FAULT Issue 20 – The Faces Issue – is now available to pre-order


We are pleased to announce that FAULT Issue 20 – The Faces Issue – is available to pre-order NOW.

Official release: 20/03/15

FAULT Issue 20 front cover star Kylie Kenner was shot by Lionel Deluy and styled by Monica Rose.
Issue 20 will also feature Jim Sturgess as its reversible cover star – with preview imagery set to be unveiled very soon!
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FAULT Magazine – the Faces Issue – proudly presents exclusive shoots and interviews with:

Kylie Jenner

Jim Sturgess

Iwan Rheon

Michelle Monaghan

Audrey Kitching

To celebrate a landmark edition, FAULT Issue 20 includes very special ‘Faces of FAULT’ section, showcasing some Behind the Scenes insight from a selection of our favourite features from our 19 issues so far, including the likes of:

Rupert Grint (Issue 5)

Tom Felton (Issue 8)

Ali Lohan (Issue 9)

Adam Lambert (Issue 10)

Kelly Osbourne, Shay Mitchell, Logan Lerman, 2NE1 (Issue 12)

 Richard Armitage & Billy Bob Thornton (Issue 13)

Zach Braff & Daisy Lowe (Issue 14)

Ben Barnes, Big Sean, Tyra Banks, Ellie Goulding (Issue 15)

The Jonas Brothers (Issue 16)

Little Mix (Issue 17)

Demi Lovato, Usher, Debby Ryan (Issue 19)

Plus our usual, FAULTless selection of the finest editorial and feature content from both sides of the Atlantic and beyond – featuring some of the most internationally recognisable Faces in the world today.

This is your FAULT



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Billy Lockett is picked as our latest FAULT Future Artist



What was your experience touring with Nina Nesbitt late last year like?

Really great. I’ve known Nina for about two and a half years, and back then we were really different people. It was exciting to play to some of those fans who were 14 back then, we’ve kind of grown up together in a way.


The industry has seen a real renaissance of the singer-songwriter genre in recent years, do you feel that it’s a type of music that fans really respond to?

Yeah definitely. Kids are really receptive and they love to be the first person to discover something new, that’s what I love.


The crowd responds to your live set with a real intensity and this is surely down to the passion you show whilst performing. Have you always been conscious of this interaction?

Not really. To be honest, until recently I would just mess around and get a bit drunk. Now it’s all at the piano, and I really want to get across all that I’m feeling- not in a self-indulgent way! But the live shows are the best thing about the job.


Is performing live something that has always come naturally?

I’ve spent years and years perfecting what I do on stage, with my manager constantly tweaking. Everything from the set order to the jokes I make and when I ask people to clap along; it’s very crafted. I’m a real perfectionist that way.


Has songwriting always been a natural process for you or was that also something you had to develop?

I always used to write alone but recently I’ve actually been working with a lot of co-writers, just because it’s a lot more fun. To be in the room and be able to bash ideas off each other. But I love writing- I’ve written about 6 or 7 songs just in the last week.


How was that transition from writing by yourself – and being an artist under the radar- to now having a following and all these collaborators?

It was where it had to go- you have to follow the path. You could be the best musician in the world but if you don’t have any fans you’re not really anything. I didn’t want to just be stuck in my bedroom. You have to see it like an actual job.


From what age did you know this was what you wanted?

When I was 16 I did a talent show at school. I was a bit of a loser- in fact, I wasn’t even a loser because I didn’t even have enough friends to be a loser I just didn’t really exist- and I’d never sang but I wrote a song for this talent show and I ended up winning it. Suddenly, I felt like I knew what I needed to do and from that day on, I got management and an indie label, radio support, tours … and now I’m here.


You make it sound easy but at your show at The Tabernacle in Notting Hill you thanked your Mum for standing by you. Has it been all that you’d hoped for?

