FENTY Beauty Is About To Top Christmas Lists With Their Release Of The Galaxy Collection

A few weeks ago, FAULT attended the London launch of Fenty Beauty and from seeing the collection up-close, we have hopped on the hype train. Today, we’ve received information that Fenty Beauty’s holiday collection will be releasing THIS FRIDAY and we can barely contain our excitement.

Entitled ‘The Galaxy Collection’, you’ll truly look out of this world in their glitter-drenched assortments of lipsticks, glosses, eyeliner, eyeshadows! In Rihanna’s own words, the songstress turned business tycoon wanted the collection to be “glitter on glitter on glitter” and as a fully fledged “female boss” what Rihanna wants, Rihanna gets.

Fenty Beauty has already cut a swath through the exclusive beauty industry with the inclusive message of her line of Fenty foundations in over fifty shade. We have no doubt that the new Galaxy collection will be another top seller and it’s most certainly on the top of our Christmas list this year!



FAULT Magazine Attends Fenty Beauty Launch Party

Last night we attended the official launch party of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna in London’s Knightsbridge. The night also marked the end of London Fashion Week, and much like New York, Rihanna was going to make sure that it went out with a bang!

It being Rihanna, this wasn’t your standard fashion week party, we weren’t oversold through lavish theatrics, Rihanna let the product speak for itself, so guests were encouraged to be colour matched for their Fenty shade and shown the best additional products available.

The night was also host to many VIPs who came to show their support, FAULT Issue 24 stars Maya Jama and Becca Dudley were in attendance alongside the inspirational fashion legend, Edward Enninful – and of course, Rihanna herself was there to celebrate too.

Whether you work in the beauty industry or not, it’s hard to ignore the impact Fenty has already had worldwide. Fans have queued overnight to get their hands on the collection with the 5-star reviews pouring in non-stop and it’s not just because Rihanna’s name is tied to the product. Fenty has already found its niche in the beauty market, and while it is sad it took so long for a brand to claim it, their niche is being a product for everybody regardless of skin tone and people are loving and commending them for it.

Regardless of your skin tone, you can find a product for you at Fenty and Rihanna herself has said that she wanted the collection to be “something enjoyed by all people” and from last night’s event, it’s clear that people are listening and getting behind Fenty. I spoke to the musician, Melissa Whiskey who explained just how much Fenty means to her –  “I’ve struggled in the past to find a foundation to match my skin tone because I’m not the lightest skinned person, so I love that Rihanna has released a collection like this”.

All in all, the evening was the perfect close to London Fashion Week SS18, we laughed, we danced and most importantly, we had something worthwhile to celebrate! Despite this only being the launch party, Fenty has already ascended beyond just the role of makeup – truly Fenty is a movement and one which will no doubt have a bright future.

Shop the whole range at Fentybeauty.com or head down Harvey Nichols in London!


FAULT Magazine Travel Essential #21 – LUSH Toothy Tabs


This travel season, FAULT Travel have been over the world trying to find the best destinations for summer 2017 but unfortunately, all the hours in the air haven’t done wonders for our beauty regimes. To combat this, we’ve selected the best products which helped us keep our beauty regiment on track whilst on the move.

Today, we’re turning to oral hygiene and we’ve found the best toothpaste for you to pack into your in-flight luggage. We say “toothpaste” but in fact, it isn’t a paste at all; it’s a tablet.


Regardless what class you fly, you’ll never get a phenomenal night’s sleep while travelling and uncomfortable sleep will usually lead to an uncomfortable awakening. Packing toothpaste whether in your carry-on or checked luggage is always a pain, you either risk it bursting in your luggage and if you’re not planning to check your luggage – you’re going to have to specifically find a tiny tube which is under the liquid allowance of the airport you’re flying out from. However, Lush have created the answer to all our woes with their latest line of Toothy tabs!

