Diesel release FAULTless Embrace Your Flaws Campaign Video

Diesel release FAULTless ‘Go With The Flaw’ Campaign Video


Words: Miles Holder

While 2018 hasn’t gotten off to the most optimistic start, if you search hard enough, you can still find the good news meshed within the sea of dystopian updates. Today that update comes from Diesel’s ‘Embrace Your Flaws’ campaign. Celebrating the flaws that make us all unique, Diesel has followed on from their 2017 ‘Go With The Flaw’ campaign and once again enlisted director Francois Rousselet to create a beautiful, poignant yet still comical romance story.

In their own words “If in the first film we saw the perfectly flawed result of a rookie director’s attempt at making his first film, in this new episode, with irony and a good dose of carelessness, we show you what happens when you… Don’t go with the flaw? When, in fact, you do everything you can to hide the flaws in your life, chasing perfection as the world imposes, because common sense thinks that beauty is just another duty.”

To echo the words of FAULT Magazine Issue 23 cover star Alicia Keys, “Let go of the word “perfection”. It’s not real, and it’s a word that tears us down. There is no way to be perfect and no fun in being perfect.” And Diesel has hit the nail on the head with this new campaign video.

While it goes without saying that the campaign is commendable, a visual delight and more evidence of Diesel’s honest commitment to promoting self-love, the production team on ‘Embrace Your Flaws’ also deserve credit for sending such a poignant message without preaching. Sometimes humour is the best device to deliver an important message and judging by the number of shares this campaign has received; this is one of those times!

Check out the video below!


Diesel artistic director for this campaign NICOLA FORMICHETTI




Introducing… our new guest editor, Rico the Zombie!

Rico the Zombie (aka Rick Genest), currently among the world’s most recognisable models, came from obscurity (as far as the fashion industry is concerned). Ever since Nicola Formichetti & Co. plucked him from Canada’s centre of the coolest underground culture of Montreal, the tattooed punk rock star has risen to grand heights that would have seemed unimaginable even in his wildest thoughts.

From shooting advertising industry award nominated ad campaigns for l’Oreal’s ‘Dermablend’ (www.gobeyondthecover.com – 15M views on YouTube) and headlining fashion shows in Paris, New York, Milan and Berlin during the day, to rocking out on underground DJ sets and circus ‘freak show’ acts at night, the Zombie Boy’s been living a pretty exciting afterlife. Throw in his work with Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way” as well as possible future collaborations with the world’s biggest global pop star in the pipeline and you can see why we’re so pleased to be able to announce Rico as our guest music editor for 2012.

But hey, Rico‘s not just about modelling and fashion – although he revealed to us in our exclusive interview (available on the FAULT Film page) that he makes his own clothes. In addition to a great musical taste and some tasty – if raw – Djing skills, his general savoir faire when it comes to popular culture, in terms of idiosyncratic style, good taste and an innate ability to entertain, is the embodiment of the FAULT philosophy.

Follow Rico‘s music blogs every fortnight right here on FAULT Online. More to come in the Underground Issue this Summer…and beyond…

“I’m totally psyched to work with FAULT as its guest Music Editor for Summer. Every two weeks, I’ll be sending some music I’ve been listening to your way. Later this month I’ll be DJ Hosting and hopefully improving on my new passion at the after party at Moscow’s International Tattoo Convention. Depends on the crowd but here’s hoping I can drop some Ill Bill…”


A New Kind of Power Couple: Lady Gaga and Nicola Formichetti

In an industry where it constantly rains design, ripples are endless. Every now and again, however, a wave is made which affects the entire motion of the fashion collective. With his bold and unusual references, design innovation, and prolific output, the latest creative director of Thierry Mugler, Nicola Formichetti, can be said to be one of these waves. Starting out as stylist before hitching his star to culture-emitting zeitgeist Lady Gaga, the young Japanese-Italian can be said to have quite a ride to his current position. With the fearlessness and energy of Hokusai’s Great Wave off Kanagawa, Formichetti has swept into a top creative position and he wants you to take notice.

MUGLER A/W 11 Menswear

From the outset of his acceptance as Mugler’s creative director Formichetti has been unafraid to look at things differently. Just by looking at his choice of model for the AW11 menswear collection you can see that the designer is nothing if not controversial. The featuring of heavily tattooed model Rico has set a precedent for the kind of artistically provocative vision Formichetti does so well.

This clever and unconventional approach has been instrumental not only in his own rise, but in the iconic success of pop star Lady Gaga. Drama has always been the hallmark of both her and Formichetti’s visions, but it is in the unexpected choices and sources of subject that Nicola has excelled in promoting both himself and the formidable singer to crazy levels of widespread hype and devotion.

Since meeting the pop star on the set of a 2009 shoot for V Magazine, Formichetti has been integral in the change and refinement of Gaga’s look and the honing of his own skills as designer and stylist. Their many subsequent collaborations have only served to strengthen and intensify his vision and ambition. Whilst this partnership is certainly not the first between fashion and music (or celebrity in a wider sense), it has certainly served to redefine the output which can be gained from such a coupling through the unique intensity and natural fit of the two parties.

In the wake of meeting her creative other half, Gaga’s work has gone from strength to strength. But perhaps more excitingly, Mugler has gained a fresh and unprecedented creative talent which is sure to put this fashion house well ahead of the curve trend-wise.
There are few who interpret and feed the zeitgeist as well as Formichetti. In tandem with his creative lover, he is the architect for a startling and unprecedented new type of relationship between fashion and music, style and performance which is vastly appealing and seemingly inexhaustible. We can’t wait to see what he produces next- there are sure to be many more refreshing, dramatic and achingly cool ideas up his sleeve just for starters. This newcomer has all the makings of a high priest of the same undeniable and achingly cutting-edge cool which has led Gaga to so much success.