FAULT Magazine Attends The Brit Awards 2018


Last night, we attended The Brit Awards 2018 to cheer on what seemed to be a FAULT Magazine reunion with so many of our previously featured artists up for awards. Little Mix, Dua Lipa, Paloma Faith, Alicia Keys and Liam Gallagher were all nominated this year alongside FAULT favourites Loyle Carner, Rag ‘N’ Bone Man, Ed Sheeran and many more. We’ve said it many times, but 2017 was indeed the year of the British breakthrough acts, in 2016 not many newcomers could achieve 100k sales but won’t you just look at what can happen when studios invest in young talent…!

Loyle Carner, Stormzy, Sampha, Dua Lipa, J Hus, all unknowns two years ago but fast forward to today and all can carry their headline tours and are billed as headliners at numerous festivals this year…And of course, made the nominee list at this year’s Brit Awards.

Justin Timberlake was the opening act inviting Chris Stapleton on stage for a heart-wrenching performance of their hit “Say Something”. Other highlight performances of the night included Sam Smith’s emotional rendition of ‘Too Good At Goodbyes’, Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules”, Kendrick’s car smashing ‘“FEEL.,” “HUMBLE.” and “New Freezer” and Rag’n’Bone Man and Jorja Smith performing ‘Skin’.

Issue 27 cover star Liam Gallagher gave a touching tribute to the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing which shook the music world back in May of 2017. Performing Oasis’ ‘Live Forever’, it was hard not to get emotional. While Liam might have missed out on picking up the award for British male solo artist, his performance will live on as a talking point whenever people refer to Brit’s 2018 for many years to come.

Moments after collecting his award for British male solo artist of the year, Stormzy took to the stage to show just why he was deserving of such a prestigious award. We’ve reported on Stormzy’s performances at ‘The Mobos’, ‘The Mercury Awards’ and Reading Festival and while all were great, nothing solidified him as an artist of the people as much as this one. Opening to a familiar “Gang Signs and Prayers’ backdrop, his performance began with a never before heard verse aimed directly at Theresa May and her poor handling of the Grenfell Tower fire which affected so many. His words “What you thought we forgot about Grenfell” still echo in our ears, and we only wish he could have sworn on national television to fully commit to the “Tell the Dailymail they can suck my…” for full impact. Stormzy transitioned into an emotional as always rendition of “Blinded by your grace” before ending the show with an energetic and crowd-pleasing ‘Big for your boots.”

Our primary takeaway emotion from this year’s Brit Awards is a strong feeling of pride. Looking down the list of nominees, it’s great to see just such a diverse range of talents. This isn’t just pandering or tokenism either, as Gorillaz mentioned in their winner’s speech “we are a small island” but look at just how far and wide the voices of British talent has travelled this year. In short, another great year for British music, British artists and The Brit Awards.


Find the full list of winners below!


British Female Solo Artist – Dua Lipa (presented by Millie Bobbie Brown and Kylie)

British Male Solo Artist – Stormzy (presented by Little Mix)

International Group – Foo Fighters (presented by Anna Friel and Damian Lewis)

British Single – Rag‘n’Bone Man ‘Human’ (presented by Dermot O’Leary and Emma Willis)

International Male Solo Artist – Kendrick Lamar (presented by Camila Cabello and Harry Kane)

British Breakthrough Act (Top 5 selected by Voting Academy. Winner identified by public vote promoted by brits.co.uk and BBC Radio 1) –  Dua Lipa (presented by Clara Amfo and Alice Levine)

International Female Solo Artist – Lorde (on tape) (presented by Ellie Goulding and Adowa Aboah)

British Group – Gorillaz (presented by Hailey Baldwin and Luke Evans)

BRITs Global Success Award – Ed Sheeran (presented by Ronnie Wood, with a VT from Sir Elton John)

British Artist Video Award (Live Vote by Twitter) – Harry Styles – Sign of the Times (presented by Sir Tom Jones, Jennifer Hudson, Olly Murs)

Mastercard British Album of The Year – Stormzy – Gang Signs & Prayer (presented by Nile Rodgers)

Paloma Faith: Exclusive Fault Magazine Issue 27 Covershoot And Interview Preview

Paloma Faith

“the world keeps spinning and somehow you find your way”

Photography: Ram Shergill

Fashion Editor: Rachel Holland

Makeup: Lan Nguyen-grealis

Hair: Eammon

Nails: Cherrie Snow

Fashion Assistants: Ana Carnu & Hebe Fox

Words Miles Holder

Since the release of her debut album, Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? Paloma Faith unique vocal tone has been heard the world over. While working as a life model, Paloma’s goal was to be seen, as a Brit award-winning solo artist, Paloma’s goal was to be heard and seeming from her politically charged but optimistic upcoming album, The Architect, Paloma seeks to be a voice for the otherwise unheard. About to embark on a 17 date tour, we caught up with Paloma to discuss her career, the album and all her FAULTs.


Your album opens with a spoken word from Samuel L Jackson, how did you both come to be working together?

He has a charity called ‘One For The Boys’ and I did lots of work for them, and he once grabbed my arm and said ‘I owe you a favour and I’m not somebody who says that lightly.’ I was contemplating asking him to do my supermarket that week but decided to use it on something more valuable.




Owen Jones has a politically charged spoken word on the album, what was it about Owen that made his inclusion so significant to you?

I took him on tour with me at the end of my last campaign, and I think he’s fantastic. He’s a sign of hope for younger generations and speaks in a transparent way, which is lacking in politics today. People don’t understand what they hear a lot of the time, but with Owen, he gets through to people. He’s also an optimist and despite the fact that he’s fighting for something out of arms reach, he has an energy of hope which all the great speakers like JFK, Obama and Nelson Mandela had it. It felt important to not be like “the world is shit, and there’s nothing we can do about it” throughout the album.


Your song with John Legend is very uplifting, and the record isn’t all doom and gloom. Why was it essential for you to have a mixture of the two themes?

The main album that inspired me was Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On because that’s an album that about kindness and compassion which is missing from the world. It’s all very well looking at numbers and seeing what needs adjusting, but not enough thought is put into the people affected by those choices. I feel like this album is reaching out to be a voice for the unheard.


What’s been the hardest hurdle for you to climb in the music industry?

I tend to be someone who can’t do anything the easy way. I got my first job at 15 and I’ve never been surprised by the hurdles in my way because I’ve always expected there to be hurdles. I’ve accepted that, but I think the hardest thing to overcome in life as a whole would be childbirth! I’ve never had to lose weight, and I have a new respect for people who you see trying to change their life for the better because it can be hard. When you have a kid for the first time, no one has entirely told you how terrible it is, and you lay there thinking “I’ll never get my life back again”.

What is your FAULT?

I overthink things, but with FAULTs, in general, I think they manifest positively and negatively. You might go out with someone like in my case and say “he’s so bloody relaxed and it’s frustrating me so much” when I have to go to the airport, but then it’s a godsend when I go home from being stressed, and there’s air of calm throughout the whole house.

Find out who else will appear in the issue here



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FAULT Issue 27 – The Best of British Issue – is now available to order

We are pleased to announce that FAULT Issue 27 – The Best of British Issue – is available to pre-order NOW.

Official release: 27/11/17

FAULT Issue 27 cover star Liam Gallagher was shot by Jack Alexander and styled by Kristine Kilty. Paloma Faith was shot by Ram Shergill and styled by Rachel Holland. Click here to pre-order your copy of this issue!

FAULT Magazine – the Best of British Issue – proudly presents exclusive shoots and interviews with:

Liam Gallagher (front cover)

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Plus our usual FAULTless selection of the finest Film, Fashion, Music & Photography to inspire the British Isles and beyond as we celebrate FAULT’s 10 year anniversary!