With a 22 hour flight on the horizon, our travel team packed their sample bottles in their carry-ons and were off down under.

Waking up from a very uncomfortable night’s sleep in a middle seat, it was time for an in-flight refresh. I took the ‘Boom’ and ‘Oral Pleasure’ tabs with me. According to the package, one tab is enough however for the sake of the review I wanted to try more of a variety. The tablets are really small but they sure pack a punch. Chewing on the ‘Boom!’ tab, which is infused with powdered charcoal, gunpowder tea, pepper oil and ground chilli, it made for a strangely pleasant brushing sensation to experience first thing. The spicy cola felt like a black of freshness inside my mouth and the packaging did not lie, one tab was truly enough to leave me feeling refreshed and awake for the rest of my journey.

After checking in, it was time to try out the humorously named ‘Oral Pleasure’ tabs. I found the taste was more sweet and far more subtle than the ‘Boom’ tabs. If you’re not one for the big burst of spice, then this flavour would be more up your street. The sweeter taste of passion fruit and electric daisies made for a soothing brush which was great for a just before bed. Both tabs dissolved after a few bites and despite it seeming like a new fangled idea – the act of brushing isn’t too dissimilar to using conventional toothpaste. 

While we primarily planned to focus this review of the uses while in transit, we actually found the tabs very useful throughout the trip and even at home. Throughout summer I packed the tabs on my way to festivals, overnight hikes and even packed them in my “keep fresh” kit for Fashion week. I can recount times previously at all of these where my toothpaste has managed to leak and stain my handbags and other luggage but with these, I was safe from such threats.

In short, we loved the toothy tabs for at home and away! With the added bonus of the toothy tabs being vegan and using natural ingredients, we couldn’t recommend them enough. For more information head over to Lush.com


Picture Credit: Lush.com


FAULT Travel’s Carry-on Beauty Essentials

Travelling is great, but when you have to start packing your beauty products the question often arises, “should I take a second suitcase or not?” Here are some essential 2-in-1 solutions that can’t go amiss when packing for your next getaway. Remember, if the base is good, the rest will look good too. My advice, don’t skimp on good skincare products when you’re travelling!

 LQ Liquid Health Supplements

 LQ Liquid Health Supplements

These little bottles will ensure your skin looks healthy and complement your healthy diet with minerals and vitamins that will have you coming back from holiday with a fresh and rested glow. With ingredients such as marine collagen, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and zinc, you’re sure your skin is receiving the right care.

My personal favourite is the fact they included turmeric, a spice used in Ayurvedic medicine and finally starting to be recognised for all the benefits it has. And above it all, the orange flavouring is on point!

Rubis Tweezers

One thing that cannot be missing in a lady’s beauty case is a pair of glamorous tweezers. Let’s be real, tweezers are tweezers and they will probably do the job the same as any other high-value pair. Does it being Swiss-made make them as precise as Swiss clocks? Maybe. However, by picking the Rubis Tweezers you can show off your great taste and eye for marvelously constructed beauty essentials.  They are great quality and they look amazing with the cute little pouch to put them away in. A great investment indeed.

 Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

One thing you cannot do enough off when travelling is moisturising. It’s definitely a daily requirement when exposing your face to the UV rays we sadly miss out on in the UK. I’m always a sucker for French beauty products because they always seem to deliver even if they seem simple and under engineered. Don’t be fooled, they always have the exact right amount of ingredients that leaves your skin just the way you like it. Applied lightly, this moisturiser expertly nourishes your skin and will leave your face looking and feeling well-hydrated. It’s a great feeling after a long haul flight or long holiday outings. A thin layer is more than sufficient, however, if you feel your skin is a bit more thirsty, maybe after a long flight apply a thicker layer and use it as an intense mask overnight. To top it all off, the smell reminds me of warm summer nights along the French riviera.

