and did a performance for their talent show recently. What was it like being back there after so many years?

Miguel: It was so much fun and the kids there are so talented. It’s great to see my old school and the talent that’s coming from my city. Going back to encourage those kids that was the purpose. I think they had as much of a good time as I did.


There’s been a lot of comparisons with you and other artists, especially Prince, which is definitely one of the best comparisons you can ask for. Do you sometimes feel like these comparisons are limiting to you as an artist and creating your own path as Miguel?

I need to think about that. No I think we’re all standing on the shoulders of giants. Especially at this point in time, we’re learning from and building upon things that have already occurred, that have already been dreamed up.

Being compared to Prince, it’s a tremendous compliment. I think it’s more about people being aware and exposed and really understanding the music then they’d see there’s a lot more to it.



What for you is the most personal song on the album?

They’re all personal. “Hollywood Dreams” is a very personal song just because I’ve had friends who’ve been washed out. I grew up in San Pedro where you can’t see Hollywood but the moment you get out of the South Bay, you see like the hills and the mountain ranges and it’s kind of an aspirational thing. And I’ve seen people come out of the South Bay, which I would consider being “down the hill,” move North and end up washed out because of the “scene” and the way things move here. You can walk down Hollywood Boulevard and it’s like that still. The idea of being “discovered” is there, it’s tangible. But then on that same street there’s homeless people. So “Hollywood Dreams” in that sense is a very personal song because it’s inspired by things I’ve seen.

It’s also an introspective song about literally being in between. On being understood because of the way that I look and the way that I was raised.


FAULT: What would you attribute your career longevity to?

Miguel: I really just owe it to the fans. “WildHeart” wasn’t a crazy commercially successful album. It was for me but as far as the way that it’s perceived it wasn’t known as that. To debut at whatever on the charts, that’s great, but as far as being a popular album it wasn’t. The fans made it important and the fans give me longevity.

I had a conversation with J.Cole, that’s my boy, like “what would you attribute all this shit to?” And he said “man, this is serving my fans.” It’s our responsibility to the people who found our music to continue to build that relationship. An artist creates according to what he thinks the world should be. Unfortunately not everyone is going to agree with that, but the ones that do, those are the ones you wanted in the first place. The ones that agree with you then you just keep giving them what is real to you.


The album artwork for “WildHeart” features a highly sexualised photo of you and a naked woman crouched over. In the context of the current PC culture where almost everything can seem to be taken the wrong way/out of context, how do you make sure that you’re not being misinterpreted?

It’s weird we’re sensitive about the wrong things but desensitised to things that matter. Someone is shot and killed and it only matters for five days and there’ll be weeks and weeks of conversation about why an artist said something about….I mean it doesn’t fucking matter. I think our priorities of what matter are so skewed because of the way the media and that interaction works. Unfortunately it’s not the time for imagination or creativity in a way that’s not obvious.

Now all of it really boils down to is what’s getting the most attention and what we can turn into money. It’s the simple fact that in a world where our attention spans are whittled down to be so finite that attention is the ultimate currency.



We love that you’ve collaborated with a slew of artists including A$AP Rocky, Lorde and Janelle Monae, especially since they run the gamut when it comes to genres. Is this intentional and what do you hope to bring into any collaborations?

I think it’s just artists that I love and respect. The ones that have a conviction that outweighs anything. I’d love to write with Taylor Swift.



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McBusted go suave for FAULT Issue 21 – The POP issue



Mcbusted were shot in the The Cuckoo Club, London Photographed by David Titlow and styled by Fashion Editor Kristine Kilty.
Words: Olivia Pinnock


FAULT Magazine Issue 21- The POP Issue features supergroup Mcbusted! Starting out as just an idea to go on tour together, the response from fans old and new alike has led them to go on to produce an album, have a top 20 hit, tour with One Direction around the world and have a hell of a lot of fun while doing it. FAULT sat down with band member Matt Willis to get the 411!

At that stage did you think your pop star days were behind you?

