FAULT Magazine Travel to the Caribbean Island of Grenada


House of Chocolate

If like us you aren’t aware of the intertwined history of chocolate and the island of the Grenada, House of Chocolate in a must. Part museum, part café and another part chocolate store, here you can learn the history of cocoa and it’s many used from one of the friendly staff members. Of course, you’ll also be able to sample the many chocolate treats they have on offer from milkshakes to icecream or of course, just grab a bar of their great Grenada made chocolate to bring back home with you. House of Chocolate is located at #10 Young Street, Saint George’s, Grenada.

Concord Waterfalls

Simply put, the Concord Falls are a Grenada must see. Located in the St John Parish and easily by car, the falls have two pools the bottom of which is extremely deep and the perfect cool down following the short trek there. Some choose to dive from the high cliffs down into the around eighteen feet pool below, which we won’t say we can recommend but locals from the area have been known to take the deep plunge. We recommend booking Concord waterfall & River Antoine distillery as part of an island tour book with Caribbean Horizons (www.caribbeanhorizons.com), prices depend on number booked for the full day tour. Or, hire a car from £55per day from the same company and self-drive: both attractions are free to enter and open to the public.

Rainforest Walk

If you’re looking for a hike through the Grenadian rainforest it’s best you find an expert of the land and Telfor Bedau has you covered. Whatever your fitness level, Telfor can find a walking route to suit you and your travel group. Taking us through Grand Etang National Park, Telfor proved his genius as he pointed out the various fruits, plants and animals in the area and regaled us with tales of his amazing walking career and kayaking feats. If walking is not your thing, we’d highly recommend taking a short trip if only to spend an hour in Telfor’s company and hear his amazing stories about his life and history of Grenada.

Contact Telfor to discuss a bespoke rate (around £45pp). 00 1 473 442-6200.

Crayfish Bay Estate Chocolate

While Grenada is well known for its spices, few know about the great work being done on cocoa farms across the island and there’s no better place to learn than on the Crayfish Bay Organic Estate. The fully organic farm is run by the wonderfully charismatic and informative Kim Russell and his wife, Lylette who taught us about the history of cocoa farming and chocolate making on the island.

This isn’t your run of the mill guided tour, Kim showed us his homemade workstations and really took the time to talk us through his process and their upcoming products and schemes to pump money back into the local farming economy. They also offer self-catering accommodation in a pleasant little house starting at $50USD a night perfect for anyone looking to experience rural Grenada.

Adventure Jeep Tour and River Tubing

Those travelling with teenagers or just looking for a thrilling ride, then the Adventure Grenada have you covered. A short 45-minute drive out of St Georges you’ll reach the Balthazar River also known as Grenada’s great river.  After a quick safety briefing you’re in your tube and zooming down the scenic river surrounded by tropical flowers and the echo of gushing water and the various exotic birds in the area.

Throughout the ride you’ll stop natural pools giving you the chance to take a dip in the refreshing water and relax from the exhilarating experience. At the end of the ride you’ll be treated to a (albeit strong) rum punch because it’d Grenada and if it’s not rum punch, it’s not a drink worth having. [Enjoy responsibly]


Patrick’s Homestyle Cooking

Lagoon Road,St. George’s 11473, Grenada If you’re looking to try a bit of everything while in Grenada then Patrick’s is a great starting point. Opt for the tapas styled small plates and taste a little bit of all the slands amazing dishes. Placing a visit near the start of your trip will give you a great idea of what the whole island has to offer. With everything from callaloo soup to curry goat and saltfish, you’ll leave satisfied and ready to explore the sland. Each dish is unique and just when you think you’ve tasted it all, Patrick will surprise you with new flavours found only in Grenada.

The Aquarium Restaurant

Point Salines, Saint George, Grenada For lunch/dinner with a beach view, look no further than The Aquarium Restaurant. I ordered the Tuna Steak from the grill and it was cooked to perfection and you could taste the freshness through the great spices. Nothing is more romantic than watching the crashing waves and listening to their live reggae band who perform from 3pm onwards. There’s also an Aquarium inside the restaurant filled with tropical fish and turtles! It’s clear to see why honeymooners, families, solo travellers and locals all felt at home at this wonderful spot. Reservations are advised especially in peak holiday times.

