FAULT Issue 20 – The Faces Issue – is now available to pre-order


We are pleased to announce that FAULT Issue 20 – The Faces Issue – is available to pre-order NOW.

Official release: 20/03/15

FAULT Issue 20 front cover star Kylie Kenner was shot by Lionel Deluy and styled by Monica Rose.
Issue 20 will also feature Jim Sturgess as its reversible cover star – with preview imagery set to be unveiled very soon!
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FAULT Magazine – the Faces Issue – proudly presents exclusive shoots and interviews with:

Kylie Jenner

Jim Sturgess

Iwan Rheon

Michelle Monaghan

Audrey Kitching

To celebrate a landmark edition, FAULT Issue 20 includes very special ‘Faces of FAULT’ section, showcasing some Behind the Scenes insight from a selection of our favourite features from our 19 issues so far, including the likes of:

Rupert Grint (Issue 5)

Tom Felton (Issue 8)

Ali Lohan (Issue 9)

Adam Lambert (Issue 10)

Kelly Osbourne, Shay Mitchell, Logan Lerman, 2NE1 (Issue 12)

 Richard Armitage & Billy Bob Thornton (Issue 13)

Zach Braff & Daisy Lowe (Issue 14)

Ben Barnes, Big Sean, Tyra Banks, Ellie Goulding (Issue 15)

The Jonas Brothers (Issue 16)

Little Mix (Issue 17)

Demi Lovato, Usher, Debby Ryan (Issue 19)

Plus our usual, FAULTless selection of the finest editorial and feature content from both sides of the Atlantic and beyond – featuring some of the most internationally recognisable Faces in the world today.

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Ben Barnes for FAULT Issue 15 – something extra to celebrate Labor Day weekend!

This amazing mood piece with FAULT Issue 15 cover star Ben Barnes was produced by Sinisha Nisevic/Sin Factory Media.

Ben Barnes‘s potted history reads like a textbook guide on “how to make it in Hollywood”. After studying Drama and English Literature at London’s Kingston University, Ben was quickly snapped up by director – and fellow Englishman – Matthew Vaughn, to star in his first feature film as the young Dunstan, a key character in 2007 fantasy epic Stardust, alongside luminaries such as Sir Ian McKellan and Robert de Niro.

FAULT is pleased to feature this enormously talented young actor as our front cover star for our Summer 2013 issue. Relaxed, witty and charming, it was an absolute pleasure to spend the day with this down to earth star on-set for our exclusive LA photoshoot, where we discussed two of Ben’s upcoming projects in particular – a return to the fantasy genre in The Seventh Son and an exciting first foray into playing ‘the bad guy’ in God Only Knows. We also got the chance to find out Ben’s thoughts on fashion and the role of public perception in the film industry, in addition to speaking about his training and preparation for his latest roles.

ben barnes inside 4

Ben Barnes was shot for the front cover of FAULT Issue 15 by Sinisha Nisevic and styled by Avo Yermagyan. Video production by Sin Factory Media. Interview by Leah Blewitt. Get your copy of this issue HERE

FAULT: Throughout your career you’ve played so many beloved fictional roles from iconic novels – as an actor, how do you prepare for a role like that? Do you feel the pressure from readers and fans who all have their own opinions and expecations of how the character should be played?

Ben: Absolutely I feel that pressure, not least because I have usually been a fan myself of the source material that these characters have featured in. I have learned that you certainly can’t please everyone as the beauty of a great novel is that everyone will picture their heroes or anti-heroes differently….I have definitely been guilty of accusing the director on set saying, ‘but that’s not how it is in the book!’ That rarely goes down well.

In God Only Knows, which is coming out later this year, you play Nick Tortano – a wannabe gangster. What sort of direct inspiration did you have for the development of Nick? Did you get a chance to improvise and have your own say when it came to developing the character?

This was maybe my favourite role I’ve played. I have rarely been afforded the opportunity to play the tough guy so it was very rewarding. I was very involved with the script and definitely got an opportunity to re-work scenes with the writer and director [James Mottern]… I had tattoos and a goatee (of sorts) and it was interesting to walk around Providence, Rhode Island and see the reaction i would get from people I met. People definitely look at you differently or more suspiciously based on image.


ben_barnes final front cover - web

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…Or get your copy digitally via Zinio! 1 year’s subscription = just £14.40

FAULT Summer ’13 (The EDGE Issue) – now available to pre-order

We are pleased to announce that FAULT Issue 15 – The EDGE Issue – is now available to pre-order.