Yeah, totally. Me and James talked about going on tour again but we didn’t really see any avenues to do it. It just didn’t seem possible because Charlie wasn’t interested. I felt like we were stepping back already because we were already starting with less of a band than we were. I think if you’re coming back, you’ve gotta come back with something strong and something positive. Then this came along and I thought ‘well this will be fun!’ and it just seemed like an obvious thing to do to go on tour with our mates and play some songs.



Matt Shirt, waistcoat: Sean Christopher Bow Tie: Gucci Watch: Matt’s own
Jacket: McQ by Alexander McQueen Shirt: Brutus Tie: Saint Laurent
Shirt & Jacket: Sean Christopher Tie: Dolce & Gabbana


What do you think is the formula for great pop music?

I think there’s got to be a story. With Busted songs and McFly songs they all start from a main concept. The only time when we can’t finish a song or we write a song that’s not very good, is because the concept is wrong or the idea behind the song is wrong.


Shirt, waistcoat, suit: Sean Christopher Bow Tie: Valentino Rings: The Great Frog London Watch: Danny’s own
Shirt: Ben Sherman Jacket: McQ by Alexander McQueen Bow Tie: Tom’s own Jeans: Topman


Do you ever feel frustrated that pop music doesn’t get as much credibility as other genres?

Not anymore. I used to when I was younger. I used to care what people who read Kerrang! Magazine thought of me when I was 16, but that’s because I was one of those people who read Kerrang! Magazine. I soon grew out of that. I wanna produce stuff that I think is cool and I have fun with and I think other people will enjoy.


Waistcoat, shirt & Scarf: Sean Christopher Belt & Jewellery: Dougie’s own

Who is the Queen of Pop?

I think Taylor Swift is the Queen of Pop right now.

McBusted‘s Most Excellent Adventure Tour is out on DVD from 22 June




…Or get your copy digitally via Zinio! 1 year’s subscription = just £14.40

*Lead image fashion credits:


Tshirt: Sandro
Jacket: Ben Sherman
Waistcoat & Scarf: Sean Christopher Jeans & jewellery: Dougie’s own


Shirt, waistcoat and trousers: Sean Christopher Bow Tie: Gucci
Watch: Matt’s own


Shirt & suit: Sean Christopher Tie: Dolce & Gabbana


Jacket: McQ by Alexander McQueen Shirt: Brutus
Tie: Saint Laurent
Jeans: Evisu


Shirt: Ben Sherman
Jacket: McQ by Alexander McQueen Bow Tie: Tom’s own
Jeans: Topman


Shirt, waistcoat, suit: Sean Christopher Bow Tie: Valentino
Watch: Danny’s own

Taylor Swift reveals new album entitled ‘1989’




With seven Grammys currently under her belt, Taylor Swift is showing no signs of slowing down as she announces her brand new album entitled 1989. It’s rare to see modern day Country singers gain such a large following outside of the US but Taylor has managed not only to make a splash but to flood the charts worldwide with hits such as ‘Love Story’, ‘I Knew You Were Trouble, ‘22’ and her latest single from the album which she performed at this week’s VMAs ‘Shake It Off’.

Taylor Swift’s new video for single ‘Shake It Off’
Writing all her own songs, Taylor’s new album will feature 13 songs and a cd booklet designed by Taylor herself. Taking two years to record, Taylor has described the record as a ‘rebirth’ as she leaps into the big bad world of pop music. However it seems Taylor has found her true calling stating that this has been her ‘favourite album’ to make to date. While for many artists, taking the bold step into a brand new genre of music is a huge risk, for Taylor, it feels like a very fluid transition and one that we believe will only add her gargantuan fan base.

TS_PHOTO_KX6A8530 low res


The album drops on November 27th, however preorders are available HERE. Those that buy the record through pre-sale are also entered into a #1989SwiftStakes which offers the chance to meet Taylor in person. There is also a deluxe version of the album that features a collectible photo print and 3 bonus songs showing that Taylor has all bases covered when it comes to pleasing her fans. As many of our readers know, this something FAULT admires in every performer, so it’s great to see someone of Taylor’s caliber staying true to those who support her.