FAULT Magazine Travel to the Caribbean Island of Grenada


House of Chocolate

If like us you aren’t aware of the intertwined history of chocolate and the island of the Grenada, House of Chocolate in a must. Part museum, part café and another part chocolate store, here you can learn the history of cocoa and it’s many used from one of the friendly staff members. Of course, you’ll also be able to sample the many chocolate treats they have on offer from milkshakes to icecream or of course, just grab a bar of their great Grenada made chocolate to bring back home with you. House of Chocolate is located at #10 Young Street, Saint George’s, Grenada.

Concord Waterfalls

Simply put, the Concord Falls are a Grenada must see. Located in the St John Parish and easily by car, the falls have two pools the bottom of which is extremely deep and the perfect cool down following the short trek there. Some choose to dive from the high cliffs down into the around eighteen feet pool below, which we won’t say we can recommend but locals from the area have been known to take the deep plunge. We recommend booking Concord waterfall & River Antoine distillery as part of an island tour book with Caribbean Horizons (www.caribbeanhorizons.com), prices depend on number booked for the full day tour. Or, hire a car from £55per day from the same company and self-drive: both attractions are free to enter and open to the public.

Rainforest Walk

If you’re looking for a hike through the Grenadian rainforest it’s best you find an expert of the land and Telfor Bedau has you covered. Whatever your fitness level, Telfor can find a walking route to suit you and your travel group. Taking us through Grand Etang National Park, Telfor proved his genius as he pointed out the various fruits, plants and animals in the area and regaled us with tales of his amazing walking career and kayaking feats. If walking is not your thing, we’d highly recommend taking a short trip if only to spend an hour in Telfor’s company and hear his amazing stories about his life and history of Grenada.

Contact Telfor to discuss a bespoke rate (around £45pp). 00 1 473 442-6200.

Crayfish Bay Estate Chocolate

While Grenada is well known for its spices, few know about the great work being done on cocoa farms across the island and there’s no better place to learn than on the Crayfish Bay Organic Estate. The fully organic farm is run by the wonderfully charismatic and informative Kim Russell and his wife, Lylette who taught us about the history of cocoa farming and chocolate making on the island.

This isn’t your run of the mill guided tour, Kim showed us his homemade workstations and really took the time to talk us through his process and their upcoming products and schemes to pump money back into the local farming economy. They also offer self-catering accommodation in a pleasant little house starting at $50USD a night perfect for anyone looking to experience rural Grenada.

Adventure Jeep Tour and River Tubing

Those travelling with teenagers or just looking for a thrilling ride, then the Adventure Grenada have you covered. A short 45-minute drive out of St Georges you’ll reach the Balthazar River also known as Grenada’s great river.  After a quick safety briefing you’re in your tube and zooming down the scenic river surrounded by tropical flowers and the echo of gushing water and the various exotic birds in the area.

Throughout the ride you’ll stop natural pools giving you the chance to take a dip in the refreshing water and relax from the exhilarating experience. At the end of the ride you’ll be treated to a (albeit strong) rum punch because it’d Grenada and if it’s not rum punch, it’s not a drink worth having. [Enjoy responsibly]


Patrick’s Homestyle Cooking

Lagoon Road,St. George’s 11473, Grenada If you’re looking to try a bit of everything while in Grenada then Patrick’s is a great starting point. Opt for the tapas styled small plates and taste a little bit of all the slands amazing dishes. Placing a visit near the start of your trip will give you a great idea of what the whole island has to offer. With everything from callaloo soup to curry goat and saltfish, you’ll leave satisfied and ready to explore the sland. Each dish is unique and just when you think you’ve tasted it all, Patrick will surprise you with new flavours found only in Grenada.

The Aquarium Restaurant

Point Salines, Saint George, Grenada For lunch/dinner with a beach view, look no further than The Aquarium Restaurant. I ordered the Tuna Steak from the grill and it was cooked to perfection and you could taste the freshness through the great spices. Nothing is more romantic than watching the crashing waves and listening to their live reggae band who perform from 3pm onwards. There’s also an Aquarium inside the restaurant filled with tropical fish and turtles! It’s clear to see why honeymooners, families, solo travellers and locals all felt at home at this wonderful spot. Reservations are advised especially in peak holiday times.

