[PREMIERE] The Dunwells – Hurts (Official Video)


Leeds, UK based trio The Dunwells today reveal the brand-new video for their latest single “Hurts,” from the band’s highly anticipated new album Light Up The Sky, forthcoming later this month on February 26th.

The video is unique with carefully crafted choreography shot completely in one take with a cameo from the members of the band. It portrays the rawness of a track that’s written to convey love, sympathy, anger and compassion. Be sure to catch The Dunwells on tour kicking off on April 1st in Bristol.


Upcoming Tour Dates:
4/1/16: The Louisiana, Bristol
4/2/16: The Sugarmill, Stoke-On-Trent
4/3/16: Waterfront Studio, Norwich
4/5/16: The Lexington, London
4/6/16: Think Tank?, Newcastle
4/7/16: King Tut’s, Glasgow
4/8/16: Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
4/9/16: Picture House, Sheffield
4/11/16: Sound Control, Manchester

The Dunwells Socials:

[PREMIERE] Back Back Forward Punch – Machine Believing


Bubbling up on our radar is Australian girl/guy duo Back Back Forward Punch who channel Holy Ghost! on their new single “Machine Believing,” a ode to disco summer nights and analog dreams. With tight production and warm vocal melodies, you can’t help but be drawn into BBFP’s tapestry of sounds.

“Machine Believing” is featured on the duo’s “Tragic Lover” EP, available now on iTunes.

Back Back Forward Punch Socials:

Meg Mac in conversation with FAULT Magazine



FAULT: Hi Meg – your career is going from strength to strength, and gaining momentum at a rapid pace. How are you?

Meg: Hi! I am really good, things are getting more exciting everyday.


When you were growing up, who were your biggest influences?

I remember when I first heard Ray Charles’ voice, that had a big influence on me and I still love listening to him.


How do you process those influences when you’re still growing?

I think when you like something, you don’t know why you like, you just do. I don’t ever remember thinking about why I liked anything when I was young.


Can you talk a bit about your songwriting process?

I don’t like to talk about my problems, but I sing about them. I sing some things I would never share with anyone, my songs come from the things inside my head that I can’t stop thinking about or can’t work out yet – I usually sit at a piano put my phone on record and just sing. Chords, melodies, lyrics everything happens at the same time and I just have to work it all out later.


You have been described as “Adele meets Arcade Fire” , do you see yourself as an artist who defies genres, and is this something important to you as a singer and songwriter?

To be honest, I don’t think about or know what genre my songs are until they’re released and people start telling you what it is. I would find it really hard to write songs if I was trying to fit into a genre – I just sing what is in my head.


Growing up, were you always a performer?

I was so shy when I was a kid but for some reason I always wanted to perform.


How has growing up in Australia – and Australian culture – influenced your work?

Most of the music that has inspired me has come from overseas and from a time I’ll never know about. That is what is so nice about music, it doesn’t matter where you are or where you come from. Everything influences my work, up until this year I hadn’t really experienced much outside of Australia and I feel like that has had a big effect on me and my music.


You’ve got a distinctive personal style, from your clothes to your already famous hair. What about the relationship between music and fashion?

You always want to know who you are listening to I guess. I think that there is a relationship between music and fashion because it can add more to just the voice you can’t stop listening to. It is a real person you are listening to and this is what they like to wear and this is their thing. Creating a world for your music is fun.


Which do you prefer- the studio or the stage?



You have spoken in previous interviews about the power of costume to transform your live persona – how do you see ‘Meg Mac’ when you’re on stage, and how does this differ from being Megan McInerney day-to-day?

I think if someone is coming to see you perform, you need to give them something. I like to wear the costumes I feel the most comfortable in to sing my songs so that people enjoy it as a performance. And also I love dressing up, I feel stronger when I am dressed for a show.


The whole phenomenon of the rabid fanbase has really taken hold of the music industry at the moment, how do you picture the Meg Mac fanbase?

It is hard not to see your fans as some sort of friends, because they do kind of know you – I put things in my songs that I wouldn’t even tell my friends so there is this weird connection there. And also they are all really nice!


How important is the social media aspect for an artist these days? What pressures come along with maintaining an online presence as a pop artist?

I get so excited about some of the things I get to do and I love to share it online so others can be excited with me. I am conscious of boring people, I just want everyone to be a part of what I do and not so much looking in from the outside.


What are going to be the core themes on your album when it comes?

I think with my album, I am trying to stay more true to how the songs are when I first wrote them. Somehow get the raw bits from my iphone recordings and transform them into proper songs without losing anything special.


As an artist on the rise, is it challenging to suddenly see your songs being dissected by a much bigger audience?

It is unbelievable to do a show or play a festival and have the audience singing along with you, there is no way to describe that feeling.


Is songwriting and performing a vulnerable experience for you, or is it more cathartic to exorcise your demons in the public realm?

