FAULT Weekly Playlist: Laura Brehm


Singer/Songwriter and Colorado native, Laura Brehm has slowly but surely carved out a name for herself with a slew of collaborations with some of today’s most sought after producers. Now ready to step into the limelight herself, Laura reveals her own sophisticated sound that combines folk and electronic notes that create an ephemeral feel. We asked Laura to put together a playlist of some of her current favorite songs that includes Royksopp and fellow newcomer Ofelia K. Take a listen below.

Kolesce – For a Minute

“Charlotte Haining and Champion teamed up to form Kolesce and this is their very first single! I was instantly addicted to this sound. The touch of electric guitar in the buildup and the future pop mellow vibes in the chorus are so pleasant. My favorite thing about it is Charlotte’s vocal performance.”

Royksopp – Never Ever

“This contemporary electronic duo that refers to themselves as a two-headed Norwegian monster are one of my all time favorite bands in general, but their latest track ‘Never Ever’ really stood out to me in particular. The emotion they can portray with female vocals and synthesizers is unparalleled.”

Ofelia K – Another World

“I had never heard of Ofelia K until I came across this song while listening to the popular Hype Machine chart a few weeks ago, but I am definitely a fan of hers now! This track is very organic but can still work within the electronic music realm; and this tends to be my favorite style of music. I love the plucked string instruments in the chorus that give it a nice folky vibe.”

Koven – Everything

“Lush, deep, hauntingly beautiful; just a few descriptive words that always come to mind when listening to Koven. They’ve been one of my favorite EDM artists for years, and now they’ve started to release on Monstercat. I’m very excited to hear their new material and it’s only getting better!”

Rich Edwards ft. Park Avenue – For You

“This song has been on repeat since it came out a few months ago. The vocal melodies and lyrics are so captivating and it meshes perfectly with the production. Park Avenue is definitely a songwriter/vocalist to watch out for in the near future.”

Bare Noize & AFK ft. Anna Yvette – Elemental

“Anna Yvette writes and performs the most powerful and epic vocals in the EDM scene. This song definitely supports this claim as her vocal layers soar over the unique chord progressions, classically influenced synth leads and classic dubstep bass. It all comes together beautifully!”

Kerli – Feral Hearts

“I’m a huge fan of everything Kerli has done, especially her latest work. I love the strings, piano and electronic production as well as the imagery and themes that her lyrics convey. The music video for this song is also one of the most visually stunning pieces of work I’ve ever seen!”

Direct & Elliot Berger – Anticipation

“When I’m not working on music, I really enjoy listening to calm and relaxing music. This is a great example of that. Piano is also one of my favorite instruments, and the skillful piano work in this serene. It’s also a great mix of Direct and Elliot Berger’s styles.”

Phantogram – Fall in Love (Until the Ribbon Breaks Re-imagination)

“I heard this song playing in a movie theater lobby and immediately had to use Shazam to find out what it was. Turns out, it’s a remix of one of my favorite bands, Phantogram. The re-imagination is a more chilled out version than the striking original mix, and I think it brings out more of the romantic essence in ‘Fall in Love’ as well.”

Reflekt – Need to Feel Loved (Adam K and Soha Remix)

“All of the tracks on this playlist are songs that I’ve found recently, so I wanted to add one that has been a favorite for years. This classic progressive house tune is perfect for listening to while driving, looking out the window from an airplane, or just day dreaming. It perfectly captures that in-love feeling.”

FAULT Weekly Playlist: Yotto


London electronic label Anjunadeep has cultivated a reputation for breaking some of the biggest acts in dance music over the last few years with releases from Ashworth and Cubicolor. Their latest signee is Finnish breakout artist (and total heartthrob) Yotto who recently dropped “The Owls,” the first of three Twin Peaks inspired singles. Annie Mac is a fan and we’re on board as well. Building from a dark brooding groove into an infectious riff, “The Owls” showcases Yotto’s skill for combining nuanced melodies with raw powerful dancefloor moments.

