Premiere: Ed Harcourt debuts new video for ‘The World is on Fire’

Ed Harcourt premieres new video for ‘The World is on Fire’ on FAULT Online. Photo: Steve Gullick

Former Mercury prize nominee Ed Harcourt has unleashed a new music video for ‘The World is on Fire’, the opening track from last year’s album ‘Furnaces’.

Harcourt’s seventh album was critically acclaimed, picking up an average 4/5 star rating from jaded critics and aficionados of deeply melodic, atmospheric pop alike.  If ‘The World is on Fire’ sets the tone for a richly immersive aural feast, the new video by Annick Wolfers matches its brooding intensity step for step:

Described as an apocalyptic painterly video, the short film was inspired by the mythology of Vulcan, the Roman god of fire, and was filmed in the Scottish Highlands. Taking a near-literal take on the song title, the video sees a statuesque warrior as the last woman standing in preparation for the end of the world as we know it.

The video continues a theme of exceptional art direction from Harcourt – the artwork for both this single and the ‘Furnaces’ album was designed by highly regarded British cartoonist Ralph Steadman:

To book tickets to Ed’s upcoming shows, visit:

‘Encore’ – video + behind he scenes from our recent editorial collaboration with I Heart Studios

Video courtesy of Annick Wolfers
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IMG_8941 (Medium)
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IMG_8951 (Medium)
All images by Will Ballantyne-Reid

See the final final editorial HERE

FAULT Favourites Band of Skulls release video for new single ‘Nightmares’

band of skulls_Page_1

Band of Skulls inside FAULT Issue 10. Image by Annick Wolfers, exclusively for FAULT

The video comes hot on the news that the trio’s sophomore album, Himalayan, will be released on March 31st.

Band of Skulls have also released details of their upcoming UK tour this March:
March 2014 – UK tour
23 – Leeds Met University – Leeds
24 – QMU – Glasgow
25 – Ritz – Manchester
27 – Shepherds Bush Empire – London
28 – Shepherds Bush Empire – London
29 – Rock City – Nottingham

‘Encore’: exclusive editorial shot in collaboration with I Heart Studios for FAULT Online & the Shoreditch art wall


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Dress & Jacket: Tim Ryan Knitwear
Shoes: Jerome C. Rousseau
Earrings: Mawi


Swimsuit: Hervé Léger
Shorts: Andrew Majtenyi
Glasses: Cutler and Gross
All Jewellery: Mawi
Shoes: Jerome C. Rousseau


Dress: Hervé Léger
Corset: Sorapol
Jewelry: Mawi


Top, Belt & Skirt: Issey Miyake
All Jewellery: Mawi


Dress: Hervé Léger
All Jewellery: Mawi


Dress: Julien MacDonald
Rings: Mawi


Top: Ashley Isham
Dress worn as jacket: Ivana Pilja
Belt & trousers: Hervé Léger
Shoes: Jerome C. Rousseau
All Jewellery: Mawi
Glasses: Cutler and Gross


Dress: Ivana Pilja
Belt: Hervé Léger
All Jewellery: Mawi

Photography & Art Direction: I Heart Studios
Stylist: Kristine Kilty
Fashion Assistant: Will Ballantyne-Reid
Hair & makeup: Sandra Bermingham using Nars
Nails: Steph Mendiola @ Caren Agency
Video: Annick Wolfers
Model: Ellen @ Profile
Creative Direction: I Heart Studios and FAULT Magazine

Fall 2013: 7 Things You Need To Be Fashion-Forward

Sure, summer has passed. No longer is it the time for sun dresses, pastels and florals. Nevertheless, we still see a lot of hot fall fashion trends emerging from the fashion capitals of the world – Milan, Paris, New York and London.

It’s time to begin introducing fall-wear into our ensembles, and the best thing to do before stocking up is to understand a few simple fashion trends that have been trending this season. If you’re looking to stay fashion-forward this fall, here are seven must-haves that will make your wardrobe go from bleak to chic.

Shades of Emerald

Summer was rich with pink, blue, yellow and green pastels. It’s not uncommon for shades to get a little darker as winter approaches. Emerald is a highly trending color that has been taking department stores like Saks Fifth Ave., Macy’s and Barney’s by storm. So, if you don’t have anything in emerald, it’s highly suggested you buy something in this color ASAP before they’re cleared off the shelves.