I find songwriting cathartic for me and then every time I perform that song something different will happen – no show is the same. Sometimes I discover a new meaning, sometimes I feel the pain or the happiness. So much can happen, I love it.


On that note, what is your FAULT?



Words: Will Ballantyne-Reid

Meg Mac’s self-titled EP is out now! Check it out on the links below 


Susanne Sundfør exclusive photoshoot and interview for FAULT 22


Maroon polo neck: DAGMAR
Circle loop Earrings: HPR (SMITH GREY)
Gold Ring: Spanner Wingnut



Susanne Sundfør might well have recorded the most audacious pop album of 2015. Endlessly inventive and unrepentantly her own, Ten Love Songs—her fifth long player since 2007—sees the Norwegian chart topper skillfully weave complex layers of synthetic and organic instrumentation to create a mix of precision-engineered electro and drama-soaked mini-symphonies. It is the sound of an artist operating without boundaries, seeing each idea through towards its maximum potential.


There’s so much to love about Ten Love Songs and the lead single, ‘Delirious’, is a certain standout. How did that one come together?

Thank you! Well, I wanted to record a pop song. Most of the arrangements were written in bed, actually. The melody was the first thing I wrote. Sometimes I just start with beats or baselines, which is what I did with ‘Insects’, and the vocals came later. I don’t have a recipe for how I do it. It’s completely random what comes first.

Lyrically, ‘Delirious’ is dark: “I told you not to come, my victim number one.” It feels quite aggressive compared to a lot of the other tracks on the album.

It’s sort of a game, isn’t it? I wanted to write from a femme fatale perspective. It’s still a pop song, and pop music doesn’t necessarily have to be fun. Arrangement-wise, it’s definitely more pop than anything I had written before. I wanted it to have a spy movie-vibe to it as well. The harmonies were inspired by Depeche Mode.


Pale blue Top: Filippa k
Suit: Filippa k
Grey Shoes: Melissa x Alexandre Herchcovitch
Pearl Claw Gold ring: Tessa Metcalfe
Gold ring: Spanner Wingnut

What kind of parameters do you set for yourself when you’re making music?

Since it’s a big task, I’m a fan of being in the moment. That just works really well in the way I like to work conceptually. I think coming up with a concept for an album is the hardest part. Luckily, I work with people in the business who don’t push me. The only pressure put on me is my own doing. They just know how musicians like to work. There are certainly musicians out there who can tour with a 9 to 5 job and go into the studio at night, but I don’t work like that. When I work on someone else’s music, I would never want to give them something I’m not happy with.


What are some early ideas you’re toying around with for the next album?

I think I’ll maybe go a little more ambient and darker, and not so much pop. I don’t really know yet because I haven’t had the time to think about it in-depth. It’s like Ten Love Songs and how I wanted it to be very dark and industrial. I recorded ‘Fade Away’ and that made the album something different. So that’s what’s in my head.


Black Polo neck: Theory
Navy Textured Wool suit: 2nd Day
Khaki shoes: Filippa K
Brown socks: item m6

What is your FAULT?

I’m whimsical and forget things all the time!


Photographed at the Urban Villa Hotel

Words: Kee Chang

Fashion Editor: Rachel Holland

Photographer: Woland

Make-Up: Faye Marie Quinton

Hair Stylist: Kieron Lavine

Stylist’s Assistant: Belda Chung

Phoebe Ryan interview and photoshoot for FAULT Magazine




Blasting into the world of pop in a tangle of R Kelly mashups and vivid green hair, 24-year-old singer Phoebe Ryan has taken Soundcloud by storm. She boasts over two million plays for her collaborations with Jaymes Young and Skizzy Mars, and perhaps it’s not too surprising to find her recent single, ‘Mine’ with over a million hits on YouTube. With the likes of Taylor Swift listing to Ryan’s latest single under her selection of songs ‘that will make your life more awesome’, things are looking pretty peachy for this LA-based songstress.


What’s been your favourite part of your whirlwind journey into the world of music so far?

Waking up every day and remembering that I’m lucky enough to be living my dream. Still can’t really wrap my head around it sometimes. It rules. I’ll never take it for granted.


Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane White short sleeve:Nanette Lepore Black and White Lace Jacket: Tadashi Shoji Tulle dress: Betsey Johnson

Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane
White short sleeve:Nanette Lepore
Black and White Lace Jacket: Tadashi Shoji
Tulle dress: Betsey Johnson

What’s your creative process when it comes to songwriting?

Honestly it’s different every time I sit down to write. Sometimes I’ll start with a word, sometimes a concept, sometimes a melody. It’s also important for me to write every day, even if it’s just a couple of sentences. I find that being consistent about it helps me fight writer’s block.


How do you find inspiration for your music?

I find relationships to be a great source of inspiration, not just with other people but with myself and the world.