BB’s Crabback

Grand Etang Road, St George’s, Grenada Quite simply, do not leave Greneda without stopping into BB’s! Located on the waterfront you can enjoy a rum punch and watch as the boats sail through The Carenage. The crab backs which give BB’s its name are simply to die for. I would say this was hands down the if not one of the best local restaurant on the island with a simple and traditional Grenadan menu and friendly service – the good really speaks for itself. Offering an extensive food and drinks menu, even locals regularly choose to dine at BB’s and their legendary cuisine is known throughout the Caribbean.


Sandals La Source


If you’ve ever stayed in one of the Sandals resorts elsewhere, you’ll know that you’ll be greeted like royalty the second you land. If you are or travelling with anybody that’s elderly, with children or just anyone that’s a nervous to be in such a different landscape; we highly recommend booking a stay if only for the first nights with Sandals just to ease your group into what can become quite a frantic holiday.

The resort features 10 restaurants, butler service, unlimited premium brand drinks, anytime airport transfer, free wifi, 3 freshwater swimming pools and 2 river pools or just enjoy the private beach right on your doorstep. Just a note for anyone who isn’t used to all-inclusive, the price you pay on booking is all you pay. That means there is no need to bring your cash down to the bar or restaurant at any point and it allows for you to be more adventurous with your dining choices.

With 10 restaurants, you’ll be hard pressed to try all the varying cuisine on offer but it does allow for great collective dining experiences as you and your party get to a try a bit of everything on offer. Unlimited use of their tennis and volleyball courts, nightly entertainment and the only resort to offer unlimited scuba diving as standard, it’s surprisingly easy to indulge your holiday away without having to leave the resort. It must also be said that the staff as Sandals La Source are without question some of the most hospitable, competent and friendly hotel staff I have ever come across. No request is too outlandish nor was any quibble (not that we had many) too small for them to fix, they felt truly invested in making sure you had the best time while staying with them. It’s understandable, the staff are mostly locals and brimming with pride when discussing their homeland and they are happy to have Sandals and to meet so many different people who have chosen their small island for their summer getaways.

Sandals certainly has its place in Grenada for the traveller looking to unwind without any stress or chance of stress. At Sandals, you’ll escape the fear of an unknown environment and different lifestyles and just enjoy your time on a beautiful resort. Newlyweds, mature travellers and returning visitors will enjoy Sandals and every last amenity it has to offer.

Kalinago Beach Resort


If you prefer the lore of a more real experience, we suggest you stay Kalinago Beach Resort. The resort is located right on the beachfront and you’ll receive a very local experience as studentsand locals head down to enjoy their weekend

While Kalinago has a wonderful private bar, a few steps down the beach you’ll find ‘La Ply Wood Beach Bar Cafe’ where the medical students and locals young and old like to hang out. The colourful bar is also home to, in my opinion, one of the best rum punches Grenada has to offer. On weekends expect to find local students and travellers alike down on the water. One thing to remember about Grenada is that everyone is so friendly that even as a solo traveller you’ll find plenty of opportunities for great conversation and you’d prefer chilled alone time, park yourself by the hotel’s pool and dive into a good book.

Located on Morne Rouge Bay which is also known as BBC Beach, you’ll find many attractions in the area. If you’re the betting type, head forThe Owl Sports a short walk from the resort and witness their crab racing events for a truly unique experience.

You can also hire out kayaks and snorkel gear free of charge which we highly recommend you take advantage of. Many boat tours include Morne Rouge Bay as a viewpoint so definitely take advantage of the wonderful view from the sea in your own time and at your own pace. The rooms are spacious and the breakfast simple but very tasty featuring Grenadian classics such as plantain and Caribbean fish fritters. Their lunch and dinner menus offer a mixture of Creole and international gourmet dishes infused with spices from the island.

The staff on the resort are all very friendly and happy to help with transfers to and from the airport and anywhere else on the island that you need to go. If you can, definitely attend their weekly manager’s drinks to chat with the great running the resort who all offer great insights and tips for your stay.