BB’s Crabback

Grand Etang Road, St George’s, Grenada Quite simply, do not leave Greneda without stopping into BB’s! Located on the waterfront you can enjoy a rum punch and watch as the boats sail through The Carenage. The crab backs which give BB’s its name are simply to die for. I would say this was hands down the if not one of the best local restaurant on the island with a simple and traditional Grenadan menu and friendly service – the good really speaks for itself. Offering an extensive food and drinks menu, even locals regularly choose to dine at BB’s and their legendary cuisine is known throughout the Caribbean.


Sandals La Source


If you’ve ever stayed in one of the Sandals resorts elsewhere, you’ll know that you’ll be greeted like royalty the second you land. If you are or travelling with anybody that’s elderly, with children or just anyone that’s a nervous to be in such a different landscape; we highly recommend booking a stay if only for the first nights with Sandals just to ease your group into what can become quite a frantic holiday.

The resort features 10 restaurants, butler service, unlimited premium brand drinks, anytime airport transfer, free wifi, 3 freshwater swimming pools and 2 river pools or just enjoy the private beach right on your doorstep. Just a note for anyone who isn’t used to all-inclusive, the price you pay on booking is all you pay. That means there is no need to bring your cash down to the bar or restaurant at any point and it allows for you to be more adventurous with your dining choices.

With 10 restaurants, you’ll be hard pressed to try all the varying cuisine on offer but it does allow for great collective dining experiences as you and your party get to a try a bit of everything on offer. Unlimited use of their tennis and volleyball courts, nightly entertainment and the only resort to offer unlimited scuba diving as standard, it’s surprisingly easy to indulge your holiday away without having to leave the resort. It must also be said that the staff as Sandals La Source are without question some of the most hospitable, competent and friendly hotel staff I have ever come across. No request is too outlandish nor was any quibble (not that we had many) too small for them to fix, they felt truly invested in making sure you had the best time while staying with them. It’s understandable, the staff are mostly locals and brimming with pride when discussing their homeland and they are happy to have Sandals and to meet so many different people who have chosen their small island for their summer getaways.

Sandals certainly has its place in Grenada for the traveller looking to unwind without any stress or chance of stress. At Sandals, you’ll escape the fear of an unknown environment and different lifestyles and just enjoy your time on a beautiful resort. Newlyweds, mature travellers and returning visitors will enjoy Sandals and every last amenity it has to offer.

Kalinago Beach Resort


If you prefer the lore of a more real experience, we suggest you stay Kalinago Beach Resort. The resort is located right on the beachfront and you’ll receive a very local experience as studentsand locals head down to enjoy their weekend

While Kalinago has a wonderful private bar, a few steps down the beach you’ll find ‘La Ply Wood Beach Bar Cafe’ where the medical students and locals young and old like to hang out. The colourful bar is also home to, in my opinion, one of the best rum punches Grenada has to offer. On weekends expect to find local students and travellers alike down on the water. One thing to remember about Grenada is that everyone is so friendly that even as a solo traveller you’ll find plenty of opportunities for great conversation and you’d prefer chilled alone time, park yourself by the hotel’s pool and dive into a good book.

Located on Morne Rouge Bay which is also known as BBC Beach, you’ll find many attractions in the area. If you’re the betting type, head forThe Owl Sports a short walk from the resort and witness their crab racing events for a truly unique experience.

You can also hire out kayaks and snorkel gear free of charge which we highly recommend you take advantage of. Many boat tours include Morne Rouge Bay as a viewpoint so definitely take advantage of the wonderful view from the sea in your own time and at your own pace. The rooms are spacious and the breakfast simple but very tasty featuring Grenadian classics such as plantain and Caribbean fish fritters. Their lunch and dinner menus offer a mixture of Creole and international gourmet dishes infused with spices from the island.

The staff on the resort are all very friendly and happy to help with transfers to and from the airport and anywhere else on the island that you need to go. If you can, definitely attend their weekly manager’s drinks to chat with the great running the resort who all offer great insights and tips for your stay.

We’d recommend Kalinago for the younger, solo and adventurous traveller looking to find their own fun in Grenada. If you’re looking for luxurious dining within the hotel walls and a purely exclusive experience, this probably isn’t for you but if you’re looking for charm, look no further than Kalinago Beach Resort.

Words & Photography: Mlies Holder (unless stated otherwise)

FAULT Magazine Attend Pure Grenada Music Festival


Despite being the home of many great musicians, Grenada has yet to hold an event to rival its neighbouring islands. St. Lucia has its Jazz and Arts Festival and Barbados has its Crop Over celebration but while Grenada has their own carnival each year, this is their chance to invite a larger number of music lovers to the island. FAULT attended the debut of The Pure Grenada Music Festival to see how one small island known for its spices could soon be the festival destination for music tourists worldwide.

Our first night was spent on the very exclusive Calivigny Island island on the south coast. Accessible by boat (although helicopter wouldn’t feel out of place) we sailed from the mainland for a night of exquisite jazz performances on the luxurious private island. Despite this being Pure Grenada Music Festival’s very first event, the organisers have filled the bill with internationally recognised musicians. Eddie Bullen took to the stage with an impressive set, later bringing his son Quincy on stage for a duet which truly electrified the crowd. Also on the bill was the legend that is, Andy Narell. If you’re not too familiar with steel pan etiquette, just know that the instrument is normally kept well away from jazz; until Andy Narell that is. His set was unique and I hadn’t expected the organisers to take the risk of including a non-purest jazz performer but I’m thankful they took the chance and included Andy in the night’s line-up because it added another layer of original musicality to the whole evening.

Moving on from there we were treated to UK’s own Zara McFarlane. The young vocalist and her band brought the house down. Her vocal lights and shades were rich with texture and her full chest and head voice prowess left me and the crowd blown away. As a big shoot-out to her bassist Max Luthert who really stood out as a legend in the making, I expect to hear great things to come from this group of young British jazz talent. Calivigny island is truly stunning and it was a wonderful exclusive night to ease us into the festival. While it was a wonderful night of music and without question an impressive show of budding and recognised talents, it didn’t convey the local charm of the Caribbean. This night was definitely suited for those looking to experience Grenada with a VIP edge and many people travel to the island in search of. For those who prefer a more down to earth and casual experience, don’t worry because there’s something for everyone at the Pure Grenada Music Festival.

Day two of the Pure Grenada Music Festival and it was time for their ‘Rock De Boat’ night and as you might have guessed, we were in store for a boat party. Sailing to the centre of The Carenage in St. George’s, we were stationed opposite a floating stage under the starry night sky. This was a million miles away from the boat parties you’d expect on European islands, this party was a far more “elegantly casual” affair with cocktails, dancing below deck and wonderful live performances; it was all rather romantic.The Rock De Boat line-up again boasted international talent and every performer had their own individual music style. From the local four-piece band, ‘The Phoenix’ to the folk/pop stylings of duo ‘Madison Violet’ and Erik Pédurand’s soulful jazzy performance, there was definitely something for everyone this night.

The Pheonix opened the show with a mixture of their own original music and a number of covers to really get the crowd ready for the party. The young four-piece showed great potential and we’re glad to see that local talent was included in the show. While we might not have heard of them prior, it’s great to have been introduced to their music on this night and their cover of Bon Jovi’s ‘Living On A Prayer’ really got the crowd in the mood to party the night away.Next up was Erik Pédurand who hails from Guadeloupe. If you’ve not listened to Erik before, he is definitely worth checking out, especially for tracks ‘Elle Donne’ and ‘Paris Chérie’. While many of Erik’s songs are in French, his smooth vocal tones and stage presence transcend the language barrier much like the french singing artist, Stromae. Again, this is another artist who we weren’t familiar with and are now listening to non-stop. This is the magic of an international festival such as this, the chance to discover unheard artists and to have bragging rights of introducing them to new audiences back home after the trip.Next came Canadian duo Madison Violet who were arguably the most established performer of the night. As mentioned on the previous page, the organisers truly excelled at filling the festival with both up-and-coming talent and established performers. Madison Violet certainly qualify for the latter with seven albums and a Juno nomination under their belt. Their set was certainly new to many listeners and locals in the crowd but it was clear that they all enjoyed the set and enjoyed discovering new music as much as we did with the performances prior.

Watching the performers in the cool Grenadian evening with locals and tourists enjoying the performances from smaller boats below, it really allowed us to see the true beauty of St. George’s at nighttime. While again, this wasn’t your typical festival experience and it was certainly tamer than what some might be used, it was truly a magical evening in an amazing setting. For honeymooners and mature travellers looking for a classy night in the centre of St.George’s, we would highly recommend heading to the Rock De Boat party of The Pure Grenada Festival.

For those that prefer more of a wild “mosh-pit” festival experience, keep reading! As we said, there’s something for everyone in Grenada and the remaining nights will provide exactly what you’re looking for…

Night three, and it’s on this night we finally felt that we had ditched the tour guides, VIP handlers and champagne flutes and were ready to experience life outside of the PR approved bubble. Of course, we hadn’t and the PR was with us at every step but surrounded by locals, tourists and students, we were ready to experience Pure Grenada Music Festival unfiltered and from the mosh pit. It’s important to mention that while the music was loud and the atmosphere buzzing, this wasn’t the same crowd you find at Glastonbury, Leeds and the like. Festival goers were excited about the music and danced into the early hours each night but Pure Grenada Music Festival felt far more family friendly and safe compared to many other European festivals. Of course, all festivals at home and abroad can be daunting and you have to always keep your wits about you; we didn’t experience or witness a single incident which caused for concern. Throughout the final three days, we saw children, adults and elderly music-lovers all enjoying the festival together and that’s what other festivals should find a way of adopting.

On our first night at the performance space in Port Louis, we were delighted to find out it was the much anticipated Reggae Night presented by Westerhall Rum. With it being Grenada and reggae having a rich history on the island, as you might expect, we were extremely excited for this night. Taking to the stage this night was Steel Pulse, Etana, Jesse Royal, Spice Rock and Dj Ezzy B and despite being a Reggae themes night, all performers brought something different to the stage. Of course, we cheered loudest for the Birmingham’s own legendary Steel Pulse who killed their set and really and truly brought the house down. Again, this night also highlighted new artists Jesse Royal and Etana who put on a hell of a show well beyond their years.

The following evening was Rhythm and Soul Night which we spent away from the press tent and in the main spectator’s area.  Joss Stone, The British Collective, Andy Narell & Pan Allstars, Jomo & Gylfi were all on hand to deliver the sounds of soul. The atmosphere this night was much calmer than the previous and many spectators brought blankets and opted to sit and enjoy the music rather than dance the night away – like I’ve said before, there is something for everybody at Pure Grenada  Music Festival!

The chilled atmosphere gave us a chance to taste some of the great food on offer from the various vendors and chat to some fellow festival goers. I joined a group of young Grenadians relaxing on the grass and they explained to me how proud they were of the event. While Pure Grenada Music Festival caught the eye of many international travellers, the locals were just as excited to see what their island could achieve – the general consensus from both groups was that the festival had been a great success. Locals also spoke of excitement for next year and how they appreciated that Pure Grenada Music Festival was boosting the economy and encouraging attendance of locals by offering discounted tickets for Grenada residents.

Despite two very exclusive and high grandeur nights at the festival, it was wonderful to sit on the grass and join the locals in discussion and see the festival from their perspective. Both experiences have their place at Pure Grenada Music Festival and while I’m aware that our readers are more inclined to the exclusive, I’d highly recommend spending a few hours outside of the VIP lounge for a more humbling experience with the locals.

Our final night and it was time for ‘Pure Grenada Vibz and my favourite night at Pure Grenada Music Festival. The mood was electric as festival goers listened to some of the greatest talents Grenada has to offer.

After strong performances from Tammy Baldo, Tallpree, Scholar, Rootsman Kelly, Black Wizard and other island favourites, it was time for Mr. Killa to show all of us foreign travellers that Grenadian’s know how to throw one hell of a party. Leaping from the stage and into the crowd, Mr. Killa danced with a number of audience members without missing a single beat. His set was filled with pure energy, passion and fun, which are all the characteristics of Grenada that tourists love to see.

All in all, the Pure Grenada Music Festival was mightily impressive, especially for their debut. If Grenada can hold to this high standard of quality, it could very well grow to be the most popular festival in the Carribean. It’s not often that we visit a festival knowing so few names on the lineup and still enjoy it to the fullest but Pure Genada Music Festival proves that sometimes the fun is in the discovery. As long as Grenada can continue to highlight their great up-and-comers and established acts, I see no reason for people not to contiue flocking to the island year after year.

Pure Grenada Music Festival returns 5-7th May 2017

Tickets Available at www.Grenadamusicfestival.com

For further information on planning your own trip to Grenada, head to www.PureGrenada.com

FAULT Magazine Travel Essential #21 – LUSH Toothy Tabs


This travel season, FAULT Travel have been over the world trying to find the best destinations for summer 2017 but unfortunately, all the hours in the air haven’t done wonders for our beauty regimes. To combat this, we’ve selected the best products which helped us keep our beauty regiment on track whilst on the move.

Today, we’re turning to oral hygiene and we’ve found the best toothpaste for you to pack into your in-flight luggage. We say “toothpaste” but in fact, it isn’t a paste at all; it’s a tablet.


Regardless what class you fly, you’ll never get a phenomenal night’s sleep while travelling and uncomfortable sleep will usually lead to an uncomfortable awakening. Packing toothpaste whether in your carry-on or checked luggage is always a pain, you either risk it bursting in your luggage and if you’re not planning to check your luggage – you’re going to have to specifically find a tiny tube which is under the liquid allowance of the airport you’re flying out from. However, Lush have created the answer to all our woes with their latest line of Toothy tabs!

With a 22 hour flight on the horizon, our travel team packed their sample bottles in their carry-ons and were off down under.

Waking up from a very uncomfortable night’s sleep in a middle seat, it was time for an in-flight refresh. I took the ‘Boom’ and ‘Oral Pleasure’ tabs with me. According to the package, one tab is enough however for the sake of the review I wanted to try more of a variety. The tablets are really small but they sure pack a punch. Chewing on the ‘Boom!’ tab, which is infused with powdered charcoal, gunpowder tea, pepper oil and ground chilli, it made for a strangely pleasant brushing sensation to experience first thing. The spicy cola felt like a black of freshness inside my mouth and the packaging did not lie, one tab was truly enough to leave me feeling refreshed and awake for the rest of my journey.

After checking in, it was time to try out the humorously named ‘Oral Pleasure’ tabs. I found the taste was more sweet and far more subtle than the ‘Boom’ tabs. If you’re not one for the big burst of spice, then this flavour would be more up your street. The sweeter taste of passion fruit and electric daisies made for a soothing brush which was great for a just before bed. Both tabs dissolved after a few bites and despite it seeming like a new fangled idea – the act of brushing isn’t too dissimilar to using conventional toothpaste. 

While we primarily planned to focus this review of the uses while in transit, we actually found the tabs very useful throughout the trip and even at home. Throughout summer I packed the tabs on my way to festivals, overnight hikes and even packed them in my “keep fresh” kit for Fashion week. I can recount times previously at all of these where my toothpaste has managed to leak and stain my handbags and other luggage but with these, I was safe from such threats.

In short, we loved the toothy tabs for at home and away! With the added bonus of the toothy tabs being vegan and using natural ingredients, we couldn’t recommend them enough. For more information head over to Lush.com


Picture Credit: Lush.com


FAULT Travel’s Carry-on Beauty Essentials

Travelling is great, but when you have to start packing your beauty products the question often arises, “should I take a second suitcase or not?” Here are some essential 2-in-1 solutions that can’t go amiss when packing for your next getaway. Remember, if the base is good, the rest will look good too. My advice, don’t skimp on good skincare products when you’re travelling!

 LQ Liquid Health Supplements

 LQ Liquid Health Supplements

These little bottles will ensure your skin looks healthy and complement your healthy diet with minerals and vitamins that will have you coming back from holiday with a fresh and rested glow. With ingredients such as marine collagen, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and zinc, you’re sure your skin is receiving the right care.

My personal favourite is the fact they included turmeric, a spice used in Ayurvedic medicine and finally starting to be recognised for all the benefits it has. And above it all, the orange flavouring is on point!

Rubis Tweezers

One thing that cannot be missing in a lady’s beauty case is a pair of glamorous tweezers. Let’s be real, tweezers are tweezers and they will probably do the job the same as any other high-value pair. Does it being Swiss-made make them as precise as Swiss clocks? Maybe. However, by picking the Rubis Tweezers you can show off your great taste and eye for marvelously constructed beauty essentials.  They are great quality and they look amazing with the cute little pouch to put them away in. A great investment indeed.

 Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

One thing you cannot do enough off when travelling is moisturising. It’s definitely a daily requirement when exposing your face to the UV rays we sadly miss out on in the UK. I’m always a sucker for French beauty products because they always seem to deliver even if they seem simple and under engineered. Don’t be fooled, they always have the exact right amount of ingredients that leaves your skin just the way you like it. Applied lightly, this moisturiser expertly nourishes your skin and will leave your face looking and feeling well-hydrated. It’s a great feeling after a long haul flight or long holiday outings. A thin layer is more than sufficient, however, if you feel your skin is a bit more thirsty, maybe after a long flight apply a thicker layer and use it as an intense mask overnight. To top it all off, the smell reminds me of warm summer nights along the French riviera.

Transformulas – Line filler & Hydration Gold

With all the anti-ageing products on the market, you might get the impression you need to start using wrinkle cremes the moment you turn 25. The founder of Transformulas agrees that there are way too many products out there and unless you know which ingredients really work, you might end up buying 5 different products in the hopes of defying age. Transfhormulas tries to pack everything in one working with scientist and constantly improving the formula. The Linefiller is applied before your make up in the morning, just apply it with the handy wand and wait for it to dry, give your skin the time to soak up all the gel. You can also apply it at night before you apply your night creme and you will soon see that your skin around the eye area is smoother and plumper.

In summer time we all want to look our best and look radiant, especially in all our photos and selfies. One way of helping your selfies glow (without the use of tired snapchat filters) is to hydrate your skin with a creme that contains some glitter. Transfhormulas took this concept up a level by adding 23 carat gold to an anti-ageing creme. This is a great all in one product, it will hydrate your face, it will make you look radiant and emphasise your new tan and to top it all off, it will slow the appearance of wrinkles a  little while longer. Pro tip, if you’re like me and can’t leave the house without any foundation, mix the creme in with your foundation instead of adding it on top.

 Monsoon – Rose Gold

When on holiday having a great summer scent that goes with a relaxed atmosphere and enhances the feeling of being out of the daily routine. Monsoon’s Rose Gold perfume will do just that. The scent is light, but it will linger long enough so that you actually catch some whiffs of it hours after having applied it, which is quite rare for such delicate scents. You don’t need to constantly reapply, which means the small format will be more than enough to slip in your suitcase and last you.

Lord & Berry – Crayon Lipstick

This brand from Milan knows how to make great lip products. These pencils apply as easily as a regular lip stick, but with the point, it makes it much more precise in application. No need to carry extra lip products or brushes on holiday, with this one product you’re good to go and if you bring 2 shades you can change your day make-up to a night look, swapping over the nude Allure colour to Dangerous Red. It’s definitely going to get you noticed.

Words: Astrid Verstraete

FAULT Travel: Moderat, Gunnar Haslam and Copenhagen.

We flew into Copenhagen with a sense of excitement at the weekends activities ahead. A night of electronic delights at Culture Box club a government backed club (David Cameron please take note!) and then a Sunday night with Moderat at Vega which has played host to greats such as Bowie, Prince and Bjork to name but just a few.


We headed for dinner at Fiskebar (www.fiskebaren.dk) in the Meatpacking district, spot on cocktails, craft beers and beautiful mostly fish (obviously) small plates put together by head chef Jamie Lee who trained under Jason Atherton in London. Service is on point and the busy, bustling atmosphere made for a great warm up for our night in the Danish capital.


Just a few metres up the road is Warpigs (www.warpigs.dk), a cavernous metal/rock brew pub. They just so happened to be having their own birthday party that night and giving away 1000 beers, so we timed it perfectly! At the far end of Meatpacking is the always lively and one of the originals bars of the district ‘Jolene’. Free to get in and full to the rafters, great sound system and a disco/house set being played to a young and unpretentious crowd. We danced, we drank we were merry and we were also set up very nicely for the main event…

Gunnar Haslam is a New York based D.j/producer, if you like all things electronic, minimal and oh so very danceable then this is your bag. Having just released his 3rd LP Lebesque Measures and new floor smashing singles ‘Sirenik’ and ‘Hellegat’ on the Athabaskan Languages EP Gunnar is a hell of busy guy and his set didn’t disappoint. Flowing effortlessly through waves of sounds almost film set landscapes but with a driving kick drum that kept a pulsating room of international ravers dancing all night. Culture box is dark, sweaty and loud, perfect for the rhythms of electronica. Hats off to Gunnar it was a great a set, Culture Box ticked all the right boxes for a forward thinking club of this nature.

Having got home whilst the sun was rising above beautiful Copenhagen we did what all fine British people did and carried on drinking at the hotel before crashing and burning until the next afternoon where we arose to get ready for Moderat at Vega.

Moderat  of course made up of Modeselektor members Sebastian Szary and Gernot Bronsert and Apparat artist Sascha Ring. Unless you have had your head in the sand for the last few years you would know these guys are hotter than a white poker right now. Tickets for all their European tour gigs sold out in minutes, we were very lucky indeed to witness the kings  of electronica take to the stage to the adoring masses gathered in this 1500 capacity but intimate venue.

Sacha’s vocals combined with a one of the best light shows I’ve witnessed in a while were the perfect accompaniment to all the boys hits, they played them all here. The techno crafted ‘A new error’ floor pounding ‘Milk’ and current favourite ‘Reminder’ were all superbly performed. Five songs for an encore is enough to send even the most hard fans home happy so finishing on the classic ‘Bad Kingdom’ did just that.

Waking up on Monday still gushing over the Moderat set and feeling like we hadn’t eaten for an eternity we took a sunny stroll to Torvehallerne food market (www.torvehallernekbh.dk). An infinite amount of deliciousness housed all under a giant glass framework. Tortillas by an ex Noma chef, Prosecco and Charcuterie to follow, Smorgasbord, Coffee and Juices (the hangover special went down well) were our other pit stops they seem to have a stall for everyone and we were so full a lie down in the park and a little bit of Danish sun on our faces before we made the return journey to London. Thank you Moderat, Gunnar and Copenhagen (I think we LOVE you).

Words: LXN Collective


LXN WAY OUT WEST FESTIVAL We arrived in Gothenburg on Thursday to blue skies and an excited air about the city, undoubtedly influenced by Way Out West.


A short coach ride from the airport brought the LXN team to the city, where we stopped for a quick coffee and pizza at Da Matteo before heading to Slottsskogen, our “home” for the next few days. Although we chose to walk everywhere there were regular trams that stopped right outside of the park, making it super easy when travelling between the festival and your accommodation, as WOW doesn’t have camping onsite. We found a great apartment through Airbnb and actually enjoyed staying in the city as it meant we could explore more!


It took us a while to get used to the festival rules… there were certain areas that you couldn’t eat or drink in, and there was a pretty strict system set up around the site to implement this. But we quickly learned where the “bar areas” were and made it through the rest of the weekend just fine we assume this was to control litter as we all know what a monday morning looks like at Glastonbury. Something else we had to get used to was the food! Swedes seem to be much more health conscious than us Brits so food trucks weren’t selling the greasy festival feasts that we were used to; menus were mainly focused around tofu!


We spent Thursday exploring the festival grounds, checking out everyone’s style and enjoying the Briska cider, but our weekend really kicked off on Friday during Caribou’s set in the Linné tent! For just over an hour we, alongside everyone else around us, forgot that it was a bright summer’s day outside, and got lost in Caribou’s music. Each song was greeted with an excited roar from the crowd, and we were both surprised and flattered by Snaith’s overwhelmed reaction to this response. We left feeling excited and inspired, ready to enjoy the rest of our time in Sweden.


Other highlights included watching ‘Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck’ in the film tent, Pet Shop Boys – who put on one hell of a performance and pretty much had the entire festival dancing – Future Islands, The War on Drugs, Alt –J and Dorisburg. Following Dorisburg’s set on the Saturday night, Nadja Chatti brought our three days of fun to an end with an epic DJ set in the pouring rain. Dorisburg joined Chatti at the decks as Midnight hit and smiling, carefree faces were all around us, dripping wet from the rain. A net of lasers overhead illuminated everyone and everything in vibrant washes of light and when we looked up, the raindrops looked like glitter as they hit the light. The music pounded and we all excitedly danced until suddenly, the lights went off and we were plunged into silence.


Way Out West was clean and friendly with great vibes and a diverse lineup, we had a blast! Gothenburg itself is a beautiful city and well worth a visit; there are great restaurants, bars, galleries and museums and if you head to the outskirts there are some amazing walks and views. www.wayoutwest.se/en

Lights of Soho art gallery launches open call for submissions

Lights of Soho open submissionDo you want in to London’s hot new art gallery and members’ lounge? Are you an artist looking to show your work? Lights of Soho have announced their first open call for submissions for their next show, guest curated by renowned light artist Robert Montgomery.

The new show ‘Signs That Say What You Want Them To Say…’ will be a showcase of up-and-coming artists working with the medium of light at the gallery who has exhibited work by Tracey Emin, Gavin Turk, Chris Bracey and Robert Montgomery since it opened in May.

Hamish Jenkinson, Curator at Lights of Soho said, “With this show, I’m hoping that we can reach artists who are well into their craft or just discovering it. I’d like to show young artists that art is a democratic experience and that they too can be featured in a London gallery.”

Lights of Soho art gallery

Lights of Soho © Dave Hogan

The show has been named after a 1992 photo series by conceptual artist Gillian Wearing titled ‘Signs That Say What You Want Them To Say, And Not Signs That Say What Someone Else Wants You To Say’ which also explored themes of democracy in art and communication.

The previous shows, ‘City Lights’ and ‘The Art of Burning Man’, have mixed high profile artists with the newest creative talent. The gallery’s dedication to emerging artists, in addition to its members’ bar which is a meeting hub for London’s creative community, is fast making Lights of Soho one of the most exciting venues in the capital.

