Fault Magazine playlist Santino Le Saint

Today’s playlist comes courtesy of newcomer Santina Le Saint set to take the world by storm with his pioneering sound of ‘trap-rock’. Founder of London-based collective Cloud X  recently released his single 4am which is taken from his forthcoming EP. A multi-faceted musician, Santino Le Saint transcends mediums with his talent in music, film fashion and art – ready to become an inspiration for generations to follow. Listen to 4am on Spotify here and enjoy the rest of Santino Le Saint’s FAULT Magazine playlist.

Wicked Games – The Weeknd
“First song I ever put out as a cover”

Voodoo Child – Jimi Hendrix

“Best driving song / a song to listen to on the move ever. Made me fall in love with playing the guitar”


Come As You Are – Nirvana

“Hard to choose one Nirvana song but apart from ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, this song has crazy vibes”


Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe – Kendrick Lamar

“Kendrick Lamar is in my top 5 best rappers of all time, I had to pick one song so I chose this one”


From The Inside – Linkin Park

“Represents a heavier phase I went through, still quite light though in comparison to artists like Slipknot etc. I listened to Linkin Park a lot when I was doing band music”

The Zone ft Drake – The Weeknd

“Probably in my top 3 favourite tracks of all time”

Talking Da hardest – Giggs

“UK National Anthem”

50 Ways to Leave A Lover – Paul Simon

“One of the first songs that my dad taught me to play on guitar and I listened to Paul Simon a lot growing up. He influenced my songwriting”

She’s Out of My Life – Michael Jackson

“One of the first songs I performed as a child – mum’s influence”


SONNY curates FAULT Magazine Playlist of the week

Despite not legally allowed to drink in the UK until last week, Sonny’s voice is filled with the rich tones of the jazz singer whose spent years perfecting his craft in smoky jazz dens. His debut single entitled ‘Princess’ oozes with soul whilst containing elements of folk and jazz all rolled up in a modern pop ballad for contemporary audiences.

“My first release ‘Princess’ is a very personal song about a challenging relationship. It’s a little tongue in cheek but I’ve tried to be as honest as possible and I hope that shows throughout the lyrics in this song.”

Produced by Rum And Bug, Princess is taken from Sonny’s upcoming EP, ‘Hopeless Romance’ that drops on the March 24th. (Preorder available HERE)

We wanted to find out how a young performer could be imbued with such old-school soul and what better way to find out than to have Sonny curate this weeks FAULT Playlist below!


Stevie Wonder – He’s misstra know it all 

This song has always been a big part of my life, it’s one of my Mums favourite songs and artist. I’ve been influenced by Stevie Wonder from such a young age but out of all of his songs, this one really stands out for me. It’s quite a serious song until he lets loose at the end and adds in some really fun and jokey vocals. Only Stevie could do this! It’s really iconic.


Drake – Hold on we’re going home 

This song was when I first discovered Drake, and it’s the song I’ll always remember him for. It’s quite different to what he usually does but the melodies are so catchy and powerful. He is always very understated yet powerful at the same time. This song makes me want to get up and dance.


Paolo Nutini – Loving you.


Paolo has such a distinctive voice and I love it! So I had to buy the album. After a few car journeys I stumbled across this tune and never looked back. It was so relevant at the time because I was in a really happy place.


Penny and the Quarters – You and Me


This song featured in a movie called ‘Blue Valentine’. I fell in love with it instantly, it’s so old school and soulful. Right up my street!! With one female vocal accompanied by several males, I found it really unique. I love the story behind this song and how it was discovered. 


John Martyn – May you never.

I was introduced to John Martyn by my Dad who is also an acoustic guitar player/ singer. He would teach me how to play it and then I added it into my set list! Its really folk and a different type of songwriting which I liked. 


Coldplay – Everything’s not lost

Coldplay have always been one of my favourite bands. This song is typical Coldplay! A slow build up throughout the whole song and then a big finish. It helped me out through a tough time, I would just sit and listen to it on repeat. It’s from the album ‘Parachutes’ which I feel really defined Coldplay and is kind of my favourite albums. 



Sonny On the web


FAULT Playlist Of The Day: Anne-Marie’s Anti Valentine’s


If (like the rest of us) you’re done with caring about Valentine’s day and couldn’t care less what great present Val from accountings new “bae” has delivered to the office, then we’ve found the perfect playlist for you!

