FAULT Weekly Playlist: MORILLA

Australian artist MORILLA is off to ripping start in 2018 with “Love Me,” a track that blends elements of R&B, trap, and electronica. Produced by fellow Aussie cln, “Love Me” channels the intricate beat stylings of Flume with The Weeknd-esque vocals.

We asked MORILLA to put together a playlist of what he’s currently listening to, including cuts from Khalid and Bryson Tiller.

Bryson Tiller – Don’t

This song is one of the songs that re-ignited my interest in wanting to write R&B music again. Bryson himself as an artist, and history of how he got to where he is now is inspirational.

Khalid – Coaster

I first heard this song in the car when I was going through a break up and I cried… no body knows this haha. The lyrics, the melody and his voice just hit home for me.

Banks – Fuck Em Only We Know

I love this song because it oozes romance and rebellion all at the same time. It makes me feel young and in love everytime i listen to it.

Drake – Take Care (feat Rhianna)

This song and the whole Take Care album is probably my all time favourite of Drakes work. I remember thinking at the time that this choices of producers and samples were just different for hip hop and R&B at the time and it really stood out.

SZA – The Weekend

I love everything she does, but this song lyrically is controversial and sexy. I love her flow with her melodies.

Rhianna – Needed Me

Yeh she’s mainstream but I love her, and she is a badass and her attitude oozes through her vocals over this production.

Golden Vessel – Daylight

Ive been a huge fan of GV since the beginning, and he gets better and better with every release. The intricacy with his beats and his production is insane.

Aaliyah – One In A Million

To me, this song is timeless. Aaliyah’s music was ahead of its time. There are so many R&B/Hip Hop tracks that are moulded from her style.

Goldliink – Crew

The chorus right from the beginning is just so catchy and it continues to get cooler the more you listen through.

Frank Ocean – Thinking ‘Bout You

Still the best and most iconic Frank song. Love that he jumps from his low register straight to falsetto between the verses and choruses. And lyrically its so goddamn emotional!

MORILLA Socials:

FAULT Weekly Playlist: Amanda Mair

For fans of Lykke Li, Kate Boy, and Tove Styrke, Amanda Mair is a Stockholm native who gained attention as a teenager with her debut single, “House” in 2011. After an extended hiatus, Amanda announces a new forthcoming EP and teases it with the single “Empty Blockings.” Like so many of her Swedish contemporaries, Amanda displays a flair for breathy vocals over hypnotic drums and glittering synths. We can’t wait to hear more from Amanda, but in the meantime, we asked her to put together a playlist of tracks that inspire her as a musician.



Lana Del Rey – High by the Beach

“I LOVE Lana Del Rey and have listened to a lot of her music. This song just hit me directly with the quite melancholic melodies and the discreet beat.”

Banks – Gemini Feed

“For me ‘Gemini Feed’ is the perfect balance of dark and lightful. Myself I have a bit hard time writing uptempo cheerful music. With the chorus very direct and open but the verses being more innocent, it’s just the perfect match.”

Mura Masa, Bonzai – What if I go? (Feat. Bonzai)

“This song just makes me wanna dance every single time. Love the bouncy beat and the sound.”

Jai Paul – BTSTU

“I’m a huge fan of Jai Paul. I love his calm falsetto together with the more aggressive sound.”

Emelie Nicholas – Nobody Knows

“This song just hits my heart. The pads are goals and when the sleepy swiping melodies meet the drum machinge likely chorus it’s like releasing a bird or something.”

Lykke Li – Love Out of Lust

“This one just had to be in the list. A big influence since I was young. Especially the airy drums, the big timpani, an innocent cowbell and something I suppose are whistles. Its a sound I really can relate to.”

Susanne Sundfor – Memorial

“I feel like I get sent to heaven, a safe place with soft clouds when I listen to ‘Memorial.'” I love the ecclesiastical vibe.

It’s so mighty?! And the arpeggiator makes it extraterrestrial and the choir is just GENIOUS. The melodies, the vocal, the strings, the piano outro. Why didn’t I write this song? I can’t stop:)”

Saturday Monday, Julia Spada – The Ocean (Feat. Julia Spada)

“Drums, drums and more drums please! The one key to my heart. I like the energetic perky beat together with the soft cold strings.”

The Blaze – Territory

“Another key to my musical heart is a distinctly acoustic piano. And when that adapts of a deep kick, weird vocals and sounds, I’m sold.”

Massive Attack – Teardrop

“This one also have the ingredients of High on the beach. The dark instrumental go down deep but the airy vocal lifts the song and it’s like an on going fight between them. Perfect.”

Amanda Mair Socials:

FAULT Weekly Playlist: Saint Clair

Scottish born, London residing singer Saint Clair first got her start gigging as a jazz singer in swanky hotels before opportunities opened up with Marling and Ghostpoet. After providing backing vocals and playing keys for other artists, Saint Clair decided to dive in headfirst into her solo effort. With an affinity for old school records and jazz standards plucked from her earlier musical experiences, Saint Clair’s approach to pop is unlike any other, giving her edge over other artists in the space.

Buoyed along by appositely languid, throbbing production from New York’s Rahm (signed to Terrible Records, also home to Blood Orange, Solange, Empress Of), Saint Clair’s new track “Amnesiac” finds her exploring a sub-conscious world which seems to offer limitless possibilities. Speaking about the track, she says; “‘Amnesiac’ is about desperately anticipating sleep in order to escape reality and live in your dreams instead; being transported to a place where everything is untouched and reimagined. And Rahm captured this world perfectly through his dreamy production.”

“Amnesiac” is a glimpse into Saint Clair’s forthcoming EP ‘D2’ due out in late November and to satiate the anticipation, we asked her to put together a list of some tracks she’s currently listening to.

Rare Silk – Storm
“Rare Silk are an American jazz vocal group from the 80’s and this track is the most stunning, lilting antidote to a long stressful day. Let it transport you straight to a deserted beach, piña colada in hand.”

Kamau (ft No Wyld) – Justfayu
“Discovered this powerful anthem through watching the brilliant ‘insecure’. It’s a perfect blend of old-school soul with more modern, Outkast-esque moments and a lyric that slowly becomes a hypnotic mantra. The video is well worth a watch too.”

Elliot Moss – Without The Lights
“This song is a real dynamic journey flitting between the fragility of the piano and vocal bookends and the synth-heavy electronic production (trap hats and all). The evolving sections and huge climax are reminiscent of James Blake and the track has all the more impact when watched with the truly amazing music video.”

BANKS – Crowded Places
“This song, written with Jack Antanoff, is a real stand-alone heart-wrencher about social anxiety. The lyrics are raw and honest, with an almost stream-of-consciousness delivery. I also absolutely love the vocal production on the verses.”

Kiah Victoria – Titivating
“Produced by New-York’s RAHM (the man behind my latest single, ‘Amnesiac’), ‘Titivating’ is a laid-back, sparse, eclectic soul banger that wraps itself around Kiah Victoria’s flawless vocals. There’s so much to enjoy throughout this track, with unexpected twists and turns and effortless swag and mischief.”

SEVDALIZA – That Other Girl
‘That Other Girl’ is my favourite track to emerge from Sevdaliza’s ’The Suspended Kid’ EP. Her sound is so bold and fearless and she has such an interesting backstory. The visuals are killer too.

“One of my best mates and an amazing independent musician and writer. ‘Cameo’ is a lush, psychedelic, percussive track with vocals reminiscent of Unknown Mortal Orchestra.”

Vivienne Chi – Vivienne
“‘Vivienne’ an intense, self-reflective, biopic that builds unbearable, almost manic tension until the epic chorus hits you between the eyes. The writing is so clever and visceral and has an almost unnerving quality about it; she let’s you into this intimate part of herself, like listening to someone unravel. Musically I feel like Kate Bush and The White Stripes have had a love child.”

Chloe x Halle – Red Lights
“Couple of little genius sisters who write, play and produce most of their stuff. Their vocals blend so beautifully and I love how their delivery has an annunciated quality, which gives it almost a classical or old time musical theatre sound. This track is pulsating yet dreamy with beautiful harmonies and super cool understated electronic drums.”

“This whole record has almost worn the needle down on my vinyl player. ‘Put Me Thru’ is an arbitrary choice as I could have chosen any track off ‘Malibu’. He’s got a bit of a Midas touch as all his collabs (Knxwledge, Dre, Kaytranada, Goldlink) have been amazing too. He’s also a charming and brilliant live musician. Give the rest of us a chance ey Andy?”

Saint Clair Socials:

FAULT Weekly Playlist: Midnight Pool Party

Sydney producers Midnight Pool Party make the kind of music you want to play while out on a late night drive or in the club dancing under a disco ball. The pair have released their anticipated debut EP ‘Dalliance’, which sees a playful five-track body of work brought to life through a clear musical objective. Lyrically, the EP draws from the bittersweet emotions of the ups and downs of relationships, but musically expresses an irresistible groove with soulful, feel-good rhythms. So if you’re in need of a pick-me-up post-breakup, this is what just the doctor ordered.

We asked MPP to put together some of their favorite tunes, which includes tracks from fellow Aussies Flight Facilities and Flume, as well as one of the duo’s inspirations, Snakehips.

Cosmos Midnight – History

“Getting drunk and going home with someone shouldn’t. Taking that scenario turning it into a dance song applies to so many people on the dance floor, smart and catchy AF.”

Calvin Harris/Frank Ocean/Migos – Slide

“When we read ‘CALVIN + FRANK + MIGOS’ we did know what to expect… until we pressed ‘PLAY’ and it was instant love.”

Kaytranada – Got It Good

“Kaytranada never does anything wrong and pairing up with smooth vocals from Craig David makes this song so smooth and so chill.”

Drake – Take Care

“Drake combined with Jamie xx was unexpected but so cool. It was different from what other hip hop artists were doing at the time. Drake always seems to keep things interesting.”

Banks – Warm Water (Snakehips Remix)

“We loved the original version by Banks, but Snakehips injected so much grove into their remix that we couldn’t stop listening. It’s everything we aimed for when we were making our own music.”

Flight Facilities – Clair de Lune

“FF Boys are gods to us and this song inspired us to write our track ‘collide’, intense, beautiful.”

Young Franco – Drop Your Love (Ja Funk Remix)

“Young Franco is the coolest dudes ever! The original amazing but this funky ass remix just takes it to a different level.”

Flume – Never Be Like You

“There’s a reason why this was #1 on triple j hottest 100! Flume is doing Australia proud.”

Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You

“That falsetto! Oooft! Even if you can’t sing, you can’t help but sing along anyway… and cry at the same time haha.”

Chance The Rapper – All Night

“His whole album is amazing and this song is an absolute jam. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, when this song comes on your body just moves to the beat without you knowing it… now THAT is a good song!”

Midnight Pool Party Socials:

MTV Brand New announces two showcases at Islington Assembly Hall

MTV has announced that some of the most exciting names on its Brand New 2014 shortlist will perform in two exclusive sessions at the Islington Assembly Hall. On January 29 and 30, the venue will play host to up-and-coming stars like Banks, Ella Eyre, Kwabs, Joel Compass and BRITs Critic’s Choice winner Sam Smith.

 photo ScreenShot2014-01-19at223223.png

Katy B is also confirmed as a special guest performer on the 29th, where she’ll join George Ezra and Ella Eyre.

“I’m so excited to be doing a Brand New session for MTV at The Islington Assembly Hall,” says Katy of the performance.  “I’ll be playing an exclusive set to really make the most of the intimate space.”

 photo KatyBpic.jpg

Ella Eyre, who collaborated with Rudimental last year on their hit ‘Waiting All Night‘ and was nominated for the BRITs Critic’s Choice Award as well as being on the MTV Brand New shortlist, is equally as excited, saying: “Being nominated alongside such great new artists was incredible – so I’m really looking forward to bringing my live show to MTV Brand New for 2014.”

The two shows are being held in association with Emporio Armani Diamonds and will see five of the most promising names on MTV’s shortlist perform to a crowd of industry insiders. The performances will be broadcast on MTV Music on February 9. January 30’s line-up consists of Sam SmithJoel Compass and Kwabs.

FAULT Favourite Banks also appears on the shortlist. Check out her track, ‘Waiting Game’, showcased in our exclusive behind the scenes video with Sasha Grey:

 photo benE_joel_008-S1-0003_v2.jpg

Joel Compass

 photo KWABS_9_187.jpg


The full MTV Brand New 2014 shortlist features:

Ella Eyre
Elyar Fox
George Ezra
Joel Compass
Royal Blood
Sam Smith
The Vamps
Marie Naffah (Unsigned Winner)

Words by Thea de Gallier

Future FAULT(S): BANKS, Rolla Olak & Pyyramids



Rolla Olak is a singer-songwriter from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Rolla has released two solo albums and is credited as both songwriter and musician on over a dozen Canadian and UK releases. After touring throughout North America and Japan as a hired-gun guitar player, Olak released his self-tilted debut in 2009. Recorded by Colin Stewart (Yukon Blonde, Black Mountain), the album gained attention from Vice Records in New York and several songs were added to the VBS TV motorcycle documentary “Doin it Baja”. In 2012, Rolla completed Western Heart- Recorded by Tanis Gibbons (Sun Wizard, Capitol 6), the album features duets with Canadian songwriter, Louise Burns. His latest offering Waiting For You is out now a must listen.

Waiting For You



PYYRAMIDS are Tim Nordwind and Drea Smith. They first connected through a mutual friend and the pair struck up an email correspondence that resulted in them finding a lot of common ground in their love for the likes of The Smiths and Joy Division. They soon started sending their own musical ideas back and forth until Drea relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles and the collaboration really took shape. They released their first EP ‘Human Beings’ to much acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic and followed this up with their debut album ‘Brightest Darkest Day’ which ‘Invisible Scream’ is taken from.

Invisible Scream



BANKS, is an LA based singer, songwriter that has just released her second EP, London, via iTunes. Her latest effort features four tracks. The talented artist just wrapped a tour with Weeknd and is a very fast-rising star in the indie-electronica music scene. What is often spoken about  BANKS, is her “ability to bring warmth and sensuality to these bass-heavy, mood pieces”.  A MUST LISTEN we heart you BANKS

This Is What It Feels Like