Isle of Wight Festival 2018: review and pictures

As the Isle of Wight festival 2018 celebrated its 50th anniversary, the sun shone as golden as the glittery glad rags parading around the festival field…and we got our cameras out:

Isle of Wight festival 2018: Friday

Grooving on the main stage Nile Rodgers and Chic performed a flawless performance that fired out hit and hit and got the fans on their feet. While the Big Top tent saw Bedford boy Tom Grennan cause a storm on stage and solidifying his status as one of the hottest sounds of 2018.

Friday night came to a close with Kasabian performing a by the book performance that saw the band belt out tune after tune suited for the main stage, Chase and Status caused chaos as fans piled into the Big Top tent desperate to dance into the early hours of the night.

Tom Grennnan @ Isle of Wight Festival 2018 - FAULT Magazine

Tom Grennan performs on the Big Top stage at Isle of Wight Festival 2018


The sun continued to shine though out Saturday as areas such as the Old Mout Cider Kiwi Camp kept things cool with their delicious array of ciders and light entertainment like Disco Yoga and Rockaoke.

Brit award winner James Bay was back trading in his trademark hat for slick back hair and riffs galore as he jammed on stage to his follow up album Electric Light. While man of the hour Liam Gallagher pulled in a sizeable crowd and belted out Oasis classics such as Rock n Roll Star and Supersonic that proved to be still some of greatest songs ever written, the downside being a shared stage and not having the time to truly shine.

Sigrid at Isle of Wight Festival 2018 - FAULT Magazine

Sigrid at Isle of Wight Festival 2018


Sunday saw Sheryl Crow keep things light and breezy while Cuban-born Camila Cabello gave a scorching performance that added a little heat to the already blistering day – although it was arguably a little tepid compared to that of the England team. Spirits were raised as high as the English flags waving through the sky when the England vs Panama result began to ripple through the raucous crowds, convincing everyone present that football was truly coming home.

It was a welcome return for Sam Duckworth – aka Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly – to the stage as he was supported by a full band that helped transform previous electro-experimental efforts into a vibrant array of melodic splendour. The full ensemble breathed new life into his debut album The Chronicles Of A Bohemian Teenager, sounding as fresh as it did back in 2006.

Norwegian pop sensation Sigrid unfortunately felt the strain of technical difficulties eating into her allotted time by an extra half hour, but was welcomed by an sympathetic crowd filling out the Big Top tent before rushing off to see headline act The Killers take to the main stage.

The Las Vegas band pulled no punches as their perfect blend of indie rock and bruised Americana with a Springsteen-esque twang attracted multiple generations to the main stage. Spectators witnessed a dazzling performance accompanied by festival fireworks soaring almost as high as the bands brilliant finale Mr Brightside, proving that Isle of Wight is one of the biggest and brightest festivals around.

The Isle of Wight Festival 2018 celebrating its 50 year anniversary - FAULT Magazine

The Isle of Wight Festival 2018 was celebrating its 50 year anniversary


Keep tabs on tickets for next year’s Isle of Wight Festival here: www.isleofwightfestival.com


Words and photos by Jack Lloyd

FAULT speaks to Drax Project about opening for Ed Sheeran, busking, and going platinum

Words: Aimee Phillips
Photos: Jack Alexander


Hailing from New Zealand, Drax Project – comprised of Shaan Singh (main vocal, saxophone), Matt Beachen (drums), Sam Thomson (bass) and Ben O’Leary (guitar) – are ones to watch. Their fun, pop-jazz fusion music has already led to a platinum record in NZ with ‘Woke Up Late’, from their EP Noon.

FAULT sat down with the four-piece after their support gig for Camila Cabello in London to talk about their journey, writing bad (and good songs), and taking it all in.


Tell me about your journey – how did you get to where you are today?

Shaan: We started off busking, playing covers on drums and sax. Then we decided to add a bass player, Sam, and Ben on guitar. Then we started writing our own songs. We were doing shows but hardly any of the songs were originals.


Do you still have any of those first original songs in your set now?

All: No! No those are long gone!

Shaan: The development process for writing songs was very different then to what it is now.

Matt: We still know how to play it, I’m sure.

Sam: Song’s come and go.

Ben: We write a lot of bad songs! [laughs]

And some pretty good ones… ‘Woke Up Late’ went platinum in just four months.

Shaan: Since that song came out, stuff has really started taking off for us. We were able to start doing music full time.

Ben: We got some massive opening slots off that song.


You opened for Lorde and Ed Sheeran in New Zealand last year. That must have been amazing! How did it feel to play to such a huge audience?

Matt: Ed Sheeran was massive. Something like two or four percent of New Zealand was there. 120,000 people.

Sam: I think it was good for us because it was the first time we’d really had a full team. We spent a lot of time practicing to do as well as we could. It helped that we had three nights as well.


So by the third night the novelty had slightly worn off?

Shaan: The first night we couldn’t even comprehend it but by the last show, we were like, I never want to get off the stage.

Matt: We were pretty sad for a few days afterwards because it was such a big high and there was such a big lead up to it.

Sam: Social media went crazy after that. People knew the song but hadn’t really known who we were.

Ben: The Lorde gig was the first show we played after ‘Just Woke Up’ came out. As soon as we started playing, the crowd went wild.


How important do you think it is for emerging artists to busk?

Matt: I wouldn’t say it’s very important, but it definitely helped us in crafting ourselves as a live band before we became recording artists.

Ben: It definitely helped the way we approach playing a set. With busking, if people didn’t like what they were hearing, you wouldn’t get any money. People wouldn’t’ stop and listen.

Matt: For us, it’s all about the audience and we want people to have a great time dancing to us live.


What are you up to at the moment?

Matt: We’ve just released a five-track EP called Noon. We’re supporting Camila on tour [her Never Be The Same tour] around Europe. Then we’re gonna head back to LA and do some more writing.

Shaan: We’ve got some of our own shows and a festival in America. We’re not back in New Zealand until August.

Sam: We’ve been working towards this sort of thing for quite a long time and hoping that we would get to this point. It doesn’t feel like we’re unprepared.


The band was born out of jazz school. How much influence does your training have on your style now?

Shaan: Jazz is all-encompassing. I think all of us feel comfortable with our instruments. Even though we don’t play jazz or write jazz music right now, it gave us the comfort to know how to perform.

Sam: Wellington is known for having a really good music scene, though. There’s gigs going on all the time. You could walk down Cuba Street any night of the week and there would be four bands playing.


What are your FAULTs?

Shaan: I’d say our perfectionism is both our fault and our blessing.

Ben: Matt snores!

Sam: We argue over things that don’t matter like snare sounds.

Matt: Maybe that there’s four of us and we don’t know how to make a decision? [laughs]



FAULT Weekly Playlist: Aaron Taos

NYC indie pop upstart and dreamboat Aaron Toas continues the stride towards the release of his upcoming EP “Night Thoughts” with an irresistible new number ” Voodoo.” As the track title suggests, it’s supernaturally captivating.

We asked Aaron to put together a playlist of current songs he’s jamming to. Take a listen below!

Octavian – Party Here
This track is just a banger. I swear to god I’ve listened to it like 100 times. It’s such a minimal beat which gives his voice a lot of room to play. When it switches tempo like halfway through is gold.

King Princess – 1950
Lil KP is my homie. I met her a couple years ago at an ASCAP writing thing and knew immediately she was special. Her voice is just so distinct. I’m so happy for her that Mark Ronson signed her as the first artist on his new label – she’s gonnna be huuuuuge!

Bahamas – Bad Boys Need Love To
I’m a pretty big Bahamas fan – and I feel like some of the music I’m making is in his lane: sorta indie roots with some hip/hop influences. The hook on this one is just so simple to the point, but so catchy. The way Felicity sings it too is just so sexy.

Topaz Jones – ZOOM
Topaz is a friend of mine and lives near by in Brooklyn. He’s so talented. He hadn’t put much out in 2017, so I was really stoked when this thing came through in early 2018. He does a great job of mixing his funk influences with current hip/hop stuff. This one is just a JAM.

Still Woozy – Goodie Bag
This song is such a vibe. Perfect blend of this bedroom pop movement mixed with some serious funk/pop instrumentation and vocals. Honestly though it just feels good. Love the Wah Bass and how the production switches up so frequently. Shoutout to my homie Connor who put me on to this.

Drake – Diplomatic Immunity
Drake is my favorite artist of the last couple years. Everything he puts out is quality – he makes it look so easy. I love God’s Plan of course, but this track is Drake at his best. He’s got real gems in this verse.

Sheck Wes – Mo Bamba
Man, this song grew on me. I can’t get it out of my head. The repetition is key here, just a turn up modern classic.

Lancey – Foux
My friend Cam put me on to Lancey. He’s a new dude out of London. Fucking fire. This song has the catchiness of a Playboi Carti track beat, but his vocals are what stand out to me. The British accent will always get me.

