Zach Braff – Exclusive Interview for FAULT Issue 14

After recently starring on the silver screen as an animated chicken and then a monkey [in Oz: The Great and Powerful], Zach Braff has no problem with playing the funny guy. But, as past successes with the likes of Garden State and some hefty future projects show, comedy is just a taste of what’s to come from him.

Zach Braff 1

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FAULT: You’ve had such an incredible career and have been in the business for over two decades. You’ve written and produced films and plays, starred in and written for an impressively long-running series. What’s next?

Zach: You know, I’d really love to do a musical.  Live theatre has been a huge influence on me since I was a kid.  And I definitely want to direct another film.

You’ve worked with so many influential people in the film industry: Natalie Portman, Woody Allen, Sam Raimi … you name it. Who would you most like to collaborate with that you have not managed to yet?

Oh man – that’s a tough call!  Well, Ralph Fiennes to start with, and David Fincher as well.  To work with Denzel Washington would be amazing.

What are your plans for the rest of 2013? Will we see yourself and your “Moose Knuckle” [ed. Zach continually said this throughout his interview with Conan O’Brien. Google it!] on Dancing with The Stars or America’s Got Talent?

[Laughs] Well, not on shows like that!  You know, for the rest of 2013 I’ll really be focusing on my next movie, which is a collaboration with my brother Josh (who is a writer as well).

Zach Braff

Photography: Dove Shore, Styling: Luke Storey




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A day in the life of the GAME – exclusive for FAULT Issue 13

GAME was shot by Bryant Robinson for FAULT Issue 13. All clothes are GAME's own

GAME was shot by Bryant Robinson for FAULT Issue 13. All clothes Black Wallstreet. Behind The Scenes Exclusive video coming soon…

We first had the pleasure of working with rap royalty GAME back in 2011, prior to the release of his chart topping fourth album R.E.D. GAME‘s shoot with us received global media attention and got GAME in some trouble with the LAPD due to a social media mishap. More recently, FAULT had the honour of being invited to GAME’s home this past Fall to speak to the Compton MC about the making of his fifth album, Jesus Piece. We learned first hand that when it comes to GAME, you should definitely expect the unexpected…

You are about to release your fifth album. Can you tell us how you settled on the name Jesus Piece?

Throughout the writing and recording of the new album, one song remained true – that being ‘Jesus Piece’. The transition/transferring from a track title to the main album title was a natural progression. So we took the song and ran with it, and that’s where the theme concept derived from. Everyone living under one God. It was a creative process: the streets and music all coming together.

This album sounds like a very personal journey for you. What made you decide at this point in your life and career to explore and share that spiritual side of yourself with your fans? Religion to most is such a personal thing.

To me religion and beliefs are a public thing. It’s all about people becoming closer to God and dealing with religion without judgement. I’m not coming from a ‘holier than thou’ position with the album. Look at prison inmates, for example. 99%, if you asked them, believe in God, despite the fact that they know that they are viewed by most as being beyond redemption. But there is hope for everyone in life, that is Jesus’s message. I’m not afraid of my love for God. At the end of the day, I was like “fuck it ,this is what I want to do with the album!”

game promo web

Special thanks: Greg Miller


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Words: Leah Blewitt
Production: Leah Blewitt & Bryant Robinson

Andra Day for FAULT 13 – exclusive first ever print magazine feature!

Andra Day is probably THE up and coming music artist based in Los Angeles today. Day’s retro-influenced sound and powerful vocals have already seen her build up a large global fan base, and her recently released cover versions of international hit-makers on social media platforms have lead to a huge buzz within the music and entertainment industries.


Andra Day was shot by Giuliano Bekor and styled by Avo Yermagyan exclusively for FAULT Issue 13 . This is her first ever print magazine feature.

FAULT caught up with rising star and found out more about Day’s musical influences, personal style and what her plans are for 2013. …

FAULT: Andra, your story is pretty incredible, you put a few covers out on YouTube and the rest is history, in a way: some important people took notice from the start and here you are, on the verge of releasing your debut album.

Andra: You know, that was not the plan at all! Not that we had a specific time line but, within a week to a couple of weeks the public response has been amazing. I got a call from Ellen DeGeneres and it’s really been a whirlwind since then, adjusting and adapting to what’s been happening.



Hair by Giovanni Giuliano + Makeup by Geoffrey Rodriguez. Interview by Leah Blewitt


Did you have a theme in mind for the LP before you started the recording process?

I really didn’t have a specific theme in mind, no. I just wanted to make an album that was honest, authentic and that people can relate too. Songs about heartbreak, for example, and telling that story from both sides.


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John Legend is our Music cover for FAULT Issue 13

John Legend was shot by Miguel Starcevich and styled by Avo Yermagyan for FAULT Issue 13

John Legend was shot by Miguel Starcevich and styled by Avo Yermagyan for FAULT Issue 13

Excited to announce the first preview shots from John’s shoot in the upcoming issue of FAULT today. The 6-time Grammy award winner – who releases 5th studio album Love in the Future this Spring was photographed by Miguel Starcevich and styled by Avo Yermagyan exclusively FAULT Winter 2012-13. Keep an eye on FAULT Online for our Behind the Scenes video view, but. in the meantime, check out an excerpt from our feature below:


john 8418 - web

Above – John wears a Trench coat by Oumlil  tie by Title of Work ; suit by Alexandre Plokhov ; shirt by John Varvatos ; shoes by Gucci.Here – T-shirt, denim and shoes by All Saints ; blazer by John

For nearly 10 years, John Legend has been living up to one of the most ambitious stage names in the business. Born John Roger Stephens, few can argue that the undisputed king of contemporary soul has well and truly earned his appointed title of Legend.

