Traced blue and red lip lines with an inviting visual tripped eye maze. A winded windy illusion of the fluidity of lines, curved, dotted, fine, thick and trapping. PH5 is artistic boldness; ripe and beaming with favorable expression. Natural and crossing visual manipulation of beauty for the primary original shapes in an extended transcendent and thoughtful tour.

Words: Chaunielle Brown | Photographer: Jay Blum


Taking points from the homeless population and there means of survival, N.Hoolywood sent models down the runway with layers upon layers of garments and trash bags as accessories. As you peeled back the many layers, the individual garments of denim jackets, button down striped shirts with “survive” written down the front and hunter green leather pants were beautifully crafted. A strong message and excellent styling did not over shadow the design of the collection.

Words & Photographer: Mikah James


Let N-P Elliott take you on a magical fantastical voyage ride. Perfection in sync with traditionally cultured tribal representation. 70s toned elegant sportswear with fur trims and velvet riches usher in a refreshment of championed extraterrestrial excellence. Mixed weighted volumes of play, complimentary separates and central earth tones fire off signals of growth, expansion, birth, renewal and revival.

Words: Chaunielle Brown | Photographer: Julie Warner




Steve Aoki put on quite a production with his Dim Mak collection. Professional skateboarders replaced models and showcased a runway with a half-pipe. The atmosphere was charged with high energy as the band flooded the room with music and skateboarders took to the stage. A mix of cool streetwear and skater style electrified the entire room.

Words + Photographer: Mikah James


Eric Scullin, Lucas Asher, Dimitri Farougias, Christian Hogan

Revolutionary transcendent music with a borderless echoing frame of vibrational change, FAULT presents to you, FAULKNER. An instant draw of curiosity with an embedded foundational name, this talented mix of East and West coast four rocked statements of awareness as they joined The Nylon Project kicking off New York Fashion Week. Founded by Jordana Guimaraes, The Nylon Project refreshes and reminds us of the daily unrelenting flashes of homelessness and the pressing needs of those without on our New York City streets. The united collaboration and substantial support of fashion and celebrity influencers such as FAULKNER and Christina Milian are continuously and actively working to highlight this urgency and raise funds to donate 1,500 meals by February’s end. The leading and resonating campaign, “It Can Be You,” undoubtedly reels you in and speaks to every one of us. It plays true, cautioning us indeed, “It Can Be You” as you will find and see as we took the time to sit and chat with lead singer, guitar and songwriter Lucas Asher of FAULKNER post performance and runway show.

Educate us a bit on your origins and the band’s.

I was in Dumbo area, I’m a New Yorker but then I went to L.A. cuz I hooked up with RZA from the The Wu.


How did you hook up with RZA from The Wu?

I just hustled him, I hit him up like everyday for like half a year and then he finally reached out and was like, “Yo kid send me a track.” And then I sent him a joint called “New York Anthem” and he liked it and so we worked on it at Rick Rubin’s Studio and then the New York Yankees started playing it at all their home games. And then it just went from there.


How did you link up with the rest of the guys?

In L.A. I’m the New Yorker, they’re the L.A. guys.


So have you guys known each other for long?

Three years. Good chemistry though, ya.


What does Faulkner mean? Does it have any relation to the writer?

No, no relation to the writer. I’ve been to 30 countries and I was in Egypt and there was a shaman and he told me to name my band FAULKNER. He said it would be successful and to be honest its going pretty good so far.


In this journey, have you always wanted to do music? 

Always, always music. And I listen to a lot of hip hop because of the aspirational qualities to it. And that’s why I’m part of The Nylon Project, just cuz I was homeless at one point. And I’ve always just been a hustler, and just gotten stuff done. And so I always was just the kid listening to hip hop, like a hip hop madden and stuff, and now I play in a rock band, so it’s an irony.


What do you feel, with everything that is going on now and that we are facing, what do you hope to do with your music as far as reaching people and especially where you’ve been through and you’ve been in that position, what do you want to translate to people? 

Be an aspirational band that people can believe in. Because we came from the streets. You know And now we’re living our dreams finally, the world, working with the Wu Tang Clan. So just believe in your dreams and the aspirational of quality there’s so much negativity in the world. We just want to focus on the positive.



What are you influences as far as music aside from Wu Tang, and hip hop and specific fashion and music influences?

David Bowie, for me it’s James Dean too. I think red jackets and rebels, even Eddie Murphy had that red jacket. To me when I walk into a room and see someone in a red jacket I assume their the rebel in the room, and so that’s kinda what it represents to me, is rebellion. So ya, I love fashion, I’m always in L.A. on Melrose or in Soho looking at cool new and upcoming designers. There’s this designer in Soho called Miguel that I really love right now, he has this little shop in Soho.


What is he known for?

Like Mandarin collars, Asian influences. Ya, he’s dope. But I love discovering like boutique cool designers.


Always supporting everyone who is coming up.

Ya, ya. So musically other than hip hop, is Freddie Mercury and David Bowie probably.


What is the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last thing on your mind before you go to sleep?