It’s been a nightmare [laughs] There are so many times when you wait around, and so much worry, and you put so much into the music and sometimes it doesn’t click. And it’s not like other jobs- with music, you’re so aware of everyone who is doing better than you. They stand out on posters, on the radio, on the tube – everywhere you go! You have to stick to your sound and be confident that what you’re doing is right, and at some point the world will know. Nothing worth having is easy.


In a digital age, with such an over-saturation of artists and sounds and potential influences on your music, is it hard to ‘stick to your sound’?

It’s hard to find it! [laughs] You always find that you lean towards whatever is doing well at the moment. But you have to look for where you fit in the scene, and I’m confident that I do fit somewhere. You don’t want to be another Ed Sheeran, or another Tom Odell. I feel like I know my own space now.


One way you seem keen to differentiate yourself is with your visuals- your video for Old Man uses really striking animation. Is this something you’ve pushed for, or is it something that’s come from the team around you?

That’s pretty much all me. I like it to be real. A lot of people say it’s maybe too personal but that’s something I like. I love that my fans feel my songs tell them secrets about me. People really relate to it because it’s real and it’s honest. People want honesty from art.


As you get more famous, do you think that level of honesty is sustainable?

I hope I don’t change. I want to always be honest with my music but you make the music to be heard, so the more people hear it, the better. But when someone comes up to me and tells me my song about cancer helped them with a family member’s illness, that means so much more than 1,000 drunk people dancing to a catchy chorus. Though my manager sometimes wants the latter! [laughs]


What is your FAULT?

I worry too much. Constantly. I ring my manager every week and even when everything’s going great, I worry. It’s pointless but it’s just in my nature!


Words: Will Ballentyne Reid 


Jamie T Reveals New EP Magnolia Melancholia Out April 6TH





There’s no slowing down Jamie T right now. After two sold out Alexandra Palace performances, 2015 sees the artist with the release of a brand new EP entitled “Magnolia Melancholia“.

After the incredible success of his third album, “Carry on the Grunge”, The EP will be released on April 6 via Virgin EMI, and will include the track ‘Don’t You Find’, which was released in July, as well as new songs ‘Magnolia Melancholia’, ‘Marilyn Monroe’ and ‘Riverbed’.

There’s also covers of “Mama don’t smoke” by 90’s cult-heroes Bran Van 3000 and a poignant, stripped-back version of The Replacements classic anthem to misspent youth, “Bastards of Young”.

Jamie was one of the most nominated at this year’s NME awards, he scooped up three awards, winning Music Moment of The Year for his 2014 comeback, as well as Best Track and Best Video for Zombie.

Fault’s Fave track, “Don’t you Find”,  has reached over 1 million views on youtube and showcases Jamie’s emotive song writing. Moody and captivating, it encapsulates the very essence of his new EP.

Jamie T is currently on tour in Europe and is confirmed to headline BBC 6 Muisc’s Festival in February, alongside prolific festival slots throughout the summer, this is set to be a landmark year.

Check out the track list for his new EP below:

Don’t You Find

Marilyn Monroe

Mama Don’t Smoke

Magnolia Melancholia


Bastards of Young

Words: Adina Ilie

Dominique Young Unique: Breaks silence with an exclusive shoot + interview with FAULT Magazine


Coat: Roberto Cavalli Top: Shade London,  Trousers: KTZ Belt: MAWII

Coat: Roberto Cavalli
Top: Shade London,
Trousers: KTZ

Let’s start by talking about your musical background: your influences, your career beginnings, and how you started out.

Were you always a natural performer?

Yes I’ve loved music since I was about 7 years old and I was in the church with my Grama singing. I remember doing my first performance- I was a little nervous but it was fun. After I got off the stage, I wanted to do more.


Is the live performance something that is really important to you, or do you prefer the studio?

Well I prefer both because I have to get in the studio to make music and then get on stage to perform. I will say that every time I perform for my fans it’s like a connection; we connect in a very strong way.


How did growing up in Tampa shape your music – you’ve talked about the violence and aggression of growing up there, do you see that mirrored in the ferocity of your music?

