FAULT Favourites KAV and Rico the Zombie release new single – ‘Dirty Rejects’

FAULT Issue 10 stars KAV and Rico the Zombie have joined forces to release this sizzling Summer single.  The pair have been collaborating on an album project together in LA since the start of the year.

rico v kav

Collaborators KAV and Rico the Zombie as featured in FAULT Issue 10. Rico was shot by Kai Stuht and KAV by Benjamin Johnson. Both shoots are exclusive to FAULT. Back copies of this issue are available by clicking above, or from the ISSUES page.

‘Dirty Rejects’ is an ode to the overlooked and marries Kav’s naturally nihilistic bent with Rico’s signature energy on-set.  It’s a tantalising combination that comes together in the form of powerful riffs and a darkly catchy refrain.

‘Dirty Rejects’ is out tomorrow, 21st May ’13, and is available via KAV’s website – www.kavblaggers.com

Rico’s last post for FAULT this Summer – and the best of your music suggestions

Hey guys, I’m overdue for some updates. So here goes!

Well the past three months have been – Kraazy! Except for a 3-week break, the summer screamed by – seems I have been “flying” much of the time.

In early July (3-11), I was on the runway in Berlin with my bro Shaun Ross as we opened the Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion week. Think Denim and that was the kind of organic stuff we wore for the designers. But the music and cultural scene in Berlin is amazing! I opened that week with some DJ jamming fun!

Photo: Colin Singer for FAULT Issue 11

All that summer heat makes me want to listen to something old school…like Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ “I Put a Spell on You” is such a 50s classic! Hawkins is an insane rock legend. Check him out!

After Berlin I was on the road to the Comic Convention in San Diego July 13-16. Could you believe my new collectible Zombie Doll sold out in one day:D? After that party, we headed north to the Venice Beach Freak Show and I’m not gonna hide the reality: this gig was dope fun!

More recently, I was in Switzerland to work with Giahi Tattoo and Piercing, the largest players in the Jewellery and Body Piercing business before I came down for New York fashion week where I attended the usual mix of amazing shows and after parties.

I was in Vancouver these past two days and now I’m back in Montreal for some much-needed downtime after all the fashion week craziness. But I will stay in touch! – I’ve got some great surprises for you guys so watch out and check the web site www.rickgenest.com for updates :DX

This is my last post with the great team at FAULT so I’m gonna give a heads up on a couple of my fav music submissions over the last couple months.

First up, some cool digital beats from Germany-based electro artist Lumadroid:

I could drop this as an opening track to one of my sets so listen out for it!

Next up is last year’s winner of Pittsburgh’s Under 21 Best Hip-hop Artist award, LiL-D Da Prince. Check this kid out – he’s really going somewhere!


…and finally, a great recommendation from Thale Marie – thanks for sending in this Saint Thomas track:

Thanks for your support guys! Hope you all got to check out my interview and exclusive shoot in the
Summer issue of FAULT. If not, you can get your copy of FAULT Issue 11 from here – http://www.fault-

Stay Fresh!

Photo: Colin Singer for FAULT Issue 12

Cannes film festival trip & another music tip!

Last week my manager Colin and I hung out at the Cannes Film Festival for a couple of award ceremonies. By night we checked out some rad parties! While we were out there, I was featured in a documentary film for the French channel Arte called Super Heros. We even managed to fit in a studio shoot with the amazingly talented Patrizio Di Renzo.

Then, the week before that, I was in Moscow, guest-appearing at the Soho Lounge, and after that, the Moscow International Tattoo Convention, promoted by Club Arena. The coolest part of my Moscow trip has got to be hands-down the after-party at Rolling Stone Bar. There I DJ’d with my new bros VJ Chuck of MTV Russia and Artem Gnus of Billboard Russia. These guys are stone-cold cool! Spinning wickedly eclectic tracks! …but yeah, they loved my set of stuff, featuring Keny Arkana and others… This is my love; sharing art internationally, and that’s exactly where I wanna be. 😉

Photo: Colin Singer

Now that I’m back in Montreal, I wanna share a band with you guys; The Unsettlers, an incredible eleven-piece based out in Montreal (think Tom Waits meets The Pogues). They’re quite a contrast to my previous recommendation, Keny Arkana, but they really know how to entertain the crowd with their insanely original material. Be sure to  check these guys out! They deserve the attention.

