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Back in FAULT Issue 9 we featured Billy Nicgorski and his friends and family over at Cobb Studio in Philadelphia. Over the years, Cobb has hosted some incredible artists, including FAULT Favourites Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Official Page), who are pictured recording behind the scenes at Cobb Studio in our feature (below, and on the support page).

Last month, their home and studio space was flooded, causing massive water damage and destroying thousands of dollars worth of equipment.

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BMRC recording at Cobb studio

Check out  Billy’s video (created with 2,146 pictures) of BRMC recording at Cobb Studio and playing ‘Mama Taught Me Better’ at an intimate local gig:


Billy Nicgorski & Pete at Cobb Studio

FAULT Issue 9 features an exclusive interview with Cobb Studio and band The Cobbs. Cobb Studio is owned and operated by Ryan Bernstein, Paul and Billy Nicgorski. FAULT’s forthcoming article will also include insider shots of recording sessions at the home studio in Philadelphia. So many legendary artists have spent time living and recording at the Nicgorski home including Black Rebel Motorcycle Club who recorded part of their albums’ Howl and Beat the Devil’s Tattoo in The Cobbs space. In addition to the guys recording session’s, they have played with everyone from BRMC and The Strokes to Clinic and Kasabian, FAULT also spoke to Robert Levon Been (BRMC) and Jay Mehler (Kasabian) about their time spent at Cobb Studio.

Full feature with more exclusive shots (courtesy of Billy Nicgorski) in FAULT Issue 9.

Paul Nicgorkski & Ryan Bernstein


Pete Hayes (BRMC) recording at Cobb Studio

BRMC at Cobb Studio: Exclusive for FAULT Magazine

FAULT Magazine Issue 9 features the American music industry’s best kept secret – Cobb Studio. In addition to speaking to studio founders Ryan Bernstein and  Billy and Paul Nicgorski, FAULT also caught up with Kasabian’s Jay Mehler and BRMC’s Robert Levon Been about the benefits of recording at Cobb. Read the full interview exclusively in Issue 9 – available in print or in digital.

The feature is filled with previously unpublished shots of BRMC recording for ‘Howl’ and ‘Beat the Devil’s Tattoo’, courtesy of Billy Nicgorski. We’re also proud to present Billy’s own video (created with 2,146 pictures) of the band recording and playing ‘Mama Taught me Better’ at an intimate local gig: