FAULT FUTURE: Steven A. Clark Talks Music with FAULT Online



Happy New Music Monday! We sat down to talk to Steven A. Clark shortly after the release of his debut album entitled ‘The Lonely Roller‘. Steven struggled to find his footing within a music genre he could call home but with influcenes from Michael Jackson, N.E.R.D and Kanye West’s 808s, he has bloomed at the perfect time. With the resurgence of true RnB and 80s synth-pop sounds currently ruling the airways, it’s the perfect time to get to know this FAULT: Future. We’re very excited to hear what else is to come but for now, please enjoy the interview.


FAULT: You’ve recently released your debut album, after the success you had with your LP “Stripes” and your EP “LATE”. What have you taken from those two and merged  into the full album? What have you decided to leave out?

Steven: We kept a couple of records from the earlier projects because those songs birthed the sound of this album. I wanted to include those songs because they were two of the main parts of the lonely roller story. These songs are lonely roller and she’s in love.


Your music can be seen as a confessional. Did you find it difficult to outpour emotionally on a record?

No, I’m a fairly introverted person so my release/therapy comes from writing songs.




In terms of influences, we can hear a lot going on. Which ones were at the creative forefront of the album?

Definitely Michael Jackson and Peter Gabriel. You can throw in some Bruce Springsteen, Tom petty, 808s Kanye.


You haven’t collaborated musically with any other singers. Is this something that you’d consider in the future? Who do you feel would complement your sound best?

I’m not sure who the ideal collab would be, but I’m not opposed giving it a shot. That’s not something I would want to force. I’d like for it to happen naturally. There are so many great artists nowadays.


What do you feel is the most important bit in your development as an artist?

I think it’s just about living. It’s about the journey and keeping an open mind to the things I find inspiring.


What is your FAULT? 

Fear is my fault.


Words: Adina Ilie



Get Steven A. Clark’s debut album on the links below: 

iTunes: http://smarturl.it/stevenaclark_it

Amazon: http://smarturl.it/stevenaclark_amz

Support your local independent record store:http://smarturl.it/stevenaclark_indies

FAULT Magazine Weekly Playlist: Elohim


We’ve been quietly obsessing about LA based rising indie pop idol Elohim and when the mysterious do-it-all producer/singer/songwriter said yes, we did a little happy dance.

It’s rare to find artists who consistently put out hits, but that’s just the case with Elohim. After making her debut earlier this year with the catchier than hell “She Talks Too Much,” Elohim followed it up with two more excellent singles and today unveils the fourth home run “Bridge and the Wall.” While you’re not spinning “Bridge and the Wall” on endless repeat, check out Elohim’s exclusive playlist for FAULT.

Young thug – Up

“I am psyched Young Thug just put out a new mix tape. The tone and inflections in his voice excite me.”

Rich Homie Quan – Flex (Ooh, Ooh, Ooh)

“THIS SONG makes me so happy.”

Radiohead – Separator

“Essentially any playlist I have curated and listen to ends up including either Thom Yorke or Radiohead. I have always been a big fan. I don’t think I will ever grow out of their sound. Sparks my senses.”

Muddy Waters – Rollin Stone

“I just bought a Muddy Waters vinyl in London. I love listening to jazz and blues when I am at home playing records. This kind of music on vinyl sounds so special and full. I adore the simplicity of the chords and the depth of soul in his voice.”

Demo Taped – not enough

“We became internet friends and I love this song a lot.”

Partynextdoor- things & such

“This is some sexy music.”

Cosmo Sheldrake – Rich (Ft. Anndreyah Vargas)

“I played a show with Cosmo Sheldrake in New York at CMJ. I hadn’t heard of him before that but as I was getting ready for my set I heard him perform this song. It immediately caught my attention.”

Fetty Wap – Jugg

“You can’t really control what song happens to strike an emotional chord within, for me right now it is Fetty Wapp’s “Jugg.” I don’t know why but it triggers some feelings…and I absolutely love it.”

Mura Masa – Firefly (feat. Nao)

“I just did a show at MIT in Boston. The students there are hip and most importantly so down to earth and welcoming. They have impeccable taste in music. They showed me this song. My crew and I have been listening to it since.”

Elohim on Socials:

FAULT Online Premieres – Tim Muddiman & The Strange latest track: ‘Drugs’

Screen shot 2015-11-11 at 12.20.28


Today we are very proud to host the premiere link to Tim Muddiman & The Strange’s latest track entitled ‘Drugs‘. Despite the title, this track isn’t a direct love letter to the LSD generation nor a glamorising sonnet towards narcotics. Quite the opposite. The track calls for us to put down our drugs and instead fill the void with ‘love’.

Hints of blues, 80’s electro and a rich brooding vocal, by their own admission, makes it is hard to find a music genre to place this track but we love that. The music video itself is an artwork. Directed by Tim Muddiman himself alongside & Adam Fitch.

On the song and video, Tim has this to say:

‘The song and video is written in third person. Third person to a spirit. A spirit of addiction to heightened senses , visuals , music , love, money and who can feel pure love.’

Tim is openly inspired by Jim Jarmusch, David Lynch, modern culture and the spirit of humans. The movement and dance are the spirits dancing in the fire of life and looking it straight in the eyes and letting that spirit free to live life with love, art & music and to the full.

 But that’s enough of us just talking about it – see the awesome video below! We’re very proud to host this one!



FAULT Magazine Weekly Playlist – XYLØ


Los Angeles Brother/sister duo XYLØ first captured our attention this summer with the decidedly dreampop single “Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea,” with singer Paige’s meandering vocals backed by lush synths and piano chords. Their music is dark yet hopeful, simultaneously capturing all of our ambitions and regrets. We asked Chase and Paige to put together some of their favorite songs and the result is a mix of classic tunes (Bruce Springsteen) and a few more recent hits (Rihanna and Selena Gomez), proving that their musical tastes are as diverse and richly layered as their own productions.


Bruce Springsteen – I’m on Fire

“This is soundtrack for a warm summer night drive, it has this tension and sexiness. He has such a commanding presence to his vocals (almost has me convinced I should have sex with him). I love the atmosphere the synthesizer adds, it almost doesn’t fit, wait…it totally fits. Brilliant.”

Lana Del Rey – Young and Beautiful
“I love the song writing, it’s so somber. She’s so vulnerable, it’s almost pathetic, but it’s ok because her voice is so darn cute. Lovely strings as well.”

Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money
“This is a great song to listen to while sitting in LA traffic to help distract you from the living hell your experiencing. Trust me.”

Disclosure – Magnets ft. Lorde
“I love the lyrics and the picture they paint….’smoke and Sunset off Mulholland…’
I would listen to this as I’m putting on my make-up for a night out. #amiriteladies !?”

Selena Gomez – Same Old Love
“This is a laid back tune, yet it has a really sassy vibe to it. Which is a common trait of our music. It’s a signature Charli XCX melody performed by a sultry Selena.”

The Smiths – There Is A Light And It Never Goes Out
“Personally , I believe that this is one of the best love songs ever written. A hopeful song for a hopeless soul. The pleasure, the privilege is mine…”

XYLØ on Socials:

FAULT Magazine Weekly Playlist: Tom Misch


20-year-old Southeast London based beatmaker Tom Misch is far from your average producer. His music brings to mind memories of warmer days and poetically interweaves differing styles. One of our favorite Misch releases is “Sunshine,” a melodic tropical house tune with Tom’s own soulful vocals. With almost a million plays to date, we think it’s only a matter of time before everyone’s on board the Tom Misch train.

We’ve asked Misch to put together some of his current favourite tunes for us to get a better idea of where he draws his inspiration. Dive in below.

Jordan Rakei – Street Light (feat. Gwen Bunn)

“I love the way Jordan merges songwriting and his production sound in this track. It’s also exciting cause he’s a mate of mine and I get to jam with this genius!”

Haitus Kaiyote – The Lung

“The band’s use of harmony and chords is amazing and the progression in this track gives me chills. I love their use of live instruments and the arrangement of strings. Great thinking music.”

Kaytranada – At All

“I’ve recently been falling in love with Kaytranada’s sound, seeing him live twice has completely converted me into a mad fan. His stuff makes anyone move and its feel good. I also respect his sound sonically, I don’t know how he does it but it sounds so fat and clean.”

Butcher Brown – Sticky July

“This is a band I discovered a few days ago when my mate told me to check them out. The leader of the band DJ Harrison I’ve been following his beats for a while but never knew he ran a band as well. Pure soul jazz groove and this shit sounds amazing.”

Gogo Penguin – Hopopono

“Discovered this track recently as well, but fell in love with the mood and vibe. Beautiful dreamy harmony between the piano bass and drums and suited my mood exactly at the moment I first heard it.”

Tom Misch Socials:

The Secret Garden Party announces Theme for 2016

image001 (1)

The Secret Garden Party presents…The Gardeners Guide to the Galaxy. To all first-timers, this isn’t the typical rooftop, beers all round knees up that you may spring to mind. No, this is Secret Garden Party revolution at its best! (Why else would we religiously attend!?)

They are back in 2016 with another annual arts and music extravaganza but this time there’s a twist! With the help of science fiction and inspiration of Arthur C Clarke, Azimov, Philip K Dick and Douglas Adams they are going to grow your imaginations from childish roots up into something more.


The instalment scheme is now on sale; with even more options. To help those Gardeners, who prefer to spread the cost of their tickets, there are two types of instalment plans now available for adult tickets.

For these tickets, visit www.secretgardenparty.com for more mud, music and entertaining madness!

FAULT Magazine Weekly Playlist: Love Ssega


R&B meets disco deliciousness with London based artist Love Ssega. The former Clean Bandit vocalist recently released his “Pray For Love,” a warm funky tune filled with retro synths and vocals that remind us a little bit of David Bowie. We asked the singer to put together a playlist of some of his favorites tunes and the result is mirrored blend of his East African and British influences.

Mim suleiman – nyuli

“If you have groove, I don’t need to sell this to you. Nothing is overdone here. Plus she’s East African so that has to be a good thing”

Young Fathers – Shame

“The most exciting new band in Britain. They make music as if they’re not scared. That’s exciting to me. And their live performance is off the chart. We need more artists like this”

Cassius – I Love U So (Official Video)

“I dig a lot of French electronic music. It’s always exciting and fresh. I could have put anything from Ed Banger on this playlist, but this one from Cassius wins for the visuals and killer hook”

Ata Kak – Obaa Sima

“Starts off with sweatboy vocals and then throws in a gully Ghanian rap at the end for fun. It’s this crazy, original stuff that inspires me”

Kano – Garage Skank FREESTYLE Video

“Kano was the voice of my London growing up. From the raves, pirate radio to the night buses. This video is just like him – authentic. Doing it to this day on his own terms”

Breakbot – Back for More

“I snuck this in because I love basslines. Simple as that”

The Clash – Guns of Brixton

“London has many cultures living here. That’s the beauty of the place. Real Londoners speak up to protect this and spread love. Who better to play us out than the daddies… The Clash”

FAULT Interviews – Conrad Sewell – “I Definitely Want More”



Rising star Conrad Sewell has been in the UK charts for 30 weeks now, ever since his track Firestone with Kygo rocketed in November last year. The Australian singer-songwriter has been playing music for over a decade and he might just be the hardest working boy in pop right now. He’s currently finishing off his debut album, all while collaborating with Clean Bandit. He’s also coming to the UK later in November to join on stage former FAULT Online cover star Jess Glynne. We caught up with the Aussie singer on supporting Ed Sheeran, his latest single and how patience can get you to the top, even if it takes a decade of hard work.


You’ve started writing music when you were really young, didn’t you? How did you get into it from such an early age?

Well, my grandparents were doing it, so music was always around the family. And my mum was always very creative as well. When we woke up, she’d sing us a song and all sorts of things like that. So, my mum always encouraged me to write songs and then come out and sing them. I guess it all happened because of my parents. They didn’t push me into music, but they helped me develop it from an early age.

So what people see as overnight success is actually 12 years of hard work for you. Did you get impatient over the years?

Yeah, definitely. I mean, it’s taken a long time to be able to get here. It just gets frustrating when you keep hitting closed doors, but it also makes you want it more. It creates this hunger inside you, the more knockbacks you get.

But it was all worth it in the end. For example, you’ve seen massive success on Firestone with Kygo. How did that collaboration come about?

It really came just with an idea that we had last year and we started sending it out to DJ’s. So we sent it to Kygo as well, he sent it back to us and it sounded really cool, so we decided to go for it. Luckily enough, it became a single. It kind of just skyrocketed overnight.


You’ve also toured with Ed Sheeran this year. 2015 isn’t treating you too bad. How was that experience for you?

It was amazing actually.  It was, you know, big rooms, big stadiums, so it was a great experience to get to play in front of that many people, especially in my home country, where I wouldn’t have been able to sell that many tickets at that time.  So it was really great and he’s an awesome guy, we get along really well.

Any backstage secrets you can share with us?

Not really, none that are PG. But you know, lots of tequila drinking and lots of good times had, but nothing too crazy. Nothing illegal or anything like that haha.

So let’s talk a bit about your single ‘Hold Me Up’. It’s got a nice up-tempo vibe to it. What can you tell me about the songwriting and producing process?

There have been a lot of different types of songs that I’ve been doing lately. ‘It’s  just one of them that had a cool vibe and we thought we’d put it out.  We have so much stuff waiting to come out that we didn’t want to push too heavily on one thing. It just felt good at the time and I love the song. It’s a song to drive to and to dance to. When I wrote it, I just wanted it to be a happy pop song that felt cool. I like the lyrics cause they’re so broad and they’re easy to relate to.


And you’ve just had a number one single in Australia with ‘Start Again’. You’re finally breaking into your own after so many years of hard work. Do you feel liberated?

Yes and no. It’s nice to finally have some success, but I feel like it’s just the beginning. I definitely want more.

What about your debut album? Do you already have a release date penned down?

I haven’t got a release date yet, I’m still finishing it off and still kind of trying to make it perfect. I figured I waited 27 years for this, I might as well do it right. But we’re gonna have some new music out shortly and it’s gonna be vibey and set the tone for what’s coming next.


What other exciting plans do you have lined up for 2015? This year seems to be getting bigger and better for you by the day.

Well, I’m gonna be playing a few festivals, I’m gonna be traveling back to Australia to play my sold out headline shows which will be great. Then, I’ll be coming to the UK to tour with Jess Glynne in November, which is really cool, I’m a big fan of hers. Other than that, just finishing off the music and getting it right. Just getting music out there to people, cause it’s been a long time coming.

What’s your FAULT?

My biggest fault is that I’m sometimes too nice. I let people get away with too much. You can end up being taken advantage of sometimes.

Words: Adina Ilie

Photographer: Miles Holder


Conrad’s EP ’Start Again’ which is out today!