This is your FAULT




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FAULT Review: Paloma Faith’s ‘Faith in Art’ exhibition with Album Artists


A little self-promotion is an essential part of an album release for most major musicians. But whilst some artists stick to the chat show circuit and others turn towards interesting technology-based additions (see Metronomy’s new single I’m Aquarius for reference,) singer Paloma Faith has sought to explore her powerful and traditional visual identity in yet more depth in her quest to better connect the ideas behind her new record with fans.


Faith has done this through an exciting new project, in collaboration with Album Artists and photographers including David Standish and Finlay MacKay, comprising of a series of striking shots entitled Faith in Art. Each photograph features the singer and is styled to loosely reflect a different song from her album, Fall to Grace. Through this bold new representation, Faith has amassed a stunning selection of fresh interpretations of her work which are now being exhibited in East London at creative hub London’s Gallery in Redchurch Street.

Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful by finlay mackay

Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful by Finlay MacKay

The gorgeous shots on show were evident when FAULT caught up with all the action at the exhibition’s opening night on Wednesday 27th November. Whilst mingling with Faith herself and some of her many collaborative photographers, Paloma’s message was as dramatic and impactful as ever. Be bowled over by some of our favourites from the set here…

Fall to Grace - David Standish

Fall to Grace – David Standish

Flowers - David Standish

Flowers – David Standish

The ‘Faith in Art’ exhibition was organised by Album Artists.  For more information, please visit AlbumArtists.co.uk

Words: Kat Rutherford
Photography: Ivan Pierson (unless otherwise stated)

Paloma Faith’s ‘Faith in Art’ for Album Artists exhibition in east London, 28th Nov – 1st Dec

Come Wednesday, everyone’s favourite fiery-haired, flame-spirited songstress will be warming up a new medium.  Vintage-inspired pop crooner Paloma Faith has been busying herself behind the scenes in the run-up to and in the wake of her debut album release, translating the concepts behind each of Fall to Grace’s tracks into beautifully vivid photographs.

'Fall to Grace' by David Standish

‘Fall to Grace’ by David Standish

Featuring works by the likes of David Standish, Finlay MacKay and more, Paloma’s vision is put across in a series of promotional photography, album art, editorial pieces and more. The results, chosen and curated by Paloma, are now ready for display under the title ‘Faith in Art’ (organised by Album Artists) at London’s Gallery in Redchurch Street, with the private view on Wednesday, November 27th and open to the public from Thursday 28th onwards.

FAULT will of course be covering the event in luxurious detail, getting the industry lowdown on the photographs themselves and the processes behind them.  Watch this space…

Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful by Finlay MacKay

‘Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful’ by Finlay MacKay


28th Nov – 1st Dec


50 Redchurch St
E2 7DP

 For more information, please visit AlbumArtists.co.uk

Now where did I leave my coconuts…..?

Who doesn’t love a turban?? The delicate piece of head topiary can transform your outfit into something Carmen Miranda in a mere click of your coconuts!

But it doesn’t have to be brash to be beautiful. ShopFloorWhore designer Siobhan Hogan is a design (and shopping) addict and has no desire to give up. Each collection has drawn more attention than the last, and is a current fave of Jessie J who was sporting one of the creations in her Domino video.

The current collection is influenced by the 90s rave scene, coupled with the Tokyo craze of Kwaii, and with a mash-up like that you can find something cute enough to throw on, whilst throwing your moves on the dance floor!



Made from the soft-est lambskin, vintage silks sourced from Paris and a token bit of studding, each turban is a statement, and can be worn by boys and girls, the more glamorous and flamboyant the better! Inspired by print, colour clash and sequins, the turbs are ideally worn with diamante accessories- with Siobhan coming from the fashion school of more is more- think New York drag balls and you’re on the right lines! But they are not only or show offs, with Paloma Faith and Noel Fielding on her hit list, we wanna be in her gang!!

Check them out for yourself on the Mrs Jones Emporium, Lucy in Disguise Pop Up, Claudia Pink in Liverpool, Ateej Vintage in Qatar, UAE and ChinaPig online, as well as Asos Marketplace.

With prices from £30 to £150, you can grab one for every occasion!

By Sara Darling