Victorious Festival | Pre-Coverage

Victorious FestivalFAULT isn’t giving up on the summer yet – it’s not over until the last Bestival act sings! There’s plenty more festivals to fit in until then too and next weekend we’re heading to Victorious on Southsea Seafront.

With party-banging headliners like Basement Jaxx, Tinnie Tempah and Ella Eyre, as well as some rock legends including The Darkness and Ray Davies of The Kinks over two days, this festival has attracted big names for only its fourth year. It has also made the shortlist for the AIM Independent Music Awards Golden Welly Award for Best Independent Music Festival. What’s more, it’s one of the most affordable festivals in the country, perfect for a last minute bank holiday escape!

Southsea Seafront music festival

There’s nine stages to keep you entertained including an acoustic stage, a ‘beats and swing’ tent and a showcase stage for new talent. There’s also a real ale festival and boutique garden and market. Want to make a weekend of it? Your wristband also gets you free entry to lots of attractions on the Southsea Seafront.

You’re more likely to find us reliving our teenage years listening to The Fratellis, The Subways and Super Furry Animals on the main stage though!

For the full line-up and tickets visit the Victorious Festival website.

FAULT Magazine Attends Lovebox 2015


Victoria Park in Hackney has played host to Lovebox for so many years and now it’s become very much a staple of local festival goers’ calendars. This year saw the Sunday dropped off in favor of a 2-day affair, this didn’t seem to affect the numbers or the feel good factor on a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon. Does anyone work around here we asked ourselves as we headed straight into an early afternoon treat in the shape of the Despacio tent. Judging by the throngs of party-goers dancing to the cool disco house sounds of 2 Many D.J’s and James Murphy & friends the answer is definitely a resounding no! Next up we hit the ‘Aperol Spritz Social’ stage just in time to hear Norman Jay smashing out his eclectic catalogue of feel good tunes synonymous with Notting Hill Carnival and had us heading for some tasty treats backstage to refuel before the evening hit.


Our highlight of the weekend was about to start and we made our way to the front of the main stage as we ticked another band off our bucket list. Cypress Hill are legends of the Hip Hop scene and they certainly did not disappoint. They floated effortlessly through their set in a superbly executed back catalogue of records that had the crowd in the palm of their hand by the time ‘Insane in the Membrane’ hit home. Returning on Saturday feeling slightly disheveled from the previous night’s fun we took time to hit all the rides and took full advantage of the guys selling beers from their backpacks, why would you queue in a beer tent?

Onto the headliner of the night, Snoop dog, the biggest crowd of the weekend waited eagerly for the big fella and it wasn’t long before he was on stage dressed in an England football shirt and ably assisted by an MC and some bad ass dancing girls. He smashed through his set and the place erupted. There was still time to squeeze in a visit to see Little Dragon performing their electric synth pop tunes on the 2nd stage. Her voice is incredible and lit up a great end to the evening. Love Box certainly know how to strike a balance of cool and upcoming music with some traditionally bigger names. It’s a well-organised event in a great location. We’ll definitely be back next year…


Words: LXN

FAULT Magazine exclusive stream of Mariann Rosa’s ‘Frikkin’ Fantastic’



FAULT Favourite’s Norwegian vocalist and DJ, Mariann Rosa is back with new single ‘Frikkin’ Fantastic’ and we’ve got the first exclusive stream! Following up from ‘Banjo for My Bitches’ which took over the airwaves earlier this year.

The track is unique and everything we’ve come to expect from Mariann as she quickly becomes the queen of futuristic electro-pop. Produced by Zebra1 and mixed and mastered by Dario Dendi, the single will be released via POPjoy on 5th October.


While she might be a new name to our readers, in Mariann’s native country of Scandinavia she is well known for her time as front woman of power pop band Surferosa and supporting The Killers, Electric Six and Turbonegro. Not to mention the fact that she  once sat on the judging panel of Norway’s version of ‘Idol’.

With a personal style as unique and wondrous as her music, Mariann Rosa is definitely one to watch for the coming months as her music continues to garner interest on an international scale. We are very proud to present you with the brand new track ‘Frikkin Fantastic’ below!



Mariann Rosa on the web




FAULT MAGAZINE at Fresh Island Festival



Croatia is beautiful. This is the first thing that hits you when you arrive on the Island of Pag- it hits you straight in the face and stays with you, amplifying every pool party, every frozen cocktail, every world class hip-hop artist, every boat party, every nae-nae, dougie and whip you think you’re executing with perfection amongst the other attendees of Fresh Island Festival.!

