FAULT Weekly Playlist: MORILLA

Australian artist MORILLA is off to ripping start in 2018 with “Love Me,” a track that blends elements of R&B, trap, and electronica. Produced by fellow Aussie cln, “Love Me” channels the intricate beat stylings of Flume with The Weeknd-esque vocals.

We asked MORILLA to put together a playlist of what he’s currently listening to, including cuts from Khalid and Bryson Tiller.

Bryson Tiller – Don’t

This song is one of the songs that re-ignited my interest in wanting to write R&B music again. Bryson himself as an artist, and history of how he got to where he is now is inspirational.

Khalid – Coaster

I first heard this song in the car when I was going through a break up and I cried… no body knows this haha. The lyrics, the melody and his voice just hit home for me.

Banks – Fuck Em Only We Know

I love this song because it oozes romance and rebellion all at the same time. It makes me feel young and in love everytime i listen to it.

Drake – Take Care (feat Rhianna)

This song and the whole Take Care album is probably my all time favourite of Drakes work. I remember thinking at the time that this choices of producers and samples were just different for hip hop and R&B at the time and it really stood out.

SZA – The Weekend

I love everything she does, but this song lyrically is controversial and sexy. I love her flow with her melodies.

Rhianna – Needed Me

Yeh she’s mainstream but I love her, and she is a badass and her attitude oozes through her vocals over this production.

Golden Vessel – Daylight

Ive been a huge fan of GV since the beginning, and he gets better and better with every release. The intricacy with his beats and his production is insane.

Aaliyah – One In A Million

To me, this song is timeless. Aaliyah’s music was ahead of its time. There are so many R&B/Hip Hop tracks that are moulded from her style.

Goldliink – Crew

The chorus right from the beginning is just so catchy and it continues to get cooler the more you listen through.

Frank Ocean – Thinking ‘Bout You

Still the best and most iconic Frank song. Love that he jumps from his low register straight to falsetto between the verses and choruses. And lyrically its so goddamn emotional!

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Vagabond Australian songwriter Emerson Leif chases happiness in his new single “Hesitate”

Australian upstart Emerson Leif has blessed us with an arrestingly beautiful new single “Hesitate” featuring fellow Aussie creative Golden Vessel. Like all great things in life, “Hesitate” started as a flicker of an idea before manifesting into a full-fledged concept, entrenched in the universal feeling that comes with chasing fleeting happiness.

We had the opportunity to chat with Emerson about the deeper meaning behind “Hesitate,” his collaborative process with Golden Vessel, and much more.

FAULT: You (Emerson Leif) and Golden Vessel have been friends for a long time and this isn’t your first collaboration either. How has your relationship changed since you first started making music together and how has your process evolved?

Emerson Leif: Max and I met because of music but quickly discovered that we both had the same over the top sense of humour and have been buds ever since. Working on something with a friend is always going to feel more natural. It’s nice to have someone you trust to bounce ideas off. I remember when we first spent time working on music together I really liked Max’s confidence and excitement over new ideas. Max hasn’t changed much since then except he wears turtle neck turtlenecks now.

FAULT: I think we’re all struggling to fill a void and music a lot of times can be that great escape. What is the primary message you hope listeners take away from your music?

Emerson: You can feel it when a song actually means something. I do not think that music is ‘the answer’ but I do believe it is universal, and can serve as a catalyst for more open minded conversation regarding ‘greater truth’ in respect to the human condition. I wrote ‘hesitate’ at I time when I had many questions and it marked the beginning of a life changing journey for me.

FAULT: We’re sad we can’t be there for your tour, but tell us more about what to expect from your live show.

Emerson: Well my live show is me and my friend Connor (who also makes music as Akurei), we both sing and play keys, and I’ve got these midi cubes which light up when I hit them. We also run projections that sync with what we’re doing, which are cut mainly from 90’s Asian cult films.

FAULT: What’s your favourite thing about touring?

Emerson: I think if you didn’t answer the show itself, you’d be lying haha. The hours of travelling and just waiting around for each show is not so much, fun but then the show itself makes it all worthwhile for sure.

FAULT: Finally, what is your FAULT?

Emerson: Those dishes in the sink.

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FAULT Weekly Playlist: elkkle

Melbourne artist elkkle is making waves there’s no dying that. The burgeoning artist has recently closed out a tour supporting Golden Vessel along to run alongside a feature on the fellow Australian’s single “Shoulders.” With all of this under his belt, elkkle is an artist that’s starting to bubble over the surface.

In anticipation of his debut solo EP, elkke has released a new single “Fails,” a track about the relationship between mental and physical health. Your ears and imagination will conjure up images of fragility, yet leave you feeling empowered with his strength of conviction.

We asked elkkle to put together a playlist of his current favorite tracks, and it’s clear that he has a wide range of influences. Check out his selections below and fall into a deep, deep groove that will carry you into the weekend.

Noname – Shadow Man

“This song is pure existential bliss. I love the thought of all these fantastic musicians sitting around the studio sharing their thoughts and experiences of death, and trying to paint their own cool picture of the afterlife and the world they leave behind. Makes me all warm and fuzzy and humbled.”

Lonelyspeck – Settle

“It would be understatement to say I love the music of Lonelyspeck. I’m really inspired by everything in here – the kick placements that toy with your expectations, the delicate vocals and thoughtful lyric of self-realization, the incredible sound design. Most of all what I love is that it all just sounds fearless.”

Aphir – Can’t Comfort

“Aphir is making some of the most unique music coming out of Australia. Her soft vocals bring a sensitivity made powerful by bold production.”

Apollo – Nobody (ft Jay Cooper)

“There’s something happening in LA, stirring and hidden, and this is the first glimpse.
Not much more to say. This track is huge.”

Galimatias – Won’t Forget

“I’ve never heard a song climax like this. Not to mention the journey that comes afterwards. It’s hard to stop this track from putting you right where it wants you – nostalgic, thinking about your crush and wishing they were there to dance with you.”

Leftenent – We Can Do Better

“I remember I was on a train in Sydney to a friend’s house (who happens to also be on this list) when I first heard this. The profound feeling I experienced was something I’d never had happen before.

Leftenent’s music conjures up imagery of vast spaces and vivid colors, yet somehow feels restrained – like it wants to let you down easy, and make you understand.”

Lupa J – Keep Back

“Lupa J’s esoteric sound is one you cannot find in any other artist.
She’s pushing song writing somewhere gritty and honest, while retaining pop undertones. Her blistering production that’s always striking to hear. All self-produced!

I’ve seen her live, too, and that is something special indeed.”

htmlFlowers – Chrome Halo

“htmlFlowers is making music that gives a voice to those that rarely get a chance to. Without putting him up on a pedestal, I just think it’s straight-up important listening. Besides that the lyrics are thoughtful and honest and the beats are as just as heavy.

Banoffee’s vocals hit that spot Banoffee is best at hitting: Standoffish, charming and unapologetic.”

Nico Niquo – In A Silent Way

“Silence is a part of music often misunderstood by artists and listeners as empty time. No sound, no meaning, nothing said. But oh boy does this piece say a lot with its silence, careful pacing and movement. Nico is an artist worthy of the tunneled eyes of history.”

Golden Vessel – Shoulders ft. elkkle & Mallrat

“Golden Vessel is one of the sharpest producers out there, creating sounds that are immediately relatable and fun to listen to, while still having enough bite and intrigue to keep lovers of sound design on their toes. He’s probably going to change the game altogether pretty soon. This track was so much fun to work on. It came together so naturally which is a testament to GV as a collaborator. Keep an eye out for his name in the credits of your next favourite car-trip track; ‘cause everything he touches turns golden (eyyyyyy lmao).

Mallrat is already changing the game, to be honest. A super talented writer and vocalist, she’s ahead of her time in many ways. Also has the best fan base I’ve seen.”

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FAULT Weekly Playlist: cln

Australian producer cln is taking heartbreak and using it as an opportunity to make big changes. Musically, the end of a yearlong relationship caused him to take another look at songwriting and production – to switch gears if you will. It’s only fitting that his latest single is thus called “Switch Gears.”psuedo adds crisp verses and a melodic chorus over cln’s chilled out production with trap undertones.

This song release gave us the opportunity ask cln what he’s been listening to and inspiring him lately. Take a listen through his exclusive playlist for FAULT below.

Tyler, The Creator – Where This Flower Blooms

“Tyler’s new album is one of my favourite albums released this year. His music has matured significantly, and the whole album is really well done. The production in this song is super unique, and i love the Frank x Tyler combination.”

Sampha – Reverse Faults

“Sampha’s voice is incredible and I can’t stop listening to his recent album. I could pretty much list any song from the album here, but this one is my favourite. The snare drum in the drop is 10/10.”

Golden Vessel – Shoulders (ft. Elkkle + Mallrat) https://open.spotify.com/track/5GEDa0CNHxhGk0mn1gmcXX
“Golden Vessel is a good friend of mine, and this song is my favourite from him. The production is super lush and intricate + it’s combined with some really good songwriting.”

Frank Ocean – Godspeed

“Blonde is probably my favourite album of all time. I have listened to it constantly since it came out. A lot of people dismissed it because it’s not very poppy like Channel Orange, but i think anyone who has given it a few listens has fallen in love with it.

Again, I could list the whole album here. I’ve chosen Godspeed because i think it’s one of the more underrated songs on the album. The organ chord progression makes me melt.”

Tennyson – Like What

“This song is ridiculous. Possibly the coolest drop I have ever heard – when i listened to it for the first time it blew my mind. Their production is on a whole different level.”

Thundercat – Show You The Way

“Flying Lotus is one of the producers who I respect the most. When I found out he’d produced most of Thundercat’s album I was very excited. The whole album is really cool and unusual.
This song is my favourite, probably because of the Kenny Loggins + Michael McDonald features.”


“Any song that has A$AP Rocky and Frank Ocean is a winner in my book. Banger.”

Hiatus Kaiyote – Molasses

“This song came out in 2015 but I still can’t get over how complex it is. The amount of talent in this band is unreal.”

Montaigne – Consolation Prize

“Everyone loves a good ballad. Montaigne has an amazing voice and this song really shows it off well. Really beautiful stuff.”

SG Lewis – Yours

“SG Lewis is just a really good producer. He is good at keeping only the essential elements in his songs, he doesn’t overpopulate them with sounds. It’s really hard to do that well, and he does it perfectly.”

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FAULT Weekly Playlist: Benji Lewis

Let the sound electronic sounds and falsetto vocals of Melbourne artist Benji Lewis and his latest single “Drift” carry you away. “Drift” comes ahead of his “Home For Now” EP and the track’s warm melodies are sure to put any of your woes at ease. Co-written and produced with Golden Vessel, this song explores the ebbs and flows of a melodic-electronic soundscape accented by a strong synth beat and firefly-like twinkles.

We asked Benji to put together a playlist of some of his current favorite Soundcloud releases including tracks from Aquilo, Lapsley, and WOODES. Take a listen below.

Aquilo – Silhouette

“I love everything about this song. The beauty, the emotion behind the vocals and that piano. It has you from the start, love these guys. their sound and what they do.”

Slumberjack ft. Vera Blue – Fracture

“Already being a fan of Vera Blue and her beautiful voice. Was pretty easy to get hooked on this big song with all the right beats to go with her powerful voice. Always turn this one up!”

gnash ft. wrenn – fragile

“This song is just perfect. The simple acoustic guitar and the two voices of gnash and wrenn is all you want to hear and keep hearing once the song starts. It has a sadness to it, but it’s speaking of a story in such a truthful way. So beautiful!”

Lapsley – Falling Short

“Ohhhh this womans voice, just LOVE! I love how the piano, vocals, the effects and loops all just roll so effortlessly from one to the other and together in the best of ways.”

Woodes – Rise

“I mean the style of production from the intro already has you and then when Woodes starts singing, I’m done. Really cool, uplifting song.”

Alex Vargas – Higher Love

“This guy’s voice is just sooo good, so already loving that plus the power and pumping up feels that come with this song. Always a good listen.”

The Weeknd ft. Lana Del Rey – Stargirl Interlude

“This guy’s music is always cool and has a good beat, add the beautiful voice of Lana Del Rey and the way she delivers her vocals. So simple, elegant, relaxed, sexy and beautiful. Just a short interlude, but I love it!”

Golden Vessel ft. Woodes – Vines

“I have been a fan of the production style of Golden Vessel since I first came across his stuff last year. This song is no different, it’s relaxed, minimal and leaves all the space for the cool and beautiful vocals from Woodes. Good chill out song.”

Mallrat – Uninvited

“Only got on the Mallrat train recently, through a crossing of networks. It’s such a fun cool song to have on at all different times of the day. Gets ya moving and singing along.”

JOY. – Heads or Tails

“I always come back to this EP from Joy. Her song ‘Like Home’ got hooked again to that and all her music again. This is now my favourite. The melodies, how her cool and beautiful voice go together with the music. All the emotion and true lyrics, I relate to it and love it. To listen to, turn up with headphones on and sing along to. Yusssss”

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