Made popular by one of the most fashionably-forward films of the decade, The Devil Wears Prada, thigh high boots tend to make a yearly appearance, usually in the fall, which so happens to be the case this year. If you’ve got the legs to rock it, thigh-high boots are definitely something you need to have in your closet. Luckily, thigh-highs have been quite big the past three years (during fall months), so, if you already have a pair, time to rock them!

bold outerwear

Some bold outerwear in FAULT Issue 16‘s ‘Futurism’ editorial, shot by Robert Kley and styled by Jimi Urquiaga. Jacket by IIMUAHII

Bold Outerwear

This year, don’t hold back when it comes to outerwear. The term “bold” in the fashion industry usually means “big” and “eye-catching”. A few highly sought styles this fall are bold furs, oversized jackets and parkas and captivating leathers. Definitely experiment with colors and textures. Wear something in emerald!

winter whites

Winter white in FAULT Issue 16‘s ‘Cubism’ editorial, shot by David Reiss and styled by Maurizio Laino. Dress by Marc Jacobs

Winter White

Though white is a big-hit during the holidays, the color is also very applicable for the fall. If you’re going to wear white, make sure it’s figure flattering, like pants, pencil skirts and long coats. Make it your own by making it casual-wear. If you’re gonna wear outerwear, why not make it both bold and white? If it’s a top or a jacket, make sure it’s oversized.

Plaid coat by Max&Co in FAULT Issue 16's Purple Haze (photo: Liis Anton; styling: Liis Plato)

Plaid coat by Max&Co in FAULT Issue 16‘s Purple Haze (photo: Liis Anton; styling: Liis Plato)


Plaid is not just for men. One of the strongest impressions made in this year’s fall fashion shows is the use of plaid as both a top and bottom. If you’re going to wear plaid, make sure it complements have your outfit and shoes. Make it blend. Plaid, like white, can also be incorporated into outerwear as long as it’s oversized (shawl). Of course, for formal wear, stash the plaid and where something white.


Sasha Grey wears blouse by Valentino, leather pants by The Row, shoes by B by Brian Atwood, hat by Gladys Tamez and tie by Saint Laurent Paris for FAULT Issue 16. Photo by Giuliano Bekor; styling by Luke Storey.


The downfall to summer-wear is the leather faux pas rule, but for fall, expect leather galore! Leather is timeless, but it all comes down to color, material and pairing. This year, reds, maroons, blacks and blues are definitely must-do’s when it comes to rocking leather. Don’t skimp on the leather accessories or shoes (yes, thigh-highs also come in emerald green leather). Even if you’re not wearing leather, it’s easy to add a splash of it in the form of purses, just make sure it compliments your outfit.

accessories (gold)

Caroline Flack wears gold-accented headpiece by Sorapol. Photo by Annick Wolfers; styling by Marika Page. Exclusively for FAULT Issue 16.

Accessories (Gold)

Accessories are big all year round, but this year you may want to be on the lookout for gold earrings, rings, watches and the oh so coveted pink sapphire rings (available as engagement rings as well). If you’re going to wear accessories, make sure they stand out from your outfit while still giving it that extra wow factor. Quick word of advice: you can never go wrong with gold and plaid combinations (at least this year).

It pays to be fashion forward. Be the envy of your friends and stock up on these amazing fall fashions. Be sure to stand out and remember to be bold!

Caroline Flack is our Style section cover for FAULT Issue 16

cflack_style_cover_web (Medium)

Caroline Flack was shot by Annick Wolfers and styled by Marika Page at Studio Gi for FAULT Issue 16‘s Style section cover.

From the rising stars of the X Factor to fading celebs of the jungle, Caroline Flack has worked alongside some of the best of prime time TV. Although she says she would have been at home in musical theatre, Caroline kicked off her career with the infamous Bo Selecta, before presenting on E4 Music. Now into her third series of the Xtra Factor, Caroline has branched out from the small screen: she’s the new face of Sure’s latest advertising campaign and she’s also graced the cover of Maxim magazine. But for now she’s focused on her TV, and working with her ‘geeky’ new co-host Matt Richardson.

FAULT: People just love you and Olly [Murs]. What is it about you two in a room together?!

People are obsessed with us being together. Even my Mum. “Aw, will you marry Olly? Please!” I don’t want to marry him. No. We’ve said that if we get to forty we’ve got that whole best friends’ wedding thing going on. It’s a bit weird though isn’t it? Just so unromantic. ‘Ah, by the way I’m forty now and err, and we said we’d do this thing so let’s do it.’

cflack_02_web (Medium)

Interview by Tom Witherow

What advice would you give a younger you?

Take every job you can get. I did. But then I had to because I had to make a living. I think some people are like, I don’t want to do this and I don’t want to do that. I only want to do music shows. Well, there’s only ever going to be… In fact there isn’t even a music show on at the moment apart from MTV! I think you’ve got to learn your trade and earn your stripes. Like any job really, experience is essential. Especially when you do shows like X Factor. If I’d done this when I was 23/24 I probably wouldn’t still have my job now. You learn so much as you go along from different people, from different producers, from different shows. Live tele is hard!

cflack_01_web (Medium)

See the whole shoot in FAULT Issue 16!

What’s your worst live television disaster?

When I did I’m a Celebrity, there was this one episode when everyone was looking at me really weirdly. At the end of the show I asked what was going on, and they were like, there was a huge snake above your head and none of us wanted to mention it because we knew you would freak out. So for the whole last half there was this snake that was ready to pounce on me. I could have died and they didn’t care!



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FAULT Feature: Kiwi singer-songwriter Gin Wigmore

FAULT spoke to the equally tattooed and talented singing sensation about her road to the top of the charts in her native New Zealand, and how her hit song ‘Man Like That’ made her a Bond girl.


FAULT: You’ve recently finished your UK tour. Which do you prefer – touring or being in the studio?

Gin: Both equally!

You started writing music from a very young age (14). How important is it to have a sense of perspective looking back at your song-writing history – as opposed to being a newcomer to the writing process?

Yes and no. I waited till I was older though, to start properly making music. I didn’t really get into professionally it until I was about 20/21 so I got that time to grow up and mull around, which was definitely a good thing.

A lot of your songs have such a personal history; what is it like to work with other people on production for those personal musings?

No, because I think when you write a song it’s very personal and you can hold onto that moment, but once it gets recorded it takes on a whole new life. The personal moment never leaves but the song goes out into the big wide world and becomes other people’s experience and helps to enrich their lives and for them to deal with their own personal issues.



You’re a multiple number 1 hit-maker back home in New Zealand. How hard will it be to repeat the trick in Europe or the US?

It’s not a big deal for me to get number 1 again. The most important thing is being able to play shows and that people turn up to and enjoy. I’m focused on just consistently touring and making good music and if it works it works. There’s no trick or sole purpose in life to get number 1. Just play shows and have fun!

Who makes better pop music – the UK or the USA (generally and/or at the moment)?

I don’t really listen to top music these days. Back in the 60s I would say the UK. They were making great pop music – The Beatles were awesome!

Tell us about your personal style. Your wardrobe changes quite considerably between the flamboyant and the understated in your videos – which (if either) is the “real” Gin Wigmore?

I don’t walk around dressed like I am in ‘Man Like That’ walking to shops or anything. My personal style is definitely more understated. Videos are times to have fun, dress up and play around.

We love the video for ‘Man like That’. How did you come with the concept for that?

I always start thinking when I’m writing a song what I’m going to do with the music video. I thought to myself, I really want to do video where I’m dancing and being silly and stupid and not taking myself seriously. I decided to do a little Charleston kind of Black Bottom dance. It’s an old street dance taken from what cows do when they get stuck in mud. Had a little dance lesson, put on a little dress and away we went.

Speaking of “Man Like That”, it was, of course, used recently for the Heineken ad that tied in with Skyfall. How did that come about?

That was my music publisher. They pitched song to the ad agency and we were kept waiting for month to find out where I was going to get it. We drank a shitload of Heineken and hoped and prayed and finally we got the call, came out to London and shot it!


Who are underrated at the moment, music-wise? Who is over-rated?

Underrated: Anthony and the Johnson – he’s great! Overrated – Nickleback.

What is your FAULT?

I still bite my nails.

Words by Rebecca Unger; Photography by Annick Wolfers. Special Thanks: Shoshanna Stone

Jamie Alexander – Beauty Cover Girl for FAULT Issue 13

jamie alexander cover

Jamie Alexander was shot by Annick Wolfers and styled by Marika Page for FAULT Issue 13

Her most recent role is the female lead in Schwarzeneggar’s silver-screan comeback The Last Stand, premiering in the UK today, but Jaimie Alexander is not your average Hollywood/Valhalla dweller. The 28-year-old honorary Texan (she moved from South Carolina when she was four), best known as the goddess in Thor, collects hunting knives, does most of her own stunts and is not averse to a shot of the hard stuff every now and again. At least she draws the line at walking through fire …

What was it like meeting Arnold for the first time on the set of The Last Stand?

He was super funny and very warm. I was so excited to be working with him, as I’ve been a fan of his my whole life. I think the first Arnold film I ever saw was The Terminator, with my brothers, on VHS. I was pretty young, and it scared the shit out of me!

What advice would you give a younger you just breaking into Hollywood?

Be yourself. There is no one like you! It’s good to be different. Stand up for yourself and never let anyone take advantage of you.

jamie alexander 2

jamie alexander 3


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WORDS: Chris Purnell
PHOTOGRAPHY: Annick Wolfers
STYLING: Marika Page
HAIR: Sam Burnett
MAKEUP: Kenny Leung using m.a.c.