Mac Miller & Dylan Reynolds: Behind the Scenes video from our exclusive FAULT Issue 17 shoot



Video courtesy of Bryant Robinson/Three Way Productions


Music: ‘Spanish Civil War’ by Dylan Reynolds

Mac Miller and Dylan Reynolds were shot exclusively for FAULT Issue 17 by photographer Danny Williams (Topshelf Jr), with styling by Luke Storey (School of Style). The shoot took place at Mac’s house in LA, with most of the Behind the Scenes footage above shot in Mac’s private studio. Mac Miller is one of the most popular rap/hip-hop artists in world music today, with two studio albums which reached #1 and #3 in the US charts. Dylan Reynolds is signed to Mac’s REMember label. The pair grew up together in Pittsburgh, PA.


mac & dylan inside 1

Mac Miller & Dylan Reynolds were shot at Mac’s private studio in LA by photographer Danny Williams (Topshelf Jr), with styling by Luke Storey (School of Style), exclusively for FAULT Issue 17
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Mac Miller & Dylan Reynolds – exclusive shoot for FAULT Issue 17


mac & dylan inside 1

Mac Miller & Dylan Reynolds were shot at Mac’s private studio in LA by photographer Danny Williams (Topshelf Jr), with styling by Luke Storey (School of Style), exclusively for FAULT Issue 17
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Music, friendship, success and going global. Sound great? Yep, we agree.

Friends since elementary school, and now bringing their individual styles to the world at large, Mac Miller and Dylan Reynolds might represent completely different genres but they also share a passion for great composition and all-round musical ability.

While rappers traditionally talk a big game when it comes to representing their home town and their friends, it’s hard to think of any who come close to the level of loyalty and belief shown by Mac in Dylan. We caught up with the Pittsburgh-born duo at Mac’s house in LA (thanks again Mac, we had a blast). While Dylan posed in Mac’s private studio for our shoot, Mac shunned the limelight and insisted that Dylan be the focus of our piece.

This wasn’t a meaningless show of sentimentality. Mac clearly believes in Dylan’s talent – and it’s hard to argue about musical ability with a man who has garnered almost implausible levels of success in such a short time. Over the past couple of years, the facts speak for themselves: two studio albums full of hit songs, millions of fans, the launch of his own record label and an MTV show in his honour.

Listening to Dylan’s work, we can’t see why you’d want to disagree with Mac. Signed to Mac’s REMember Music label (a classic example of ‘putting your money where your mouth is’), Dylan brings a unique talent to the roster. His flawless (or should we say FAULTless?) voice is matched by the incredible emotion he brings to each of his songs. It really is a pleasure to hear an artist register the level of feeling that Dylan does while still hitting his notes so cleanly.

Speaking to the two artists, one thing became immediately and abundantly clear: both of them put great stock in their personal convictions. Neither have any intention of compromising their integrity for a quick fix of fame – that is most likely something else that has kept the pair so close for so long. They’ve kept their own styles while retaining a respect for other people’s – more than that, they’ve both openly embraced diverse genres and inspirations. It’s something that Dylan is only just beginning to show in his music that is available to the wider public (check out ‘Tightrope’) but it’s something that is definitely to be applauded.

mac & dylan inside 2

Singer-songwriter Dylan Reynolds – stepping into the spotlight in 2014. Grooming by Anna Branson.

FAULT: Mac – 2013: what a year for you! T.V show, tours, mix-tapes, launching your own record label, a clothing line… What’s up next for you?

Mac: If I told you that, I’d have to kill you.

What kind of talent are looking to sign to your REMember Label?

I’m looking for people who have a genuine love for music. I’m not looking for people who want a ticket to the “Big Show”. I want people who are ready to build and learn and become great. I want artists with potential and an open mind. No specifics in genre.

How would you describe Dylan’s music and what kind of impact do you see him having on the industry?

Dylan is honest. In a world where young people are manipulated and turned into consumers. Dylan is the truth. He is a young man with a story to tell. He has a passion for the art and he just wants to inspire people. He is not trying to turn his fans into consumers and become a product. His goals are far higher.

mac & dylan inside 3

Interview and production by Leah Blewitt. Filmed footage by Bryant Robinson. Special thanks: Hayley Cammarata

FAULT: Dylan, can you tell us more about your musical background? How long have you been writing and recording, and who/what have been the biggest influences on your sound?

Dylan: I started playing guitar and writing when as a teenager after my family moved out to a pretty isolated house in the country. So it was really out of boredom at the time, although it quickly morphed into something very different. Early on I started as a drummer.

You’ve been working on your EP – did you have an overall theme in mind for the tracks? What were some of the influences behind the singles? We’re especially curious about ‘Spanish Civil War’…

There is a definite theme to this album. It starts with a track called ‘Lifeline’ (the title track), which is about a time in a relationship when I realized I wasn’t going to die if it ended. So it’s essentially about a toxic co-dependent relationship in its final stage. The album kind of follows this trend and documents different stages of multiple relationships in different surrealistic settings.

Did you ever think in a million years, when you were growing up in Pittsburgh, that you’d ever being making music, working and touring together with Mac?

I think I always had a feeling that we were both going to be involved with music pretty early on, but I had no idea that it was going to turn into what it is. Working this closely with one of your best friends is pretty special.

mac & dylan inside 4

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What are you currently working on, Dylan, and what are you plans for 2014?

I’ve just finished my debut EP and I have a video for my single ”Young and Set” that will be coming out soon as well. I don’t know whats going to happen in 2014 but think its gonna be a big year for me in some way.



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Sasha Grey for FAULT Issue 16

Video courtesy of Bryant Robinson/Leah Blewitt/Three Way Productions
sasha grey for FAULT Issue 16

Sasha Grey was shot by Giuliano Bekor and styled by Luke Storey exclusively for FAULT Issue 16

At the age of 18, Sasha Grey moved to Los Angeles with a solid plan to make it in the entertainment world, but her goal wasn’t your typical Hollywood Dream. Sasha had her sights set on the adult entertainment industry. She became an instant superstar and was heralded as the next Jenna Jameson. By age 21, Sasha decided to retire from the industry, wanting instead to focus fully on developing a career outside the world of pornography.

She successfully made the transition to mainstream acting by securing the lead role in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience, followed by roles on shows such as Entourage and the independent films Quit, The Girl From the Naked Eye and the soon-to-be-released Open Windows. Sasha recently released her first novel, The Juliette Society, which was a number-one bestseller in the U.K. FAULT had the pleasure of spending the day with the multi-talented actress, which resulted in one of our favourite shoots to date. We found out why she decided to turn to writing and where she got her inspiration for her book from. Pushing boundaries and challenging perceptions is something we find FAULTless!

FAULT: You’ve been in the entertainment world since 2006 and have dealt with the world of fantasy and celebrity. Is any of that fictional world—the secret society, etc.—based on or inspired by your own personal experiences?

Sasha: Of course a secret society like this one isn’t that far off-base!

The novel is fiction, but some of my fans will recognise the erotic scenes as scenes I actually did. I’m also lucky enough to have travelled the world and met so many  ascinating people whose stories I pulled from. Most of all, I wanted this book to be an homage to classic erotica like Candide, 120 Days of Sodom and Therese the Philosopher.

Those novels were satirical and a reflection of the authors’ time, and I hoped to do a bit of the same. There isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t hear about a sex scandal or the mysterious death of a beautiful young woman, and there are a lot of stories that aren’t front page news but can be found with just a little bit of research.

sasha grey for FAULT Issue 16 (3)

Words by Leah Blewitt

What did you learn about yourself in the process of writing your novel?

Good writing and good sex have one thing in common: You need to hit a good rhythm. You need to know when to slow down, when to draw things out and tease the reader, and also when to pick up the pace and hit them with everything you’ve got.


What do you want readers—especially your female readership—to take away from the book?

I didn’t set out with the intention of sending a message or hoping to create change. However, if people find themselves questioning themselves or questioning society, I will wear that badge with a sense of pride. That’s all I can ever hope for.

De Sade wanted to get rid of the way we categorise sexuality. He wanted to stop labelling our sexual preferences as necessarily good or bad. I almost agree with that. I think sex between consenting adults is either consensual or it isn’t. So if someone didn’t consent to sex . . . then that’s where I have to draw the line.

sasha grey for FAULT Issue 16 (2)

See the whole shoot – exclusively in FAULT Issue 16!

What is your FAULT?

Cinema. If I don’t watch enough films in a week I start to get anxious. Suffice it to say that I’ve been rife with anxiety lately!



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Jessica Sanchez is our Beauty section cover for FAULT Issue 16

She has appeared on shows such as Showtime at the Apollo and America’s Got Talent, with dazzling performances of classics such as Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’ and Celine Dion’s ‘I Surrender’, but Jessica Sanchez’s popularity soared while competing on American Idol. The young songstress took on monster hits such as ‘I Will Always Love You’, ‘And I’m Telling You’ and ‘Everybody Has a Dream’, broadcasting her incredible talent to millions of fans worldwide.