Jacket: ICB Necklace: Lulu Frost Tshirt: Junkfood

Jacket: ICB
Necklace: Lulu Frost
Tshirt: Junkfood



We all heard Taylor Swift give you a shout out back in October – what was your reaction?


Complete disbelief, shock, and gratitude. It was one of the highlights of my year. If I’m ever in Taylor’s position to be such a tastemaker, I will certainly pay it forward and give credit to up and coming musicians, too.


Your producer, Kyle Shearer, has worked with the likes of Tove Lo and Augustana, both of whom produce pretty big and epic sounds; who, if any, would you say are the main influences on your music?

That’s really hard to answer, because I’m influenced by so many artists in a really big way. Even if I’m not completely obsessed with someone’s music, I’m still influenced by their work ethic and the way they carry themselves. I always want to know what makes a great artist tick, and I feel like I’m constantly studying. Whether it’s Katy Perry or some dude at an open mic night at a bar…   


What’s your plan for 2016?

Keep doing my damn thing. Go on tour, put out a record, meet more fans, write songs for other artists, stay focused and healthy.


Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane Jacket: Nanette Lepore Dress: Michael Kors

Sunglasses: Thierry Lasry
Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane
Jacket: Nanette Lepore
Dress: Michael Kors


Any dream collaborations you have in mind or hopes for the future?

I want to do a hologram duet with Ray Charles. Been listening to him a lot lately. That would be cool, right?


Your hit song ‘Mine’ seems to be all about loving yourself for who you are. It’s a strong message for anyone – were you singing to a younger-you perhaps? Who are you trying to get through to with this track?

I was definitely singing to a younger me. I had gone through a really rough period in my life, maybe as most people in their early 20’s do. I want to reach people who feel the same way I did. I get messages pretty often from people who totally understand and relate, and that’s the best thing in the world.


Jacket: Kaelen Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane Necklace: Lulu Frost Teal blouse: Cynthia Rowley Skirt: ÖHLIN / D Pants: Betsey Johnson Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Jacket: Kaelen
Earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane
Necklace: Lulu Frost
Teal blouse: Cynthia Rowley
Skirt: ÖHLIN / D
Pants: Betsey Johnson
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik


What is your Fault?

I can be so moody sometimes. I try not to take it out on other people, but it’s really hard for me. It sucks, I always feel bad. But I’m working on it!


Words: Josie Carder

Photographers: Alex + Iggy
Stylist: Chaunielle Brown
Stylist Assistants: Donika Hoxhaj + Kerry Robinson
Hair: Akihisa Yamaguchi Using Aveda Hair Care
Makeup: Kuma For Mac Cosmetics
Manicurist: Michelle Matthews/Rona Represents Using Zoya Nail Polish
Manicurist Assistant: Karla Carrington


Anne-Marie Photoshoot and Interview for FAULT #22

Today Anne-Marie has released the first single from her upcoming album and so to celebrate, we’re sharing some excerpts and images from our feature with the young star in FAULT #22.

Anne-Marie has been spending the past two years touring the world with Rudimental and now she’s progressing to pop’s waiting list after the release of her debut EP ‘Karate’. She’s clearly no rookie to the music industry and has her eye on the prize.

Suit jacket: Filippa K Slim trousers: Filippa K Cross kiss ring: Meghan Farrell Jewellery Single beat ring: Meghan Farrell Jewellery  Single beat cuff: Meghan Farrell Jewellery  Rose gold jawz earrings: Meghan Farrell Jewellery

Suit jacket: Filippa K
Slim trousers: Filippa K Cross kiss ring: Meghan Farrell Jewellery
Single beat ring: Meghan Farrell Jewellery
Single beat cuff: Meghan Farrell Jewellery
Rose gold jawz earrings: Meghan Farrell Jewellery

You’re first and foremost known as Rudimental’s Anne Marie. Can you talk us through your history with them? How did it all come about?

I had a writing session with them about three years ago and that was before I had any music out, so we just became friends basically. And we stayed friends until they needed someone to go on tour with them and that’s when they chose me.

Do you remember what your first show with them was like?

It was quite scary. I remember just being on stage and being stiff and quite overwhelmed. It was quite a lot to take in. It was a big show as well, it was at a festival in Wales. I ended up getting used to it though. I’m a little bit better now but back then it was a bit scary.

Floorwork Cream Top: Antipodium Taylor Denim Skirt: Pepe Jeans Black Leather Jacket: Filippa K Abbott Stud Black Boots: Rebecca Minkoff Cross Kiss Ring: Meghan Farrell Jewellery Single Beat Ring: Meghan Farrell Jewellery

Floorwork Cream Top: Antipodium
Taylor Denim Skirt: Pepe Jeans
Black Leather Jacket: Filippa K
Abbott Stud Black Boots: Rebecca Minkoff
Cross Kiss Ring: Meghan Farrell Jewellery
Single Beat Ring: Meghan Farrell Jewellery


Now you’re coming into your own and releasing your own music as well. What do you feel is the main difference between yourself as an artist and yourself as a featured artist? How do you plan on differentiating yourself?

Well, apart from the obvious outcome of being a featured artist where all you do is sing other people’s music, which I love doing nonetheless, as my own artist, I can write my own stuff, I can put across something that I want out there. I always write about personal experiences or experiences that other people who are close to me have been through. So, it’s finally fine to sing about something that is important to me, which I’m really looking forward to. Obviously when you’re singing other people’s music, it’s still important to have a connection with it, but it’s not the same as it is with your own writing.

Music Video for Anne-Marie’s latest single – Do It Right

Pink Embroidered Faux-Suede Jacket: Fyodor Golan

Pink Embroidered Faux-Suede Jacket: Fyodor Golan

What’s your FAULT?

My biggest fault is that I’m really impatient. And I need to learn how to be patient; it’s becoming a problem.

Words: Adina Ilie

Photographer: Daniele Fummo

Fashion Editor: Rachel Holland

Make Up Artist: Nicky Weir at Sarah Laird using Bare Minerals

Hair Stylist: Kieron Lavine using L’Oreal

Stylist’s 1st Assistant: Belda Chung, Emma Ellen



…Or get your copy digitally via Zinio! 1 year’s subscription = just £14.40

Lucius release second single from their upcoming album



You’ll no doubt know but now that here at FAULT we’re huge fans of the band Lucius. A few weeks back we shared news of their first single taken from their sophomore album (read here). Today, we’re again jumping for joy to hear their latest release entitled ‘Madness‘.


The signature harmonies by lead vocalists, Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig ooze throughout the whole track. ‘Madness‘ is an endless crescendo of synths, percussive beats, strings and vocals. The hypnotic sounds while repetitive merges so smoothly into the key change that it doesn’t so much wake you from their siren song but rather pushes you further into the listening experience. (As pretentious as that sounds idgaf, I felt it!)

Their highly anticipated album will be released on March 11th  but Is available for pre-order now so jump in line.

Lucius will also be touring the UK in spring, kicking off in Dublin on the 5th of April and reaching London’s KOKO on the 13th.


FAULT Magazine Weekly Playlist: Sneaky Sound System

SSS 2013 picA white

Sneaky Sound System aka Black Angus and Miss Connie aka two people we wish we were real life friends with. To say that we’re fans of Sneaky would be an understatement. You may remember the Aussie duo’s 2011 dance anthem meets love letter single “Big” or “Really Want To See You Again,” both songs off their album “From Here To Anywhere.” They’ve both been staples on our playlist for quite some time. Known for their extroverted, room filling sound and Connie’s boisterously wonderful vocals, Sneaky continues to make music for the dance inclined masses, closing out 2015 with “All I Need,” a track that sees the duo moving more into the chilled out house space.

We asked Angus and Connie to put together some of their all-time favorite tunes and you might recognize some of these iconic classics, such as New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle.” The duo’s 80s influence comes through on their selections and we’re not mad about that at all.

Howard Jones – Like To Get To Know You Well

Angus: I was obsessed with this song when I was really young. I loved the chords, the marimba sound, the drum machine – i guess it was one of the first tracks that got me into electronic music – I even liked his jump suits.

Butch – Dope
Angus: I’m a house head through and through and I like everything Butch does, he sure knows how to pump out the party starters! This is basically a disco loop on repeat but it makes me want explode every time I play it, or hear it. This is definitely my summer jam!!

New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle
Angus: Have finished many a set with this old chestnut. I love that mix of melancholy, joy and hope and here its all bundled up in one of the 80s finest moments. Yes everyone knows it but it still inspires me.

Rufus feat Chaka Khan – Better Days
Angus: I could have chosen many Chaka Khan tunes, or disco for that matter. She just oozes and oozes and oozes!!! She has such a beautiful voice, wonderful phrasing and such dope songs. Love her.

Whitest Boy Alive – Gold Cage
Angus: I love simplicity and this is very simple yet so warm and satisfying. Erlend Oye is a master in my mind and never puts a foot wrong, and i really really like the way he plays guitar. This song has such beautiful lyrics to boot.

King Krule – Easy Easy
Connie: First heard this on a train. Magical. Reminds me of the cold…i mean real cold!! The simplicity and the tone/accent get me.

Vangelis – Blade Runner Soundtrack
Connie: Oh god this is my life! Everything that I am and ever hope to be encapsulated in one body of work. My emotions, my character, my faults and all my habits. Too good!

Spector – All The Sad Young Men
Connie: I love songs that evoke the sentiment of books and this I think F Scott Fitzgerald would be proud of .

Sneaky Sound System Socials: