Jaguar unveil brand new E-PACE with star studded event.


Last week Jaguar hosted a star studded event filled with music, fashion and unrivalled cinematic styled stunts. With a clear focus on style, luxury and entertainment, we attended to see if the British manufacturer could mirror the same booming successes of Britain’s current luxury fashion and entertainment industries.

The event was all in celebration of Jaguar’s brand new compact performance SUV, the E-PACE. On first glances, it’s clear that Jaguar has combined their legacy of artistic and unique design prowess with the comfort and practicality of a five-seater body.

The E-Pace exterior design is sleek, tasteful and above-all-else one of the most fashionable designs you’ll find on a five-seater SUV on the market. The interior boasts modern amenities from its five USB connections, four 12-volt charging points and 4G Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight devices; so despite the practicality of vehicle, owners will also benefit from the innovative amenities seen in sports car ranges.

We got to witness the aforementioned high-performance qualities of the E-PACE put to the test with famed stunt driver Terry Grant performing a 15.3 metre-long jump complete with a 270-degree ‘barrel roll’ across London’s EcXel which landed the car safely into the official Guinness World Records book.

Coming in at an affordable £28,500, Jaguar has opened their arms to both a younger and more practically minded consumer base commendably without compromising on the great design we’ve come to expect the manufacturer.

Director of Design, Ian Callum has this to say “Established Jaguar design principles ensure the
E-PACE is immediately recognisable as the sports car of its class. Our new compact SUV combines the interior space, connectivity and security that families expect with the kind of proportions, purity of design and performance not usually associated with such a practical vehicle.”

But the night was not only for lovers of fast cars and stunts as the presentation was rounded off by a whirlwind set performed by Pete Tong, The Heritage Orchestra and special guest Raye, the latter of whom we spoke to only a few weeks ago. Discussing the set after the show, Raye jubilantly told FAULT:

“It was such an incredible experience to perform with Pete Tong and The Heritage Orchestra! I’ve always been a fan of fast cars and have fallen in love with the new E-PACE – it’s beautiful!”

Fashion model and (true) philanthropist David Gandy was also in attendance on the evening. David Gandy has long-been associated with Jaguar, and we asked what from the lineup he was most excited for

“I’m always excited Jaguar’s new launches; there’s no one thing I can tell you I am most excited for tonight because there’s no one thing I love about cars and the brand”.

In all honesty, these events aren’t something we cover too often as they can be rather boring in the eyes of our affluent younger readership. Many times unveilings can miss the mark of what younger audiences are interested in, so we must commend Jaguar for engaging and understanding that their contemporary fan base is harbouring an appreciation of luxury, design and technology without any less of the excitement afforded to them elsewhere.

The evening even boasted a spectacular VR demonstration of the E-PACE which allowed us to get a close-up, 360 inspection of the internal components which allows for such a practical car to perform so well. Blending the innovative and exciting technological advances of Jaguar with the equally compelling format of VR technology was a genius move on their part.

All in all the event was a success, and from what we’ve heard from the automotive journalists in attendance, Jaguar is set to see a winner with the E-PACE. Our take away from the event is Jaguar’s clear and successful push from Jaguar to be an industry leader for the often forgotten consumer base of the young and affluent. The musical performances, showcases and incorporation of new technology are a clear signal that despite over eighty years in the business, Jaguar is still very much on trend.



FAULT Focus: Experiencing The Next 100 years project with MINI Future Shapers

Last night FAULT were invited to take part in Mini’s “The Future Shapers’ event held at London’s Roundhouse. While details were cryptic beforehand, we soon found out that it was truly out of this world…or out of this time we should say.

Anders Warming the current Head of Mini design was the first speaker of the night, starting with the history of Mini he brought us to the present before going into details about their exciting plans for the future which you’ll find pictured below.

The concept car’s features are numerous and rather than discuss them all, let’s move onto what we found most gripping.

The most fascinated concept for us was the community trait of the whole project. The Mini of the future will transcend the physical body of the car; in essence every Mini will be your Mini. The big reveal isn’t how Mini plans to innovate the physical design of the body, no, the big reveal is their future plans to innovate mobility as a whole.