First thing, I usually meditate and get into warrior mode. Cuz everyday I see it’s just like, “Let’s get it.” I usually do a quick meditation and then get into warrior beast mode and kick it off.


What is your FAULT? 

I think I invest so much in people and my art. I just I pour everything I have into it and when you do that and it’s the wrong person…or something, you’ve got a lot invested in that.


I guess that is something that everybody in the artistic realm goes through. You’re going to end up investing in people and it is the heart you have as well.

Ya, you got to go for it all the way.


Do you have anything you want to add? About moving forward or this time that we’re living in?  

Oh ya, with culture. We’re trying to reflect that right now even in our music. That’s what “Revolutionary” is about. The first song we played. We shot that music video in Hawaii on the Na Pali Coast. People can go check out that video on Youtube. That’s kind of what we’re talking about in the song. Is how divisive ideologies can be and how inclusive ideologies can be. And you can see one leader that has an ideology that brings everyone together and then another leader that has an ideology that separates everyone. So obviously standing from one of those and not the other.

Very well said, thank you so much again. 

FAULKNER’s majestic movement of progress engages us to recall and retell musical sounds and encourages us to be the change we all so eagerly seek. No question that these four artistically accomplished and gifted gentleman, Eric Scullin on lead guitar, Dimitri Farougias on bass guitar, Christian Hogan jam rocking on the drums and lyricist Lucas Asher have just begun on an intended and predestined magically tuned ride.

The electrifying unit that accompanies FAULKNER is resounding. And with all they have to offer, they are led by the JV.Agency force who is also a consciously contributing factor with publicist, Jaz Valencia’s newest leather accessory introduction. This dazzling, economical and functional iPhone purse is ideal for those of us who live on the edge, non stop from coast to coast, with much to carry and not enough hands. Fit for rock and roll aligned with studs, in black leather, THE VALENCIA, designed in New York is now available to all. Cause for action while you shop, as your purchase will contribute to the distribution of meals for the homeless in NYC.



FAULT would like to thank FAULKNER, Jaz Valencia of the JV. Agency and Amanda from A.FAYE PR for having us and taking the time. Apart from the gripping music and funk of fashion, the great story is that of an open heart and helping hand, to reach those without, because we can and we understand, and so we are charged and entrusted to take a stand. There’s no better moment than now to strike with a revolutionary artistic change.

Words and Photographer: Chaunielle Brown


A championed rhetoric, bold and intrusive, welcomed and readily read, PRIVATE POLICY rings in this season with fighting truth. Typographically tatted, scripted cross the face, from the “nerdy, violent, sneaky, criminal, terrorist, shy, stuck up, rude, refugee, greedy, drug dealer,” amongst the labels we’ve been given and we slap on ourselves. Craftily chained and ruthless, unashamed without regard for catty critics, PRIVATE POLICY reigns in a stoic stance of strength.

A fusion of color across the threads paralleled to the comprehensive and united nations we represent, global citizens, collective and one, forever together. With the fiery society that now surrounds, we all look towards any and every which way to fully contribute and broadcast truth, belief and faith. Silence traded for unwavering standing statements. Dashing collared blue denim, oversized and cropped, military hues, grafting greys, cooked up tell it like it is tees, coordinated chartreuse highlights with intuitively quilted layers cooperatively coexist and trumpet us through the darkened wilderness.

Words: Chaunielle Brown | Photographer: Julie Warner


Rafal Swiader sweeps through this season with the intentional and so accurately well tailored uniformed wear. A men’s familiarity of smooth and straight steady true, there is an unalterable essence of this epically functional menswear. Gifted pieces dotted with classical white laced Dr. Martens and the talented traditional closet necessities of our favorited white buttoned downs, leopard loves, neutral grey cold weather beanies, essentials plaids, and black trousers all satisfyingly set to create a serenading culture of artistic melodies.

They could be the boys with the handwritten poetic lyrics, or the ones strumming the guitar, the book nosed intellect, and the handsome storytellers of all, or even the Jordan Catalano’s we wish to run into, star-crossed gazing in the adolescent youthful school house halls. Thoughtfully frayed trims, respectfully rebellious and gently recalled red plaided UK punk touches begin to tell a story we are all eager to hear. Swiader’s collection stands prideful with conscious execution presenting a unique invitation into this selective and unforgettably cool band of representation.

Words: Chaunielle Brown | Photographer: Julie Warner


Swanky paisleys, tuxedo stripes, velvet pullover jumpers and wintery white fur trims led the MAIDEN NOIR collection with a delicate recall of a 1950s gent crossing a university campus on a crisp and photographic fall day, books in hand, imagination and hope echoing about the youthful campus land; leaves slowly detaching themselves from their formerly knit tied branches. Cropped trousers, jagged velvets, collective stripes, utility pocket-shares with traditional winter hues and pops of warmth with marigold, orange melon and carnation pink tell of the mystery boy every girl wishes to know, the undercover creative intellectual.

Words: Chaunielle Brown | Photographer: Julie Warner