FAULT Weekly Playlist: LAKIM

Hailing from Lynchburg, Virginia, LAKIM has steadily made a name for himself in the electronic scene by bridging the gap between dance music and hip-hop in his finessed, chrisp sound. It’s an ever shifting blend of crisp drum patterns, dreamy synths, and lush vocal chops.

It’s this sound that caught the attention of globally lauded YouTube channel and now label, Majestic Casual. A trusted tastemaker in the industry, Majestic Casual continues to expand the their reach and recently concluded a “Majestic Casual World Tour”.

Check out some of the tunes LAKIM took on the road with him in his exclusive playlist for FAULT below.

LAKIM – Nightfall

This is probably the song that’s my favorite of all of the ones I’ve made up until this point in my career. I went through so many different emotions trying to finish this record and I think it shows here in a majorly way. Feelings of being immersed in the night and what activities happen to transpire within that.

Sunni Colon – God Is A Woman

Sunni has been bubbling steadily for some years now and I feel like he hasn’t even gotten close to reaching his artistic peak. An amazing songwriter and singer with such self assurance in their art is incredibly hard to come by these days and he’s destined to be big some day soon.

starRo – Relapse ft. One T

My Soulection brother! starRo is one of the most consistent artists that I know to have emerged from the early SoundCloud remix era to create amazing original works of art. This song with One T is one of his best ones the shows what he can really do with an artist that trusts in his sound direction.

Noah Slee – Instore ft. Wayne Snow & Rachel Fraser

I had never heard of Noah before this but WOW, you have made me a fan. Will definitely be listening to the future releases. Here’s the one that caught my attention early.

quickly, quickly – Stay Up

quickly is near the top the mountain when it comes to the lo-fi instrumental hip-hop scene that has exploded over the last few years thanks to “study and chill” youtube beat channels. Rather than relying on a sample to carry the heart of a song, he plays and uses a variety of instruments to really display his diverse, musical prowess. Take note.

rei brown – Chaplan Candy

rei reminds me a lot of Corbin. Everything he makes has a great sense of tonality the shows in every aspect of his work. You could totally get lost in not only the soothing music but also how his voice weaves in and out so perfectly like a never-ending panning effect. So great.

Mothica – Cheap Tricks

Hadn’t heard much of Mothica’s music before this tour but I’m so happy that I did. She has such an amazingly, haunting voice that sends chills up your spine. Definitely someone that people should be paying attention to in the next couple of years. This is one of my favorites of hers.

LAKIM – Street Mentality (Go Hard) ft. El Blanco Nino

I made this track with one of my good friends from NYC, Blanco, late last year. He and his collective, Papi Squad, are some of the most musical, talented people that I know. This song is supposed to give off a feeling of perseverance and triumph, giving you the power from within to push through the many challenges you may run into during you everyday life.

Spotify Who We Be paving the way for live music experiences

The music landscape has evolved at a rate of knots over the past few years, with giants such as Spotify and Apple playing a huge part. The boom of subscription services has meant the giants are looking for ways to grab people’s attention, and develop loyalty to their brand. And with that, Spotify have taken a big step in the right direction with their Who We Be live show, hosted at the famous Alexandra Palace in London.

The event at Ally Pally brought together some of the world’s biggest hip-hop, grime and R&B acts, with huge names including Tory Lanez, Craig David and French Montana as part of their Who We Be live show.

The show saw some of the UK’s top talents putting on a treat for their fans, including performances from Ghetts, Lethal Bizzle and Raye.

A personal highlight of the show for me was the appearance of FAULT Magazine #28 cover star Tory Lanez. He performed his biggest songs, with a real energy and verve. Before he was done, there was time for a spot of crowd surfing across the front rows.

Craig David showed why he’s well worth headlining, continuing his remarkable comeback to put on a great performance. He cycled through a few of his classics (7 Days, Fill Me In) alongside some of his new songs, as well as a cover of Robyn’s Show Me Love.

Ending the night was hip-hop heavyweight French Montana. Eagerly anticipated, he played some of his biggest hits such as Unforgettable and No Stylist, and was even able to call upon Stefflon Don and Krept & Konan to help close the show and make it a truly unforgettable night.

The youthful audience were delirious, seeing their favourite acts performing back-to-back-to-back and so on. No waiting around for 30 minutes between acts like you get at some music events. Each act coming up pretty swiftly after the other; as if you’ve streaming it through your earphones, with music being played continuously. It helped add to the live event aspect of what Spotify are trying to achieve, and showed they’re serious about giving people what they want. All their favourite acts delivering their favourite songs for them.

