FAULT Weekly Playlist: Kite String Tangle

Australian beatmaker The Kite String Tangle (Danny Harley) reaches into the recesses of your fragile heart with his emotionally stirring music. Earlier this summer, he released his debut self-titled album and it’s nothing short of a work of art.

His dynamism as a producer as well as a vocalist is showcased across the 11 tracks, displaying his penchant for edge-y production and unburdened lyrics. Music is of course, supposed to be a release from the mundane, from reality is it not? The Kite String Tangle makes that so.

We asked Danny to put together some of his current favorite tracks including cuts from Tourist, The Beach Boys, and Jamie XX to name a few. Be sure to give his latest single “Waiting” a spin as well.

Tourist – Run

“This song is one of the first I heard from his debut album. I’ve been watching his career for a while and hoping he’d drop an album and it was everything I could have hoped for. I feel like this album was made specifically for me. World class production and tastefully restrained where it needs to be without losing any interest.”

The Beach Boys – God Only Knows

“I was revisiting some older tunes lately. Not really sure why. I stumbled across this one and had totally forgotten how untouchable a song it is. It’s a classic for a reason and the harmony and melody are just so genius. Go Brian.”

Ambassadeurs – Tonight

“I’ve been a fan of a bunch of remixes from these guys and only the other day i decided to delve a little deeper and found this album from 2015, this is the last track from the record and is just a lovely little spacious tune to zone out to. Really digging it right now.”

George Fitzgerald – Full Circle

“I was pretty late to this one but totally fell in love with it years after it being released which is just a testament to the song and the power of honest music. This tune is crunchy unpredictable but still has such a great flow, just feels familiar in a nostalgic kind of way.”

Caribou – Mars

“One of my favourite tunes to throw into DJ sets when I do them. I love the unassuming groove and how it doesn’t really go anywhere and how absolutely fine that is.”

Jamie XX – I’ll Take Care of U

“I’m a massive Jamie XX fan and I’ve recently been going back to that album he did with Gil Scott-Heron. There’s some pretty wacky stuff on there, in a really good way. This is probably my favourite from that record.”

Fever Ray – Seven

“This is an album i was super super into ages ago. It’s still stuck with me because it’s just such an insanely unique sound, nobody really sounds like this or has tried to since then. The lyrics are just as quirky as the production. Great album, great song.”

Jonsi & Alex – Happiness

“This song changed my life. I’m a big fan of ambient music and I listened mostly to Brian Eno to get that fix…until this album. This song in particular showed me that something can be intensely beautiful through texture alone. Such a powerful thing.”

Flume – Wallfuck

“A super important album for electronic music. This song is a really good representation of where I think Flume wants to go with all of his music. I love that he still gets to be experimental but also make amazing pop music. Clever boy.”

Golden Vessel – Never Know (Feat. LASTLINGS)

“This is a song by super talented producer Max Byrne who is signed to my label Exist Recordings. It features effortlessly cool act LASTLINGS who are also signed to my label. It’s one of the best tracks from this EP and he has some even stronger stuff coming out on his next EP soon too. I recommend digging deep into Golden Vessel.”

The Kite String Tangle Socials:

FAULT Reviews: Beacons Festival

 Environment (Medium)

To the surprise of most Londoners, BEACONS Festival is incredibly quick and direct to get to. Set in the Yorkshire Dales, BEACONS is approximately a 3 hour train journey from Kings Cross and, unlike other festival commutes, you actually get a seat on the train. Arriving in Skipton was a breath of fresh air, with beautiful scenery and welcoming locals aplenty. So welcoming, in fact, that two kind hearted villagers offered us a lift from the station to the festival site. A quick press pass collection and we managed to catch the end of the romantic-nostalgic set put on by British Sea Power (remember them?). As people lay around in the tent ,the live band, with their back to the audience, serenaded the black and white visuals, closing with a dramatic classical finish.

Raining disco balls

Raining disco balls

We took a long tour of the festival site and were instantly taken aback by how friendly everyone was. Numerous times we were approached for nothing more than a casual chat. Amazingly, the guest demographics were an equal mix of young locals, dedicated music geeks, families and mature adult couples mutually enjoying the festival. BEACONS seemed to be a proud supporter of local produce, dedicating an entire bar to independent bitters and lagers, whilst the food ranged from American BBQ Ribs to Caribbean Jerk Chicken.

