Conor Maynard poses for an Exclusive Photoshoot for FAULT Online

Miles Holder

Jacket:Scotch and Soda
Tshirt: Penfield
Jeans: Waven
Boots: Redwing




At just 21 years old Conor Maynard has already scored five top ten singles and a number one album, with massive hits such as ‘Can’t Say No’, ‘Turn Around’ and ‘R U Crazy’ to his name. Since his debut in 2012, which featured the likes of Ne-Yo, Frank Ocean, and Pharrell Williams, Conor has toured with will.i,am and Jason Derulo, all whilst working on his second album, which is due for release this year. Recently he released Talking About, the first track from his sophomore release, featuring Craig David.

We sat down with Conor to discuss childhood icons, changing his sound, break-ups and breaking the mould.

Sweater: Ben Sherman Tshirt: Element Jeans:Waven Boots: Conor’s own

Sweater: Ben Sherman
Tshirt: Element
Boots: Conor’s own

Do you feel that this time you’re writing with a lot more life experience under your belt?

Yeah definitely! First time around, I had only just moved out of my parents’ house, moved to London and it was all happening. This time around, I’ve been through a lot more- I’ve had girlfriends, break-ups, and I think that comes across in the music.


Jacket: Scotch & Soda
Top: Our Legacy
Jeans: Waven
Boots: Redwing

Whilst you have been working on this record, you’ve been touring the world. Is the live experience something you really enjoy? 

I always say my favourite aspects of being an artist are a) writing in the studio, and b) performing live. On the one hand, you’re writing this music and you’re the only one who can hear it, sometimes without realising you’re actually writing the next hit single. Then on the other hand, you’re performing a track to a crowd, hearing them sing back lyrics you wrote six months, maybe even a year, ago. It’s a really cool feeling.

What else can we expect from this album?

It’s a very versatile album. Some fans love the upbeat, up-tempo records, but some fans love the stripped-back, acoustic tracks. I think I just want my fans to realise that there will be a real range on this album. I’ve tried to make sure there’s a track for everyone [laughs]


Shirt: Our Legacy
Jeans: Waven
Shoes: Conor’s own

Your latest single from the album, Talking About, features Craig David. How did that come about?

I’ve always been a big Craig David fan. Whilst working on this album, there was one day when my manager and I were sitting in the studio and we were almost a bit down because we had all these tracks ready to go, but just didn’t have that one song to really kick things off. Then this song came through and it was just the one!

It was risky because it’s a bit different – it’s house-influenced, it has the drop in it– but we went ahead, I recorded it, and a few days later we heard that he had listened to it and loved it.

Are there any dream collaborators you have in mind for the future?

I’d love to work with John Mayer; it’s quite random I know, but I think his Continuum album is one of the best out there. He comes across as a really cool, down to earth guy so I keep dropping his name in interviews, hoping to make it happen [laughs]


Jacket: Musee Noir
Sweater: Ben Sherman
Jeans: Waven
Boots: Redwing

Finally, what is your FAULT?

Where to begin? [laughs] I guess I can be a bit lazy – I will make excuses to leave the studio early, just because I want to go home and get to bed!

Words: Will Ballantyne-Reid

Photographer: Miles Holder

Fashion Editor: Kristine Kilty @ Lovely Management

Grooming: Amy Brandon @ Lovely Management

Fashion Assistant: Shannon McGrath

Jessica Sanchez is our Beauty section cover for FAULT Issue 16

She has appeared on shows such as Showtime at the Apollo and America’s Got Talent, with dazzling performances of classics such as Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’ and Celine Dion’s ‘I Surrender’, but Jessica Sanchez’s popularity soared while competing on American Idol. The young songstress took on monster hits such as ‘I Will Always Love You’, ‘And I’m Telling You’ and ‘Everybody Has a Dream’, broadcasting her incredible talent to millions of fans worldwide.

After achieving second place in the competition, Sanchez followed up her tremendous success with an appearance on Glee, and she just released her first album, Me, You and The Music. FAULT sat down with the young starlet on her first major editorial and talked with her about her rise to fame, her plans for the rest of 2013 and how much her fans mean to her.

FAULT Magazine Issue 16 - Jessica Sanchez Beauty cover (web)

Jessica Sanchez was shot by Irvin Riviera and styled by Jenna Enns, Ali Levine & Malcolm Joris Bacani exclusively for FAULT Issue 16‘s Beauty section cover.

FAULT: Your fans totally adore you. How do you find being in the public eye?

Jessica: … I really adore my fans and can’t thank them enough for all the support.

FAULT Magazine Issue 16 - Jessica Sanchez 1 (web)

Interview by Leah Blewitt

Your album dropped just recently and you’ve collaborated and worked with so many amazing artist including Ne-Yo. How did that come about?

It was really an incredible experience and working with Ne-Yo was amazing. He gave me so much great advice and he is just so talented. He even wrote me a song in half an hour called ‘Plastic Roses’, which is on the album.

Looks like you had an absolutely amazing time on Glee. That must have been such an incredible experience.

… Being on Glee was such an amazing experience… They where beyond amazing to me. They really truly as a cast are very close and like family to each other.

FAULT Magazine Issue 16 - Jessica Sanchez 2 (web)

See the whole shoot – exclusively in FAULT Issue 16!

What projects are you currently working on and what can fans expect?

I’m also working on something… I can’t really say what it is now, but expect something unexpected and something big!



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