We asked Yotto to put together a playlist of some of his all-time favorite songs and we think you’ll find some of your favorites in the list or find something new to add to your playlist.

Augustus Pablo – Original Rockers (Album)
“A friend of mine had randomly downloaded this like 15 years ago and it was amazing,
basically my first experience with classic dub reggae. The production is so spaced out and
gritty, yet the hooks were simple and very emotional.”

Aeroplane – Above The Clouds
“One of Aeroplane’s less funky moments, it’s a dreamy track from around 2008.
I absolutely love listening to it on flights and not just because of the title.”

High Contrast – Lovesick
“One of my absolute favourite drum & bass moments ever. It has a great sample
and always sounded like the weekend is coming. Now it sounds like a high school weekend to me.”

Kings Of Convenience – I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From (Röyksopp Remix)
“The definition of Nordic tristesse, utterly sad love song and Röyksopp took a very lovely
approach with the remix. I always admired the simplicity of it and it just has a very therapeutic vibe.”

Holden – A Break In The Clouds (Ambient Mix)
“This always gets me, Holden’s mad edits and one of the most blissed out spacey melodies I know.
Was super influential for me growing up.”

Chemical Brothers – Under The Influence
“Such a mad synth freakout, this felt like the most powerful club track I had ever heard and
it left a massive stamp.”

Yotto Socials:

Little Dragon discuss new album, Nabuma Rubberband, at Way Out West Festival, Gothenburg

FAULT spoke to the Swedish quartet earlier this year at Way Out West, a local festival for the Gothenburg residents. We’re delighted to unveil our exclusive interview and photos from their inevitably effervescent performance on the eve of the latest single release. ‘Underbart’, the fourth single from the group’s fourth album Nabuma Rubberband,  is out in the UK and internationally on 15th December:

It’s not often that I get excited about a festival. Long gone are the days where I want to spend a night in a tent, not seeing a proper hot shower in what feels like an age, and having to deal with tripping over mountains of mud face-first. By contrast, however, my invitation to Way Out West 2014 brought a breath of fresh air. A Swedish city festival in a league of its own, it prides itself in being fully vegetarian with a 30,000 strong crowd. Set in the ‘oh-so-pretty-it-hurts’ city of Gothenburg, the line up was one of the most exciting I have seen since the release of the Coachella lineup in 2012 (albeit post 2pac performing ‘live’ by hologram!). Le’s set the scene: Little Dragon, playing in their hometown, Neneh Cherry playing her first Swedish festival in over a decade. Not forgetting dynamic duo Icona Pop and electro heartbreak queen Robyn, performing with Röyksopp. It’s not hard to believe that so many of the incredible women who currently dominate the pop scene are Swedish, given Sweden has voted a feminist political party into European Parliament. And let’s not forget who gave us ABBA (for better or worse…).

Getting into the festival I rush to make sure that I don’t miss a thing . As I handed in my ID to get my pass sorted, I was greeted by a gigantic portal, beyond which lay the lair of Way Out West.

little dragon @ way out west for FAULT 2


The first time we interviewed Little Dragon their second album had just been released, they had just toured with Gorillaz, and the world had not entered their Kaleidoscopic universe. This time we met them before they went on stage. Collaborations with SBTKT and Outkast’s Big Boi, who are also headlining the festival, have followed since that album, as well as everything from Boiler Room sets, to playing at a Givenchy Show in Paris. They count Drake and Damon Albarn as fans – after all, it was the latter who personally asked them to join Gorrilaz on tour after being introduced to them by his partner. Nabuma Rubberband, the group’s fourth studio album sees them collaborate with Dave from iconic hip-hop trio De la Soul.

There is something quite special about listening to Yukimi[ Nagano, lead singer]’s voice as it gently caresses the algorithms of synth-infused pop. A focused and unashamed parallel reality Little Dragon simply just make life all that much more fun, colorful and bouncy. It hard not to get dancing feet at the idea of seeing them play in front of a home crowd. But first there was the small matter of our interview to which to attend…


FAULT: This is your biggest home crowd, how do you feel?

