‘Deciphering The Pieces’ – FAULT Magazine discuss escapism with Puzzle


When did you know that being a musician is what you wanted to be?

I grew up in a very musical family – my mother and grandmother were singers and my great grandfather was a composer so I’ve always been around music. I decided to have music as a career fairly early on.


At what point did you transition away from the standard forms of pop and begin to experiment?

About three years ago I started to really hone my voice. I was doing backing vocals for a lot of artists and trying to find a way to express my feelings through music. I started soul searching and trying to find what was important to me musically and that’s when I started writing as Puzzle.

Chevron trousers: Sewing Boundaries

There’s a strong visual aspect to your artistry too – where do you draw your inspiration from?

Music and visually as very interlinked for me. I play a lot of video games and grew up playing games like Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid and I feel like that’s where I tapped into a different world. The same can be said for the fantasy books I read too.


Great forms of escapism!

It’s all about escapism and opening worlds to people. The world is in constant flux which is always changing and I want people to take on those ideas when I make music. Nothing is set in stone and it’s all open to interpretation. It’s not reality, I’m trying to take people to a world of imagination.

Puzzle’s new single ‘Little Black Book’ is out now


When you’re a visual artist, how easy is that to transfer to the stage?

The makeup, the costumes and the presentation of my band is the first step. At one point we want to play with projections and play with people’s perceptions depending on where you stand in the room. It’s all a work in progress and for now, I want the people to come to my shows and see something they’re not used to seeing in their everyday lives.

Leather and suede jacket: Domingo Rodriguez Sweater: Oliver Spencer

Are you an artist who likes to listen to other musicians or do you try to block all other music in case it influences your unique style?

I believe strongly that every derives from something else and everything has been done to death and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with listening to people who inspire you. From there you can take inspiration from many sources and create something original. For me it’s important to go to concerts and to keep myself amerced in music – it’s something that I’ve always loved.


You make a lot of personal statements about love and politics in your music, is it hard to put it all out there?

I believe that for my music to resonate with people, it has to be personal otherwise, audiences can see through it. We’ve all been listening to music our whole lives and when something doesn’t sound like it’s coming from a place with truth, people can tell.

Front texture painting tee: Songzio

What’s next for Puzzle?

My first EP is coming out in March which is really exciting and there’ll be more singles and videos towards the end of the year.


What is your FAULT?

It’s a daily struggle for me to stay optimistic and believe that everything will work out and that everything you do isn’t your best. Every day I try to win the battle and tell myself that everything will be okay and that I can achieve my dreams and I think that’s something a lot of people go through.


Puzzle’s Babylon EP release in March!  Pre-order it HERE






Eric Scullin, Lucas Asher, Dimitri Farougias, Christian Hogan

Revolutionary transcendent music with a borderless echoing frame of vibrational change, FAULT presents to you, FAULKNER. An instant draw of curiosity with an embedded foundational name, this talented mix of East and West coast four rocked statements of awareness as they joined The Nylon Project kicking off New York Fashion Week. Founded by Jordana Guimaraes, The Nylon Project refreshes and reminds us of the daily unrelenting flashes of homelessness and the pressing needs of those without on our New York City streets. The united collaboration and substantial support of fashion and celebrity influencers such as FAULKNER and Christina Milian are continuously and actively working to highlight this urgency and raise funds to donate 1,500 meals by February’s end. The leading and resonating campaign, “It Can Be You,” undoubtedly reels you in and speaks to every one of us. It plays true, cautioning us indeed, “It Can Be You” as you will find and see as we took the time to sit and chat with lead singer, guitar and songwriter Lucas Asher of FAULKNER post performance and runway show.

Educate us a bit on your origins and the band’s.

I was in Dumbo area, I’m a New Yorker but then I went to L.A. cuz I hooked up with RZA from the The Wu.


How did you hook up with RZA from The Wu?

I just hustled him, I hit him up like everyday for like half a year and then he finally reached out and was like, “Yo kid send me a track.” And then I sent him a joint called “New York Anthem” and he liked it and so we worked on it at Rick Rubin’s Studio and then the New York Yankees started playing it at all their home games. And then it just went from there.


How did you link up with the rest of the guys?

In L.A. I’m the New Yorker, they’re the L.A. guys.


So have you guys known each other for long?

Three years. Good chemistry though, ya.


What does Faulkner mean? Does it have any relation to the writer?

No, no relation to the writer. I’ve been to 30 countries and I was in Egypt and there was a shaman and he told me to name my band FAULKNER. He said it would be successful and to be honest its going pretty good so far.


In this journey, have you always wanted to do music? 

Always, always music. And I listen to a lot of hip hop because of the aspirational qualities to it. And that’s why I’m part of The Nylon Project, just cuz I was homeless at one point. And I’ve always just been a hustler, and just gotten stuff done. And so I always was just the kid listening to hip hop, like a hip hop madden and stuff, and now I play in a rock band, so it’s an irony.


What do you feel, with everything that is going on now and that we are facing, what do you hope to do with your music as far as reaching people and especially where you’ve been through and you’ve been in that position, what do you want to translate to people? 

Be an aspirational band that people can believe in. Because we came from the streets. You know And now we’re living our dreams finally, the world, working with the Wu Tang Clan. So just believe in your dreams and the aspirational of quality there’s so much negativity in the world. We just want to focus on the positive.



What are you influences as far as music aside from Wu Tang, and hip hop and specific fashion and music influences?

David Bowie, for me it’s James Dean too. I think red jackets and rebels, even Eddie Murphy had that red jacket. To me when I walk into a room and see someone in a red jacket I assume their the rebel in the room, and so that’s kinda what it represents to me, is rebellion. So ya, I love fashion, I’m always in L.A. on Melrose or in Soho looking at cool new and upcoming designers. There’s this designer in Soho called Miguel that I really love right now, he has this little shop in Soho.


What is he known for?

Like Mandarin collars, Asian influences. Ya, he’s dope. But I love discovering like boutique cool designers.


Always supporting everyone who is coming up.

Ya, ya. So musically other than hip hop, is Freddie Mercury and David Bowie probably.


What is the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last thing on your mind before you go to sleep?

First thing, I usually meditate and get into warrior mode. Cuz everyday I see it’s just like, “Let’s get it.” I usually do a quick meditation and then get into warrior beast mode and kick it off.


What is your FAULT? 

I think I invest so much in people and my art. I just I pour everything I have into it and when you do that and it’s the wrong person…or something, you’ve got a lot invested in that.


I guess that is something that everybody in the artistic realm goes through. You’re going to end up investing in people and it is the heart you have as well.

Ya, you got to go for it all the way.


Do you have anything you want to add? About moving forward or this time that we’re living in?  

Oh ya, with culture. We’re trying to reflect that right now even in our music. That’s what “Revolutionary” is about. The first song we played. We shot that music video in Hawaii on the Na Pali Coast. People can go check out that video on Youtube. That’s kind of what we’re talking about in the song. Is how divisive ideologies can be and how inclusive ideologies can be. And you can see one leader that has an ideology that brings everyone together and then another leader that has an ideology that separates everyone. So obviously standing from one of those and not the other.

Very well said, thank you so much again. 

FAULKNER’s majestic movement of progress engages us to recall and retell musical sounds and encourages us to be the change we all so eagerly seek. No question that these four artistically accomplished and gifted gentleman, Eric Scullin on lead guitar, Dimitri Farougias on bass guitar, Christian Hogan jam rocking on the drums and lyricist Lucas Asher have just begun on an intended and predestined magically tuned ride.

The electrifying unit that accompanies FAULKNER is resounding. And with all they have to offer, they are led by the JV.Agency force who is also a consciously contributing factor with publicist, Jaz Valencia’s newest leather accessory introduction. This dazzling, economical and functional iPhone purse is ideal for those of us who live on the edge, non stop from coast to coast, with much to carry and not enough hands. Fit for rock and roll aligned with studs, in black leather, THE VALENCIA, designed in New York is now available to all. Cause for action while you shop, as your purchase will contribute to the distribution of meals for the homeless in NYC.



FAULT would like to thank FAULKNER, Jaz Valencia of the JV. Agency and Amanda from A.FAYE PR for having us and taking the time. Apart from the gripping music and funk of fashion, the great story is that of an open heart and helping hand, to reach those without, because we can and we understand, and so we are charged and entrusted to take a stand. There’s no better moment than now to strike with a revolutionary artistic change.

Words and Photographer: Chaunielle Brown

FAULT attends the 2017 NME Awards with ID&C



“We have more readers today than any other time in our history” exclaims Mike Williams as he opens the 2017 NME awards to roaring applause. While NME has gone through a number of editorial shifts in lifespan of over 50 years, good music has always been at its core and last night was certainly no exception. With performances from Bastille, Wiley and The Petshop Boys – the night’s lineup was a glimpse at just how diverse the UK music scene is. Those weren’t the only performances of the night however, FAULT Alumni Dua Lipa and Charli XCX also took to the stage the latter as part of Bands4Refugees.

Christine and The Queens picked up the first award of the night for ‘Best International Female supported by VO5’ but would also later return to the stage to accept a second win for ‘Best Track supported by Red Stripe’ for her critically acclaimed single, ‘Tilted’. Moments before taking to the stage, Dua Lipa fought of tough competition from Anderson .Paak and Zara Larsson to collect the award for Best New Artist supported by TOPMAN.

Wiley’s performance was definitely a highlight of the night. Grime might not have ever gone away but it certainly has seen a huge surge in plays over the past year and who else but the ‘Godfather’ should have been up on that stage. Performing ‘Speakerbox’ and ‘Can’t Go Wrong’ from his latest album, it was great to see Wiley had finally received the recognition he deserved.

Of course, the night isn’t all about music with Louis Theroux collecting his award for Best Film for ‘My Scientology Movie’, Fleabag winning for Best TV Series and Glastonbury winning for best festival.

Best British Female Artist went to M.I.A who took the chance to speak out against the current administration attitude towards refugees before appropriately introducing Bands4Refugees – a group comprising of Olly Alexander, Slaves’ Isaac Holma, Charli XCX and more in aid of supporting refugees worldwide. [You can text REFU to 70700 to contribute £5 to Help Refugees]

NME Coverstars and winners of the ‘God-like Genius Award’ The Petshop Boys closed the night with a spellbinding set and mesmerising light show which closed the evening.

So what’d we think? We had a great time – it was wonderful to see so many familiar FAULTfaces have gone on to do such great things. From both FAULT Magazine #24’s Maya Jama and Frank Carter of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes presenting awards, to FAULT #16’s Charli XCX performing live and to FAULT #23’s Dua Lipa collecting an award – it’s wonderful to see that everyone is still active in their craft.

For what was quite a dismal year in music, it’s great to see that the arts still managed to flourish in 2016 and it’s that, that was appreciated last night by NME. We look forward to seeing what else is to come in 2017. Thank you to our friends over at ID&C, who provided the fabric wristbands for NME Awards, for inviting us along. Find out more information about  wristband for events on the ID&C website.



FAULT Weekly Playlist: Jake Alder

We like to keep an eye on new talent and Jake Alder has caught our attention. His single “Chasing Time” featuring tFinnish electro pop singer/producer LKA  draws on Jake’s versatile tastes and spectrum of musical influences. Moving away from his known tropical style in 2016, Jake has teamed up with formidable singer LKA to create a song combining epic synth surges with fulfilling drum beats to create an emotional experience. Alongside the distinctive and mermerizing vocals of LKA, this latest musical installment is set to separate him from crowd.

While we anticipate what’s coming next for Jake and LKA, we had the opportunity to ask each of them about the inspiration behind “Chasing Time” and for them to put together some of their current favorite songs. Dig in below!


FAULT Magazine: Jake, can you tell me the same about the UK’s music scene?
Jake Aider: I think the UK music scene is really strong at the moment. Behind all of the music you hear in the charts and on radio there is a lot of unique artists and musicians waiting for the lime light and I think now more than ever their voice is starting to get heard.

FAULT: What’s the story behind “Chasin Time?”
JA: Throughout my life I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate artistically with a wide scale of talented individuals. The only problem was that slowly, but surely, I began to listen to what everyone else was saying and didn’t take any time to think about how I wanted to present my art. I was told what my sound was, what kind of lyrics I should write and what kind of clothes I should wear, etc. For a while, I wanted to blame others. However, now as I look back, I realise that the only person I can blame for the mistakes that I have made is myself. I was the one who was actually holding myself back. I could have, so many times, gone with my gut, but I didn’t. I don’t regret a single experience that I have been through, because I believe that every moment along the way has been a valuable lesson for what lies ahead. As soon as I heard Jakes incredible production, the lyrics and melody began to tumble out and I was absolutely inspired. I feel like our collaboration has been one of the most inspiring experiences that I have had in a long time, and I’m really thankful! Now, as I have processed a lot of what I have been through so far, I feel like I’m at a point where I am done “chasin’ time gone by”, and instead, I want to take one step at a time towards whatever is next.

FAULT: How would you each describe your sound in three words?
JA: Uplifting. Big. Thoughtful

FAULT: What’s coming up next for you?
JA: I am working on the next few releases for 2017 already. Shouldn’t be too long until you hear more from me! Chasin’ Time was the perfect song to start 2017 off and hopefully my next single will keep the good vibes coming! I am sure this won’t be the first and last time LKA and myself will work together.

Gallant – Weight in Gold

“Gallant’s vocals on this track are amazing. Still sends shivers up my spine. The synth surges in the chorus make this soulful RnB track stand out and this track oozes emotion.”

Frank Gamble – Heart Speaks

“Heart Speaks is just glitch soul greatness! The chorus is colossal and will put anyone in a good mood!”

Krrum – Still Love

“I am a huge fan of Krrum, and his most recent release ‘Still Love’ is still played on a daily basis. Again like the other tracks i have mentioned, this tracks beat and catchy vocals along with my love of dirty brass makes a great song!”

Ella Vos – Down In Flames

“This song is like Imogen Heaps ‘Hide and Seek’ but with an amazing bounce like feel to it. Her vocals are so soothing and the instrumentation makes it a great come down song!”

LKA – Underwater

“I could not not put one of LKA’s tracks in my list. I have wanted to work with LKA for a long time now and when I heard ‘Underwater’ late last year, I had to reach out to her for a collaboration! Her soulful and emotional vocals over the glitchy yet anthemic instrumentation is what I am all about! I feel ‘Chasin Time’ is the combination of our best attributes in one song!”

HANNAH – Stranded

“I am a huge fan of LKA’s partner in crime, HANNAH. Her most recent track ’Stranded’ the chorus is an anthem in itself. The dynamic build makes this track beautifully intense. My kind of track!”


FAULT Magazine: LKA, can you tell me the same about the UK’s music scene?
LKA: I’ve spent the first 18 years of my life moving around from country to country (Japan-Finland-Canada-Finland-Japan), which I believe has had an influence on the fact that I am not so deeply aware of the music scene in Finland. I’ve always been more focused on finding new inspiration from abroad. However, Jippu is an exception. She’s one of the few Finnish artists that I have listened to for years now. She is an absolutely incredible vocalist and every time that I see her perform live, I get shivers and cry. She sings with every fibre of her being, and always leaves everything on the stage. There are, however, also a lot of really cool “underground” artists in Finland who are on the rise, such as HANNAH, Jenniy, Siiri Kangas and LadyH. They are all close friends, and seeing them working passionately on their artistries from a close range has been extremely inspiring.

FAULT: What’s the story behind “Chasin Time?”
LKA: I’ve always been a dreamer. Throughout my life I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate artistically with a wide scale of talented individuals. The only problem was that slowly, but surely, I began to listen to what everyone else was saying and didn’t take any time to think about how I wanted to present my art. I was told what my sound was, what kind of lyrics I should write and what kind of clothes I should wear, etc. For a while, I wanted to blame others. However, now as I look back, I realise that the only person I can blame for the mistakes that I have made is myself. I was the one who was actually holding myself back. I could have, so many times, gone with my gut, but I didn’t. The thing is, I don’t regret a single experience that I have been through, because I believe that every moment along the way has been a valuable lesson for what lies ahead. So easily, we want to put the blame on someone other than ourselves. The thing is, we should all take a long, hard look in the mirror before we try to find the fault in others. Now, as I have processed a lot of what I have been through so far, I feel like I’m at a point where I am done “chasin’ time gone by”, and instead, I want to take one step at a time towards whatever is next. As soon as I heard Jakes incredible production, the lyrics and melody began to tumble out and I was absolutely inspired. I feel like our collaboration has been one of the most uplifting experiences that I have had in a long time musically, and I’m really thankful!

FAULT: How would you each describe your sound in three words?
LKA: Candid. Hopeful. Vulnerable.

FAULT: What’s coming up next for you?
LKA: A bunch of new music will be out this year! I’m always working with my partner-in-crime HANNAH. We write music as a team for ourselves, as well as other artists, and we call ourselves Sky & Fey Music. Some exciting things are coming up. Also, I’m definitely looking forward to future collaborations with Jake!

Lizzy Land – Sweet Melodies

“I could listen to this song over and over again, I think it’s super hypnotising!”

White Balance – Flock

“I really appreciate the simplicity of the production and I love how Maaria’s perfectly soft vocals flow over the track.”

Kevin Garrett – Refuse

“Kevin’s vocals are amazing! I find this to be incredibly soothing.”

Jake Alder Socials:

LKA Socials:

Live Review: Rag ‘N’ Bone Man – Clapham Grand, London

In a millennial age where almost every second of our attention is absorbed by some form of technology it’s rare to find a voice who can make you stop and listen. Introducing Rag ‘N’ Bone Man – a man whose voice instantly commands your attention from the first note.

It’s a typical Tuesday night in south London but inside the intimate setting of Clapham Grand BRITs Week is off to a flying start. Rappers Dabbla and Nadia Rose take to the stage respectively before the main event, a performance from this year’s BRITs Critics Choice recipient, the aforementioned Rag ‘N’ Bone Man. The event is in association with War Child, a charity whose aim is to help and support children living in war-torn countries with the sentiment echoed in their slogan, ‘Live music changes lives’.

As the singer, real name Rory Graham, appears on stage his presence fills the room, standing before an awestruck audience it’s not the first time during the evening you could hear a pin drop between verses. The set is filled with a diverse mix of material from recent debut ‘Human’ and older EPs, and whether the song subject be melancholic or uplifting the rich, soulful tones that inhabit his vocals circulate around the venue captivating the crowd endlessly.

“I’d say I have another happy song but I don’t, I’m full of misery” he jokes alluding to the somber sensibilities that bleed through into his music and introducing ‘Skin’ with its primal percussion and heartfelt lyrics, “It was almost love.” Arguably gaining the most rapturous response from the Grand, ‘Human’ hits the hardest emulating sonic palpitations, while ‘Bitter End’ is delicately endearing.

Tonight also acts as a warm up for Rory who is soon heading off on a European tour before embarking on festival season with appearances scheduled at Isle of Wight Festival and Parklife Festival. Proving just why he’s the man of the minute, Rag ‘N’ Bone Man deserves more than a second of your time.

For more information about War Child head to https://www.warchild.org.uk

Words: Shannon Cotton

Photos: Anna Smith


FAULT Playlist Of The Day: Anne-Marie’s Anti Valentine’s


If (like the rest of us) you’re done with caring about Valentine’s day and couldn’t care less what great present Val from accountings new “bae” has delivered to the office, then we’ve found the perfect playlist for you!

Curated by FAULT favourite and Issue 23 star Anne-Marie, the aptly named “Anti Valentine’s” playlist can be listened to in full below. Alongside the classics such as Destiny’s ChildSurvivor’ and Lily Allen’s ‘Fuck You’ – you’ll also find Anne-Marie’s brand new single ‘Ciao Adios’. The first single release from Anne-Marie in 2017 and a obvious crowdpleaser from her 2016 tour, Ciao Adios is yet another “goodbye and so long” track to blast this valentine’s day.

Plug your headphones and get those middle fingers in the air this valentine’s day!