Ahead of the open submission show, Lights of Soho will also be hosting a three day pop up exhibition ‘Ignis Fatuus: Dreams & Delusions’, curated by Mehta Bell Projects to mark the opening of Start Art Fair and also featuring a selection of budding talent from the contemporary art world. The pop up will run from 11th to 13th Setpember.

Light artists can submit images and details of their work for the open submission show by emailing open@lightsofsoho.com before 14th September. Successful artists will be notified by 19th September and will win a membership to Lights of Soho as well as their work included in the show. For more information visit www.lightsofsoho.com/open.

‘Signs That Say What You Want Them To Say…’ will run from 8th October until 21st November.


FAULT MAGAZINE at Fresh Island Festival



Croatia is beautiful. This is the first thing that hits you when you arrive on the Island of Pag- it hits you straight in the face and stays with you, amplifying every pool party, every frozen cocktail, every world class hip-hop artist, every boat party, every nae-nae, dougie and whip you think you’re executing with perfection amongst the other attendees of Fresh Island Festival.!

Traveling the beaten road from Split airport to Zcre Beach, one can’t help but think why on earth would the locals would let so many young people come to the Island of Pag every year to party endlessly for 3 months on their stunning island. Fresh Island Festival falls nicely in mid-July among the relentless lineup of festivals set in Zcre Beach, and the answer is actually quite simple. The festival-tourism business is their biggest industry and they are delighted to accommodate it. So before you get bored with the economics of the Island of Pag and skip to the juicy parts, let me just relay the locals are extremely accommodating, going off their way to share their beautiful Island with their visitors, and this adds to the festival experience ten-fold. !


The Fresh Island lineup boasted so many big acts, and because of the simplicity of the layout (along a beach strip of several purpose-built clubs), we got to see pretty much all of them. !

The first evening we saw the amazing Joey Badass in club Papaya (definitely the better of venues). Backed by the awesome Statik Selektah, he spat out tune after tune from his 2015 album B4.DA$$. This was such an exciting start to the festival. We quickly ran over to Aquarius (another of the venues hosting the festival) to catch Danny Brown. What can we say! Hearing the intro of “Grown Up” blast over the crowd was truly amazing. Despite being quite late, and crazy as ever, Danny absolutely nailed every song and lived up to his ever- e!entertaining persona. He made an abrupt exit in search of Molly.!

What became apparent was how shocked all the performers were at the crowd appreciation. It seemed a lot of them thought they were flying out to a small festival where they may or may not be known very well, and would perform and get on with it. Performer after performer revelled in the high energy levels of the crowd, and the musical knowledge of hip- hop and r!ap they had stored for months and years to release in these magical few days.!


When we arrived to board the Faded Boat party the next day, little did we know this would be a highlight of Fresh Island we would never forget. Setting sail at 5pm and travelling out far enough, not to disturb the locals of Novaljia, this is definitely a must for anyone attending. Sweating it up in the queue to board is certainly worth the wait. Sipping on Gin’n’Juice as the sun sets, while dancing to Faded DJs was just too fun. Jam Masters, Shorty Bless and Melody Kane were the captains of this boat and provided a mix of old school garage, classic hip-hop, afrobeat and bashment. It was our pleasure to hang with Melody after and we luckily got to catch another of her sets at a pool party the next day. We couldn’t help but wish the line-up offered more in the way of female performers and DJs, not for equality’s sake, but because of the omitted talent. Little Simz, Princess Nokia, Siobhan Bell and Tink amongst others, could have sat nicely with the other big names, and provided a less singularly gendered lineup, which couldn’t help but go unnoticed.!


Action Bronson was another highlight for us, making it out to almost every corner of the crowd, disregarding security and playing everything we wanted to hear. Pusha T provided an A class performance and had a strong following within the attendees, especially amongst the older crew, and the American audience.!

Skepta’s cancellation was a bit of a travesty for the many Londoners attending the festival, but with a quick mix around, and a few apology notices, the organisers did well to secure his younger brother JME who was repping Boy Better Know and London. When he burst out onto the stage wearing a Nasir Mazhar coat, the sleep-deprived crowd instantly got their energy

levels up and he was everything what everyone wanted to hear on the final night of the festival in Kalypso. What a way to end three days of sun, fun and musical goodness!
What made this festival even more enjoyable for us was the crowd. Everyone was there to have a good time and to showcase their own unique style in sunshine. !

Words & Photography LXN