Introducing Klyne – exclusive Fault interview

FAULT: Hi Klyne, so how did you both meet?
Klyne: We met through mutual friends group just under a decade ago.

Has growing up in Helmond helped shape your sound in any way?
In some ways, yes. Helmond is a pretty quiet and peaceful place to live – there definitely isn’t much of a music scene going on here compared to the bigger cities like Amsterdam, which means there’s less to directly influence us.

What has been one of the weirdest / funniest gigs you have done?
That would be the first support show we had with Years & Years. Just before our final song our equipment decided to fail, leaving only the piano and vocals working in front of 5000 people… We ended up having to play our track “Closer” with just piano and vocals which was pretty terrifying, but the crowd’s response was insane.

What were some of the artists you both listened to growing up?
We have fairly different music tastes: Ferdous is more into dark electronic music like Soulwax and Aphex Twin, whereas I (Nick) have always been drawn towards big voices such as Jamie Lidell and Stevie Wonder.

When it comes to writing music, is there a source of inspiration or a routine you both go through?
Up until now we have made all the music in Ferdous’ small bedroom, writing, producing and mixing all in one room, and recording the vocals in-between two mattress – it’s the space we feel most comfortable making music. Ferdous tends to start by making a beat or a loop on his own, adding various vocal hooks until we’ve got the core of the song written, I then come in and vocal the track and we try ideas then.

How does it feel having your track ‘Water Flow’ played over 6 million times on Spotify?
It’s amazing that so many people have listened to it, especially considering it was made in Ferdous’ family bedroom. That’s like, almost half of our own country’s population…!

Who would you like to most collaborate with?
We might potentially consider working with Kanye.

You’ve supported the likes of Years & Years, Christine and the Queens and Metronomy, did they offer out any advice?
Not directly but I think the most important message they all gave us was “have fun!!”.

For anyone yet to see you perform, how would you describe your live shows?
We make all our music in Ferdous’ small bedroom, so to be able to translate that to a live show is really important to us. We put a lot of effort into reinventing the songs to work on stage and with a band.

What’s next for Klyne?
Our upcoming album the 30th of June and we cannot wait for everyone to hear. It will be accompanied by lots of touring and festivals around Europe.

Debut album ‘Klyne’ is out now.


Words Jack Lloyd

FAULT catches up with actor Julian Morris

FAULT caught up with actor Julian Morris – star of 24, Pretty Little Liars and New Girl – to talk legends, London, and his much-anticipated new BBC drama series Man in an Orange Shirt.

Grey suit trousers and jacket – Hugo Boss Hugo Boss / Black jumper – Hugo Boss

A lot of people will recognise you from Pretty Little Liars, and the final season is now on Netflix, so how was it bringing a seven-year-long show to a close?

I came back to resolve the character of Dr Wren Kingston in a way which I felt was fun and satisfying. I’m hoping fans have been satisfied with the ending – it’s packed full of twists – and the team have been planning it for a long time. I had lot of fun with the cast and crew of Pretty Little Liars – they’re a really talented group and I made a lot of friends on the show. I think when it started in 2010, Pretty Little Liars was bold and transgressive, for example featuring young lesbians in the way it did, in the time that it did. Similarly, Man in an Orange Shirt is bold now – looking at oppression by society of gay characters, and their internal struggles too.

Micro check suit jacket and trousers – Aquascutum / Purple basic point collar shirt – John Varvartos

Man in an Orange Shirt is of course the upcoming BBC drama in which you star alongside the legendary Vanessa Redgrave – what can you tell us about the show?

Well firstly, it’s really good! Director Michael Samuels has done a great job, the cinematographer made it beautiful, the writer made it moving. It touches on something which hasn’t been properly explored in mainstream media before. My character seemed like a new challenge for me – he lives in an accepting society but has grown up with a shame, a self-oppression and a trauma that is hard to work through but truthful. All of that is explored against the backdrop of a beautiful love story. Most of my scenes are with Vanessa Redgrave, and she was phenomenal to work with. She is smart, challenging, and intelligent and she really keeps you on your toes. We got on fantastically and had this natural and immediate chemistry, I absolutely adore her. I have also been working with her son-in-law Liam Neeson too!