FAULT Weekly Playlist: Benji Lewis

Let the sound electronic sounds and falsetto vocals of Melbourne artist Benji Lewis and his latest single “Drift” carry you away. “Drift” comes ahead of his “Home For Now” EP and the track’s warm melodies are sure to put any of your woes at ease. Co-written and produced with Golden Vessel, this song explores the ebbs and flows of a melodic-electronic soundscape accented by a strong synth beat and firefly-like twinkles.

We asked Benji to put together a playlist of some of his current favorite Soundcloud releases including tracks from Aquilo, Lapsley, and WOODES. Take a listen below.

Aquilo – Silhouette

“I love everything about this song. The beauty, the emotion behind the vocals and that piano. It has you from the start, love these guys. their sound and what they do.”

Slumberjack ft. Vera Blue – Fracture

“Already being a fan of Vera Blue and her beautiful voice. Was pretty easy to get hooked on this big song with all the right beats to go with her powerful voice. Always turn this one up!”

gnash ft. wrenn – fragile

“This song is just perfect. The simple acoustic guitar and the two voices of gnash and wrenn is all you want to hear and keep hearing once the song starts. It has a sadness to it, but it’s speaking of a story in such a truthful way. So beautiful!”

Lapsley – Falling Short

“Ohhhh this womans voice, just LOVE! I love how the piano, vocals, the effects and loops all just roll so effortlessly from one to the other and together in the best of ways.”

Woodes – Rise

“I mean the style of production from the intro already has you and then when Woodes starts singing, I’m done. Really cool, uplifting song.”

Alex Vargas – Higher Love

“This guy’s voice is just sooo good, so already loving that plus the power and pumping up feels that come with this song. Always a good listen.”

The Weeknd ft. Lana Del Rey – Stargirl Interlude

“This guy’s music is always cool and has a good beat, add the beautiful voice of Lana Del Rey and the way she delivers her vocals. So simple, elegant, relaxed, sexy and beautiful. Just a short interlude, but I love it!”

Golden Vessel ft. Woodes – Vines

“I have been a fan of the production style of Golden Vessel since I first came across his stuff last year. This song is no different, it’s relaxed, minimal and leaves all the space for the cool and beautiful vocals from Woodes. Good chill out song.”

Mallrat – Uninvited

“Only got on the Mallrat train recently, through a crossing of networks. It’s such a fun cool song to have on at all different times of the day. Gets ya moving and singing along.”

JOY. – Heads or Tails

“I always come back to this EP from Joy. Her song ‘Like Home’ got hooked again to that and all her music again. This is now my favourite. The melodies, how her cool and beautiful voice go together with the music. All the emotion and true lyrics, I relate to it and love it. To listen to, turn up with headphones on and sing along to. Yusssss”

Benji Lewis Socials:

Big Beat Records Highlights Dance Music from Around the World

Big Beat Records is a label that has set the current industry standard in the electronic music space. As a purveyor of some of the biggest household names in dance, the label has announced the release of the second edition of their “Ignition” compilation.

The series highlights an expertly curated selection of electronic and dance music from around the world to bring attention to the global community that has come together around the music’s culture. From late night bedroom listening to legendary club nights to the festival stages that draw crowds larger than some entire cities, Big Beat Ignition showcases this world while celebrating and highlighting some of our favorite music creators, from the up-and-coming to the established.

All 10 tracks on the compilation are previously unreleased and spotlights Paris’ burgeoning scene through an extended visual that follows a group of spirited youths as they take on the city from day to night. Produced and directed by New York based trio Stephanie Varela, Derec Dunn and Katia Spivakova who wanted to “capture some of the Parisian essence: seductive, magic and timeless.” Over email the three told us “there was no plot other than ‘this is us, here, tonight’.”

Check out the full tracklist for “Ignition: Paris” below and purchase the compilation here.

1) Henri – Fine Day (feat. Anita Briem) (Henri’s Monstertooth Mix)
2) Benson Groove – String Ting
3) Ofenbach – Be Mine
4) Get To Know – About You
5) Stray Echo – Mad Day Out
6) Jynx – Night Shade
7) Club Cheval – Discipline
8) Kattison & Parx – Nodus
9) Applebottom – Dials
10) KENDL – Drive Slow