We’d love to see Spotify extend this format out to other playlists they have on their service. And if the Who We Be live shows are anything to go by, they’ll be making the right call.

FAULT Weekly Playlist: Driftwood

“Higher Mentions” is the latest single from a rising Australian singer/songwriter/producer who goes by the name Driftwood. Like his moniker suggests, Driftwood’s music has an ethereal quality that’s beautifully captivating. Along with the song Driftwood shares the self-directed and produced music video.

With a skill-set that includes singing, song writing, music production, music engineering, film direction and film editing, Driftwood.has a lead role in every part of the creative process. “I am fascinated by literature, music, film and life, and I strive to tell stories across audio & film to provoke thought and emotion,” he tells us.

Watch the music video for “Higher Mentions” below and check out Driftwood’s exclusive playlist for FAULT.

Golden Vessel – Hesitate

Only found this song a week ago. on repeat. Overwhelmingly beautiful tune. Reminds me of Byron bay in November.

Sonder – Care

Unique sense of melody. Incredibly delicate arrangement, flawless sense of soul.


Disgusting. killed my mind in 2013. And does to this day..

Slowthai – T N Biscuits

Energy. Unfiltered.

JMSN – Fuck You

Living on the margins of society can allow you to be yourself sometimes. I think JMSN somehow found this space for himself as an artist.

Fortunes – Focus

Special stuff. Balance & feel.

Skepta – Lukey World

This will get u sipping from the bottle. Anything you say about it is an understatement.

Majid Jordan – My Imagination (ft dvsn)

Beautiful. Wish I could create a tune this beautiful.

Sam Cook – Change Gonna Come

I always come back this. Im intrigued by the narrative of this era. The weight of the lyrics. This Melody. The power in his delivery. This is more then a song.

OCTAVIAN – Party Here


Mad vibe. Mental

Kamaliza – Zanzibar

More I listen, more it got me. Feels like someone misunderstood who couldn’t be fkd explaining himself. very special tune.”

Driftwood Socials:

FAULT Magazine Photoshoot and Interview with Miya Folick

Miya Folick X FAULT Magazine

Photographer: Tae Alvon
Creative Director & Stylist: Edith Walker Millwood
MUA: Charmanique Thompson 
Assistant: Leslie
Photographed in DUO London

Jumper – Norse Projects

Miya Folick’s debut album ‘Premonitions’ might have gone down a storm thanks to Miya’s incredible skills as a songwriter and powerhouse vocals. The artist wasted no time to celebrate, however, instead emarking on an extensive tour in support of Pale Waves and Sunflower Bean, with dates across the United States and Europe. As a natural hard-worker, touring isn’t a chore for Miya, instead it gives her a sense of purpose and brings structure to an otherwise manic and unpredictable working schedule.

We sat down with Miya Folick in London’s Duo for a photoshoot and interview to find out more about her process and plans for 2019.


‘Leave The Party’ is such a great feel good “dance like no one is watching” at home track, what was the inspiration behind it?

Miya Folick: I think it’s really exciting to move to a city like Los Angeles and become enamored with late nights and loud music and the excitement of meeting people and experiencing new things.  But, eventually, some of that wears off and you realize getting up early for your morning run is a lot more satisfying.


Can you tell us a bit about ‘Thingamajig’, the backstory of the song, the title and what headspace you were in while writing it?

Miya Folick: Thingamajig came from my subconscious.  In many ways, the day we wrote that song was a day just like any other.  I wasn’t feeling particularly sad or apologetic on the surface, but it must have been bubbling underneath.

Jumper – Norse Projects | Skirt – Topshop | Socks – Artist Own | Shoes – Artist Own

What’s the overriding emotion you felt in the lead up to the album’s release?

Miya Folick: I felt like I was ready to tour and make more music. I feel proud of myself and my team.

Top – Mango | Skirt – Topshop | Belt – Stylist Own | Sneakers – Mango

Your album is co-produced with Justin Raisen – how did you first start working together?

Miya Folick: We met on the recommendation of several different people and it just clicked. His wife jokes that their two-year-old was actually the one who convinced me to make the record with Justin.  James is very very cute, but it was actually because Justin is just a really exciting creative force.

Miya Folick FAULT Magazine

Suit – Topshop | Shirt – Scotch & Soda | Socks – Artist Own | Boots – Mango

You’ll be ending the year with a European tour- what’s your favourite part about hitting the road?

Miya Folick: Playing a show every night. Tour gives you a strong sense of purpose everyday. I have a more regular schedule on the road than at home. I run every morning before the rest of the band gets up, listen to podcasts in the van on the way to the next city, soundcheck, eat too much broccoli, show, dinner, hang with the guys.  It’s fantastic.


What do you have planned for 2019?

Miya Folick: Hopefully touring a lot for this record! Making a couple more music videos. Putting out a couple more singles.  I don’t know! Maybe i’ll be in a movie.  I want to get into acting again.

Puffer: Topshop

What is your FAULT?

Miya Folick: I am impatient.

Cherise Adams-Burnett at The Royal Albert Hall for EFG London Jazz Festival 2018

Cherise Adams-Burnett


Words: Flora Neighbour

If you’re looking to ease yourself into jazz, look no further than Cherise Adams-Burnett. Performing for the second time during EFG London Jazz Festival, the 23-year-old took to the stage in front of an intimate audience fuelled with anticipation and excitement. Kicking off the night, Cherise glided through the audience in the Elgar Room at the Royal Albert Hall in her floaty, white dress, looking ethereal, confident and ready to perform.


Cherise Adams-Burnett performing at The Elgar Room in The Royal Albert Hall


The first half saw Cherise accompanied by Gabriel Piers-Mantell on the piano, Olly Sarkar on the drums, and Louis van der Westhuizen on the double bass. Playing music from her forthcoming album – out next year – Cherise treated the audience to an insight into her love life and the trials and tribulations of a past relationship. Taking influence from Ella Fitzgerald and Carmen McRae, the music felt vulnerable and poetic. However, what Cherise lacks in age, she also lacks in experience, and often the words sounded a little contrived. Although her youthful energy and multi-faceted repertoire helped bring variety to her performance of Pretenders, her talent and vocal abilities took centre stage over the lyrics. The audience, however, lapped it up and we saw Cherise finish the first half of the set performing earthy, soulful tracks with classical influences and the odd, extremely impressive, scat.


Cherise Adams-Burnett performing at The Elgar Room in The Royal Albert Hall


The second half of the evening saw Cherise joined on stage by Ife Ogunjobi on the trumpets, a string quartet and backing singers for a big band sound. Bringing up the tempo, the more upbeat half had a very different feel to the first, and I could see Cherise’s famed neo soul and R&B influences making an entrance. I could feel the audience tapping their feet to the tracks performed, enjoying Cherise as she sung in harmony with the backing vocalists and occasionally played her flute – once again, showing off her conservatoire training. The hazy, smoky lights were dimmed red and the room channelled the late-night jazz sessions many of the audience hoped for. Overall the evening was a wonderful showcase of talent from everyone involved. An eclectic mix of genres and a very youthful affair, the performance perhaps lacked that rough experience that comes with time. I look forward to Cherise perfecting her own sound with her distinctive, beautiful voice. Give Cherise time to grow and she’ll flower into a deeper shade of blues.


FAULT Magazine photoshoot and interview with Joel Baker


This week saw the release of Joel Baker’s ‘Winter Dreams’ EP, a brutally honest but wonderful example of the storytelling through music that we’ve come to expect from Joel over the course of his career. Also included on the EP is a cover of Phil Collins’ ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’, completely reimagined in Joel’s own style so wonderfully you could be forgiven in thinking it was a completely original track.

We met up with Joel to discuss his career thus far, and plans for the future in this FAULT Online photoshoot and interview.


You have a really unique voice, how did you develop your style?

It was a tone thing which over the years I’ve learnt to develop and use correctly. The singing bit it still the newest thing for me and that’s where I’m trying to grow and learn how to perfect.


Who are you listening to at the moment?

Ryan Adams, Leaf, I really like and a lot of Pheobe Bridges. There’s also a lot of HipHop, Chance The Rapper, Common and anything lyrical.


What’s your writing process like, are you structured with set times for working or are you an artist who’s always writing anywhere and everywhere?

I try and do a bit of both, I try and have that bit of structure. I like to do writing sessions, where you need to write a song in a day because that adds structure and it forces it out a little bit because I think sometimes just waiting for it to happen isn’t the best. But in saying that I like to have my songwriting antennas on at all time because it usually happens in conversation. I will be talking to somebody and say something weird or whatever and take a mental note of it and then use that so all those random thoughts and notes I wrote down and when it comes to actually produce the song I have a lot to work with.

Is it weird that people are coming to see you?

Today is strange, it’s a gig that has come from outside of my friendship group. it’ll be great to see the people who have come to see me who listen to my music every day and just want to experience me playing live.


Is it weird knowing that your song means something different?

that’s the best part. When you write something that someone else loves is so special. Especially when people say “we love it and keep it on repeat” it resonates so much because that’s exactly how I listen and experience music.


What’s your favourite on the road story?