Imagine for a second that Siri wasn’t a fancy bank of triggers with corresponding answers, but instead actually knew your calendar and mood and feelings towards each entry. Knew that you were grumpy in the mornings and often late for afternoon meetings. Now imagine it was also your personal driver in every Mini you entered. Mini plan to make this a reality.



Warming stresses, that Mini customers share a unique bond with their vehicles. Mini plan to direct this bond to an AI. In theory, the Mini body would act similar to an automotive Boris Bike. The AI is what you’ll bond with, the same voice that says farewell to you at Heathrow airport will be the same voice that greets you at JFK airport for instance. It’s all very exciting!

The real question is do we believe this is a possible, feasible and monetizable model for the future? I think so. It’s 2016 and most of us living in the inner-city don’t even own cars. IF I need to get around in a car, I’ll simply order an Uber. From this understanding, we aren’t 100 years from what Mini are proposing. In fact, I believe this is feasible within this century. Of course, only time will tell, it wasn’t long before the once exciting concept of flying cars proved more trouble than they are worth. However automated cars already being field-tested and every day we see AI taking leaps and bounds which add to my vote of confidence that this could become a reality.


Following the discussion on the future of mobility, Magnus LindKvist (what a name!) took to the stage and began the talk on the future of lifestyle.

Leading with AI, Magnus philosophised that “If it’s hard for a human to perform, it’ll be easy for a robot to perform and vice versa”. Rather subjective, but paired with below footage of ‘BigDog’ military project which cost millions to produce, it all became clear that the statement is rather accurate and as a creative, I felt a great swell of smugness at how safe my job is from automated machines; Andy in accounts is not so lucky…


For our readers working within the fashion sector, Magnus made great points about the rapidly declining high-street consumer, “Stores are designed for the slow walking shoppers of yesterday”. This was a new take on the issue for us, it’s funny how while many of us still enjoy high street shopping, it is now seen as an event. Unless it’s an urgent necessity, you’ll only find me browsing the high street on the weekends when I have the time to be the slow walker of yesteryear.

The final highly resonating point made was the notion that “tech takes the expensive and makes it available to everyone”. In the year 2000, just 1% of people in Africa owned a mobile phone, in 2014 this skyrocketed to 600 million people which is about 56% of their population. This has impacted rural and urban areas exponentially, allowing for once small traders to have access to the global market which was once out of their reach. This is one of a long list of advantages, technology has to expand global education with free digital literature and courses which domino into further technological advancements.


Finally, FAULT Favourite artist Margot Bowman took to the stage to discuss her latest project, ‘Data Portraits. We’re introduced to the body of work with the words “In 2016 out identities are be flattered, represented by one size fits all selfies and unemotional data graphs”. Data Portraits is Margot’s way of exploring ways that a future technology could one interoperate the sitter and display a visual and emotional representation of them.

Margot uses identical twins as models for her project to help display that while the current technology can display each set of twins near identically, future innovations could lead to technology which would display the unique differences in their personalities. It’s a great decision, speaking to many twins about the project, we found that the concept of “self” or “I am not we” is something that many twins struggle with especially in early life.


Asking questions throughout the individual photo-shoots, Margot attempted to pick out key emotional data hidden from a bare lens. The final products are wonderfully captured portraits layers with looping digital artworks inspired by Margot’s interpretations of the sitter’s personality and mood.


All in all, we had a great and informative night, it was wonderful to see such a diverse line-up of speakers discussing their thoughts on what the future holds for technology and lifestyle. It was especially great to see the inclusion of Margot as we find that artists are often excluded when it comes to discussing  technology or the future so it made for a great change to hear her thoughts on how tech might impact the art world in years to come.

Words: Miles Holder

Visitors to the Roundhouse exhibition, The BMW Group Future Experience, will be able to see a future MINI, a “Vision Vehicle” that demonstrates applications of new design and technology in an iconic car.
The exhibition is open daily from 10am – 5pm and runs until Sunday 26th June. Admission is FREE. Visit for more details.