USA Bowery fit Jeans – John Varatos star / Mandarin Collared shirt – Zadig and Voltaire SS17 / Jacket – Brookes Brothers SS17

It sounds like you’ve been working with some pretty big names and in some amazing shows and films!

You know what, the past year has been one of dream characters and dream casts – for example filming Felt with Liam Neeson and of course Man in an Orange Shirt with Vanessa Redgrave. Some of the characters I’ve been working on have scared me and challenged me, and that’s wonderful. I’m really director-driven in the choices I make and I want to continue to work with people I love, respect and adore. There’s a very long list of amazing directors I would love to work with, but Ang Lee and Yann Demange are definitely up there.

Grey suit trousers and jacket – Hugo Boss Hugo Boss / Black jumper – Hugo Boss

You grew up here in London – what do you love about our city and what do you do when you’re back here?

Yeah, I grew up in North London, so it’s been great spending time back in London filming Man in an Orange Shirt. I live in LA now but I definitely feel like a Londoner, the city draws you in. I just love the people, the city, the history, the culture and importantly the differences. I’m very friend-orientated so I love seeing old friends in London, enjoying good food and good drink. I also love to walk around London – the history and the parks – I think it’s a British thing to appreciate good lawns and parks!

Cream English Riviera knitted texture jumper – Hackett

So you love London, friends, food, lawns – what are your other passions and interests?

I absolutely love music, I thrive on music. I was listening to the new Bonobo album on the way to our interview, and that’s great, but I love such a range of genres – electronic, folk, rock. Someone else I think is really amazing is Erykah Badu – I got to work with her on Hand of God which was an absolute dream, and she was as wonderful as I hoped. There was moment on set when I let her into my trailer and she dressed me in Ethiopian clothes and jewellery and lit some incense – it was brilliantly bizarre! I also love design – in clothing, in architecture – I really appreciate when something’s beautifully made.

White collared shirt – Hugo Boss / Navy Blue suit jacket and trousers – Hugo Boss / Navy pull over – Michael Kors

Any final comments or advice for FAULT readers?

Now is a spectacular time in history – there’s so much change, it’s such an interesting place in time to be. What’s important now is to be engaged, to hold those in power to account, to vote – even if you’re uninspired by the choices, be sceptical, challenge fake news, and seek out good journalism even if it means paying for it.

Man In An Orange Shirt – starring Julian Morris, Vanessa Redgrave and David Gyasi – airs on BBC 2 this summer.

Words Angus Wyatt

Photography Stephanie YT

Styling Indigo Goss

Grooming Lillie Russo

Stylist’s Assistant Chloe Stewart

L Devine debuts her first track ‘School Girls’ exclusively with Fault

Meet L Devine. She’s unapologetically and unashamedly a pop artist. “I don’t get why people hate on pop – it’s the best kind of music. Everyone listens to it. It’s way more credible than people think, and it’s way easier to write some sort of metaphorical bullshit on an acoustic guitar.”

At just 19, L Devine is full of attitude, and if this first track is anythign to go by, she’ll be blessing us with intelligent pop that showcases an unabashed young woman with lyrics that hit close to home for any young person.

R&B jam ‘School Girls’ takes the bitchiness and alienation of teenage life and explodes it out to the wider world. Listen below.


Get ahead of the game and follow L Devine on Instagram here.

FAUL Magazine Playlist: What We’re Listening To This Week

JAY-Z  4:44

Hare Squead – Pure

Dan Caplen – Flat Champagne feat. Ray BLK

Rhys Lewis – I Know The Feeling

Vera Blue – Mended


FAULT Magazine Reviews: The Trading House

Summer has finally landed in London, and as promised, FAULT Magazine is putting together our very own ‘Where To Dine Summer 2017’ guide to let you know of all about London’s best restaurants.

We recently visited Trading House to see what it had to offer and despite being in banker central, on entering, we were amazed to discover so much life and soul within the venue. With a live performer and marvellously rich décor, we were off to a good start so let’s dive into the meal!

We began where all good meals should, at the bar, where they have an extensive wine list and even larger (and more fun) cocktail menu. From the offset, the bar staff were ready to make our experience as unique with their cocktail menu which boasts original twists on old English classics. To put this into perspective, they can make five different variations of the world famous mojito from a Spiced Pineapple to a softer tasting Peach & Cardamom variation. It being summer, we opted for their Elderflower Gin Coolers and Karma’s A Bitch cocktail; the latter mixes gin, apricot, homemade karma tea-infused syrup and while I have no idea what karma tea is, it’s certainly delicious.

Their nibbles menu is also sufficient enough if you’re only planning on visiting for a few drinks after work too. Start your evening with crispy whitebait, salt and pepper onion petals, pork crackling and or olives if you’re only popping in for a short amount of time.

For our starters, we were spoiled for choice with Trading House offering scotch eggs, calamari, truffle mushrooms, smoked haddock fondue and many other restaurant favourites. We went for the classic dishes to use as a point of reference and compare them to what we’re used to from another restaurant. With that in mind, we tried the crispy calamari and wings in barbeque sauce which were both to die for. The calamari was coated in Piri Piri salt, and I don’t believe I’ll be able to eat them any other way from now on – a great start!

Moving on to the mains and again, we were very impressed by the comprehensive menu. Don’t be put off if you’ll be dining with less adventurous dinner guests as The Trading House caters for everybody. While the lure of the unknown and adventure might take your fancy, The Trading House also features classic dishes such as fish and chips, flat iron steak sandwiches and pan-fried seabass for those with a less adventurous tongue. We thought it’d make for a better review to go with the more out-there offerings however and lucky for us the menu is a playground for the adventurous diner.

Choosing a main course was difficult, and quite frankly, it begs for a second visit because everything sounds delectable. From the new Orleans inspired, prawn and chicken gumbo to lamb kofta or their selection of pies, all of it looked amazing but what The Trading House is famous for is their Hanging Kebabs so it’d be rude not to!

We opted for the salt and pepper pork belly which arrived on your very own spit with the chips at the bottom ready to soak up any rich and flavoursome sauces which drip upon them. Accompanies with sweet chilli and ginger sauce, the meal was oozing with different flavours not often put together but ones which blend surprisingly well.
Non-meat eaters looking to enjoy Trading House’s hanging kebabs can opt for the halloumi, and falafel kebab alongside garlic butter and cauliflower couscous and if you’re a fish lover, Jerk Salmon alongside rice and peas sounds and looked amazing.

If by chance you can still manage dessert, the white chocolate and peanut butter mousse with chocolate and ginger crumb are as great as it sounds. If you don’t share our sweet tooth, we can with real confidence recommend the cheese board.

We admit when we first heard of the Trading House and it’s location in Bank we were a little worried that we’d find nothing but a tourist trap filled with false charm and unnecessary theatrics but we, in fact, found the complete opposite. The Trading House isn’t a themed restaurant, nor one that tries too hard to force a feeling of exclusivity despite its high-end level of customer service. Their cocktails all come at a fair price and in London, it’s not often you’ll be able to get a three-course meal of this quality at under £30 per head.

The Trading House is a great location for laid back date nights with or casual drinks. What that area of London has been missing for too long is a restaurant that provides excellent customer service without compromising the human touch and charm required. For us, Trading House is the perfect example of how to strike the right balance.

Trading House – one of the finest examples of fresh ideas and exciting cuisine in a part of London that sorely needs it. For us, this is one of 2017’s must visits!



Gurls Talk Premiere Event in Partnership w/ Coach & Dazed

While in recent months the times have been trying, sometimes it’s good to be reminded of all the positive and empowering vibes still around us. On July 1st, Gurls Talk will be hosting their first event with a day-long festival of female empowerment. Gurls Talk in partnership with New York fashion house Coach and supported by Dazed will kick off their free and open to the public event with a talk by activist and model Adwoa Aboah.

While you might recognise Adwoa for her accomplishments as a model, working with fashion powerhouses Versace, Alexander Wang and Kenzo to name a few; what you’ll no doubt grow to admire her for is her work as an activist and founder of Gurls Talk. As explained in the video below above (which is worth watching in full), Adwoa explains the reasons she founded Gurls Talk as the safe place she needed as a young woman but was not able to find.


“Having such a hard time when I was at school I think there should really be a space where girls can talk about these certain things that maybe people don’t see as so important like insecurities and boyfriends”

“At school, I didn’t have this place – I idolised people who had a life I thought I wanted”

A safe space to discuss ideas of sexuality, body image, mental heath and so much more – Gurls Talk is an unfiltered platform full of articles and stories which educate as much as they inspire and we can expect the very same from their event this Saturday.