Transformulas – Line filler & Hydration Gold

With all the anti-ageing products on the market, you might get the impression you need to start using wrinkle cremes the moment you turn 25. The founder of Transformulas agrees that there are way too many products out there and unless you know which ingredients really work, you might end up buying 5 different products in the hopes of defying age. Transfhormulas tries to pack everything in one working with scientist and constantly improving the formula. The Linefiller is applied before your make up in the morning, just apply it with the handy wand and wait for it to dry, give your skin the time to soak up all the gel. You can also apply it at night before you apply your night creme and you will soon see that your skin around the eye area is smoother and plumper.

In summer time we all want to look our best and look radiant, especially in all our photos and selfies. One way of helping your selfies glow (without the use of tired snapchat filters) is to hydrate your skin with a creme that contains some glitter. Transfhormulas took this concept up a level by adding 23 carat gold to an anti-ageing creme. This is a great all in one product, it will hydrate your face, it will make you look radiant and emphasise your new tan and to top it all off, it will slow the appearance of wrinkles a  little while longer. Pro tip, if you’re like me and can’t leave the house without any foundation, mix the creme in with your foundation instead of adding it on top.

 Monsoon – Rose Gold

When on holiday having a great summer scent that goes with a relaxed atmosphere and enhances the feeling of being out of the daily routine. Monsoon’s Rose Gold perfume will do just that. The scent is light, but it will linger long enough so that you actually catch some whiffs of it hours after having applied it, which is quite rare for such delicate scents. You don’t need to constantly reapply, which means the small format will be more than enough to slip in your suitcase and last you.

Lord & Berry – Crayon Lipstick

This brand from Milan knows how to make great lip products. These pencils apply as easily as a regular lip stick, but with the point, it makes it much more precise in application. No need to carry extra lip products or brushes on holiday, with this one product you’re good to go and if you bring 2 shades you can change your day make-up to a night look, swapping over the nude Allure colour to Dangerous Red. It’s definitely going to get you noticed.

Words: Astrid Verstraete

Travel Skincare Essentials From Men-ü



Coming to the end of a busy travel season, I had noticed that all the dry aeroplane air and UV exposure was having a negative effect on my skin. Before leaving on yet another press trip, I wanted to do something about it so I picked up a number of Men-ü skincare products in my effort to better take care of my skin.

Arriving at my hotel, before I began my detox I washed my face with just warm soapy water before I got down to the full scale pore cleanse.


First I began applying their Men-U Ultra Concentrate ‘deep clean’ clay mask. The mask was a little more liquid in consistency compared to other clay masks on the market. Because of this the application messier than one might hope. Despite the consistency issue, it was very fast drying and absorbent which was great. The mask contains kaolin clay, witch hazel and zinc oxide which is great for normal to oily skin. It took a fair bit of washing to fully remove the mask and residue but the results were great! My skin felt cleansed without becoming too dehydrated.

Moving on to their healthy facial wash, I was surprised how little of the product was needed per wash. Each small bottle contains up to 30 washes which is a great space saver when travelling, in fact, at 15ml bottles available you could even take this onto long haul journeys for an in-flight refresher. With a high concentration of tea tree oil acting as an antiseptic and antibacterial, my skin felt soothed and the wonderful natural fragrance left me feeling refreshed and relaxed.

After all the cleansing it was time to add some moisture back into my skin. This is always a dangerous part of any skincare routine, as you don’t want to reclog your pores with just any old lotion which will undo all the work you just put in. I applied a minimal amount of the Men-U Skin Refresh Gel to my face and neck. It absorbed really well and left my face feeling well moisturised without appearing shiny or greasy.

Finally ,I applied a very thin layer of their Matt Moisturiser to complete the treatment. This final step really helped lock in all the moisture without feeling as heavy as most general face creams. I found that even with the small amount that I applied, I didn’t have to reapply at all throughout the rest of the day.

Final verdict? I loved it! I’d highly recommend to any traveller in need of a simple skin revitalizer without having to pack a large bag of skin products. I’d list this range as an essential when visiting humid conditions which can leave skin feeling exceptionally muggy due to the build up of natural and airborne oils. Even for the more sceptical man who isn’t fond of the thought of applying  face-masks, all the other products have great skincare benefit and as they’re only lightly scented by the natural ingredients, it’s the perfect small step to skincare enlightenment!

To see the whole range that Men:U offer, head over to website

FAULT Exclusive Beauty Editorial: Lolita Sharun’s FAULT


Photographer: Lolita Sharun 

Makeup: Natalie Chekati

Model: Barsik @eseemodelmanagement

Skincare Essentials: NuSonic Cleansing Tool



Life in the big city can be very tough, especially for those of us working within the creative industry. Unfortunately the industry not only requires us to look our best but after long days on set, clothing pick ups and drop offs and all the other jobs which take their toll, there is seldom time to take the proper needed care of our skin.


With this in mind we were very taken by Skinn’s new NuSonic Cleansing Tool which is said to offer a spa-like beauty treatment at home with it’s pore cleansing technology. Many prefer to not use electric powered device on their skin through fear that it might be too tough and even harmful however the NuSonic Cleansing Tool is  safe for even sensitive skin, which is a relief as it allows for 400 movements per second!


How does it work? The simplest way of explaining the technology is to compare it with an electric toothbrush of all devices!  The pads vibrate as you apply it to your skin allowing for an ultra deep clean not only offering your pores a deep clean but also lessening the appearance of wrinkles on tired skin.

Inside the package you’ll find three additional cleansing heads to suit the needs of your skin. With a standard facial at a salon costing over near $100 per visit, the NuSonic system is really a steal at $149.


To learn more and find out where you can pick your own device,  head over to Skinn.com.

Pete Wentz for FAULT Magazine Issue 21




With a career spanning almost 15 years and a discography that includes six chart-topping albums, Fall Out Boy is a band that’s deeply rooted in the American consciousness. Some fans have grown up with the band and witnessed FOB’s constantly evolving sound while never missing a beat. Others are new fans, brought into the FOB fold via their 2013 comeback album ‘Save Rock and Roll’. At the helm of the band is lyricist/vocalist/bassist Pete Wentz, whose personal life at times has eclipsed his musical one. With the release of FOB’s sixth studio album American ‘Beauty/American Psycho’ and preparations for an upcoming Boys of Zummer tour with Wiz Khalifa, it seems that Pete is back on top and ready to charge full steam ahead. We had a chance to chat with Pete about FOB’s new album, their upcoming tour, and much more.


What’s one piece of advice you’d impart to aspiring musicians?

I’d say do it because you love it. Doing it to get famous or make money – there’s much easier roads to get those things. I think music can be really cathartic and an amazing experience but you gotta do it for the right reasons.

What’s your current favourite TV show?

My favourite TV show is probably ‘Game of Thrones’ but they don’t have anyone on there with accents like mine on there. I don’t think I would watch it if I was on it [laughs].


How would you say your songwriting and music in general has evolved over the last six albums? Do you find it much easier or more difficult to write tunes at this point?

Sometimes we write pretty well together and it flows easily and sometimes it takes a little bit more time. It’s never not been that way. Everyone has families and different things in their lives that we all have to work around. That way logistically there’s more to deal with.


Can you tell me more about the inspiration behind ‘American Beauty/American Psycho’?

We’re a band that has an interesting demographic of fans. We have a good group of fans that care about the album, packaging and all that goes with it so it’s important for us to deliver to that. There’s also something to be said about a body of work where it’s a snapshot of that moment in time. I think that ‘American Beauty/American Psycho’ is a take on a modern love story. It’s the idea that we kind of all have these smartphone and social media lives but we’re still disconnected and brightly lit by computer screens.




…Or get your copy digitally via Zinio! 1 year’s subscription = just £14.40 in the coming week