FAULT Weekly Playlist: RYDER

Rising LA based R&B pop artist RYDER feels like a kindred spirit, a girl who you just met but you know immediately that you need to be best friends. Writing deeply relatable lyrics and coming from NYU’s music program that has shone a light on talents such as Gallant and Maggie Rogers, it seems RYDER is primed for success.

Her thumping single “King” showcases her vocal range that has a smoke-y quality akin to Amy Winehouse, but with a heavier pop bent. It’s a celebratory song about how love can be this power another human has that reigns over you.

We asked RYDER to share some of her current favorite songs, including the absolute monster hit “Somebody Else” by The 1975. Stream on!

My Chemical Romance – Welcome to the Black Parade

One of my favorite songs of all time. The video and the song are just perfect! It has this epic & emotional beginning production and writing wise, it follow’s no structure and becomes an almost different song midway through, every second is just mind-blowing. It just keeps building and is so well thought out from start to finish. It feeds the emotional teenager in me.

Florence + the Machine – Shake It Out

When I read Florence Welch’s lyrics I feel as if I’m reading poetry, her use of language truly knows no bounds. Shake it out acknowledges darkness and regrets and yet is inspiring and uplifting, it has a little bit of everything. Her voice is just stunning; this record continues to be a constant inspiration and influence for me throughout my writing process. I saw Florence Welch perform live at Coachella a few years ago at the show where she famously broke her foot and it was by far one of the most incredible performances I’ve ever seen on a stage. She really brings everyone into the world she’s created.

The 1975 – Somebody Else

This song was my introduction to The 1975 and yes I know I was late to the party, but now I’m hooked! I remember a friend said to me “You have to listen to this band, you will be obsessed with their music” she played me “Somebody Else”, I ended up listening to it on repeat for the next few weeks and still put it on all the time. Everyone can relate to Truman Black’s narrative in some form and it puts me in this amazing nostalgic mental space. The concept and production is so simple and it doesn’t need anything else to be epic. That’s something I always try to remind myself that when simple feels good, it can be the best way to convey a song.

Greg Holden – Boys In The Street (Seeb Remix)

I don’t think I can even get through this song without crying, it’s pretty new I just recently discovered it but it has truly touched me. It’s a story about a man whose father wouldn’t accept him for simply being himself and being different until he is finally on his death bed and see’s that perhaps he really didn’t know best from the start and that in love there is no right or wrong. This song tells a real story with layers from start to finish in the way that old time records or country songs do. The remix Seeb did really compliments the melody; it’s an amazing collab.

MIA – Paper Planes

First off, the music production and the use of that guitar sample by Diplo is incredible, he is a definitely a dream collaborator of mine. M.I.A. is this fierce female who uses her commanding voice to tell stories about real world issues and isn’t afraid to get honest, she is another inspiration to me. I remember becoming obsessed with this record back in high school and I think its one of those songs that always stays relevant no matter how much time passes.

Amy Winehouse – Valerie

I mean where do I even start, Amy winehouse was such a legend it breaks my heart that she is no longer with us. Her music touched people. Her honesty and pain laced with a whole lot of sauce came through her lyrics and is what made her so unique. Also for the time the production and jazz infused soul was a genre she reignited in the popular music space. Amy tells her story combined with a voice that just has so much power and depth. I love all her music it’s quite hard to pick, so I chose my two favorites. Mark Ronson who produced these records to me is just mindblowingly talented, I’ve been lucky enough to meet him in passing a few times. He is another dream collaborator of mine. I always put on Amy’s music when I’m at home relaxing or just having me time, I truly enjoy all of rich texture and lush instrumentation.

Santigold – Chasing Shadows

I’m a big Santigold fan she’s such a creative soul, her wild melodies and bold left-winged production are pure ear candy. The low vocal tone she has in the verse is so rich and her highs have so much character. I love listening to her, her music feels like real art.

Fun. – We Are Young

I’m such a sucker for epic melodies and acoustic leaning production, Fun. and Jeff Bhasker are brilliant on this tune.

Robyn – Dancing On My Own

First off, the whole “body talk” album is unreal I’ve probably listened to every song a million times easily, voice, lyric, production, melodies it’s all just so on point and delicious! You can’t hear that intro and not want to dance, such an empowering tune, a true girl anthem!

Purity Ring – Fineshrine

One of my favorite productions on a song ever! The intro in this too is brilliant.

Son Lux – Flickers

Ryan Lott of Son Lux is one of my absolute favorite artists, his voice is hauntingly beautiful and his music is stunning. He started as a film composer and so you have this dreamy fantasy production with operatic sounds. He also uses instruments like oboes and uncommon sounds to create these amazing musical cascades.

RYDER Socials:

FAULT FUTURE: MTV Unsigned 2014 Winner Marie Naffah, Live at The Barfly

Last night, in the small and dimly lit (and quite literally leaking) upper room of Camden’s The Barfly, Marie Naffah– winner of MTV Unsigned Artist 2014– played an intimate showcase, debuting new material and a unique sound that goes from strength to strength. Marie’s voice possesses a raw soul and her songwriting is endlessly honest, from the betrayal of Silver & Gold (the track that won over the MTV Brand New judges) to the comic emotion of the newly-debuted David Gray. It is her personal take on life and love- the high and lows, the disappointments and false hopes, the crushes and the comedy- that have the audience hanging on every note. Given the Camden setting (and the big hair,) a comparison to Amy Winehouse feels like a lazy one, but there is truly something of the young, early-days Winehouse in Marie’s honest lyrics and raw, off-the-cuff delivery.


Marie’s lyrics are confessions strung together; nuanced observations that unfold amidst entrancing vocal runs. As clichéd as it sounds, her voice really does take the audience on a journey with each track, from whispered excuses (‘He said “honestly…nothing”’) and effortless trills (‘Even rooooocks get thrown’), to epic moments of unleashed vocal, where you feel yourself hit by the sheer power of her voice. Some tear up, some dance, some seem to end up strangely hugging themselves- in short, all are entranced. The critics have been drawing comparisons with the power-house voice of Florence Welch and, in the wake of last night’s roaring vocals, similar comments rippled through the crowd.

Special guest Archie Faulks, alias Tenterhook, is another remarkable talent, currently making waves on radio with his own track Stereo. He joined Marie on stage for Primrose Hill, having produced and contributed vocals to the track last Summer. This was followed by the debut of Hold You, a heartbreaking track of harmonies and vocal runs that, in its rawest form, already sounds like a No.1. With public support from the likes of MTV, ELLE and Levi’s, along with a consistent and invested fanbase, Marie is on her way to big things beyond being a mere ‘one to watch.’

The audience always feels fortunate to have seen Marie Naffah play live. Part of this is due to her immense talent, and part of this is due to the fact that she’s so clearly headed for big things that to watch her now, on a small stage in a crowded room on a Wednesday night in Camden, feels like a sort of strange luxury. Catch her while you can…


Patti Smith New Album – BANGA

Patti Smith - Banga

Patti Smith will release Banga via Columbia on June 5th, this is her her first album of new material since 2004’s Trampin’.  The LP was recorded in Electric Lady Studios with  Lenny Kaye, Jay Dee Daugherty, and Tony Shanahan. In a recent interview Smith explains the album title is a reference to the Mikhail Bulgakov novel The Master and Margarita. Banga as contains a ballad for Amy Winehouse called “This is the Girl” and a birthday song for um Johnny Depp?! called “Nine”. The first single from the album, “April Fool”, features Tom Verlaine and is out now. Patti Smith a classic FAULT.

Topman: The Next Generation

Trust Topman to find a niche that needs filling. Always on trend with men’s fast fashion and pioneering new talent with it’s collaborations, they have now jumped on the magazine wagon and created their first online fashion magazine entitled Generation.

The first issue is edited by John-Paul Pryor, who comes from the edgy Dazed stable, so expect diverse and educated content. Bridging the gap of music, fashion and film, it will surely open a cultural can of worms!

Designed by Saatchi, the magazine, which is overseen by Gordon Richardson, Topman’s Design Director, promises to offer a multi-media platform, where the reader can gain ‘a unique cultural insight into the worlds of fashion, film, music and art”.

The style of the magazine allows it be easy to navigate and certainly one that will be a go to reference point. The content of the first issue features new designers Matthew Miller, James Long and Lou Dalton, who might be known from London Fashion Week, as well as emerging talent in fashion, music and sport.

Interviews with designers nestle neatly next to features on cult movies, up and coming photographer Kate Cox, Ezra Miller, Yoko Ono and Amy Winehouse.

This site, I am sure will not just be for the boys!

Check it on www.magazine.topman.com/issue-0

By Sara Darling

Amy Winehouse – New Release – Lioness: Hidden Treasures

Amy Winehouse for FAULT - Photo by Bryan Adams

The BBC reports that the first release for Amy Winehouse , will be out December 5 on Island. Lioness: Hidden Treasures was put together by producers Mark Ronson and Salaam Remi, working alongside her family, management, and label. A tracklisting posted on Winehouse’s official website states that the album will include numerous one-take demos, unreleased collaborations, and new material. There’s a track with Nas, one with the Dap Kings, and Winehouse’s final recording, a cover of “Body & Soul” with Tony Bennett from Bennett’s recent duets album. “Tears Dry” is the original ballad version of the Back to Black track “Tears Dry on Their Own”. The BBC also reports that £1 from each record sale will be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, established by her father in September.

Tr Lioness: Hidden Treasures below, and watch the video for “Tears Dry on Their Own”.


01 Our Day Will Come [Reggae Version] 2002
02 Between the Cheats 2008
03 Tears Dry 2005
04 Wake Up Alone 2006
05 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow [ft. the Dap Kings] 2004
06 Valerie 2006
07 Like Smoke [ft. Nas] 2008
08 The Girl From Ipanema 2002
09 Halftime 2002
10 Best Friends 2003
11 Body & Soul [ft. Tony Bennett] 2011
12 A Song for You 2009