Yes, growing up in Tampa was very rough- especially where I grew up. It seemed like it was so hard to find a way out. People used to always say I would be pregnant at the age of 15, even though I wasn’t even having sex then. It was very tough but I put all that into my music.

Hat: Shade London  Dress: Ashish

Hat: Shade London
Dress: Ashish

Your song ‘Motherquake’ is on the Kick Ass 2 soundtrack – does film have a big influence on your music? If so, what films inspire you?

I know, I was so excited when I found out my track was included. I love that movie!

In regards to film and music videos, how do you go about shaping the visuals that accompany your music?

I just go along with the flow!

What do you want to say with your music videos?

I like to tell a story in my music videos, in the same way I’m doing it in my music. I want to describe it in my song, and show the action in my video.

Hat: Shade London  Dress: Ashish

Hat: Shade London
Dress: Ashish

Speaking of visuals, you have a really eye-catching look and have modelled for American Vogue alongside Cara Delevingne. Is fashion really important to your music?

No not really!

Female rappers seem to be having a real moment – from Nicki  and Iggy, to Azealia Banks and Angel Haze. Is there a pressure or expectation that comes with being a female rapper in 2014?

Yes you get a lot of hate and people are always comparing you to other female rappers. Female rappers like to beef- it’s nothing new.

How would you best describe the difference between you and these other rappers?

I’m very Unique. I have a different look, sound, taste etc. I stand out.

Hat: Shade London  Dress: Ashish

Hat: Shade London
Dress: Ashish

What’s coming up for Dominique Young Unique in 2015?

I will be dropping my new single and also working on my new album. I’m looking forward to signing a record deal after I got released from SonyUK and I’m also touring again!


Photography: Miles Holder

Styling: a+c Studios

Hair: Lisa Farrall@wigbyl using beauty works and fudge

MUA: Natalie Viner

Words: Will Ballantyne Reid


Florence + the Machine announce new album and share music video



Last night Florence + the Machine announced long-awaited new album “How Big. How Blue. How Beautiful” and confirmed that it will be released on June 2nd.  The album contains 11 songs and it is now up for pre-order on iTunes.

“How Big. How Blue. How Beautiful” track list:

01 Ship to Wreck
02 What Kind of Man
03 How Big How Blue How Beautiful 
04 Queen of Peace 
05 Various Storms & Saints 
06 Delilah
07 Long & Lost 
08 Caught 
09 Third Eye 
10 St Jude 
11 Mother


Florence Welch shared her excitement with fans over the new record:

“It has been a true labour of love. Thank You all for your patience, and thanks to everyone who inspired, consoled, contributed, and supported throughout. Im so glad you get to hear it. But sad to let it go. Please take care of it, as it took care of me”. 

A few days ago “What Kind of Man” and other songs from the new album were performed at a private party in Shoreditch, hosted for band’s close friends and family (FAULT Issue 13 cover star Daisy Lowe was among guests)

Also the album’s first single “What Kind of Man” was debuted on BBC Radio1 last evening, followed by release of new music video. The clip was directed by Vincent Haycock and choreographed by Ryan Heffington (“Chandelier”, Sia). Watch “What Kind of Man” below:



Earlier this week Florence + the Machine teased their fans with another music video “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”:


The band haven’t announced the UK tour dates yet, but already confirmed their appearance at spring and summer festivals:

Coachella (Indio, CA, US) – 10-12, 17-19 April 2015

The Governors Ball Music Festival (New York, NY, US) – 5-7 June 2015

Bonnaroo Music Festival (Manchester, TN, US) – 11-14 June 2015

Southside Festival 2015 (Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany) – 19-21 June 2015

Complexo Parque Das Nacoes (Lisbon, Portugal) – 18 July 2015

ya Festival (Oslo, Norway) – 11-15 August 2015

Way Out West Festival (Gothenburg, Sweden) – 13-15 August 2015

Flow Festival (Helsinki, Finland) – 14-16 August 2015


Words: Ksenia Safrey

MisterWives announce debut album ‘Our Own House’ – Review



The New-York based indie pop band MisterWives comprised of Mandy Lee, Etienne Bowler, Will Hehir, Mac Campbell and Jesse Blum are finally releasing their first album. Taking advantage of the success they’ve received with their Reflections EP which picked up over 20 million streams online and saw MisterWives on the Number 1 spot on Billboard’s ‘Emerging Artists’ chart, the album promises to be a jubilated sensation of indie-pop gold.