Over the past decade John Legend has made an indelible mark on the music industry with his countless hit singles, unique style and extraordinary talent. As a nine-time GRAMMY Award winner, Legend has garnered respect not only for his successes in the music industry, but also by becoming something of a mainstream renegade in the world of contemporary soul music. From Get Lifted,(his 2004 debut) to his latest offering, Love in the Future, his innovative collaborations with artists such as The Roots, Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco has seen John merge various genres and blur the lines of soul, hip hop and inspirational music with effortless cool.

FAULT had the pleasure of spending time with John during the course of our exclusive editorial. We got a chance to speak in-depth with the superstar and get his insight on the music industry as a whole, his personal growth as an artist and what his plans are for 2013.

John 8559 - web

Shirt by Life AfterDenim; tie by Title of Work; trousers by General Idea; shoes by John Varvatos.

Can you tell us the reason why you choose Love in the Future as the title for the album? What can your fans look forward to with this LP?

The title was chosen for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I am getting married next year. And secondly, I really wanted to make a modern 21st century soul album. I wanted to create something fresh and exciting yet organic, modern and relevant. So much of music today is computerized, electronic and processed and, with Love in the Future, I wanted the album to be truly reflective of the times – modern soul music.



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Interview & Production by Leah Blewitt
Grooming – Anna Branson
Hair – Ron Stephens
Special Thanks to : Shoshanna Stone, Bryant Robinson

FAULT Issue 11 Special announcement: Lisa Marie Presley is FAULT’s first ever reversible cover

We are delighted to announce that this issue of FAULT Magazine will see us launch our first ever fully reversible cover. In addition to our main cover (featuring actress Brittany Snow), the Underground Issue will also see music icon and rock ‘n’ roll nobility Lisa Marie Presley adorn the back cover.

Lisa Marie Presley – This is your FAULT

FAULT Issue 11the Underground Issue – is out now. Print copies can be purchased here

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Happy 22nd Birthday to FAULT Issue 11 Men’s cover star Soulja Boy!

Final preview of our Men’s section cover feature for Issue 11 – Soulja Boy. See the full shoot and read the interview exclusively in FAULT Issue 11.

Happy 22nd to Soulja Boy, entrepreneur at large and official king of SWAG!

FAULT Exclusive: Soulja Boy stars on the FAULT Issue 11 Men’s Fashion cover

Soulja Boy was shot for FAULT Issue 11 by Miguel Starcevich and styled by Avo Yermagyan

FAULT caught up with Soulja Boy and his crew on one of our most fun and memorable shoots this past Spring. We spoke to him about his view on the entertainment industry at large, his passion for designing and fashion, and what his fans should look forward to from him in the coming months…

FAULT: Soulja how are things? How was the European Tour?
Soulja Boy: Things are good. Europe was great, the tour was a blast, we hit up France, Germany, Netherlands. UK etc.

So can you tell us more details about PROMISE, when can fans expect that out and who are some artist your collaborating with on the tracks?
Well, I’ve been working with a lot of different producers for my fourth album. Promise is about growth and maturity for me. I worked with Sean Kingston,Yung Ill and Vinny Cha$e. Actually Vinny and I are coming out with a collaboration together called Double Cook City, watch out for that.

Soulja, some people have one clothing line – you have two: S.O.D.M.G and OCG. Can you tell us more about those lines?
Well I actually started S.O.D.M.G at 17. I’ve always been into fashion. OCG is a movement, inspired from the love of the ocean really. That label took off very quickly and infiltrated the market, we received lots of positive feedback and sales with both lines.

How would you describe your personal style?
I always keep it fresh. I try to work in vintage and customized pieces. Really love Louis Vuitton, Versace and Balmain.



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Production and interview by Leah Blewitt

Soulja Boy’s FAULT: Soulja Swaggers for FAULT Summer

Multi-talented singer and entrepreneur Soulja Boy is our Men’s fashion cover feature for FAULT Issue 11.

Photographer – Miguel Starcevich
Stylist/ Creative Director – Avo Yermagyan
Grooming- Anna Branson
Barber- Daronn Carr 

Special Thanks : Greg Miller & Shavana Meresha

Soulja Boy swaggers in our high-end fashion exclusive look at the 21 year old international superstar. In addition to his fascinating history, which saw him break the record as the youngest ever rapper to write and produce an international #1 (‘Crank That (Soulja Boy)’), we also spoke to Soulja about his upcoming album (Promise) and his burgeoning entrepreneurial empire.

From music hits to YouTube sensation, Soulja now heads his own record label in the form of Stacks on Deck Entertainment and two ever-expanding fashion lines, from which certain pieces are featured in our shoot. That’s all without even mentioning his two upcoming feature films:  Officer Down (due for release this Summer) and a biopic on Tupac Shakur (expected this Winter).

FAULT Issue 11, featuring Soulja Boy, will be available to pre-order in mid-June. Keep your eyes on FAULT Online in the coming weeks to see more from our exclusive LA photoshoot- and the official, re-edited release of our Behind the Scenes video !