FAULT Magazine Travel Photo Series: ‘Love Letter to Italy’

Situated in the idyllic, central belt of Italy lie the regions of Tuscany and Liguria. One reason to visit would simply be the cuisine on it’s own. Both regions boasting delicious gastronomy with great olive oil, wines, truffle and pastas respectively but then there’s the scenery.

At the uppermost tip of Tuscany you find the Province of Pisa and its world heritage site – famed for it’s leaning tower and the white structures of the Duomo and Baptistry. Pisa is well worth the trip to see these architectural wonders and spend an hour in the evening sun next to the green lawns, amused by the many tourists attempting to line up with the tower. As you travel inland you enter the Province of Lucca, and a stones through from Pisa is the walled city of Lucca its self. With its Roman heart is cultured, peaceful and evocative. The place is brimming with piazzas, churches and cobbled lanes.

Further north and not to be missed are Valle del Serchio or Garfagnana with their characteristic villages – among them Borgo a Mozzano, famous for its spectacular Devil’s Bridge. As well as both Coreglia Antelminelli and Barga – enchanting Medieval villages with prized architecture and breath taking views. Lakes and spectacular mountain passes are found in abundance.

Bordering Tuscany in the region of Liguria is the Province of La Spezia. Changing landscapes succeed each other and create glorious sceneries. The Cinque Terre, composed of five villages that are made up from pastel-hued buildings, provides a breath taking backdrop to the crystalline Ligurian Sea. These picturesque villages are backed by stretches of hills that are covered by olive trees and woods that dominate the landscape. But an afternoon spent in Manarola, where you can watch cliff divers and sun bathers in their droves whilst drinking crisp white wine and eating anti pasti really is the epitome of this trip. La Dolce Vita.






Borgo A Mozzano


Borgo A Mozzano ‘Devils Bridge’




Shades of yellow around Tuscany




Fiats in Barga




Left – View of the Apuane Alps. Right – Borgo A Mozzano


Sunset from Coreglia Antelminelli


Coreglia Antelminelli


Coreglia Antelminelli


Left – Coreglia Antelminelli. Right – Lucca


Left – Fiat 500 in Barga Right – Manarola


Monterosso Al Mare


Monterosso Al Mare


Diving in Manarola






Photography and words by Thomas Wood

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Proof – Lauren Hockney


FAULT Faves From MBFWB Day 4



New kids on the Berlin block, Vektor, capture the spirit of the city’s trendy crowd and filter it into their collections. The models came out girl, boy, girl, boy to beat heavy techno music (what else?) wearing outfits as uniformed as their walk. Voluminous neoprene jumpers and bomber jackets in a strictly monochrome black and white were paired with skinny trousers and leggings for men. A leather panel in an inverted triangle shape with the bottom cut off emphasised the broad shoulder, slim leg look on men. For women, long, a-symmetrical wrap coats with contrast belts moved away from the sporty look but still had a quirky edge.

All in all though, the perfect wardrobe to share with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Irene Luft


Irene Luft’s fetish-like evening wear collection for AW15 was titled ‘revenent’, the name for a visible ghost. Ghostly elements included translucent black fabrics covered in lace and netted skirts that floated around the models’ bodies. Heavy, full skirts in contrast to the delicate lace and silk, used leather and neoprene to dramatic effect. Accessories included opera-length leather gloves and black metallic head capes. Wet look hair dropped over the face in thick strands.

Evening glamour for the brave.

Marina Hoermanseder


Berlin Fashion Week ended on a high with Marine Hoermanseder’s AW15 show. From the opening look, a postbox red plastic hobble skirt with exaggerated hips and mohair jumper which the model waddled half way down the aisle in before twirling her arms in a balletic fashion and waddling back again, to the standing ovation at the end, this was a true fashion marvel.

The mixture of imaginative, avant-garde designs and wearable, elegant pieces was refreshing to see. Loose, silky culottes and blouses with open backs carried simple leather details to create something unique. The front of a belt on trousers finished at the hip bones and trailed down to trim the pockets and breast pockets were boxy with old fashioned leather buckle closures. Buckles were a common theme, from the leather corsets layered over a cotton dress that buckled up at the back to the jacket that had a buckle fastening rucksack merged into it and the latticed leather pencil skirt with buckle detail on the waist. The leather craftsmanship was impressive. Fur accessories, such as a large Eskimo snood and oversized coat collar added a touch of vintage glamour. Hair and makeup was also old glamour with dainty chignons and finger waved fringes, complementing the porcelain skin and red lipstick. A free-flowing, mac-style dress and loose pyjama trousers hinted to the 1930s.

The contrast between classic and futuristic leathers and plastics didn’t jar, they blended perfectly and displayed the true talent of one of Germany’s most exciting designers.


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FAULT Faves from MBFWB Day 3


Dorothee Schumacher

Dorothee Schumacher Berlin Fashion Week

Dorothee Schumacher took her turn at showing what the 1960s trend looks like to her followers. A-line mini skirts were styled with knee high socks and high heeled mules, hair was loose and draped over one kohl-heavy eye and turtle necks worked their dues across leather t-shirts, office-appropriate black knit dresses and textured cocktail dresses.

This was 60s sophistication with a toned down colour scheme of beige, charcoal and vermilion, infused with just a few pops of brights. Prints had an Eastern-Asian feel, depicting flowers and vines of leaves in traditional colour combinations of white, black and red and white, black and pink. A printed full-length dress with long sleeves and a high neck made an impression and epitomised the glamorous side to the decade of rock ‘n’ roll that Dorothee Schumacher has channelled so elegantly for AW15.


Glaw Berlin Fashion Week

The Berlin designer duo’s AW15 show had us hot under the collar. Models slinked down the runway in evening dresses slit up to the thigh, a tight leather mini dress was zipped through from top to bottom and metallic trousers were skin tight. Primarily in hot red, dramatic black and attention-grabbing gold, this is a collection to be worn after dark.

Inspired by the mythology and symbolism of the snake, this influence was most obvious in the black sweaters and tight party dresses embellished with snakes writhing across them. The reptilian motif was also in jumpers embellished with large, scale-like sequins and the fur stoles that slinked between the models’ arms.

Glaw had a modern take on eveningwear by mixing formal gowns with ready-to-wear items such as sweater jumpers and bomber jackets. Accessorised with geometric sunglasses and pointed, stiletto ankle boots, this collection does sexy in the coolest way possible.


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