Primavera Sound Barcelona 2017: The best yet?


Last year we exclaimed that “the reputation of Barcelona’s Primavera Sound has grown so much over the last five years that it gets mentioned in the same breath as the UK’s Glastonbury as a festival heavyweight”, could 2017 be the year it surpasses it? Judging by the line-up; quite possibly!

Year after year, Primavera have paired contemporary and culturally relevant artists alongside living legends who paved the way for originality within the music industry and 2017 is looking to be no exception to that rule. Classic festival favourites Arcade Fire, Aphex Twin and Bon Iver tear the stage up at every appearance and we’re sure Primavera Sound 2017 will be no different. Solange, Frank Ocean and The XX arguably released three of the best albums of 2016 and on their merit alone will bring music lovers from across Europe and beyond to Barcelona next May.  That’s all before we even mention that Run The Jewel, Skepta, Flying Lotus and FAULT #23 Alumni Miguel will also be performing. Alongside these contemporaries, festival goers can also bask in the presence of legends Van Morrison and  Grace Jones who have made undeniable contributions to music throughout their respective careers.

Primavera 2017 has one of the most eclectic lineups of the 2017 festival season yet it doesn’t look thrown together; the artists set to perform compliment each other very well and you tell how much consideration went into selecting who could best fit the bill. Of course, it could be argued that Primavera has cast their net out too wide, however that does not strike us as a great negative, quite the opposite in fact. While very different artists, it makes perfect sense that Frank Ocean and Van Morrison could share a common fan base even if they don’t know it yet. The blues and RnB share an intertwined history and Primavera could bring this to the masses.

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The Primavera Sound 2017 full festival tickets in Barcelona cost 175€ until 7th January.

They can be purchased at the following sales points: Ticketmaster, Primavera Sound Portal and La Botiga del Primavera Sound.

FAULT Reviews Primavera Sound Festival

The reputation of Barcelona’s Primavera Sound has grown so much over the last five years that it gets mentioned in the same breath as the UK’s Glastonbury as a festival heavyweight. Is this reputation deserved? Primavera offers something different from Glasto, which fans will tell you is always about ‘more than just the music’, hence it selling out before a single name gets announced. Conversely Primavera sells out as the line up is always amazing and there’s very little else to distract from it. The sound quality on all eight stages is always amazing and there are practically no breaks in the program. Bands start around 4:30pm and finish at 5am. And being in Spain means that the weather nearly always holds up. What’s not to love?

A delayed flight meant that this reviewer had to miss Wednesday night’s free performance by Goat, one of the best live guitar bands of the moment. Instead the festival started on Thursday with an enchanting greatest hits set by French lounge pop legends Air. Floating Points then played on the amphitheater-like Ray Bans stage. At any other festival their live-band jazz electro mash up may have fallen flat but here it’s welcomed like a hands-in- the-air dance set. Tame Impala are a band I’d never been fully convinced by before but their set blew me away, even despite a fairly long break as the sound cut out. Kevin Parker has embraced his awkward front man persona and the cuts from last year’s Currents LP sound monumental. But Thursday is really only about one band and that’s LCD Soundsystem. The reunited New Yorkers express their love for Spain before running through a set that’s low on surprises but high on incredible moments. Their longer tracks work better live for me

– Yeah and Losing My Edge really come into their own with the live band stretching things out. A cool yet unpretentious mix of dance, indie, and experimental but always with eyes on the dance floor, they may be the band that sums up Primavera best.


Friday starts with Savages and their furiously engaging live show. I saw them play the smaller Pitchfork stage three years ago but they if anything appear even more comfortable here on the main stage. Radiohead draw arguably the biggest crowd of the weekend though and they bring the kind of dedicated audience that allows them to take chances, hence starting quietly with five songs from new album Moon Shaped Pool. Pretty much everyone is enraptured though and the band seem comfortable enough so to slowly start rolling out some of their lesser heard hits… and yes, that includes a final encore of Creep. For all of Radiohead’s experimental chops they looks tame next to Animal Collective and Holly Herndon’s sets, the latter making genuine head-scratching electro whilst typing onstage banter directly onto the backing screen, which is oddly lovely. There’s one more hugely anticipated set on the Friday though. Any music fan over 25 is probably at least curious to see what the Avalanches are coming back with. Will they recreate their legendary sample-adelic debut album live? Will they play loads of new stuff? Well, no, and no. What we get instead is two of the once eight strong band doing a DJ set. There are snatches of the Since I Left You album but mostly this is ingeniously mashed-up party music, with two new songs thrown in at the end, the disappointing Frankie Sinatra and the faith-reaffirming Subways. Was it any good? I know some fans were very disappointed but I loved it. Once you got your head around the fact it wasn’t a live show it became simple the best party DJ set you’d ever heard, and no one seemed to be enjoying it more than the two guys onstage.