After achieving second place in the competition, Sanchez followed up her tremendous success with an appearance on Glee, and she just released her first album, Me, You and The Music. FAULT sat down with the young starlet on her first major editorial and talked with her about her rise to fame, her plans for the rest of 2013 and how much her fans mean to her.

FAULT Magazine Issue 16 - Jessica Sanchez Beauty cover (web)

Jessica Sanchez was shot by Irvin Riviera and styled by Jenna Enns, Ali Levine & Malcolm Joris Bacani exclusively for FAULT Issue 16‘s Beauty section cover.

FAULT: Your fans totally adore you. How do you find being in the public eye?

Jessica: … I really adore my fans and can’t thank them enough for all the support.

FAULT Magazine Issue 16 - Jessica Sanchez 1 (web)

Interview by Leah Blewitt

Your album dropped just recently and you’ve collaborated and worked with so many amazing artist including Ne-Yo. How did that come about?

It was really an incredible experience and working with Ne-Yo was amazing. He gave me so much great advice and he is just so talented. He even wrote me a song in half an hour called ‘Plastic Roses’, which is on the album.

Looks like you had an absolutely amazing time on Glee. That must have been such an incredible experience.

… Being on Glee was such an amazing experience… They where beyond amazing to me. They really truly as a cast are very close and like family to each other.

FAULT Magazine Issue 16 - Jessica Sanchez 2 (web)

See the whole shoot – exclusively in FAULT Issue 16!

What projects are you currently working on and what can fans expect?

I’m also working on something… I can’t really say what it is now, but expect something unexpected and something big!



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Ben Barnes for FAULT Issue 15 – something extra to celebrate Labor Day weekend!

This amazing mood piece with FAULT Issue 15 cover star Ben Barnes was produced by Sinisha Nisevic/Sin Factory Media.

Ben Barnes‘s potted history reads like a textbook guide on “how to make it in Hollywood”. After studying Drama and English Literature at London’s Kingston University, Ben was quickly snapped up by director – and fellow Englishman - Matthew Vaughn, to star in his first feature film as the young Dunstan, a key character in 2007 fantasy epic Stardust, alongside luminaries such as Sir Ian McKellan and Robert de Niro.

FAULT is pleased to feature this enormously talented young actor as our front cover star for our Summer 2013 issue. Relaxed, witty and charming, it was an absolute pleasure to spend the day with this down to earth star on-set for our exclusive LA photoshoot, where we discussed two of Ben’s upcoming projects in particular – a return to the fantasy genre in The Seventh Son and an exciting first foray into playing ‘the bad guy’ in God Only Knows. We also got the chance to find out Ben’s thoughts on fashion and the role of public perception in the film industry, in addition to speaking about his training and preparation for his latest roles.

ben barnes inside 4

Ben Barnes was shot for the front cover of FAULT Issue 15 by Sinisha Nisevic and styled by Avo Yermagyan. Video production by Sin Factory Media. Interview by Leah Blewitt.

FAULT: Throughout your career you’ve played so many beloved fictional roles from iconic novels – as an actor, how do you prepare for a role like that? Do you feel the pressure from readers and fans who all have their own opinions and expecations of how the character should be played?

Ben: Absolutely I feel that pressure, not least because I have usually been a fan myself of the source material that these characters have featured in. I have learned that you certainly can’t please everyone as the beauty of a great novel is that everyone will picture their heroes or anti-heroes differently….I have definitely been guilty of accusing the director on set saying, ‘but that’s not how it is in the book!’ That rarely goes down well.

In God Only Knows, which is coming out later this year, you play Nick Tortano – a wannabe gangster. What sort of direct inspiration did you have for the development of Nick? Did you get a chance to improvise and have your own say when it came to developing the character?

This was maybe my favourite role I’ve played. I have rarely been afforded the opportunity to play the tough guy so it was very rewarding. I was very involved with the script and definitely got an opportunity to re-work scenes with the writer and director [James Mottern]… I had tattoos and a goatee (of sorts) and it was interesting to walk around Providence, Rhode Island and see the reaction i would get from people I met. People definitely look at you differently or more suspiciously based on image.


ben_barnes final front cover - web

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MAC makeup artist extraordinaire John Stapleton interviewed for FAULT Issue 14

john s inside

John Stapleton, senior makeup artist at MAC, gives us an insight into the industry. Photo: Vijat Mohindra

The first thing you should know about John Stapleton is that he has spent time not only behind the camera but in front of it. After a background in fine art, John originally started off in the industry as a professional model. He applied the same principals of his formal artistic training to the fashion world. His approach to make-up, in particular, is simple in the fact that it’s all about the person with whom he is currently working. It might sound obvious but the critical aspect of make up artistry does not lie in any one technique or method, says John, but in approaching each client individually based on their needs.