Curated by FAULT favourite and Issue 23 star Anne-Marie, the aptly named “Anti Valentine’s” playlist can be listened to in full below. Alongside the classics such as Destiny’s ChildSurvivor’ and Lily Allen’s ‘Fuck You’ – you’ll also find Anne-Marie’s brand new single ‘Ciao Adios’. The first single release from Anne-Marie in 2017 and a obvious crowdpleaser from her 2016 tour, Ciao Adios is yet another “goodbye and so long” track to blast this valentine’s day.

Plug your headphones and get those middle fingers in the air this valentine’s day!

‘Nimmo’ Curate the FAULT Magazine’s ‘Ultimate Summertime Playlist’

Summer is well and truly upon us (even if it doesn’t feel like it) and this summer we’ve teamed up with Nimmo for help curating our Summer Playlist.  Nimmo have steadying gained acclaim throughout the years and have now embarked on their own nationwide tour. Their modern synth sound and unashamedly honest songwriting  has taken the indie world by storm and we’re sure you’ll enjoy playing their tracks as much as we do in the office. For now, we are proud to present you with the FAULT Magazine X Nimmo Summer Playlist below!
Nimmo are set to play LeeFest Presents: The Neverland (28th-30th July) and Kendal Calling (28th-31st July) this summer. For more information and ticket details head toleefest.org and kendalcalling.co.uk respectively
Tears For Fears – Everybody Wants To Rule The World 

This is my  favourite song ever!

Carol King – Too Late 

This is a song Reva has always shared with her mum. We recently saw Carol King perform this in Hyde Park and it was unreal. Reva cried a lot 🙂

Fleetwood Mac – Family Man

Fleetwood Mac were one of the key bands that influenced our songwriting. Tango In The Night was one of the ones that really made me realise there’s nothing else I ever want to do with my life than make people feel the way I do when listening to that album.

Laurent Garnier – Man With The Red Face  

This track has soundtracked a lot of great nights out with our friends and debauched house parties. It just has an unreal journey and energy.

702 – You Don’t Know

This is s song from both mine and Reva’s childhood that we bonded over. we were probably about 11/12 years old when we used to listen to this track. My older sister showed me it. I remember her and her friends getting ready to go out and meet boys and I’d just sort of sit and absorb everything they said and did. This track was regularly on in the background.

Candi Staton – Young Hearts

Because it’s a classic.

Andre 3000 ft Kelis – Millionaire

This is one of those tracks we all weirdly clicked with in our teens. Never gets old and makes me feel SO SO happy every time I hear it.
Nirvana – Come As You Are

This song will always remind me what it feels like and what it is to fall in love. My first ever girlfriend showed me Nirvana and every time Kurt’s vocal enters on this track i feel 14 and drunk with emotion.

Cat Power – Cross Bone Style

this is a track off the record Moon Pix which is one of the saddest things i have ever heard and also one of the most perfect. Just the drums alone in this track are enough to take you somewhere extremely blue and extemeley beautiful!


Angie Stone – I Wish I Didn’t Miss You

I wish I wrote you.

FAULT Magazine Weekly Playlist: SoySauce


Washington, DC golden production duo SoySauce earlier this year released their debut and aptly titled EP “Lunch Money,” whose proceeds went towards feeding hungry children via Los Angeles Food Bank’s Backpack Program and marked the duo as a social cause based project. Besides feeding the needy, the duo made up of Royal and Soyboy over the past year has quickly garnered a strong fanbase and nods from the industry for their bass groove heavy production with that ever slight tinge of pop influence. We asked SoySauce to put together some of their current favorite tunes, all of which you can stream below. The selection features the elusive pop meets R&B newcomer Kiiara, Louis The Child’s runaway hit “It’s Strange” and many more.

TroyBoi – ili

“This song is absolutely wild to us. It has that great soulful vibe but still hits so hard. LOVE this jam.”

Louis the Child – It’s Strange (Ft. K.Flay)

“Our boys in Louis the Child are extremely talented and rad. We really enjoy the vibes of this one and how it moves. K.Flays voice was made for this instrumental too.”

Tory Lanez x Benzel – Initiation

“We’ve been big fans of both Tory and Benzel separately. Seeing them come together and make this song is amazing. It’s so catchy.”

Stephen – Remembering Myself

“Stephen is nothing short of a breath fresh air. The way he blends organic instruments with electronic music is just too spot on. This song has been on repeat for us since it came out.”

Kiiara – Feels

“Kiiara is super new and super dope. All of her releases so far have been great. The song ‘Feels’ in particular is suuuppppeeerrrr addicting.”

Robokid, AObeats & Manila Killa – Helix 2.0 (Ft. Blaise Railey)

“This song is fun AF AF. So many amazing people on this song!! It has this awesome blend of 80s pop mixed with modern urban and electronic music. It’s done so right!”

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