Just so you know, I’m looking through and listening to all the music you’ve been sending in. Thanks for all your recommendations – I’ve had emails from people in Pittsburgh, Chicago, even Germany and the UK! I’m still accepting submissions (email rico@fault-magazine.com) and I’ll feature my personal favorites here and on my own website by end of summer.

Website: www.rickgenest.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ricothezombie
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ricothezombie

Rico’s music pick of the week: Keny Arkana – La Rage

Rico by Colin Singer

Rico was shot by Colin Singer

Over the weekend I’m going to be DJing in Moscow at the Soho Rooms and the Rolling Stones Bar. I’m also going to be hanging out at the International Tattoo Festival there for a few days.

While I’m there, I’ll definitely be playing Marseillaise rapper Keny Arkana‘s track ‘La Rage’. It’s so cool to hear someone spitting about something they really care about – she’s part of alter-globalisation music collective La Rage du Peuple. The track always gets people fired up, ready to party and tear the place down. Moscow, are you ready for this?!


If you want Rico to hear your track, send it in to rico@fault-magazine.com, and you could be featured on one of his guest editor posts. Watch this space…!


Introducing… our new guest editor, Rico the Zombie!

Rico the Zombie (aka Rick Genest), currently among the world’s most recognisable models, came from obscurity (as far as the fashion industry is concerned). Ever since Nicola Formichetti & Co. plucked him from Canada’s centre of the coolest underground culture of Montreal, the tattooed punk rock star has risen to grand heights that would have seemed unimaginable even in his wildest thoughts.

From shooting advertising industry award nominated ad campaigns for l’Oreal’s ‘Dermablend’ (www.gobeyondthecover.com – 15M views on YouTube) and headlining fashion shows in Paris, New York, Milan and Berlin during the day, to rocking out on underground DJ sets and circus ‘freak show’ acts at night, the Zombie Boy’s been living a pretty exciting afterlife. Throw in his work with Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way” as well as possible future collaborations with the world’s biggest global pop star in the pipeline and you can see why we’re so pleased to be able to announce Rico as our guest music editor for 2012.

But hey, Rico‘s not just about modelling and fashion – although he revealed to us in our exclusive interview (available on the FAULT Film page) that he makes his own clothes. In addition to a great musical taste and some tasty – if raw – Djing skills, his general savoir faire when it comes to popular culture, in terms of idiosyncratic style, good taste and an innate ability to entertain, is the embodiment of the FAULT philosophy.

Follow Rico‘s music blogs every fortnight right here on FAULT Online. More to come in the Underground Issue this Summer…and beyond…

“I’m totally psyched to work with FAULT as its guest Music Editor for Summer. Every two weeks, I’ll be sending some music I’ve been listening to your way. Later this month I’ll be DJ Hosting and hopefully improving on my new passion at the after party at Moscow’s International Tattoo Convention. Depends on the crowd but here’s hoping I can drop some Ill Bill…”


Rico the Zombie: FAULT Issue 10 Men’s cover & guest music editor 2012

Photography by Kai Stuht

We are delighted to announce Rico the Zombie as FAULT Issue 10’s men’s section cover.

In a global exclusive, Rico will also be FAULT‘s guest music editor for 2012, starting April ’12. Keep an eye out for Rico’s regular posts right here on the FAULT blog. Every fortnight, Rico will post his current musical picks as part of ‘Rico’s Mixtape‘, the latest updates from his growing musical career (including his DJ lessons) and much more…

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