Diesel release FAULTless Embrace Your Flaws Campaign Video

Diesel release FAULTless ‘Go With The Flaw’ Campaign Video


Words: Miles Holder

While 2018 hasn’t gotten off to the most optimistic start, if you search hard enough, you can still find the good news meshed within the sea of dystopian updates. Today that update comes from Diesel’s ‘Embrace Your Flaws’ campaign. Celebrating the flaws that make us all unique, Diesel has followed on from their 2017 ‘Go With The Flaw’ campaign and once again enlisted director Francois Rousselet to create a beautiful, poignant yet still comical romance story.

In their own words “If in the first film we saw the perfectly flawed result of a rookie director’s attempt at making his first film, in this new episode, with irony and a good dose of carelessness, we show you what happens when you… Don’t go with the flaw? When, in fact, you do everything you can to hide the flaws in your life, chasing perfection as the world imposes, because common sense thinks that beauty is just another duty.”

To echo the words of FAULT Magazine Issue 23 cover star Alicia Keys, “Let go of the word “perfection”. It’s not real, and it’s a word that tears us down. There is no way to be perfect and no fun in being perfect.” And Diesel has hit the nail on the head with this new campaign video.

While it goes without saying that the campaign is commendable, a visual delight and more evidence of Diesel’s honest commitment to promoting self-love, the production team on ‘Embrace Your Flaws’ also deserve credit for sending such a poignant message without preaching. Sometimes humour is the best device to deliver an important message and judging by the number of shares this campaign has received; this is one of those times!

Check out the video below!


Diesel artistic director for this campaign NICOLA FORMICHETTI





Jacket by Frame | Tshirt by London Denim | Jeans by Zadig & Voltaire |

Kygo – real name Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll – is always on the go. When we caught up with the tropical house sensation, he was in New York, doing promo for his new sophomore album, ‘Kids In Love’. It won’t be long until he’s jumping on a plane to his next destination.


The 26-year-old DJ and producer wasn’t planning a career in music, but what started off as experimentation on Soundcloud has resulted in a meteoric rise to fame, billions of streams, and shows at huge festivals such as Coachella and TomorrowWorld. We caught up with Kygo to chat about mixing up his sound, his dreams to work with Ed Sheeran and never sitting still.

Hoody by Kygo Life | Trousers Kygos own


How has your unexpected success affected you personally and how do you stay grounded when you’re playing gigs to thousands of people on an almost daily basis?

It’s about the people you surround yourself with. I’ve kept all my old friends, my manager, my girlfriend. They keep me grounded. It [fame] doesn’t really affect me that much. I see my family, I keep busy by always traveling and playing shows. I get to do what I love for a living.


You popularised tropical house to the point where you were working with superstars such as Ellie Goulding and Selena Gomez. How did you arrive at this unique personal sound?

It was just through a period of experimenting. When I was studying [at university] I would play music in my bedroom all the time. I spent hours and hours experimenting with different sounds. I was inspired by [artists like] Avicii and Swedish House Mafia but I felt like everyone else was trying to sound like them, so I started listening to other stuff like deep house and found the sound I have now. It wasn’t like a plan, it was just stuff that I thought was cool.


How do you prepare to play live? Do you have any pre-show rituals?

I like to take ten or fifteen minutes before the show to concentrate and get in the zone. There’s always so much stuff going on and so many people around.

Jacket and T- Shirt by Prevu London | Jeans by Zadig & Voltaire

You’ve recently collaborated with a plethora of artists such on your new album; some which are well known, like John Newman and OneRepublic, but some which are still largely under the radar like The Night Game. Why did you choose to work with these artists in particular?

My label sets up a lot of studio sessions for me. They recommend people to work with. I like to be very open-minded about people I work with. Even some songwriters or artists I’ve never heard of before, I’ll just try it and see what happens.


Is there anyone you’d love to work with down the line?

There’s a lot of people! Always on top of the list is Ed Sheeran. I did some remixes of Ed Sheeran four years ago. The Weeknd would be cool. Coldplay could be cool. Imagine Dragons as well.


In what way is your new album, ‘Kids in Love’ the follow-up or partner album to your last record, ‘Cloud 9’?

I think it’s a follow-up. There’s definitely some of the same sounds in there but a little different. I’ve tried to have fun with myself and my sound and mix it up. I didn’t want to make the same album or a similar album all over again, I wanted to make something new. I’m very happy with it. Some of the songs I’d be jamming on the piano but some of the songs were demos that would get sent over that I’d feel really inspired by. With the OneRepublic track and The Night Game track, we wrote those both from scratch together.

Coat by Coach 1941 | Shirt by Diesel Black Gold | Hoody by Kygo Life | Trousers by Michael Kors

Do you have a favourite song from the album?

It’s always tough to pick a favourite as I like all the songs on the album but I think ‘Kids In Love’, the title track if I had to pick, would probably be my favourite.


Is it because it means the most to you?

Yeah, it does! I’d been working on the song for over a year. When I make a track it only takes three days or a week or two, then after a while, you make some tweaks and release it. I usually like to tweak a song but it doesn’t make it much better. It’s not good to change it too much. This song sounded so big and powerful that I wanted to make sure it was perfect before I released it, so I spent a lot of time on it.

Jacket by Frame | Tshirt by London Denim |Jeans by Zadig & Voltaire

What is your FAULT?

I’m definitely always late. I can’t sit still. If I’m sitting in a chair I always have to move my feet. It must be quite annoying – not for me but for the people around me!


Words: Aimee Phillips 

Photography: Conor Clinch 

Styling: Dee Moran

Grooming: Graziella Vella using Becca and Kevyn Aucoin

Production: Adina Ilie


DIESEL launch FAULTLess, ‘Go With The Flaw’ campaign

It’s no big secret that here at FAULT we’ve long grown tired of the notion of perfection; a belief so important that we base our entire magazine around it! Times, they are a’changing, and it’s wonderful to see a fashion brand as iconic as Diesel join the fight against flawlessness with the release of their ‘Go With The Flaw’ campaign which encourages fashion lovers to flaunt their flaws – it’s only natural, eh?

Of course for Diesel, challenging conformity is nothing new, since the brand’s inception in 1978, they have always sought to break the mould (or more appropriately) break the perceived “perfect mould” surrounding the fashion industry. From their 1994 ad featuring real life couple, Bob and Rod Jackson-Pari embraced in a (controversial for the time) same-sex embrace to featuring fashion model Jillian Mercado in their Spring 2014 campaign, while never explicitly stating it – Diesel has been fighting for inclusivity within the fashion industry for decades.

Now, Diesel has thrown another swing in their battle against conformity with the release of a short film directed by the famed Francois Rousselet, known best for his work with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Madonna and The Rolling Stones. Casting models who challenge people’s perception of “beauty”, Diesel encourage fans to “go with pride, grab the front seat and enjoy the ride” – and we’re cheering right alongside them!


In their own words, Diesel exclaim “perfection is sooo boring, so find a little bravery to wear your flaws with pride! Whatever it may be – we say don’t hide it, flaunt it.”

Here at FAULT, we commend Diesel for once again using their platform and voice to shine a light on the flaws which all of us have – yet seldom see highlighted so beautifully for what they are. Another iconic showing from the brand truly “doing the most” for the utmost flawed of us.

First Editorial Of 2015 – Ted Emmons’ FAULT!

Shirt: Diesel Cardigan: The Elder Statesman Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger

Shirt: Diesel
Cardigan: The Elder Statesman
Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger

Coat: Altuzarra Dress: Ruffian Gloves: Topshop

Coat: Altuzarra
Dress: Ruffian
Gloves: Topshop

Dress: Diesel  Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger

Dress: Diesel
Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger

Dress: Calvin Klein  Sweater: Citizens Of Humanity Scarf: Topshop

Dress: Calvin Klein
Sweater: Citizens Of Humanity
Scarf: Topshop

Blouse: Ruffian Dress: Ruffian Coat: H&M

Blouse: Ruffian
Dress: Ruffian
Coat: H&M


Photographer: Ted Emmons @ 7 Artist Mgmt
Stylist: Sean Knight

Makeup: Erin Moffett

Hair: Bethany Brill Cuevas

Model: Alaina Rosenthal













Photographed exclusively for FAULT Magazine by Photographer – Jen Senn (www.jensenn.com)


Shirt : Replay Leather Top : Vero Moda Salopettes : American Apparel

Shirt : Replay
Leather Top : Vero Moda
Salopettes : American Apparel

Leather Shirt : Diesel Denim Shirt : Hilfiger Overall : Replay Boots : Hunter

Leather Shirt : Diesel
Denim Shirt : Hilfiger
Overall : Replay
Boots : Hunter

Pullover : 5 Preview Jumpsuit : G-Star Boots : Dr Martens

Pullover : 5 Preview
Jumpsuit : G-Star
Boots : Dr Martens

Shirt : K.O.I Jacket : Wrangler Skirt : Marina Hoermanseder

Shirt : K.O.I
Jacket : Wrangler
Skirt : Marina Hoermanseder

Hat : G-Star Leather Collar : DeepMello Shirt : 5 Preview Trousers : Vero Moda

Hat : G-Star
Leather Collar : DeepMello Shirt : 5 Preview
Trousers : Vero Moda

Shirt : Diesel  Salopettes : GAS

Shirt : Diesel
Salopettes : GAS

Top : Guess Jacket : Replay Trousers : Franziska Michael Shoes : Monki

Top : Guess
Jacket : Replay
Trousers : Franziska Michael Shoes : Monki

Top : Marina Hoermanseder  Jacket : Les Tempes de Cerises

Top : Marina Hoermanseder
Jacket : Les Tempes de Cerises


Photography & Styling : Heiko Laschitzki 

Models : Jenny F. @ Most Wanted

Julika @ Most Wanted Models

Roberta @ Viva Models

‘Dreamstalker’ – Petra Vaessen’s FAULT


Dress – By Ti Mo
Coat – Jil Sander by Stylebop.com
Shoes – Diesel


Coat – Katharina Dubbick


Blouse and pants – Monique van Heist
Shoes – Filippa K


Top – Pinko Black
Coat – Carven by Mytheresa.com


Dress – Dolce & Gabbana by Mytheresa.com
Coat – Roksanda Ilincic by Stylebop.com
Shoes – Diesel


Coat – Roksanda Ilincic by Stylebop.com
Earrings – Otazu Couture


Dress – Pinko Black

Photographer – Petra Vaessen – www.petravaessen.com
Styling – Patricia Hut – www.patriciahut.com
Make-up & Hair – Carlos Saidel @ House of Orange for MAC
Model – Robin @ Ulla Models
Assistant photographer – Danny Griffioen
Assistant styling – Jacqueline van der Salm

Black front to back – Victoria Gregory’s FAULT


Dress – Victoria by Victoria Beckham


Dress – Mila Schon
Jacket – Preen Line
Boots – Jimmy Choo


Jacket – Victoria Beckham


Jumper – Yanny London
Jeans – Blk Dnm


Jumper – Alessia Prekop
Skirt – Burberry


Jacket – Etro
Trousers – Felder Felder


Dress – Karl Lagerfeld
Jacket – Blk Dnm

Photographer: Chris Moore (http://www.chrismoorephoto.co.uk/)
Stylist: Victoria Gregory (http://victoriagregorystyling.tumblr.com/)
Make up: Claudia Savage using MAC Cosmetics (http://www.claudiasavage.co.uk/)
Hair: Claudia Savage using Bumble and Bumble
Photography assistants: Morgan Sinclair, Louise Robinson
Models: Brit Brockhurst @ Elite and Shauna Bennett @ Elite