Traveling the beaten road from Split airport to Zcre Beach, one can’t help but think why on earth would the locals would let so many young people come to the Island of Pag every year to party endlessly for 3 months on their stunning island. Fresh Island Festival falls nicely in mid-July among the relentless lineup of festivals set in Zcre Beach, and the answer is actually quite simple. The festival-tourism business is their biggest industry and they are delighted to accommodate it. So before you get bored with the economics of the Island of Pag and skip to the juicy parts, let me just relay the locals are extremely accommodating, going off their way to share their beautiful Island with their visitors, and this adds to the festival experience ten-fold. !


The Fresh Island lineup boasted so many big acts, and because of the simplicity of the layout (along a beach strip of several purpose-built clubs), we got to see pretty much all of them. !

The first evening we saw the amazing Joey Badass in club Papaya (definitely the better of venues). Backed by the awesome Statik Selektah, he spat out tune after tune from his 2015 album B4.DA$$. This was such an exciting start to the festival. We quickly ran over to Aquarius (another of the venues hosting the festival) to catch Danny Brown. What can we say! Hearing the intro of “Grown Up” blast over the crowd was truly amazing. Despite being quite late, and crazy as ever, Danny absolutely nailed every song and lived up to his ever- e!entertaining persona. He made an abrupt exit in search of Molly.!

What became apparent was how shocked all the performers were at the crowd appreciation. It seemed a lot of them thought they were flying out to a small festival where they may or may not be known very well, and would perform and get on with it. Performer after performer revelled in the high energy levels of the crowd, and the musical knowledge of hip- hop and r!ap they had stored for months and years to release in these magical few days.!


When we arrived to board the Faded Boat party the next day, little did we know this would be a highlight of Fresh Island we would never forget. Setting sail at 5pm and travelling out far enough, not to disturb the locals of Novaljia, this is definitely a must for anyone attending. Sweating it up in the queue to board is certainly worth the wait. Sipping on Gin’n’Juice as the sun sets, while dancing to Faded DJs was just too fun. Jam Masters, Shorty Bless and Melody Kane were the captains of this boat and provided a mix of old school garage, classic hip-hop, afrobeat and bashment. It was our pleasure to hang with Melody after and we luckily got to catch another of her sets at a pool party the next day. We couldn’t help but wish the line-up offered more in the way of female performers and DJs, not for equality’s sake, but because of the omitted talent. Little Simz, Princess Nokia, Siobhan Bell and Tink amongst others, could have sat nicely with the other big names, and provided a less singularly gendered lineup, which couldn’t help but go unnoticed.!


Action Bronson was another highlight for us, making it out to almost every corner of the crowd, disregarding security and playing everything we wanted to hear. Pusha T provided an A class performance and had a strong following within the attendees, especially amongst the older crew, and the American audience.!

Skepta’s cancellation was a bit of a travesty for the many Londoners attending the festival, but with a quick mix around, and a few apology notices, the organisers did well to secure his younger brother JME who was repping Boy Better Know and London. When he burst out onto the stage wearing a Nasir Mazhar coat, the sleep-deprived crowd instantly got their energy

levels up and he was everything what everyone wanted to hear on the final night of the festival in Kalypso. What a way to end three days of sun, fun and musical goodness!
What made this festival even more enjoyable for us was the crowd. Everyone was there to have a good time and to showcase their own unique style in sunshine. !

Words & Photography LXN




Having never been to Sweden before, LXN are super excited to visit Gothenburg and explore a n”ew city; that we’re going to Way out West festival during our trip really is the icing on the cake! ”

Whilst there we’re most excited to re-visit Caribou and Alt-J – seeing how they perform in a different country with new surroundings. We’re expecting Way Out West to be really positive and laid back boasting bands such as Florence and the Machine, Future islands, Tove Lo and The War on Drugs. LXN covered Beacons festival for Fault Magazine last year in which we saw Years & Years perform on their smallest stage bringing a crowd of around 50 people so it will be incredible to see how much they’ve grown especially because of the global hype surrounding them.”


Having an apartment for the duration of the festival is the big benefit of festivals in the city; allowing us to have a temporary home where we can properly recharge ready for the next day. We’re also going to be covering local gigs outside of the festival to show you what Gothenburg really has to offer swell as venturing out to on an excursion to photograph “The Islands”. Our team of stylists and photographers will also be doing what they do best, bringing you some street style reporting- something we’ve been saving for this festival- especially as Sweden is famous for it’s meticulous fashion sense.