Saturday hosts Primavera’s answer to Glastonbury’s Sunday legends slot. Last year Patti Smith played Horses, this year was Brian Wilson’s turn to wheel out 50-year-old classic Pet Sounds in full. It’s a miracle that the elder Beach Boy brother is alive, never mind the fact that him and his band can hold a crowd like this. They end with the hits and it’s amazing fun after two solid nights of partying. Deerhunter plodded slightly but Pusha T’s bracing set on the Pitchfork stage was bracing and raw. Chairlift charmed a dedicated crowd but the big talking point of Sunday was PJ Harvey and the first full performance of her Community Of Hope show. It features an arty backdrop, proper choreography, a nine-piece band, and a marching drum intro. For some of my friends it was the performance of the festival, while to me it was impressive yet a bit too earnest. Harvey and her band are in fine voice but a crowd pleasing set this isn’t. That’s the beauty of Primavera for you though. It’s managed to become hugely popular whilst still showcasing a genuine alternative to standard festival fare. Long may it reign.


Words LXN

Pre Coverage of Primavera Sound 2015


With just two weeks to go to Primavera we’re getting very excited here at LXN and during the week of the festival different venues of Barcelona will host the impressive Primavera als Clubs programme, that will offer a heterogeneous musical programme of concerts by well-established and newcomer bands from the national and international scene.

Monday 25th will signal the kick off in the sala Apolo with concerts by the Danish band Iceage and a performance of the collaboration between Umberto & Antoni Maiovvi with high doses of darkness and experimental electronic music.


Tuesday 26th May, the sala Apolo will host concerts by the Barcelona band Boreals, the Ibeyi sisters’ powerful duo and hip hop from the UK with Ratking. They will be joined by a selection of bands from Poland presented by PrimaveraPro, that will go from the emotional synth-pop of Rebeka to the overwhelming metal of THAW, via Stara Rzeka’s abstract psychedelia and dark techno by Zamilska.

On Wednesday 27th in the Apolo as well as the previously programmed concerts of The Juan MacLean, Viet Cong and Nancy Whang, there will be more concerts in La [2] de Apolo, BARTS and BARTS Club.

The 28th is the kick off for Primavera Sound 2015 with an unbelievable line up…

See the schedule here:


LXN x FAULT Magazine 2015 Festival Coverage



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Social magic at an evening of Culinary Mischief – we spoke to head chef Gabriele Bertaccini about his creative approach to curating dining experiences

We recently had the pleasure of being invited to an evening of food, fun and frivolity at chef Gabriele Bertaccini‘s roving international pop-up dining experience – the delightfully named CULINARY MISCHiEF. Hosted by the Marriott’s County Hall Hotel in Westminster, London, Gabriele and his team turned the stunning and imposing location into a familiar setting for a remarkable seven course Italian meal. Inventive, gregarious and charming, the head chef managed to conjure an evening in the image of himself – some feat considering that the meal was attended by a group of total strangers. Brought together by a mutual appreciation for good food, however, this evening did not disappoint any of the guests. Indeed, the Spring themed menu was a triumph, balanced beautifully by a wonderful ebb and flow to conversation and accompanied by exceptional individual wine pairings and introductions from Gabriele to each course.

We caught up with head chef Gabriele to discuss his approach to creating a cultural dining experience, rather than just another pop-up restaurant:

To book your place at London's next Culinary Mischief event, click here to make a ticket inquiry

Gabriele – first of all, congratulations for organising such a spectacular event (CULINARY MISCHiEF: Primavera) in London this April! I understand that this was only the second time you had organised an evening of ‘CULINARY MISCHiEF’ here in the UK – what took you so long?!

Gabriele: Well, thank you guys! The pleasure was truly all mine as the evening is only as good as our guests, so YOU really ended up making the evening, not me.

To go back to your question, CULINARY MISCHiEF has been the premier roving underground dining event in the United States for the last five years now and we were ready to expand oversea. London especially has been going through a change when it comes to food and beverage offerings including a more underground food scene -which is the category into which CULINARY MISCHiEF falls. People are hungry for more experiences where food and wine is, yes the center of the attention, BUT it is also – and most importantly – a tool for new and old friends to connect, to create memories together, to go back to a simpler and more experiential life. London has been amazing and the welcome we received is exciting and inspirational.

All the guests were raving about your menu that night – six courses including a superlative pea soufflé, specially made hand-rolled gnocchi that looked and tasted out of this world and an incredible meaty main course of veal. All were cooked to absolute perfection. Perhaps you could talk us through your process for deciding upon your menu for each event?

Thank you for your kind words. The menu was indeed a good one and like everything else in life it becomes even better when you know you will not be able to enjoy again and anywhere. That is also why all our menus are a one-time-only culinary creations. We never repeat a dish once. Never a menu one. Each experience is truly unique to its location, inspiration, time of the year and overall theme.

How do you replicate this concept all over the world to such a high standard when using a different team each time?

I take a lot of joy and pride in teaching and sharing my culinary and entertaining skills with the different people I have the pleasure to work with. For me, it is all about passion. You can teach skills, you can’t teach passion. I can sit with you and walk you through a recipe, but the love you put in it IS in fact perceived by your guests – and that I cannot control. It takes a lot of preparation, and it is important for me to make them (my team) understand that the success of the evening is mostly due to them.