It’s not too bad to be Mandy Lee right now. She leads the bad with staggeringly beautiful powerhouse vocals and is also Vogue’s favourite “crazy-talented songwriter”. The NYC band make it Macy’s Day Parade everyday at Our Own House; rich brass and marching band celebration start the party with the album opener and title track, and the feel-good factor is continued into the sunny ‘Not Your Way’, ‘Best I Can Do’ and ‘Box Around The Sun’.


Fault’s Fave, ‘Imagination Infatuation‘, captures the exact spirit of the band. It’s a fun and free-spirited song that compels you to burst out dancing at any given moment. With a track list as catchy and electric as this one, ‘Our Own House’ will be an unstoppable safe house of success.

The band head out on their first headline tour of the US later in February and are due to visit the UK later in the year.

Words: Adina Ilie


MisterWives on the web

Website - TwitterFacebookInstagram


Festival No. 6 announce Grace Jones and Belle & Sebastian as headliners.



Save the date – over the weekend of the 3-6 September, Festival No. 6 will host Grace Jones and Belle & Sebastian as headliners.

Also appearing on the bill are 2014 Mercury Prize Winners Young Fathers and feted Mercury nominated poet and spoken word artist Kate Tempest.

Other confirmed live acts include Rae Morris, Shura, Stornoway, The Bohicas and Fryars. The festival will be announcing a second wave of artists including the final headliner in the coming months.


Equally renowned for its electronic bill, No. 6 is unveiling its first wave of DJ line-up, including headliners DJ Harvey and a UK festival exclusive from the 2 Bears with a live set. Other confirmed DJs include Bicep, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Gerd Jansen, Andrew Weatherall, Optimo, Ralph Lawson, Justin Robertson, Maurice Fulton and Mark E.

It’s  easy on the pocket as well.  Tickets range from 160£-180£ for Friday arrivals and £175-£190 for Thursday arrivals. You can take the little ones along as well, it’s free for kids aged 10 and under.

For more info, visit www.festivalnumber6.com or check out their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/festivalnumber6


Latitude festival announce a series of special videos to celebrate the festival’s 10th birthday

This year, Latitude Festival proudly announces a series of video collaborations to celebrate the festival’s 10th anniversary.


Photo taken by FAULT Journalist LUX & NOAH at Latitude 2014


The first video to be released is in partnership with local lad Luke Wright, who has penned a festival classic, appropriately entitled “Latitude”, to celebrate the event as UK’s leading multi-arts festival.

When talking about his involvement with Latitude, Luke has described his experience as being pretty special. ‘I’ve been involved since the first year in 2006. It’s been great to see it grow from a leftfield idea for a new festival into one of the UK’s major cultural events. I’m really proud to have played a small role in an event that has launched hundreds of new pieces of art into the world and been the meeting place for so many amazing artists.’

You can check out Luke’s poem below and see the video here:

Feel free to share on your website or twitter, using @latitudefest and  #Latitude15.

Also, those waiting in anticipation for the line-up will be pleased to hear the headliners and bill will be announced on Tuesday 3rd of March.

‘I’ve been involved with Latitude since the first year in 2006. It’s been great to see it grow from a leftfield idea for a new festivalinto one of the UK’s major cultural events. I’m really proud to have played a small role in an event that has launched hundreds of new pieces of art into the world and been the meeting place for so many amazing artists.’

-Luke Wright

Check out our coverage from last year here!