Make-up, John says, is an art form with the human face as the canvas. The most important factor in that artistic process, however, is the personal interaction between the make up artist and his client(s).

FAULT had the pleasure of working with John and one of his personal clients, Kelly Osbourne, last Summer for FAULT Issue 12. We caught up with John again this year at Sundance Film Festival, prior to his numerous jobs at fashion weeks around the world.

FAULT: With such an incredible portfolio of work, with whom do you like working the most? 

John: I love working with all [my] clients.  Applying makeup is such a personal thing; you really get to know the person.  Seeing the “magic” that makeup can achieve and paying attention to each and every client and making that person (no matter who they are) feel great about themselves – whether it be a model, a celebrity or anyone else – is what it’s all about for me.



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Zach Braff – Exclusive Interview for FAULT Issue 14

After recently starring on the silver screen as an animated chicken and then a monkey [in Oz: The Great and Powerful], Zach Braff has no problem with playing the funny guy. But, as past successes with the likes of Garden State and some hefty future projects show, comedy is just a taste of what’s to come from him.

Zach Braff 1


FAULT: You’ve had such an incredible career and have been in the business for over two decades. You’ve written and produced films and plays, starred in and written for an impressively long-running series. What’s next?

Zach: You know, I’d really love to do a musical.  Live theatre has been a huge influence on me since I was a kid.  And I definitely want to direct another film.

You’ve worked with so many influential people in the film industry: Natalie Portman, Woody Allen, Sam Raimi … you name it. Who would you most like to collaborate with that you have not managed to yet?

Oh man – that’s a tough call!  Well, Ralph Fiennes to start with, and David Fincher as well.  To work with Denzel Washington would be amazing.

What are your plans for the rest of 2013? Will we see yourself and your “Moose Knuckle” [ed. Zach continually said this throughout his interview with Conan O’Brien. Google it!] on Dancing with The Stars or America’s Got Talent?

[Laughs] Well, not on shows like that!  You know, for the rest of 2013 I’ll really be focusing on my next movie, which is a collaboration with my brother Josh (who is a writer as well).

Zach Braff

Photography: Dove Shore, Styling: Luke Storey




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A day in the life of the GAME – exclusive for FAULT Issue 13

GAME was shot by Bryant Robinson for FAULT Issue 13. All clothes are GAME's own

GAME was shot by Bryant Robinson for FAULT Issue 13. All clothes Black Wallstreet. Behind The Scenes Exclusive video coming soon…

We first had the pleasure of working with rap royalty GAME back in 2011, prior to the release of his chart topping fourth album R.E.D. GAME‘s shoot with us received global media attention and got GAME in some trouble with the LAPD due to a social media mishap. More recently, FAULT had the honour of being invited to GAME’s home this past Fall to speak to the Compton MC about the making of his fifth album, Jesus Piece. We learned first hand that when it comes to GAME, you should definitely expect the unexpected…

You are about to release your fifth album. Can you tell us how you settled on the name Jesus Piece?

Throughout the writing and recording of the new album, one song remained true – that being ‘Jesus Piece’. The transition/transferring from a track title to the main album title was a natural progression. So we took the song and ran with it, and that’s where the theme concept derived from. Everyone living under one God. It was a creative process: the streets and music all coming together.

This album sounds like a very personal journey for you. What made you decide at this point in your life and career to explore and share that spiritual side of yourself with your fans? Religion to most is such a personal thing.

To me religion and beliefs are a public thing. It’s all about people becoming closer to God and dealing with religion without judgement. I’m not coming from a ‘holier than thou’ position with the album. Look at prison inmates, for example. 99%, if you asked them, believe in God, despite the fact that they know that they are viewed by most as being beyond redemption. But there is hope for everyone in life, that is Jesus’s message. I’m not afraid of my love for God. At the end of the day, I was like “fuck it ,this is what I want to do with the album!”

game promo web

Special thanks: Greg Miller


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Words: Leah Blewitt
Production: Leah Blewitt & Bryant Robinson