FAULT Magazine MFW NYFW Fashion Roundup

David Naman

DAVID NAMAN with the dressy, casual cool vibes.  Beautifully crafted suits paired with sneakers, blazers paired with jeans, and button ups paired with slacks. The details of the patchwork denim to the details on the pockets of jackets were magnificent.  A floral, peach bomber jacket even made an appearance as did a suit with shorts. Perfect balance between dressy and relaxed.

Words: Julie Green


Wood House

WOOD HOUSE puts a modern twist to the 70’s vibe. There was a solid navy matching set of cropped flared trousers with a zipper going down the middle of each pant leg. A light grey and white stripped matching jacket and wide legged pants paired with a straw fedora really captured the boho vibe. The printed details of this collection with the printed tops and large buttons are incredible. The looks were complete with hats, sunglasses, and sandals to give you that summery vibe.

Words: Julie Green



PLAC gives you that casual cool street vibe with printed tops, matching the backdrop of the presentation. This contemporary clothing line featured basic wear with unique, innovative twists to each look. There were bomber jackets, long trench coats, and blazers. Plac’s wearable line  lived up to it’s expectations targeting those with a strong fashion sense.

Words: Julie Green

Max n’ Chester

MAX N’ CHESTER gives you the lightweight, most authentic fabric perfect for the summer weather. The color palette of whites, cream, light blue, and navy were featured in blazers, tunics, wide leg pants, and shorts. There was a matching set of a light blue thin stripped blazer and fitted trousers. There was a pop of floral print on a button down shirt paired with a navy blazer. All the looks were complete with canvas slip-ons. This collection is perfect for the summer getaway with its deconstructed tailoring.

Words: Julie Green

David Hart

The DAVID HART presentation made you feel ready for the beach with Hawaiian prints and button downs with palm trees on them. The show featured a wooden walkway all the models walked down to show off this confident yet approachable collection.  There was a graphic shirt with DAVID HART graffitied on it. There were suits paired with Hawaiian shirts. There was even a tribal printed suit with a leaf brooch.  All the looks were complete with canvas slip-ons and sandals to finish off the beach vibe.

Words: Julie Green

Maiden Noir

MAIDEN NOIR’S presentation was filled with greens, khakis, pinks, and blues. The perfect balance between sport and street for a man looking for athleisure. There was a dark green track suit with a khaki trench coat. Jackets with two oversized pockets in the front showing in light pink, khaki,olive green, and even a plaid navy blue. There was a bit of a safari vibe with the mixes of khaki and olive greens. Each look was finished off with a pair of chucks to compliment the relaxed silhouettes of Maiden Noir.

Words: Julie Green


Suitsupply did not disappoint with it’s unique opening.  The men in their suits and ties strolled down the streets of soho on bicycles for their entrance. Suitsupply is known for combining craftsmanship with flair and this collection did just that. The impeccable tailoring and high quality of fabric combined makes for a contemporary style of suit. The suits ranged from solids to plaids and blazers to vests.  The looks were complete with bowties, ties, and pocket squares.

Words: Julie Green

Tim Coppens runway show opens with pulsating music to create the vibe of the collection. A 90’s inspired collection with detailed craftsmanship and athletic references. The perfect blend of edgy streetwear and athleisure. Jackets and button downs with large oversized pockets were a reoccurring theme. As were long, judo-style belts that hung down from the belt loops. The intricate detailing of using different textures and patterns on the pieces were impeccable. This collection also features Tim Coppens original footwear of a leather sneaker.

Words: Julie Green


Chapter’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection is the epitome of chic loungewear. The collection featured a variety of season must-haves, from basic essentials to printed two-pieces complete with punk-like qualities such as mesh underclothing, frayed detailing, dark shades, and chain links accessories. Chapter sticks to minimal apparel, allowing the styling to become an important factor in bringing it to life.

 Words: Nyjerah Nicole


Easily one of our favorites of the day, Michael Rubin debuts his modern-day bohemian themed collection for New York Men’s Fashion Week. The collection told a cohesive story, consisting of classic pieces in light fabrics, soft shades, and tropical prints, topped off with palm leaf hats in the most casual way. As a brand focused solely on the connection of the East and West Coast, Rubin defines a clear line, developing an aesthetic where conservative attire meets comfort.

 Words: Nyjerah Nicole
Uri Minkoff
Uri Minkoff held no boundaries when it came to his Spring/Summer 17 presentation at Industria Superstudios. Models captured the essence of time and performed an interpretive dance routine, creatively showing off the designs through movement. The collection was perfect. Minkoff showcased a group of well-groomed models in formal wear with athletic accents – tailored fits and under armor finished with casual footwear and structured handbags, a clash that came together beautifully in the end.
 Words: Nyjerah Nicole
Private Policy
Private Policy took advantage of the New York Fashion Week: Men’s platform to underline societal issues like slave labor. The designers stayed true to flannels, unconventional materials, and matching sets to bring together the collection cohesively. Additionally, the looks were accented with straps and chains to represent the captivity of slaves. Private Policy set the tone and delivered a clear message through fashion this season.
 Words: Nyjerah Nicole

Dougie Poynter’s Exclusive Photoshoot and Interview for FAULT Magazine Online


Dougie Poynter first burst onto the scene back in 2004 as part of the band Mcfly  who in their career spanning over thirteen years have amassed 19 top 10 singles, 5 albums and will be heading off on their 14th tour in September! Dougie’s personal writing skills are just as impressive, credited for his songwriting on tracks by 5SOS and One Direction respectively, he has also cut his teeth as FAULT Magazine’s own guest reporter at London Collection Man. 

We caught up with Dougie to discuss next month’s tour, favourite band moments and where his creative steps will take him.


When the news broke that bandmate Harry Judd had suffered a neck injury forcing you to postpone your Mcfly Anthology tour, were you relieved for the extra rehearsal time?

It’s weird, it felt like someone had moved Christmas. I’m still very excited though and now Danny will actually have learned all the songs again. The only bit of production we were bringing on tour was an autocue for lyrics so it’ll be nice to just let loose without it!


You’re going from 6 members in McBusted back to 4 in Mcfly, will the stage feel more daunting with less members?

There will be more space, that’s for sure because with 6 of us we were constantly running into each other. When we would play arenas it was fine because the stage was massive but our guitars came away full of dents! I have some gnarly jumps up my sleeve now we have the extra space.


In a few words, what can fans expect to see on your tour?

It’s every album back to back. There will be songs that as a band we’ve only ever played one time during recording sessions but never played live. It will definitely be a one off for us.


Looking back to 2013 and to McFly’s first album, many people said you’d be a passing fancy but here you are in 2016 you’re about to embark on nationwide tour. How does it feel to prove so many naysayers wrong?

It doesn’t feel like good in a smug sense because for us it’s been a continuous thing. It really weirds us out when people are like “you were my first concert when I was in year 6” and now they’re all adults with jobs and kids! We’ve never really stopped working, even when we took 9 months off after McBusted to work on other projects, we were all still working.

We are just grateful that we have had the opportunity to stay making music because we always say to ourselves that “the band won’t be around forever” although we’re starting to think it will be! Our awesome fanbase keeps us going even though we haven’t released new music in so long. We’ve actually recorded 2 albums and just scrapped them because we can’t make up our minds at all!


Do you foresee there will be McFly tour when you’re old and grey?

If we survive that is! Everyone keeps hurting themselves, Harry has slipped a disc and Danny fractured his elbow so it’s pretty good we had more time to recoup and recover!


Can you pinpoint one favourite moment from your career?

We’ve done some really cool stuff and won awards and set world records but honestly, when we’re all together and reminiscing, our favourite moments are when we’re just pissing around and getting up to no good. It’s the little things…Although it is nice to win awards.


Future plans for the rest of the year?

Everyone has their own thing going on. As we’ve gotten older our solo careers keep us busy, Tom has his songwriting and Danny is a DJ and I’ve been out in the states doing my own thing. We’ll probably postpone the tour again after I hurt myself on this shoot!

What are you working on in the states?

I’ve been studying acting for the last 2 years. I just really enjoy studying and taking on new crafts. It’s a bit of everything and by the end of the tour I plan to relocate to LA and continue the acting.

Despite only ever putting your music out there, the press continuously write about your personal relationships, has that pressure every become too much for you?

I don’t like the personal stories about me. It always freaks me out, I know some celebrities can just brush it off and say any press is good press but there’s something about it that makes me feel very uneasy.

What is your FAULT?

I hate the feeling of powerlessness. I’ve been very involved with charities cleaning up the ocean and stopping plastics and micro plastics from being dumped but it Is bewildering to see just how much needs to be done and how little I can do alone.


Words: Miles Holder



FAULT Exclusive Beauty Editorial: Lolita Sharun’s FAULT


Photographer: Lolita Sharun 

Makeup: Natalie Chekati

Model: Barsik @eseemodelmanagement

‘New York Terminal’ New FAULT Magazine Exclusive Online Editorial


Editorial: New York Terminal

Photographer: Lalo Torres

Stylist: David Chavez

Model: Nastya Sapozhnikova with AMP Models New York 

Makeup: Erica Gonzalez

Hair: Irene O’Brien for T3

Retoucher: David G Rivera

FAULT Magazine London Collections: Men SS17 Round up

The “big guns” of London menswear: Burberry, Christopher Kane, Alexander McQueen et al dominate press coverage of the bi-annual London Collections: Men, and the new rising stars of British menswear who truly drive the capitals creativity and break new boundaries in their gloriously subversive challenges to the status quo, are often overlooked. For SS17 we at Fault are going to celebrate the kings and queens of the London underground!
Chinese wunderkid Xander Zhou has garnered a cult following amongst the London menswear pack. His playful irreverence, fondness for Americana, and toying with the traditional notions of gender, makes every collection of his somewhat of a show stopper. This season Zhou moved further into androgynous territory with an ethereal collection that melded the soft with the hard. The key words were sex and rebellion, and bare skin was wrapped in chains, over which shirts billowed like gowns, and halter neck corset style tops blew us away. A subversive genius, the designer takes traditional menswear staples, and creates something that is completely the opposite. Zhou is creating a new urban uniform for the gender fluid generation; this is a revolution that is not going anywhere.
Young British designer Bobby Abbley is another master of subversion; his favourite toy is anything Disney. This season the designer took on Aladdin, and presented a colourful and fun yet strikingly powerful collection. It’s wearable sportswear that shouldn’t be wearable, but Abbley has a habit of doing the impossible; kids clothes for grown ups because deep down, aren’t we all Peter Pan and Wendys? A signature Abbley sweater with the face of ‘Genie’ was a welcome sight, as was the playful nod to Xtina’s ‘Genie in a bottle’; “Rub me the right way” emblazoned on one of the coats shown.
Matthew Miller is a designer who is stealthy, season by season, becoming the one to watch in London. He is the designer for this generation, a man who like his peers, is facing the torment and angst of modern life, and conveying that into powerful collections that are statements within themselves. For me, Miller was a punk poet this season, because that’s what this talented designers collections are; poetry in sartorial motion, with a punk message. He offered a refined take on the gender fluid mod uniform for which he is renowned, incorporating misfits, skinheads and rebels. These are the kids you wished you hung out with. He is unique in his ability to present a collection that is both aggressively anarchic, yet subtlety romantic; I mean who else would interpret acid washed denim with a screen-printed interpretation of John Constable’s A Study of Cloud and Sky?
Father and son duo Casely-Hayford continue to go from strength to strength, and SS17 was yet another tour de force! They are truly stars of British menswear who design eminently wearable collections touched with genius! Taking each of their most significant musical influences (rock and grime) the two seamlessly merged the diverse styling to create a beautifully tailored collection of exquisitely clashing separates that would make any man look like a king. This season also saw the introduction of some beautiful womenswear pieces, part of a new personal bespoke service.
Sibling made the bold move of combining their men’s and women’s collections (as did several other designers) this season, signalling a departure from LFW in favour of the ever growing LCM. The aces of knitwear did not disappoint: British beef and skin, skin, skin, and even some peek a boobies; the designer duo’s cheeky irreverent knitwear designs payed homage to 50’s Americana rockabilly looks, and the good old English seaside. Imagine the cast of Grease, in a seaside ‘caf’ Margate, and theres the picture postcard that Sibling presented for SS17. Oh and real men, wear crochet and lace! The designers took there post show bow sporting Remain tees voicing their support of continued Eu referendum ahead of the upcoming vote, and a double bravo for the show soundtrack inclusion of Mariah’s ‘Fantasy’ both apt, and it had the whole audiences heads bopping!
The dark lords of British fashion: the inimitable KTZ,once again took over the notorious XXL club (if only the frow guests knew exactly just what had gone on in that space the night before!) to deliver a very wearable collection of their signature warrior goth wear. It was a more wearable collection this season, again offering their take on the post modern dystopian uniform. which drew inspiration from “dark futurism of interstellar science fiction and romanticism of celestial maps” – looked as if it payed homage to the underground rave scene of Berlin, as leather, PVC and Nylon arrived in abundance, styled alongside harnesses and chains, which added a signature element of fetishism to the collection. Hooded boys in seriously sinister embellished masks set the tone, and we even saw, brilliantly: leather skirts and dresses. KTZ also offered up their take on the lux sportswear/ lad look with baggy football style shorts and bomber jackets emblazoned with star cut outs. Oh and we must make mention of those metallic shades! KTZ again showed London and the world, why they are at the top of their game, and lead the way for the new aesthetic in men’s fashion.
Liam Hodges is one of the London designers flying not so quietly under the radar. His deconstructionalist designs, like those of Alex Mullins, challenge the ways in which we view traditional menswear and the accepted sartorial norms. Collaborating with famed American workwear brand Dickies, Hodges presented a mash up of 90’s hip hop styles and sporty streetwear, that he then reinterpreted that into sturdy, and very masculine workwear.. Hodges is designer who manages to do the impossible and make what shouldn’t theoretically work, werk! The “Im OK” message emblazoned on certain pieces was a cute finishing touch; perhaps a nod to The Simpsons misfit Ralph?
We took time to deliberate on the best of the brightest up and comers and the aforementioned designers are the ones to truly watch in London. We were honoured to view their collections and watch their stock rising!
Words: Ian Michael Turner




Dress – Topshop / Bra – Joanna Lark / Waist harness – Fleet Iliya / Choker – Joanna Lark

Test_Zoe_Day124036 1-min

Dress – Topshop / Bra – Joanna Lark / Waist harness – Fleet Iliya / Choker – Joanna Lark / Cuffs Fleet Iliya


Body – Elf Zhou / Choker – The Model Traitor / Lead & cuffs – Fleet Iliya


Body – PLT / Harness, Choker and Whip – Joanna Lark


Pant – Kim West / Harness – Fleet Iliya / Handcuffs – Fleet Iliya / Waistcoat – ASOS


Choker – New Look


Vest – Woolford / Pants – Kim West latex / Choker – Stylist’s own / Arm Harness – Joanna Lark / Leg Harness – Fleet Iliya


Body – Wolford / Bra – Fleet Iliya / Choker – New Look


Body and harness – Coco De Mar / Cuffs – The Model Traitor / Chain – Fleet Iliya

Photography Vincent Dolman

Styling Zoe Kozlik

Make-Up: Cassie Steward using MAC Cosmetics and Paul Mitchell

Fault Magazine Guest Fashion Reporter Dougie Poynter Reviews Katie Eary SS17 LCM Show

This LCM season FAULT Magazine have partnered up with McFly’s Dougie Poynter to add a new perspective to our LCM reporting. Dougie attended the Katie Eary LCM SS17 show and shares his thoughts on the collection below. Stay up to date with Dougie’s thoughts live by following him on twitter and Instagram.

The Katie Eary show was by far my favourite show of LCM. I loved everything about it. The soundtrack was great and totally on point.
The set down the runway itself had fishing nets and other nautical items. FYI I’m a huge fan of the ocean and pirates (is piratoloigist a thing? If it is then I am one).
The show began in true Katie Eary style with bright colorful printed silk shirts and matching shorts, which you can tell just from looking are as comfortable as wearing nothing at all.
I LOVED the striped breathable knitwear which were more on the 90s grungy side of things with the wallet chains.
I literally want every piece from this collection. Check it out. Mind=blown!
Words: Dougie Poynter



Photography: Jon Payne