Speakers confirmed so far include US Vogue contributor and relationship expert Karley Sciortino, activist, actress and model Hari Nef, intersex advocate and model Hanne Gaby Odiele, feminist columnist and author Laurie Penny, and Professor KM Abel. Alongside panel talks, there will be a programme of workshops including a movement workshop hosted by British choreographer Wayne

McGregor; a bonding and healing workshop hosted by Dr Lauren Hazzouri in addition to a Claire De Rouen library, a Coach Dream Station, a photo studio and much more.

The event is free and open to the public and of course, we wouldn’t miss it for the world and will be down there front centre of every talk, workshop and photo booth.

Free Admission

To secure your place RSVP at

Location: 180 The Strand, London WC2R 1EA – Time: 12:00pm-6:00pm

L’Atitude 13° North Beach & Wellness Festival: Good vibes for the body & soul

If you’re a seasoned festival goer in search of something fresh, or you’re after an antidote to the hedonistic vibes of the British festival season, L’Atitude 13° North Beach and Wellness Festival in Barbados might just be the answer.

The free festival takes place on the beautiful Caribbean island from 2nd to 3rd September and is promising the perfect blend of wellbeing and Bajan beats. More fun than a yoga retreat, better for the soul than an all-night rave, it is a celebration of the quality of life in Barbados that everyone is invited to sample a taste of. From reggae you can’t help but move to being performed on the main stage, to massage and yoga tents, to the BBQ on the beach closing both days, there’s plenty to experience and the party wraps up at 10pm so you’ll even get a good night’s rest instead of clambering through a field of tents in the rain at 3am.

This is the first ever time the festival has been run, but it’s already being hailed as the beach and wellness festival of the Caribbean. Designed for the locals, and bringing together some of the island’s best music stars, fitness instructors and wellness professionals, this is one of the most authentic experiences tourists can have of Barbados.

Serving up feel-good vibes are reggae, soul, and funk artists including Biggie Irie and Debbie Reifer. Biggie Irie is the not-to-be-missed name whose stage presence gets any party started with catchy soca/reggae tunes. Born in the UK and moving to Barbados at the age of three, Biggie Irie has been working in music since 1986 and is a household name across the Caribbean. Debbie Reifer, a relative newcomer, has already won over audiences with her richly soulful voice and smooth R’n’B songs, which have even caught the attention of filmmakers, with her music featuring heavily on the soundtrack for locally-produced, internationally-acclaimed movie ‘Chrissy’.

Other names confirmed on the line-up include David Kirton, DJ D.Luxe, and Israel Lovell Foundation. We guarantee you’ll come back feeling refreshed and restored with a new-found love of Bajan culture and a whole new Spotify playlist to prove it.

L’Atitude 13° North Barbados Beach and Wellness Festival takes place from 2nd to 3rd September 2017 on the Hilton Peninsula and is free of charge, though fees apply to some fitness classes and treatments. For more information visit

Words: Olivia Pinnock



#NoArtistsNoArt – Lights of Soho launch campaign to save Soho as London’s bright, neon beacon of creativity.


Lights of Soho, located on Brewer St, London, is spearheading a new campaign entitled #NoArtistsNoArt, supported by local galleries, restaurants and bars around Soho that will remove or cover up every piece of art on their walls – a bleak intimation of what is happening because of the large rises in business rates, pushing out the independent operators in the surrounding area.


London Cocktail Club

The team are on a mission to support all creatives, including those in film, fashion, music, art, publishing and design, giving them a platform and venue to promote their work – for free. All profits from the bar, art sales and corporate events is put back into the venue, with the Directors and owners never taking a fee or wage in the two years of its operation.

Lights of Soho itself now needs to expand to create a self-funding, sustainable business, without which it too will struggle to survive.


The #NOARTISTSNOART campaign has been created in collaboration with M&C Saatchi and is supported by venues such as Soho House, Quo Vadis, Blacks, The Box, The London Cocktail Club, Cass Art, Balans, Randall & Aubin, Pix, Soho Radio, Save Soho and many others.



Lights of Soho Gallery opening hours:

Monday – Sunday: 10 am – 6 pm, members only from 6 pm – midnight.

You can donate to the cause at their Kickstarter page here .