FAULT Issue 17 exclusive shoot with fashion blogger Hanna Beth


Anthony Franco corset Result Wear lana panty Mitchel Primrose spider cuff Charles Albert choker

FAULT met up with model, fashion blogger and all round internet personality – Hanna Beth. Currently modelling in LA and juggling her many social media outlets, FAULT spoke to Hanna  about the numerous projects she’s got going on and how she keeps centred with such a busy schedule. View the whole interview in FAULT Issue 17 or for more on Hanna Beth, check out her site: www.hannabeth.buzznet.com

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Enfants Riches Deprimes jacket UNIF Clothing grail skirt Penelope and Coco avery wedge Kesha Rose by Charles Albert cannibal cuffand teeth ring

FAULT: What do you love most about the modelling industry? Hanna: I think what I love most is that I’m able to portray so many different looks and try so many different styles. I just get to meet so many different people and fashion has always been one of my favourite things and main inspirations so the fact that I get to work with that is great. I’m only 5’2” so I never really thought modelling would be a career and the fact that I was able to make something out of that, and just prove that you don’t have to be like 5’10” to be able to do modelling.   You are based in L.A. but have you ever considered moving to one of the fashion capitals for your career? For now I love living in L.A. A lot of my modelling is based there just because of my size. I feel like they’re more acceptable to tattoos and edginess, but recently I have been doing more out here in London and in Tokyo as well.   What do you like most about London? I think the fashion. I feel like people are a little bit more edgy and daring in London compared to L.A. and I also love the transportation in London. I hate driving and in L.A. you have to have a car to get anywhere, there’s no real public transportation and here it’s so easy to get anywhere.


Marc Jacobs jacket with fur collar
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Vivienne Westwood boots

What are your favourite trends of the moment? Right now for Fall and Winter I’m just loving oversized shirts as dresses and anything comfortable. I love just wearing big oversized clothes and pairing it with a really crazy pair of shoes cause I like height. I love the whole plaid, tartan trend that’s happening right now and I just wear a lot of black. I love KTZ!

John Hardy naga ring Vivienne Westwood Red Label blouse Ashton Michael bowtie and shorts

John Hardy naga ring
Vivienne Westwood Red Label blouse
Ashton Michael bowtie and shorts

How would you describe your personal style? I guess it kind of changes day by day. I do love to be comfortable but one day I might go for a more edgy late 70s punk vintagy look and then I could be more boho 60s chic type of thing with a goth inspiration. I’m always changing.   What’s a typical day in the life of Hanna Beth? I guess I don’t really have typical days because I’m always doing something different whether it’s with modelling or something that has to do with my blogging. I’ve been blogging now for 7-8 years so I might be going into Buzz Media and having meetings or I work with a few other fashion brands doing collaborations so I’ve been doing that. When I’m not working I like to just hang out with my friends, go out dancing, go to the cinema, keep it chilled.


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ASHI skirt

In previous interviews your spoken about your spirituality and about ‘big loves’ and things like that. Can you tell us a bit about this life philosophy? I guess I just try to live my live to the fullest each day and if something’s not making me happy I don’t want to do it, even if it’s a company I don’t fully believe or style I’m not fully in to – I wouldn’t want to promote something I’m not in to because I just feel like life’s too short. I don’t want to settle. I try to always stay positive and make the most of every situation. 


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What is your FAULT? I’m really hard on myself and I also overthink too much.



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Photographer: Ben Cope Hair stylist: John Blaine Make up arist: Anna Branson Wardrobe Stylist: Holly Copeland Interview: Rebecca Unger Special Thanks: India James

John Legend is our Music cover for FAULT Issue 13

John Legend was shot by Miguel Starcevich and styled by Avo Yermagyan for FAULT Issue 13

John Legend was shot by Miguel Starcevich and styled by Avo Yermagyan for FAULT Issue 13

Excited to announce the first preview shots from John’s shoot in the upcoming issue of FAULT today. The 6-time Grammy award winner – who releases 5th studio album Love in the Future this Spring was photographed by Miguel Starcevich and styled by Avo Yermagyan exclusively FAULT Winter 2012-13. Keep an eye on FAULT Online for our Behind the Scenes video view, but. in the meantime, check out an excerpt from our feature below:


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Above – John wears a Trench coat by Oumlil  tie by Title of Work ; suit by Alexandre Plokhov ; shirt by John Varvatos ; shoes by Gucci.Here – T-shirt, denim and shoes by All Saints ; blazer by John

For nearly 10 years, John Legend has been living up to one of the most ambitious stage names in the business. Born John Roger Stephens, few can argue that the undisputed king of contemporary soul has well and truly earned his appointed title of Legend.

Over the past decade John Legend has made an indelible mark on the music industry with his countless hit singles, unique style and extraordinary talent. As a nine-time GRAMMY Award winner, Legend has garnered respect not only for his successes in the music industry, but also by becoming something of a mainstream renegade in the world of contemporary soul music. From Get Lifted,(his 2004 debut) to his latest offering, Love in the Future, his innovative collaborations with artists such as The Roots, Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco has seen John merge various genres and blur the lines of soul, hip hop and inspirational music with effortless cool.

FAULT had the pleasure of spending time with John during the course of our exclusive editorial. We got a chance to speak in-depth with the superstar and get his insight on the music industry as a whole, his personal growth as an artist and what his plans are for 2013.

John 8559 - web

Shirt by Life AfterDenim; tie by Title of Work; trousers by General Idea; shoes by John Varvatos.

Can you tell us the reason why you choose Love in the Future as the title for the album? What can your fans look forward to with this LP?

The title was chosen for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I am getting married next year. And secondly, I really wanted to make a modern 21st century soul album. I wanted to create something fresh and exciting yet organic, modern and relevant. So much of music today is computerized, electronic and processed and, with Love in the Future, I wanted the album to be truly reflective of the times – modern soul music.



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Interview & Production by Leah Blewitt
Grooming – Anna Branson
Hair – Ron Stephens
Special Thanks to : Shoshanna Stone, Bryant Robinson

FAULT Fashion – Chinatown

Photographer: Miguel Starcevich
Styling: Luke Storey & Lauren Messiah
Makeup: Anna Branson
Hair: Johnny Z

Soulja Boy’s FAULT: Soulja Swaggers for FAULT Summer

Multi-talented singer and entrepreneur Soulja Boy is our Men’s fashion cover feature for FAULT Issue 11.

Photographer – Miguel Starcevich
Stylist/ Creative Director – Avo Yermagyan
Grooming- Anna Branson
Barber- Daronn Carr 

Special Thanks : Greg Miller & Shavana Meresha

Soulja Boy swaggers in our high-end fashion exclusive look at the 21 year old international superstar. In addition to his fascinating history, which saw him break the record as the youngest ever rapper to write and produce an international #1 (‘Crank That (Soulja Boy)’), we also spoke to Soulja about his upcoming album (Promise) and his burgeoning entrepreneurial empire.

From music hits to YouTube sensation, Soulja now heads his own record label in the form of Stacks on Deck Entertainment and two ever-expanding fashion lines, from which certain pieces are featured in our shoot. That’s all without even mentioning his two upcoming feature films:  Officer Down (due for release this Summer) and a biopic on Tupac Shakur (expected this Winter).

FAULT Issue 11, featuring Soulja Boy, will be available to pre-order in mid-June. Keep your eyes on FAULT Online in the coming weeks to see more from our exclusive LA photoshoot- and the official, re-edited release of our Behind the Scenes video !