I’ve got to be careful what I say Hah! One of my favourite characters I’ve met on the road was in Berlin I met someone called Yesper Monk. He turned up to meet us with this really heavy guitar and a typewriter, leather jack and pack of cigarettes. He looked like something out of the 40’s he’s by far the craziest guy I’ve ever met and I saw him last week and I’ve not seen him in ages and the first thing he tells me is “things are about to get crazy because I’ve just taken an ecstasy pill”. I love him, he’s an amazing artist and so inspirational for me.

What’s been your worse show?

When I first started I was just playing a dingy venue and I didn’t really want to do it. Also, no one was actually there so it was basically just the acts watching each other perform and it was the most horrendous show. It was a club venue atop the stage too so you’re playing a slow emotional song to party music above you.


Are you a studio body or do you prefer the stage?

It depends on the setting I’d say but for the most part, I enjoy the studio because I have control of the setup, my comforts etc. That being said, there are those shows where the stars align, the sounds amazing and the crowd is great and there have only been a few of those perfect shows but it’s just amazing to experience.


What is your FAULT?

I’m very guilty of comparing myself to people and it’s horrendous. The good things don’t seem as good and the bad things just sound a horrible way to live life.




FAULT Weekly Playlist: Taska Black

Belgian producer Taska Black’s first introduction to music came at a young age in the form of violin and piano lessons. Like most kids, Tasks wasn’t initially keen on the imposed structure of a musical education. However, through improvisations, Taska found his deep-seated love for creating.

Stretching past genre definitions with his music, Taska first garnered international attention with his official remix of Charlie Puth’s “The Way I Am.” That soon led to releases on Martin Garrix’s STMPD label. His latest (and debut) five-track EP “Minds” was shared via San Holo’s indie label imprint bigbird.

With every track, Taska unravels a rawness through his intrinsic aptitude for melody and sound design which has seen him garner support from fellow heavyweights Zeds Dead, Alison Wonderland, Marshmello, Martin Garrix and more. Utterly refreshing and thrilling in its pursuit of greater sonic diversity in the pop sphere, Taska Black’s “Minds” EP showcases all the promising musical avenues that the young artist continues to progress into. As the year is winding down, listeners can only expect that Taska’s 2019 will hold even bigger musical moments, as hinted at by this debut EP. Until then, take a listen to his exclusive inspirations playlist for FAULT.

Sia – Soon We’ll Be Found

I’ve always loved Sia and she’s one of the best voices in pop music in my opinion. This is the very first song I heard from her from 2008 and I still can’t get tired of it.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi-love

I’ve only recently got to know this band but they’re absolutely amazing. Whenever I’m traveling or doing nothing this is the only thing I listen to.

M83 – Midnight City

It feels like this song has been stuck in my head for 7 years now. That sound in the intro just never lets me go.

King Princess – 1950

When I first heard this song I was blown away. Just when that first verse comes in it just grabbed my attention and I can’t stop listening to it anymore.

Alison Wonderland – Church

I’ve always been a fan of Alison Wonderland. This is one of the songs off her “Awake” album and it’s just so well written.

Frank Ocean – Solo

I don’t think this one needs explanation. Blonde was one of my favorite albums of 2016 and ‘Solo’ has been in my daily playlist ever since.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside

When I was a kid I used to listen to the RHCP all the time. I could really pick any song of theirs because they’re all great, every single song is just so nostalgic to me.

ODESZA – Falls ft. Sasha Sloan

I don’t think ODESZA needs any explanation, they’re just legendary. Falls is definitely one of my favorite songs of their ‘A Moment Apart’ album.

Taska Black – Forever

This is a song I wrote with David Thomas Jr. His voice just sounds so good… This was my first song ever to be played on local radio in Belgium, where I live, and it was a crazy feeling to hear yourself on the radio like this.

Shawn Mendes – Lost In Japan (Zedd Remix)

I’m definitely a fan when it comes to Zedd’s music and it has been a while since he released a remix. This track inspires me because it shows how Zedd can twist a pop song and still push his sound and his production forward.

Taska Black Socials:

Get weekend ready with Bohnes’ “Raging On A Sunday”

Meet Bohnes. The solo project of Alex DeLeon from the band The Cab, Bohnes is a meeting of alternative rock and pop music. Today he shares a new single called “Raging On A Sunday” that comes just in time for this holiday weekend.

“This song was written when I thought the album was finished; it snuck up on me,” Bohnes says about the track. “I wanted to write a song that I would listen to. I wrote it with a live show in mind. I had a dream about people starting a mosh pit in a church so wrote the song to accompany the dream and to build the soundtrack for it. I love the mix of the grungy angst and the smoothness that comes from it’s r&b background.”

Bohnes Socials: