FAULT Weekly Playlist: Amanda Mair

For fans of Lykke Li, Kate Boy, and Tove Styrke, Amanda Mair is a Stockholm native who gained attention as a teenager with her debut single, “House” in 2011. After an extended hiatus, Amanda announces a new forthcoming EP and teases it with the single “Empty Blockings.” Like so many of her Swedish contemporaries, Amanda displays a flair for breathy vocals over hypnotic drums and glittering synths. We can’t wait to hear more from Amanda, but in the meantime, we asked her to put together a playlist of tracks that inspire her as a musician.



Lana Del Rey – High by the Beach

“I LOVE Lana Del Rey and have listened to a lot of her music. This song just hit me directly with the quite melancholic melodies and the discreet beat.”

Banks – Gemini Feed

“For me ‘Gemini Feed’ is the perfect balance of dark and lightful. Myself I have a bit hard time writing uptempo cheerful music. With the chorus very direct and open but the verses being more innocent, it’s just the perfect match.”

Mura Masa, Bonzai – What if I go? (Feat. Bonzai)

“This song just makes me wanna dance every single time. Love the bouncy beat and the sound.”

Jai Paul – BTSTU

“I’m a huge fan of Jai Paul. I love his calm falsetto together with the more aggressive sound.”

Emelie Nicholas – Nobody Knows

“This song just hits my heart. The pads are goals and when the sleepy swiping melodies meet the drum machinge likely chorus it’s like releasing a bird or something.”

Lykke Li – Love Out of Lust

“This one just had to be in the list. A big influence since I was young. Especially the airy drums, the big timpani, an innocent cowbell and something I suppose are whistles. Its a sound I really can relate to.”

Susanne Sundfor – Memorial

“I feel like I get sent to heaven, a safe place with soft clouds when I listen to ‘Memorial.'” I love the ecclesiastical vibe.

It’s so mighty?! And the arpeggiator makes it extraterrestrial and the choir is just GENIOUS. The melodies, the vocal, the strings, the piano outro. Why didn’t I write this song? I can’t stop:)”

Saturday Monday, Julia Spada – The Ocean (Feat. Julia Spada)

“Drums, drums and more drums please! The one key to my heart. I like the energetic perky beat together with the soft cold strings.”

The Blaze – Territory

“Another key to my musical heart is a distinctly acoustic piano. And when that adapts of a deep kick, weird vocals and sounds, I’m sold.”

Massive Attack – Teardrop

“This one also have the ingredients of High on the beach. The dark instrumental go down deep but the airy vocal lifts the song and it’s like an on going fight between them. Perfect.”

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FAULT Weekly Playlist – RAINDEAR

DSC_2918 (1) copy

It’s rare when we’re this excited about a burgeoning artist but right now we just can’t get enough of Swedish singer RAINDEAR’s desert pop sound. If you’re someone like us who enjoys the Swedish pop sounds of Lykke Li and Kate Boy, then be sure to add RAINDEAR’s latest single “I’m On Ice” to your playlist. The track is a perfect storm of dark electro synthpop and just what we need to help warm up this rainy day. We asked RAINDEAR to put together a playlist of some of her current favorite songs, which includes Massive Attack and Kendrick Lamar, along with some staples like “I Think I’m Paranoid” by Garbage and “Ready Or Not” by The Fugees.

“I’m The Ice” appears off RAINDEAR’s upcoming debut album “Embers” which is out April 22nd via Vanguard Music. You can pre-order the album HERE.


FAULT Magazine Weekly Playlist: Ofelia K

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 8.37.24 AM

Ofelia K is a rising indie pop artist hailing from Los Angeles, California who first caught our attention with her ephemeral tracks “White T-Shirt” earlier this year. The West Coast dwelling singer has an undeniable penchant for penning heartfelt lyrics and tender indie folk songs. Paired with her laidback good looks and sweet style, Ofelia K is one of our artists to watch, and so we’ve invited her to share some of her favorite songs, both past and present.

Alex Winston – Velvet Elvis

“I love the character in this song…a little deranged. So quirky and fun. RAC’s remix of it is awesome too.”

Modest Mouse – Float On

“An all-time favorite. Such a feel good song in the best, non-cheesy way possible.”

Lykke Li – Gunshot

“The drums are amazing. I can’t listen to this at a low volume.”

Bruce Springsteen – I’m On Fire

“Talk about a classic, sexy jam! Love his cadence in this…everything about it is just right.”

Xiu Xiu – I Luv The Valley OH!

“The guitars and the grit of this track are addictive and his voice is just so special.”

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Lykke Li – New Label & Release – Ingrid Volume 1

Lykke Li - Ingrid Volume 1

Ingrid is the new Swedish label launched by Lykke Li, Peter Bjorn & John, Miike Snow and Teddybears; have just unveiled the details of its first release, Ingrid Volume 1. Out on Record Store Day (April 21), Ingrid Volume 1 includes contributions from all of the collective’s members. A pre-view of what’s to come has is out now via a two-minute mini-mix of all the tracks from the forthcoming collaboration. A must listen! Lykke Li and FAULT favourite!

Lykke Li – Ingrid Volym 1 Mix – Pre-view