Tickets can still be bought here so grab them before you miss out: http://www.wayoutwest.se/en/ buy-your-tickets-here/

Don Broco – Exclusive Photoshoot + Interview with FAULT Magazine Online


Photography MILES HOLDER


You’re just about to release your second album, Automatic. What can you tell me about it?

Well, it’s the album that we’ve been working towards for a year and a bit now and it’s the longest time that we’ve ever actually spent away from touring and being a band. I think for us, life in the studio was quite a change of pace.  We wrote our first album in about 2 months, recorded it like boom bosh and out. After that, we went on tour and then suddenly it was the right time to start writing the second album, so we just pulled ourselves out of the game for a year and wrote it. It was definitely an interesting period of self-discovery for us. Working out exactly who we wanted to be as a band and experimenting with different sounds to create the album. But now we’ve got it and it’s all done and it feels really good.

How did the writing process go this time?

It was the first time we ever wrote with our new bass player, Tom, so that was quite exciting, like finding out each others taste and boundaries and pushing each other and seeing how far we’d go. But once we got into a flow, we found it was a very collaborative process. We’re very much a band, we’re not one person calling the shots -with us, all four of us are very deeply involved in every process of the song. It’s all about the teamwork.


What effect do you think it’s gonna have on people? Do you expect a different reaction as opposed to your first album? 

Yeah, I think it’s definitely going to take a few people by surprise.  But at the same time, if you’re a fan of the band already, you’re gonna really enjoy it.  It might open you up to new music and hopefully question what you’re listening to and make you think like “okay, this isn’t a band that sound like anyone else.” We’re hoping to make our mark on the world of music and stand out as a band, stand out as a group. You know, bring in all our interests and joys, make up a musical landscape and refine that into one sound. We’re hoping it’s gonna get people talking.


For you, in what way is your second album different to your first? What have you done differently now, if anything at all?

We’ve written better songs that really work together and take you on a bit of a journey, rather than just a random collection of ideas. There are ideas that are developed and messed about with in our heads. From a listener’s perspective, I think you’re gonna leave feeling like you’ve actually listened to a more well rounded bunch of songs and a better album. Musically, we experimented with a lot more instruments on this album. We got to play in a pop studio to begin with, as opposed to the usual recording on a computer that we did on our first album. On this one, we went to a proper studio where we really embraced the live band sound and made sure that everything sounded as real as possible. If we had to play things a couple of times to get them right, we did that, without being perfectly accurate in everything.  The perks of being in a studio is that we’ve got all these instruments, we got to play around with a lot of keyboard sounds, old school organs. We managed to do a couple of songs with string arrangements, so for us it was fun, like discovering instruments that take you out of that basic guitar, bass, drums. So I think that’s probably the main difference, from a songwriting perspective, the use of electronics and instrumentation.

Tell me a bit about the video for Automatic. Did you have any input on the visuals?  

Yeah we did. The basic idea was born out of our artwork. We wanted to create something strong, visually striking for our album and we spoke to various designers and photographers about trying to achieve what we wanted. The easiest idea to get it done and make it look good was to fly out to the location in Malibu. We were talking about either Miami or Malibu, somewhere where you have sea and the weather and the palm trees and create something that wasn’t pastiche but still gain reference to that sort of bygone era where exciting music was coming out in the 80s where a band still sounded like a band. You know, once we had the collection of songs that really reflected the sound of the album, we wanted the visuals to represent that. So yeah, we went out to Malibu and then to LA and came across this incredible villa in Malibu where we shot the album artwork. The video for Automatic was kind of born from the idea of that. Our director really wanted to play on this visual reference of static motion and things kind of reflecting. I guess that’s cause the song is called Automatic. His idea was to show people having a good time and show this kind of high society that you associate with that Miami aesthetic. A lot of the references were guided towards our artwork.


Will you be doing a headlining tour after the album release? 

Yeah, we’ve got an album release launch show on the 7th, then we’ve got a week tour and we’re going back to some of the venues where we first started playing a couple of years ago. That’s gonna be the first time we get to play a lot of the new songs on the album. We’re really excited about that, it’s gonna be the first time in 3 years that we’re actually gonna get to play those venues that made us into the band that we are today. We’re extra excited.

It sounds like you really miss touring.

We do! Touring is our favourite part about being in a band and we did enjoy the studio, but at the same time, touring is what it’s all about for us. When you’re on the road, it feels like you’re actually achieving what you’re set out to do. It gives you that sense of “okay, we’re making the right call being a band.”


A lot of bands aim to break America. Is that something that’s been on your mind or something that you’d potentially like to achieve at some point in the future? 

Yeah, I think definitely. I think for us it’s not specifically America, it’s everywhere really. I mean, the more we get to tour and the more we get to explore the world and see new and exciting places, the more driven we are about being in a band. We’re hoping to get out to America next year; it will be the first time we go out there and play, which should be fun. But there’s so many other countries we haven’t been to, we only scratched the surface. So yeah, I think this album, if things go well, will give us the opportunity to travel and explore the world.

What’s your FAULT? 

I think it’s probably being too caught up and not looking at the bigger picture. I mean for us that’s what Automatic was all about actually. Staying into the moment and not worrying.

FAULT Magazine Issue 21 back on newsstands August 10th!


Nick Jonas Photographed by Matt Holyoak and styled by Kristine Kilty
Adam Lambert Photographed by Giuliano Bekor and styled by Avo Yermagyan

We know our FAULT readers have been dying to get hold of issue 21 following the initial rushes to order! We can now confirm that the printers are once again rolling and will hit the newsstands on August 10th for those still looking to get their hands on the issue. We’re excited for all to see and dates on digital copies via Zinio will be release very soon.

FAULT Magazine  – The POP Issue

Adam Lambert

Nick Jonas

Pete Wentz

Sofia Richie

Leona Lewis 


Conor Maynard 

Lion Babe 


Chloe Howl


Billie Piper 

and many more…

Plus a FAULTless selection of Film, Fashion, Music & Photography encompassing what it means to be “Pop”. From popular music to  pop art to popular figures who have amassed  large followings throughout the years. Also included in this double cover issue are the two artists that gained great popularity among  FAULT readers.

Nick Jonas first appeared on FAULT #16 as part of The Jonas Brothers and Adam Lambert appeared on the cover of FAULT #10. A lot has changed for these two cover stars since their respective features in FAULT but still our readers lusted to see them both return to our pages and so we listened. We are very proud to present FAULT Issue 21 – The POP Issue.



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Pete Wentz for FAULT Magazine Issue 21




With a career spanning almost 15 years and a discography that includes six chart-topping albums, Fall Out Boy is a band that’s deeply rooted in the American consciousness. Some fans have grown up with the band and witnessed FOB’s constantly evolving sound while never missing a beat. Others are new fans, brought into the FOB fold via their 2013 comeback album ‘Save Rock and Roll’. At the helm of the band is lyricist/vocalist/bassist Pete Wentz, whose personal life at times has eclipsed his musical one. With the release of FOB’s sixth studio album American ‘Beauty/American Psycho’ and preparations for an upcoming Boys of Zummer tour with Wiz Khalifa, it seems that Pete is back on top and ready to charge full steam ahead. We had a chance to chat with Pete about FOB’s new album, their upcoming tour, and much more.


What’s one piece of advice you’d impart to aspiring musicians?

I’d say do it because you love it. Doing it to get famous or make money – there’s much easier roads to get those things. I think music can be really cathartic and an amazing experience but you gotta do it for the right reasons.

What’s your current favourite TV show?

My favourite TV show is probably ‘Game of Thrones’ but they don’t have anyone on there with accents like mine on there. I don’t think I would watch it if I was on it [laughs].


How would you say your songwriting and music in general has evolved over the last six albums? Do you find it much easier or more difficult to write tunes at this point?

Sometimes we write pretty well together and it flows easily and sometimes it takes a little bit more time. It’s never not been that way. Everyone has families and different things in their lives that we all have to work around. That way logistically there’s more to deal with.


Can you tell me more about the inspiration behind ‘American Beauty/American Psycho’?

We’re a band that has an interesting demographic of fans. We have a good group of fans that care about the album, packaging and all that goes with it so it’s important for us to deliver to that. There’s also something to be said about a body of work where it’s a snapshot of that moment in time. I think that ‘American Beauty/American Psycho’ is a take on a modern love story. It’s the idea that we kind of all have these smartphone and social media lives but we’re still disconnected and brightly lit by computer screens.




…Or get your copy digitally via Zinio! 1 year’s subscription = just £14.40 in the coming week