Daphni (aka Caribou)

Daphni (aka Caribou)

As the day grew older the atmosphere became electrifying- everyone wanted to party. The first act of the weekend that completely blew the crowd away was Daphni (aka Dan Snaith aka Caribou) when he played Caribou’s new single ‘Can’t Do Without You’. The powerful performance set up the stage nicely for Daniel Avery’s arrival and he delivered an upbeat, fast-paced, techno driven performance, engaging the guests most with his track ‘Drone Logic’. The night went all too quickly, with an early finish of around 1:30am, but the party seemed to go on regardless – whether it was in the form of the silent disco or hidden burlesque shows.

Daniel Avery (Medium)

Daniel Avery

The next day was a beautiful one; the hot weather and bright skies making it perfect conditions for lounging around nursing hangovers. We lay near the Argyle Stage for most of the day where we could pick up quality coffees and cold pressed juices whilst listening to bands such as Years&Years. Before they even came on stage they attracted young gatherings of teenage girls screaming to the lead singer “We love you, Oli, we want your babies!”. What’s rock and roll without groupies, right? Classic…

Jack Master

Jack Master

As the day went on we scouted the area for da time activities and local organic beers. To get us in the mood for the night ahead we dropped in to Moko playing the main stage. New on the scene but claiming her rightful place as the new bringer of Soul music, Moko originates from New Cross in South East London. We were blown away by her show and, from her reaction to the crowd, she was too! Although the crowd didn’t fill the tent, they certainly made up for it in cheers and dancing.

Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins

After seeing Jon Hopkins a few months ago at SONAR Festival, I was really excited to see him closing the main stage on the Saturday night. The tent was jam-packed and it seemed the whole festival was in attendance. As I was stood in the press pit I saw that it was filled with huge white beach balls and after a few tracks in, security threw them into the crowd which erupted in a sea of colour! The balls were touch sensitive so that every time they encountered movement their colour changed. This, along with the soul wrenching beats, made for one of the most incredible festival performances I have ever seen.




Words and photography courtesy of Lux & Noah

LXN Exclusive Festival Coverage for FAULT Magazine

This summer LXN will be attending a string of European festivals recording a backstage diary exclusively for FAULT Online. The diary will document the overall atmosphere, environment and DNA of each festival whilst giving a behind the scenes insight.

They will capture the relationship between music and fashion through photographing and interviewing members of specific audiences. The results from this it will illustrate what modern subcultures are around us and to see what musicians aesthetics ARE transcending through to their fans.

Confirmed festival coverage so far stands as Parklife, Sonar, Latitude, Love Box, Camden Crawl, Beacons and Unknown Festival.
Prior to Sonar, Latitude, Love Box and Unkown Festival I will release bespoke playlists created by artists in attendance along with a written feature of what I’m expecting from each.
This weekend kicks off the summer-long feature with Parklife in Manchester. I like to think of it as the Northeners competitor to Field Day with incredible bands such as Foals, Chromeo, SBTRKT, Disclosure and London Grammar. It will certainly be an unbelievable introductory festival leading into Sonar (Barcelona) the following weekend with names like Massive Attack, Caribou, Woodkid, and Todd Terje. I’m particularly excited to see what Jon Hopkins will bring after the release of his incredible album Immunity last year. Jon Hopkins will be teaming up with Visual Artist Dan Tombs (www.dantombs.net) to bring electrifying projections to sit alongside the set.



Remixes specifically for the run up for Sonar:

Flux Pavilion Sonar mix 2014:  https://soundcloud.com/flux-pavilion/flux-pavilion-sonar-mix-2014

PRETTY LIGHTS Mix The Hot Sh*t  Sónar Barcelona Edition: https://soundcloud.com/prettylights/pretty-lights-the-hot-sh-t-130?in=prettylights/sets/pretty-lights-the-hot-sh-t
MØ Sónar 2014 mixtape: https://soundcloud.com/momomoyouth/sets/sonar-mixtape

Brodinski plays Sónar 2014: https://soundcloud.com/brodinskiofficial/sets/sonar-festival-2014-brodinski

Alizzz favs mix: https://soundcloud.com/alizzz/sonar-2014-favs-mix

L.I.E.S Sónar New York City playlist:  https://soundcloud.com/l-i-e-s/sets/sonar

BFlecha mix for Sónar 2014: http://sonar.es/en/2014/prg/ar/bflecha_373

Ryan Hemsworth Sónar 2014 mixtape: https://soundcloud.com/ryanhemsworth/sets/s-nar-2014-mixtape

Mr. K 2014 Special Mix: https://soundcloud.com/mkmrk/yeah

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