Albert Hammond Jr. – Muted Beatings
I’m a HARDCORE Strokes fan – the Arctic Monkeys and them will always be my favorite. I was really impressed by this whole album by Albert. It’s got the real straightforward guitar strumming that I love out of the Strokes, but with his own spin

Japanese Breakfast – Road Head
I’m a little late to the game on Japanese Breakfast, but man, I’ve listened to this song so many times. The mix of the downtempo nature of the track with her somewhat jarring first couple lyrics really drew me in… and kept me coming back for more.

Isle of Wight Festival 2018 starts tomorrow!

This year, FAULT will be sporting our finest glittery glad rags to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Isle of Wight Festival 2018. Guaranteed to be a cracking year and soundtracked by none other than FAULT Issue 27 cover star Liam Gallagher, along with The Killers, Kasabian and Depeche Mode.

Isle of Wight Festival 2018 lineup

Every year Isle of Wight continues to bring some of the best live music around! With the likes of Manic Street Preachers, Nile Rodgers, Rita Ora and Chase and Status also making an appearance, there’s guaranteed to be an act for all to enjoy.

And of course, it’s not all about the music, Isle of Wight is also a fantastic opportunity to unwind and get stuck in to some fine dining. With a huge variety of food stalls on offer at the Octopus’ Garden, you’ll be able to experience a range of culinary delights.

With the Old Mout Cider Kiwi Camp back for a second year, they’ll also be providing plenty of entertainment with Disco Yoga, Rockaoke and much more, running all day and night.

Or, if you want to just kick back on the sofa swing and take it all in. The bar will be fully stocked with that crisp, cold, fruity stuff that Old Mout make so well.

We’re most excited to see James Bay return to the stage to perform his blistering follow up album Electric Light, along with The Killers belting out some familiar stadium-sized hits and Liam Gallagher adding some swagger to the stage.

Liam Gallagher is headlining the Isle of Wight Festival 2018 (Saturday 23rd June)

Liam Gallagher is headlining the Isle of Wight Festival 2018 (Saturday 23rd June)

There will also be a range of awesome indie tunes being blasted out This Feeling, the UK’s best club for future rock and roll, which is making a welcome return and bringing with it to the stage Hey Charlie, Avalanche Party and many more – all of which gives this year’s Isle of Wight a real edge in the UK top festival stakes!


Visit the Isle of Wight festival website for more details: isleofwightfestival.com

Words: Jack Lloyd

FAULT in conversation with Warpaint’s Theresa ‘TT’ Wayman

Words: Jennifer Parkes


Have you heard of TT? The moniker may not be too familiar right now, but you’re almost certain to know of Theresa Wayman, founding member of iconic indie rock band Warpaint, and otherwise known as TT.


While the group’s psychedelic dream pop has enticed and entranced fans for the past 14 years, last month saw Wayman release her own offering, LoveLaws, under her two-lettered alter-ego. But this is no band break-up – Warpaint shows no signs of slowing down, with several tour dates in the diary for 2018. FAULT caught up with Wayman in between shows to talk more about her debut solo offering, the challenges facing women in the music industry, and dream festival line-ups…


So, you’ve just released a solo album, which is pretty exciting! What made you decide to do that alongside Warpaint?

I just needed to be expressing more than I can do in Warpaint; it’s been 14 years being in a collaborative process, and I wanted to experience being on my own and having more control.


Did you approach this album differently at all to how you approach creating an album as a band? What were the challenges in that?

I didn’t have to do it in any specific timeframe, so I was able to indulge myself and question things more. It was scary to do that at times, and I worried I would never make it to the end – sometimes it seemed like I could keep questioning forever, but I figured it out!


You examine love and relationships in a number of ways across different tracks, but I’m also intrigued by the album’s title ‘LoveLaws’ – how did that come to be?

I thought of that title as a good concept to build an album from. I was feeling ruled by love and romance, and also seeing love as being a fundamental of life in so many ways. It seemed important to write about it.


Who would you say your influences have been, both in your own music and as a band? 

First and foremost, my music is always influenced by my emotions and mood. I tend to go into starting a song feeling blind, like I have no idea what will come out of me until I see it on the page. But then I start to hone it and let influences in, like Al Green, Sade or Trip Hop like Portishead and Massive Attack. Also current artists like King Krule, Rihanna and Adele, and that song ‘Get Free’ by Major Lazer.


How do you feel Warpaint’s sound has developed over the last 14 years?

I think Warpaint has gone in many directions over the years; we’re becoming more concise with our arrangements and clearer in what we’re saying. We used to jam a lot and write together in a room, but we did less of that on this last album – I think we’re into the idea of going back to that again, just because that old way now seems like something new and different.



It’s impressive that, as an all-female four-piece, Warpaint has stood the test of time in a notoriously misogynistic industry – how have you dealt with challenges that you’ve faced over the years in this respect? 

I think there’s more freedom in the indie-rock world for a girl band to exist, and not feel as much pressure and expectation to be something appealing to men. I think that’s a lot more common in the pop world.


I’ve generally felt very welcomed by our male peers, although there are times I’ve felt excluded from “the boys club”, like I can’t be a part of some technical conversation or ask questions. But I think the guys that act like that are the most insecure, and ultimately want to exclude women just because they just don’t know how to talk to them or don’t feel attractive to them.


Are there any new artists that you’re into at the moment you think we should keep an ear out for?

Kali Uchis, who I’m sure you’ve already heard of! And Dick Stusso – he’s from Oakland, he’s a really great singer/guitar player/overall musician, and he’s self-produced.


You guys have a few tour dates  over summer, including playing at All Points East Festival – are there any bands you happened to catch while you were there, or at other festivals?

Yes! War On Drugs at All Points East, and I saw Bjork and Fever Ray at Primavera – they were absolutely incredible!


If you were to host a festival, anywhere in time and space, what would your dream location and line-up be? 

Probably on the beach somewhere in the Caribbean. It would be Bjork from the Homogenic tour, so that she’s playing songs from debut and post too, with Portishead, Nirvana, Al Green, Kendrick Lamar, Fever Ray, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, and Bob Dylan playing all my favourite songs from over the years (I would get to choose)… the list could really go on and on!


Lastly, something we ask all of our guests, what is your FAULT?

I can be really stubborn and not let things go, and I always need to be right. I’m working on it!


LoveLaws is available to buy now – visit ttlovelaws.com for more info.


FAULT Weekly Playlist: Chores

New Zealand duo Chores offers up summery feel-good dance treats, the latest being their single “Vampire Teeth.” It’s sure to put some pep in your step before the weekend. Of the song, Chores says “Vampire Teeth” is a metaphor about the girl that you wished you loved, but it feels more like you own her.

We asked the guys to put together a playlist of some of the songs they have on repeat. You’ll find quite a few Aussies and New Zealand dance music stalwarts like Rufus Du Sol, Peking Duk and more. Listen in below!

Matthew Young – Fix Me Up

Mathew Young – this guy has been a hidden gem in NZ for a while, just released his first EP and this is the best track on the EP, got that smooth modern RnB vibe.

Rufus Du Sol – No Place

Rufus or Rufus Du Sol is one of the best bands in the world. Constantly pushing boundaries, always hitting the mark. These guys never miss the mark.

Oscar Key Sung – Simple Luv

Oscar Key Sung is Melbourne based RnB singer/songwriter. Been a huge fan of his for a while, and while all his stuff is amazing, his newest stuff is his best yet!

Benson & ZOLLY – Hold Out

Benson is a legend, amazing producer, nicest dude but also one of the funniest people in the music industry. This new single with Zolly is his strongest work yet, we actually have a remix of this coming out soon.

Jordan Burns – Buy My Love

I love any quality house music backing track with full vocals and thats exactly what this number is from Jordan Burns. Again another Australian, there is so much quality coming from here.

Golden Features – Worship

If Rufus is one of our favourite bands, then Golden Features is one of our favourite producers. His dark and rugged sound is so unique and unlike anyone else. The fact his new album he is utilising vocalists is just a bonus. Cant wait to hear the rest of the album.

Set Mo – Fault Lines

Set Mo are releasing a song a month every month at the moment. Some of them are deep club cuts and the others are vocal heavy radio tracks like this. However, all of them are amazing. This is my favourite so far.

Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa & ZHU – One Kiss

I love how innovative Zhu is, whether he’s doing an original, a remix, or in this case he’s doing a remix and then sings his own parts in sections. His production is always slick, and his voice is something else.

Peking Duk – Wasted

Peking duk are one of the most exciting acts in the country. Their live show is something else, we just saw them in Melbourne and then in NYC within two weeks. We are always referencing these guys in the studio and this track is our personal favourite at the moment.

ODESZA – All We Need (feat. Shy Girls)

One more dance/rnb track. This is a classic, love Shy Girls vocals and Odesza’s production is a given how world class it is.


[PREMIERE] Listen to Origami’s blissful new single “Back To California”

California upstart Origami’s new single “Back To California” shares the promise of warm weather and poolside escape. A slick synth loop sets the tone as smooth vocals and a funky beat take center stage to unleash their magic on a laid-back groove. Not much is known about Origami right now but the excitement is sure to rise as he’s set to release several singles over the rest of the year.

Take a listen below!


Rhys Lewis – From tour to studio with FAULT Magazine

Photography: Jack Alexander 

Words: Miles Holder

Late last year we caught up with Rhys Lewis  on his European tour, finished with his critically acclaimed tour, we were recently treated to new music in the form of single ‘No Right To Love You’. The heartbreaking tune encapsulates exactly why Rhys’ artistry in songwriting is so beloved; it’s intimate, he’s vulnerable and when performed live, it captures everyone in the room. Now back in the studio, no doubt working on even more hits, we caught up with Rhys to discuss his writing process, touring and all things FAULT.


You’ve just come off a whirlwind tour, what’s this stage of being a performer like for you? Are you in a rush to get back into the studio or will you be taking it slow?

Yeah, I’ve definitely got a case of ‘tour blues’ but I’m in a great place at the minute. I’ve never felt more confident and comfortable walking out on stage as I have the past few weeks whilst touring. You get into a rhythm playing the same set every night, you start to discover new ways of playing the songs, small moments that you can turn into something more memorable. And having the band behind me is really special for me, they are all way better musicians than I am so I’ve felt quite inspired playing with them every night.

But it’s been straight back to the studio for me. Finishing off some songs I started working on before the tour, and writing some new ones! The album is pretty much written but I feel like I’m writing the best stuff I’ve ever written at the minute so it’s hard to commit to 12 songs when I’m still in a bit of a zone creatively.


What tour dates really surprised you? Were there any dates which just didn’t go how you expected for the better?

They all did to be honest! I couldn’t believe how many people showed up to the shows, in quite random places too. We played lots of small Dutch towns and I was really worried we were going to be playing to a lot of empty rooms, but I was overwhelmed by the support, felt like my first proper tour in that respect! Highlights would be Rotown in Rotterdam and the last show of the European tour in Paris!


Any that went worse?

Belgium was the only show that was a bit though. I had a lot of sound issues on stage that were not there in soundcheck for some reason. It really put me off and I made so many mistakes, probably not that noticeable but once I’d lost focus I found it hard to enjoy annoyingly. Only about 80 showed up and it was rather large room so it didn’t look great either haha, but probs for the best considering I didn’t play so well…!


Do you do much writing on tour? Some artists like to switch off and split their performing and writing time and others like to do both at the same time, which one Arte you?

This tour I didn’t do any writing actually, we didn’t have much time off and when we did we all just needed to chill or do laundry (rock and roll…). The drives on this tour were filled with crosswords and Mariokart on the Nintendo switch. But on previous tours without the band I’ve had a lot of time on my own and I do really enjoy writing when I’m in that kind of situation. Being in new places every day you end up thinking quite differently, and the perspective you have on your own life changes. So I’ve found writing quite rewarding on tour when I’ve got more time by myself. I actually wrote Reason To Hate You and Bad Timing on the last support tour I did.


Some of your music is really heart-wrenching like ‘Be Your Man’ and ‘Reason To Hate You’ have really piercing messages, are they written from personal experiences?

Yeah sorry, they are both quite depressing songs! They were both written from personal experience, although I borrowed some emotion for Reason To Hate You from a friend who was going through something similar at the time. I told him about the song and he opened up about what he was going through and it really helped me get deeper into the sentiment of the song.


If so, how do you cope with singing about your lowest moments over and over again on tour?

It’s a very odd feeling. There are a few songs that are so personal that when I’m singing them I feel almost a bit embarrassed or vulnerable. But the writing process is actually quite cathartic, and by the time the song is out it’s not as raw or as painful a feeling as it was when I was writing. So I’d be lying if I said I still connected to the emotion of those songs every single night. Sometimes I really feel every word, other times I’m worrying about something random or my mind is miles away and I’m wondering what time lobby call is tomorrow morning. I try to stay present and connect with the songs and the crowd as much as I can, but I found this tour that some shows I just didn’t, for one reason or another, fall into that zone and lose myself in the performance. Maybe it’s partly because those songs are so emotionally draining when I do connect with them.


What else do you have planned for the rest of 2018?

Festivals, another tour, some time with family and friends, a few writing trips and maybe a holiday. I need to start learning to drive too, one of my New Years resolutions was to pass my driving test. Still not even booked a lesson…here’s to 2019…


What is your FAULT?

I think too much.