Official release: 15/07/13

fault 15 covers

FAULT Summer ’13 cover star Ben Barnes was shot by Sinisha Nisevic and styled by Avo Yermagyan. Reversible cover – featuring Michael Shannon – was shot by Alexandra Leese and styled by Chad Burton.

  FAULT Magazine  – the EDGE Issue – proudly presents exclusive shoots and interviews with:

Ben Barnes


Tyra Banks

Ellie Goulding

Big Sean


Tyler Shields

Rockie Fresh

Plus a FAULTless selection of the best Film, Fashion, Music & Photography that has had an EDGE over the competition in 2013 so far.

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FAULT Focus: Justin Zackham & Clay Pecorin, director and producer of The Big Wedding

big wedding press shot

Robert Di Niro, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams and FAULT Issue 12 star Topher Grace to name but a few — this summer’s The Big Wedding features one of the best ensemble casts in recent memory. We discuss the family driven romantic comedy with Justin Zackham (writer of 2007’s The Bucket List starring Jack Nicholson) and Clay Pecorin, life-long best friends and business partners of the production company behind the film: from inception to casting to unorthodox wedding cake sourcing, they describe the creative process.


Justin Zackham – writer & director of The Big Wedding

FAULT: How did you get such a cast together?
Justin: “Diane said yes very quickly. Then a shot in the dark – De Niro. He said yes. We thought: ‘You’ve got to be kidding.’ After that it was just silly. Turns out, if you have Diane and Robert in your movie, other actors want to be in it.”

What was the timespan of the film’s creation?
Justin: “Four-and-a half-years.”
Clay: “After Bob said yes it got put together very quickly. We went into prep a week-and-a-half after. We couldn’t wait.”

Where did the idea for the film come from?
Justin: “There’s a French film called Mon frère se marie about divorced but amicable parents pretending to be married for the weekend of their son’s wedding. I thought that was a great entree to make a fun film about family.”

Your production company seeks conventional and alternative financing. What does this mean?
Clay: “For instance, we raised $50,000 in free cakes by going on a show called ‘The Cake Boss’, run by a very famous US chef. We basically made fools of ourselves in return for him making the wedding cakes.”


FAULT Issue 12 star Topher Grace alongside Big Wedding cast mate Ben Barnes

Are you side-by-side as director/producer?
Justin: “Clay and I’s joke as a partnership is he can’t read and I can’t count. I’ll write, Clay will say ‘Here’s where I think we can get the money.’ He doesn’t have a creative bone in his body! [But] the truth is we put this movie together; Millennium [Films] came in after we had some cast on board.
Clay: “Justin’s behind the camera; I’m having conversations with the union guys, the camera guys, trying to figure who has to be on set when. During prep I’m involved in everything from budget to location to negotiating the deals to rent the house to make-up and hair. During the shoot there are problems that exist that Justin doesn’t want or need to be aware of. We’re there to service the director. And if we didn’t accomplish that, because Justin’s my friend and business partner, I don’t give a shit.”
Justin: [Laughing] “I never knew of any problems throughout the shoot — the mark of a great producer.”

Was working with De Niro nerve-wracking?
Justin: “I had lunch with him first, in a restaurant he owns, in a building he owns… Intimidating, but he’s a lovely guy: softly spoken and shy. I took a bunch of directors out for lunch beforehand – Nancy Myers [Something’s Gotta Give], Judd Apatow [Girls], James Mangold [Walk The Line] — to ask, ‘What do you wish someone had told you before you did your first big movie?’ The answer: ‘Great actors want to be directed’. If you’re afraid, they know it. We had one rehearsal and Susan had questions about the script. We got into a half-hour discussion, while Bob and Diane were in the corner – I said: ‘Susan, we’re wasting an enormous amount of time. I’ll write ten versions of this for you tonight. Tomorrow we’ll start from scratch — but I want to do the rehearsal now.’ She was like, ‘Ok.’ There was definitely a moment of testing what kind of director I was. ‘Is he gonna be a pushover?'”


Robert De Niro – can (apparently) smell directors’ fear…

Were you wary of critics’ aversion to remakes/romantic comedies?
Justin: “Sure, but that doesn’t factor. The minute you make a movie for critics you may as well pack up. I hope critics like it. I know audiences like it. But you don’t look at it like that. You think: ‘What am I interested in spending the next few years of my life on?’ And not many film critics make movies, it turns out.”

The Big Wedding hits UK screens later this month

Words by Jamie Tabberer