Little Dragon: It’s our hardest crowd, we have all our friends and family, and they are always the hardest to impress. They’ve seen it all before! It’s like having the end of year school concert, like a Christmas gift to your parents.

You’ve managed to break out internationally, before breaking out in your home country, you’ve collaborated with some pretty big international names. Who’s been your favourite collaborator?

Håkan Wirenstrand: Hahaha! No favorite! I mean he is my favorite collaborator. (Hakan points at Erik) And that point about us breaking out internationally, we never really pushed it here in Sweden. And it was through this organic flow of distribution. It was actually Damons wife who first heard our record and then played it to him. Next thing we know we are being asked to collaborate and go on tour. That was a great collaboration. It was much more than just a song we did left on an MP3. It was a full tour, life long friendships.

How long have you guys known each other?

Erik Bodin: Oh! Quite some time! Hahaha!

little dragon @ way out west for FAULT

How do Swedish people even make friends? They seem so much more reserved!

H.W: We are a little afraid of strangers. We are pretty closed up in the winter, and a little crazy in the summer. You know we talk to whoever on the bus stop!

Could you see yourself living outside of Sweden?

H.W: Impossible!

E.B: Or we could just dismantle the Swedish Border so that we are still in Sweden, but just not staying here anymore.

H.W: I wouldn’t mind a Mediterranean climate though.

Where do you go to unleash your creativity? How do you embrace your creativity?

E.B: In our brains somehow we carry the creavity inside us. We don’t really have to go anywhere specific to channel it out. It’s good to be very bored, and to stay away from it once in a while too. I like life here its simple, I have family I have here. You can make your creative lifestyle more of an everyday thing. You don’t need to travel to Hawaii or find yourself in India.

Who are you guys listening to right now?

E.B: I’m listening to Yung Lean. The rap and hip-hop thing seems to a good scene right now. I think its very healthy to break out and doing something different. Not just wear skinny jeans and do the whole indie rock thing.

H.W: We like Bob Hund.

little dragon @ way out west for FAULT 4

Apparently Gothenberg is the Indie Rock capital of Sweden…

E.B: I thought that would be Linköping…

H.W: Hahaha!!

E.B: And you know down south in Malmo, they have a few freaks that really like to push boundaries. You know, that break all the rules.

Listening to the album feels like walking through a little dream, an emo electric pop dream. You all must so different to eachtother. You can hear so many influences 

E.B: I think that it’s true we are all very different and have so many different influences. I think we like it that way too. We kind of started with just, you know, jamming. At a certain age we had a lot of time for jamming… For example, Hakan bought the whole synthy atmosphere into my life. You know? And it was very different for me. It was also very lucky that we were interesting in something that we didn’t already know.

H.W: I think it’s also a misunderstanding that I am the only one that plays the synth. It’s come to the point where all just explore eachothers instruments. And when we are trying to get an idea across. Sometimes we have to just head in and use whatever expresses the best. We end up influencing and inspiring each-other.

E.B: Everyone plays on his synths.

H.W: Maybe I have the biggest collection of synths. I’m building a little system, which I have been using on stage. That’s my most creative output. When you have to patch a synth. Its like opening your fridge, and trying to work out what you can put together and eat.

E.B: Like Kalles Caviar and keso [cottage cheese] on a banana…

H.W: Hahaha!

Gosh, that sounds awful. I’m going to try and un-hear that now…

little dragon @ way out west for FAULT 3

Little Dragon – full UK tour dates below:

Brighton – Corn Exchange – 17th November

Birmingham – The Institute – 18th November

Bristol – O2 Academy – 19th November

Leeds – Met – 21st November

Manchester – Albert Hall – 22nd November

Glasgow – O2 ABC – 23rd November

London – O2 Academy Brixton – 27th November

Oxford – O2 Academy – 29th November

General tickets available from:

www.gigsandtours.com | www.ticketweb.co.uk |www.gigsinscotland.com

‘Nabuma Rubberband’ available to download via iTunes: http://po.st/NabumaRubberband

All text and images by Silvana Lagos