FAULT issue 10 stars Far East Movement release new track: ‘Grimey Thirsty’


Remember when the airwaves were dominated by ‘Like a G6‘? FAULT Issue 10 stars Far East Movement, the group behind the aforementioned 2010 Billboard Hot 100 hit, have just dropped a new song from their upcoming KTown Riot EP.

The track, ‘Grimey Thirsty‘, a trap-heavy party anthem, features a high-energy verse by YG. When asked about the recording process for the song, Far East Movement member Kevin Nish said, “When we were in the studio with Rell [Central-American EDM producer] working on the Murder Was The Bass project, we were just messing around and slowing down all the 150bpm trap tracks we had to 100bpm. The drums snapped in a different way that reminded us of some old school MOP energy that our fans could really rock with.”

The group has started to slowly unveil the tracklist for KTOWN Riot with previous releases such as ‘Bang It To The Curb’ and ‘The Illest’, which featured Riff Raff.

Can’t wait for the full EP? You’re in luck; the wait isn’t too long. KTOWN Riot has an official release date of October 28th. The group is currently on their Rager Nation tour and recently played for eager fans in Australia.

Words: Vanessa Willoughby

FAULT Favourites KAV and Rico the Zombie release new single – ‘Dirty Rejects’

FAULT Issue 10 stars KAV and Rico the Zombie have joined forces to release this sizzling Summer single.  The pair have been collaborating on an album project together in LA since the start of the year.

rico v kav

Collaborators KAV and Rico the Zombie as featured in FAULT Issue 10. Rico was shot by Kai Stuht and KAV by Benjamin Johnson. Both shoots are exclusive to FAULT. Back copies of this issue are available by clicking above, or from the ISSUES page.

‘Dirty Rejects’ is an ode to the overlooked and marries Kav’s naturally nihilistic bent with Rico’s signature energy on-set.  It’s a tantalising combination that comes together in the form of powerful riffs and a darkly catchy refrain.

‘Dirty Rejects’ is out tomorrow, 21st May ’13, and is available via KAV’s website – www.kavblaggers.com

FAULT Issue 10 star Sascha Bailey presents Human Relations with regular contributor Mairi-Luise Tabbakh

Sascha Bailey43

Sascha Bailey shot by Mairi-Luise Tabbakh for FAULT Issue 10

Imitate Modern gallery presents a new photographic exhibition by FAULT issue 10 star Sascha Bailey.

Sascha Bailey 1

Sascha Bailey shot by Mairi-Luise Tabbakh for FAULT Issue 10

Photographs taken by his brother, and promising newcomer on the photographic scene, Fenton Bailey, and regular FAULT contributor Mairi-Luise Tabbakh are featured, showcasing both colour and black and white studies of the female form.  Fenton’s images focus on the face and form of 2 of his previous partners and muses.  He wanted to capture the height of the sensuality in each relationship.  This intense personal element runs through most of his work.  The locations of each of his images, Japan and London, show how an affinity with a place can have an affect on the relationship.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 18.30.13


Mairi’s photographs by comparison are more erotic, exhibiting an even more personal celebration of the female body.  The objectification adds mystery and makes the viewer question the nature of the relationship between the photographer and model.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 18.31.45


Open: 1st-31st May

Private VIP view: 1st May

Human Relations @ Imitate Modern
27a Devonshire Street, London, W1G 6PN


For more information, visit http://imitatemodern.com/exhibitions/human-relations-sascha-bailey/


Words by Joelle Thurston

FAULT featured: Jackson Rathbone, Billy Burke, Casey LaBow all star in upcoming Twilight finale

Looking forward to the final instalment of Twilight? Most people are excited – either to get their chance to see the Cullens face their final on-screen battle or – the more cynical bunch – to see the back of the Mormonism-inspired series.

Whatever your personal view, it is undeniable that the series has captured the global imagination with its sweeping visuals, supernatural storyline and stellar cast. We look back at some of the latter’s FAULTs in recent issues of our collectible printed edition…

Casey LaBow – aka Kate Denali – in FAULT Issue 8. Casey was shot by Dove Shore and styled by Luke Storey


Jackson Rathbone – aka Jasper Hale – was our Men’s cover star in FAULT Issue 9. Jackson was shot by James Pratt and styled by Avo Yermagyan


Billy Burke – aka Charlie Swan – in FAULT Issue 10. Billy was shot by Christopher Beyer and styled by Luke Storey

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is officially released this week – today, 14th November, in most of Europe and on 16th November for UK and USA

FAULT Issue 10 Stars: Far East Movement – FOR ALL

 FAULT Issue 10 Stars FAR EAST MOVEMENT, have just released a new track and video For All. Inspired by President Obama’s For All / Forward campaign.  Kev Nish stated that “it was an honor to be able to perform at the Gotta Vote event in Richmond Virginia for the Obama team and play this song. We wanted to create an anthem around the inspirational ideals that people around the world are entitled to… No matter your race, religion, sexual orientation etc. and took the energy and the feeling from the crowd at our concerts. No matter who you’re next to you’re experiencing the same feelings together.”

The short-film also features cameo’s from some of FM’s friends including:  Snoop Lion, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Jared Leto, Jessica Alba, Don Cheadle, Kev Jumba, Common, Young Jeezy, Scarlett Johansson, A$AP Rocky, Russell Simmons, Tatyana Ali, Angela Simmons, Tyson Beckford, Kal Penn, George Lopez, Josh Lucas.  A must watch! 

FAR EAST MOVEMENT: Virman, KEV, J-Splif, Pohgress

FAR EAST MOVEMENT for FAULT Issue 10: Virman, KEV, J-Splif, Prohgress

FAULT Issue 12 Beauty cover Shay Mitchell stars in Pretty Little Liars with Issue 10 cover star Adam Lambert!

Tonight’s Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars will see our current Issue 12 Beauty cover star Shay Mitchell share the screen with the brilliant Adam Lambert, who, of course, featured on the cover of our Spring issue earlier this year. The ridiculously talented singer is set to perform two songs from his new album during the episode ‘This is a Dark Ride’, which airs tonight at 8pm ET on ABC Family.

FAULT Issue 12 Beauty cover star Shay Mitchell – aka Emily Fields in ‘Pretty Little Liars’ – and FAULT Issue 10 front cover star Adam Lambert. Get your copy of FAULT Issue 12 HERE

Those of us in the UK will have to wait until the episode, the 13th instalment of Season 3, airs on MTV UK or VIVA – not particularly helpful considering MTV UK is still showing Series 2!

In the meantime, those waiting for the episode can console themselves with a look back at Adam’s feature in Issue 10 (and another cameo appearance on the pages of our Issue 12 NYFW round-up after he sat at the front row of some shows with our US Style Editor Avo Yermagyan) and another peek inside Issue 12 for a closer look at Shay’s feature:

Shay Mitchell was shot exclusively for FAULT by Dove Shore and styled by Sophia Banks-Coloma. In this shot, Shay wears a gown by Tadashi Shoji.

FAULT: Where did the passion for performing come from at such an early age?

Shay: My second cousin was the singer in the family. When I was little I would watch her and be like, ‘oh, that’s so cool.’ So whenever a family member would have a wedding or a big occasion like that, I would perform; singing, dancing, or whatever. I always wanted to perform, but I didn’t have an interest for acting back then, and I didn’t really feel like singing or dancing was the career that I wanted. However, when I was 18, I thought, ‘you know, I’m going to take a couple of acting classes,’ and even if it wasn’t the path that I choose to go down, as I don’t know whether I will love it or hate it, I want to try it. Then I went to my first acting class and I loved it.

How did the part in Pretty Little Liars come around?

When I got an agent, when I was still living in Canada, she asked me, ‘what is the career you want?’ I said I’d love to do these types of cinematic, serial shows, and they were predominantly filming in the US. So, this manager she worked with in the US, got me to film my auditions, cause of course I couldn’t fly down to LA every time I had an audition, so I would just film myself and then send it over on the internet. So he sent me multiple scripts, I would send multiple tapes, and then never hear back. Never heard back.

Then he told me about this one pilot called Pretty Little Liars. So I went in the next day to my agency to have a tape made, and it was actually one of the first audition tapes that I didn’t get professionally done because I just ran out of money. I got someone from reception to read with me and they filmed it. I sent it in and I didn’t really think much about it because at that point I was tired of auditioning and never hearing anything back. About 3 days later, the manager called me and told me that they want to see me, ‘can you fly down to LA? They’ll send you a flight.’ then a day after auditioning I got a call in my hotel room saying, ‘YOU LANDED THE PART!!’ I was over the moon! I screamed bloody murder. I don’t know what anyone else thought was going on in my hotel room.

Shay wears a bodysuit by Style Stalker, shoes by Jimmy Choo and lace boy shorts by Wakol

As you said, you play a homosexual character on the show. How have you found public reaction to that?

It’s very flattering when I hear that there are certain people that look up to me, but I honestly don’t strive to be a role model. I can only be the best version of myself and that’s all that I’m trying to do. I believe that your sexual orientation does not define who you are, and if people think that that’s something that’s noteworthy and something to look up to then that’s great. I’m so lucky to have been brought up in a family home where skin colour, religion, all of it didn’t matter. What mattered was how that person treated you and treated others. So I didn’t have to think twice about playing this role or worrying what people are going to think. I don’t care what people think.

Who is A?


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Fans of Adam Lambert – keep an eye on FAULT Online for more from Adam at NYFW. Images coming later this week…

Liela Moss for FAULT Issue 10

If you ever wanted to know how to make the tambourine the sexiest instrument on the stage, there’s only one woman you’d call. We managed to pull The Duke Spirit’s Liela Moss away from the madness of life pre-record release to grab a coffee and have a chat about gingerbread houses, snakes and Jerry Lee Lewis. . . .

Liela Moss, lead signer of The Duke Spirit. Liela was shot by Annick Wolfers for FAULT Issue 10

FAULT: First of all Liela, how are you?

Liela: I’m all right. You’ve caught me in a bit of a fluster today. I’m in that strange sort of out-of-balance state you get when you finish tour. I’m now at that point where I head off to the potting shed to plant new ideas for songs—they’re just like little seeds…

The Duke Spirit have been going since 2003. You’re three albums in – what’s the key to survival?

Well, there’s been a certain amount of perseverance through times when it would have been easier to give up. If you’re prepared to reconnect with the people you make music with, then you find a way through to making another album. Just keeping conversation, energy and moral up, I think. That said, it’s important to keep finding inspiration outside of what you do together. Working with different people on different projects and then bringing that back seems to help. Somehow, we’ve managed to just roll back into people’s town and just keep on going.

Read the full interview and find out more about Liela’s plans in FAULT Issue 10.

WZRD – Kid Cudi for FAULT Issue 10

FAULT Issue 10’s music cover star Kid Cudi was quite tricky for FAULT writer Ahmed Mori to catch – mostly due to filming commitments for the video of his new single, premiering it on American late night TV and working as a co-director for other video projects. Oh, and apart from all that, Cudi and his band-mate Dot da Genius were also putting the finishing touches on their eponymous album, WZRD.

With their incomparable chemistry and an unlimited reserve of can-do attitude, Cudi & Dot certainly came up with something worth listening to…

" “We’re just risky motherfuckers. That’s how we are by nature,” said Cudi. “We’re bold motherfuckers. It definitely transcends into the music. It’s an attitude. The key is pushing forward. It’s evolution. Changing people’s perspective about how music is supposed to sound." "Photography by Michael Casker

…for the experimental rapper [Cudi], the band WZRD, “Means freedom. Finding that power within yourself, the commander of your own destiny, being a leader, taking shit to another level, elevating your mind and seeing beyond what’s in front of you. It’s not rocket science; it’s a spiritual thing. There is nothing a wizard can’t do. The power is in your hands, literally,” Cudi explains. 

Read the full feature in FAULT Issue ten to find out what WZRD is all about.