To book your place at London's next Culinary Mischief event, click here to make a ticket inquiry

At the Primavera meal, the wine was selected by the head of F&B at the Westminster Marriott Hotel, your location partner for the evening. How involved are you with choosing the wine pairings for the meal?

Very involved indeed! We usually select the wines after I craft the menus and we go through a tasting to make sure that the ones we selected are going to work and if not, what we can change. The relationship food and wine have together is comparable to being married. It is important that both elements are in harmony and that they know when to balance each other. The sum is greater than its parts.

We love the name CULINARY MISCHiEF – it captures the sense of theatre in what you do. The events are about more than just food, they are about social interactions with like-minded people, and, primarily, an evening of entertainment. Do you think that, with a growing number of themed restaurants and pop-ups appearing (particularly in London!) that people have come to expect this level of entertainment in addition to a purely gastronomic experience when eating out?

Everything I have done and I do is about much more than food. It is experience-driven. And so is CULINARY MISCHiEF, which marries the art of entertaining with the one of cooking, and guests have come to expect that from their ‘nights-out’. They want to be entertained, they want to be surprised, and they want to feel special. It is the host’s job (whether is the Chef or not) to do so, to make their experience unique.

To book your place at London's next Culinary Mischief event, click here to make a ticket inquiry

How do you pick the themes and menus for each CULINARY MISCHiEF event?

The inspiration comes from many different elements but location has to be #1 on my list. The place where the event is held often dictates the type of menu, set up and overall feel the dining experience is going to have. Seasonality is my second most important inspiration as food has to adapt to its surroundings.

You have already grown CULINARY MISCHiEF internationally to Phoenix, LA, NY in America, Florence in Italy and London in the UK. Any plans to expand further? Either way, what lies in store for you and Il Tocco – what can we expect to see next from you?

As a Chef I am always on the hunt for new and exciting ways of sharing my passion and love for food and wine with the greatest number of guests possible. Of course, iL TOCCO FOOD & CULINARY MISCHiEF will keep going and going strong in the USA, UK and ITALY. I am however, working on creating a different and more permanent experience both in the USA and UK. You may want to get your calendar open, as it will be my pleasure to soon host you at our first brick and mortar concept….!

To book your place at London's next Culinary Mischief event, click here to make a ticket inquiry

Thanks Gabe – we’re looking forward to it already!

You can book yourself in for Gabe’s next evening of CULINARY MiSCHIEF in London on June 1st and 2nd by emailing Gemma Waters for ticket inquiries

The Primavera dinner menu included:

Light pea souffle with carrot juice vinaigrette and salsa verde;

Silky asparagus soup with quail egg yoke and parsley infused croutons;

Cloud-like squash gnocchi dressed with brown Italian butter and Treviso Radicchio;

Grilled veal chops marinated in fresh thyme and served with a ‘Sicilian caponatina’;

Sharp tasting palate cleanser with notes of Campari and Lemon

…and a Lavender cannolo with lemon thyme sauce.

Culinary Mischief – London’s newest gastronomic experience

It’s no secret that gastronomical extravagance is in vogue in the UK at the moment. From food markets and pop-up restaurants to an upsurge in culinary blogs and fashionable (or oft-watched, at least) TV shows, it seems that society’s defiant response to ongoing questions about weight issues has been to flood the market with good food. Key to the development of this trend has been the highlighting of the experience – be it social, sensuous or cerebral – as the most important factor of any meal out.


The problem with this approach, of course, is that it rarely leaves much room to maneuver. Inevitably, the real focal point of any dining event is bound to be the food. With that in mind, we are excited to see a relatively new pop-up restaurant return to the UK for only its second event. Culinary Mischief London, organised by Il Tocco Food, is refreshing when set against the backdrop of a myriad other contemporary ‘dining experiences’ insofar as it dares to focus primarily on the menu.

It is a sign of the times that this is now seen as break from the norm but it is fair to say that Italians will continue to speak from the heart as far as food is concerned – and Gabriele Bertaccini, head chef at Culinery Mischief, is no exception. Although theatrically themed evenings can occasionally result in raging success, all too often they can rely on gimmickry to mask deficiencies with the quality of the primary product.  By contrast, the Culinary Mischief evenings are themed only to reflect both the national and seasonal nature of the menu.


Gabriele Bertaccini, head chef at Culinery Mischief

The upcoming London event, Primavera, looks like one not to be missed – particularly after the first event last year received such widespread praise from various food critics. Taking place on April 3rd and 4th, the Primavera dinner includes six individually designed courses of the finest Italian food accompanied by six different wine pairings. Held in a unique secret location to respect the privacy of a small number (30) of like-minded guests, the evening is priced to reflect that it is set to be an intoxicating experience for true gourmands. At £175 per ticket, we are excited to see what this touch of Tuscan magic can bring back to a jaded London food scene.

The April menu will feature asparagus, artichokes, leafy greens and Italian beans, with a stated aim of maximizing flavour by using the freshest produce. April is also a month of celebration and, during Easter lunch in Italy, lamb and eggs are always served, so guests can expect to see these on the menu as well.

For more information, or to purchase tickets, (only 30 seats available) please visit