FAULT Weekly Playlist: LEVV

LEVV is the electropop duo of Audrey Assad and Seth Jones dedicated to helping music lovers dance through life’s pain by giving voice and rhythm to their own. Together they make pop songs that meld emotional substance with electronic finesse; themes as intimate as the dissolution of Seth’s marriage and Audrey’s escape from a cult are set to a dance beat without sacrificing substance.

Recently the pair shared “Collateral Damage,” the lead single from their forthcoming EP. We had the opportunity ask Seth and Audrey about some of the songs they’re listening to currently that inspire them, including singles from Bon Iver and Agnes Obel. Take a listen below!

Frida Sundemo – Neon

“This is one of the few songs you hear in life that grab you in some unexplainable way and never let you go. There have been a number of LEVV writing sessions that were inspired by this song and other songs of Frida’s. It is the perfect example of how a song can be greater than the sum of its parts. The emotion of chorus melody takes you somewhere familiar you’ve never been.” – Seth

Haux – Caves (Samuraii Remix)

“I love this song because of how simply it accomplishes what it set out to. As a producer, many times you’re tempted by all the tools in your hands. I love tracks like this Caves remix because it reminds me that deliberate production is always better than “noise.” It’s understated but powerful.” – Seth

Banners – Shine A Light

“There’s something about this lyric that continues to draw me back to it. There aren’t any bells and whistles in the track, it’s straight forward euro-dance, but the magic is in the melody and lyric. With Collateral Damage, we really tried to capture powerful emotion in simple ideas. Shine A Light does it to perfection.” – Seth

Among Savages – Start At The Beginning

“Seth and I were both listening to this when we first started writing / recording LEVV songs. The disorienting, daring orchestration and shuffling drums were great inspiration for our first batches of orchestral pop music—it’s elegant and emotive, but not too pretty.” – Audrey

Agnes Obel – Riverside

“Agnes is a big influence on me as a pianist and a lyricist—she evokes so much about the interior journey of life through her visceral descriptions of the physical world and her delicate, yet adventurous piano and vocal work on this song. There’s a really pleasant Scandinavian sensibility to her arrangements—sparse, but lush. This song in particular has haunted me since I first heard it and I’m ok with that!” – Audrey

Bon Iver – Beth/Rest 

“Where do I begin with this song? The Chicago keyboard sounds, the saxophone weaving in and out, the aching melody—this song scratches pretty much all my 80s kid itches, not to mention that it makes me want to climb a mountain at sunset and drink til I cry healing tears! I think it’s safe to say when Bon Iver put that saxophone all over this track like chocolate sauce the rest of us felt permission to finally do the same—we certainly took that liberty with Collateral Damage.” – Audrey

Grey/Bahari – I Miss You 

“Slightly tribal, with a close and emotional vocal, I Miss You is a one-song melancholy party for all your sad dance needs. We like to think we make sad dance music (of which Collateral Damage is only our first example) and there isn’t enough of it in the world, so this track is right up our alley.” – Audrey

Manse, ft. Jantine – Time Of Our Lives 

“Even the saddest dance music nerds (hint: us) would like to let go and have a good time once in a while. This track is effervescent and fun and bubbles over like champagne, with no sad lyrics in sight. We love Jantine’s soft, sweet vocals. I don’t have a big voice so it’s always nice to hear other dance vocalists who have tender voices doing big fun tracks.” – Audrey

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FAULT Weekly Playlist: Anna Straker


London-based singer/producer Anna Straker has fast become one of the most exciting emerging talents in electronic music. Her fervent love of synths, powerful lyricism, and bold good looks all tip her as one to watch. Recently she released her debut four-track EP “Serious,” a collection of songs that pay homage to nu disco and 90s house, while also maintaining a playful pop edge.

We asked Anna to put together some songs to help get you through the winter weather, including cuts from Childish Gambino, Bon Iver, and J Dilla.

“These are some songs to hibernate to this winter.” – Anna Straker

Bon Iver – Holocene

“This couldn’t be more winter. Listening to this album (scratch that, all of Bon Iver’s albums) makes me want to wrap up by the fire and contemplate the world. This song brings out all the emotions in me. And the music video is INCREDIBLE WINTERY BLISS.”

Kindness – House

“Not only will this song keep you warm in the bitter cold, but it also has the most charming video to accompany it. We need more kindness in the world. <3”

Connan Mockasin – Im The Man, That Will Find You

“Play this song when you come inside from a cold day, cook up a romantic dinner for you and your soulmate, pour an alcoholic beverage of your choice, and wrap up in those sheets together. This is my sexy winter jam.”

The Stranglers – Golden Brown

“This song is like a winter fairytale. The harpsichord takes me to another world. It’s so soothing. I wish I wrote this song.”

Gorillaz Ft. Little Dragon – Empire Ants

“When I listen to this song I think about snow falling and how millions of snowflakes just disappear into white. Nothing matters and everything matters. I love the carefree vibe of it – it ‘blows all the shadows far away.'”

Radiohead – All I Need

“This is my all time favourite Radiohead song. It embodies the angst and distress I felt as a teen, so play this when you look out the window and you’re consumed by the frosty grey of the outdoors.”

Lapalux – Without You (Binkbeats Version)

“This is an incredible live performance of an incredible song (the original version is also worth fangirling over, too). To me, winter is very melancholic, and this song is the icy wind that bites your cheeks. You can’t not feel heartbroken when you listen.”

Childish Gambino – Sober

“Childish Gambino is a super cool rapper, and I love how this song shows off the more melodic side of his voice. The synths in the choruses sound like inter dimensional christmas bells.”

J Dilla – So Far To Go (ft. Common & D’Angelo)

“If you love Dilla & D’Angelo, you’re in for a treat. Drink your mulled wine and appreciate the slinky sounds of legendary artists that I grew up listening to.”

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