We’d recommend Kalinago for the younger, solo and adventurous traveller looking to find their own fun in Grenada. If you’re looking for luxurious dining within the hotel walls and a purely exclusive experience, this probably isn’t for you but if you’re looking for charm, look no further than Kalinago Beach Resort.

Words & Photography: Mlies Holder (unless stated otherwise)

FAULT Magazine Beauty Reviews: Zero Skin Skincare Range

For many of us working in the fashion industry, the Christmas break enjoyed by all was actually one of the most stressful times of the year. With deadlines looming, LFWM planning and the all too many industry events in December; sleep and pampering were often neglected (well for me anyway!) Now that LFWM is over, we’ve turned out sights to finding the best beauty products and brands in the business. Today we review the Apple and Green Tea Eye Mask and Black Caviar Peel-Off Mask by Zero Skin.

Starting with the Apple and Green Tea Eye Mask, the purpose is to reduce dark circles and puffy tired eyes which after weeks of events we were in dire need of. Containing Green Tea Extract, Niacinamide (Vit B3), Alpha-Arbutin, Apple Stem Cell Extract and Hyaluronic Acid, the product is meant to rejuvenate the affected area with its soothing qualities.

The arbutin extract and green tea alone are hailed as godsends within the beauty industry for their individual qualities so with both married together within a single product, you’re in good hands with this product. The package does say to cleanse post-use to lock in the moisture.  We opted to use the remaining serum which in itself worked as a very refreshing lotion but a light moisturiser would also suffice if you’re planning to brave the dry winter air.

From just two applications the results were very positive. My dark circles and puffy eyes had reduced and I appeared and felt far more alert. I’d recommend applying the patches in the morning before work as it’s soothing ingredients really help to wake you up. Another pro tip would be to store your packages in the fridge or other cold area of your home because the cold temperature will further help reduce the puffiness around your eyes.


The next product we tried was the Black Caviar Peel-Off Mask skin black mask. In recent months, these products have skyrocketed in popularity and it can be daunting to find the right product which so many products with varying reviews available.

The mask is simple to apply and surprisingly less messy than one might expect. Zero Skin have really hit the nail on the head with their blend of ingredients and it shows in the consistency of their products. After applying the mask and waiting for it to set, it was time for the removal. Admittedly, I was very nervous for this step. I’ve spent a lot of time in the office sharing videos of painful reactions to similar product removals and imagined this would be the same.

To my surprise, the mask peels off without any pain at all, I was in shock at how painless the removal was in fact. There was some residue left behind on the edges of my face but this was easily washed off which again reaffirmed how mess-free the whole process was. After the mask, my skin was noticeably smoother thanks to the removal of the inevitable dry caused by the dry winter air. After the mask, my skin was noticeably smoother thanks to the removal of the inevitable dry caused by the dry winter air. In truth, I’m not very prone to blackheads so can’t comment on their effectiveness there – however my pores certainly were clear from the daily greasy build-up.

All in all, both products far exceeded our expectations. When it comes to the skincare industry, it’s always daunting to switch to a new player in the game; especially one who seemed to crop up overnight but fear not – we can personally attest that Zero skin has you covered! While a new company, their collection isn’t extremely expansive however what they do, they do extremely well. We’re extremely excited to see what’s to come from one of the most exciting skincare brands of 2017.

FAULT Magazine Attend Pure Grenada Music Festival


Despite being the home of many great musicians, Grenada has yet to hold an event to rival its neighbouring islands. St. Lucia has its Jazz and Arts Festival and Barbados has its Crop Over celebration but while Grenada has their own carnival each year, this is their chance to invite a larger number of music lovers to the island. FAULT attended the debut of The Pure Grenada Music Festival to see how one small island known for its spices could soon be the festival destination for music tourists worldwide.

Our first night was spent on the very exclusive Calivigny Island island on the south coast. Accessible by boat (although helicopter wouldn’t feel out of place) we sailed from the mainland for a night of exquisite jazz performances on the luxurious private island. Despite this being Pure Grenada Music Festival’s very first event, the organisers have filled the bill with internationally recognised musicians. Eddie Bullen took to the stage with an impressive set, later bringing his son Quincy on stage for a duet which truly electrified the crowd. Also on the bill was the legend that is, Andy Narell. If you’re not too familiar with steel pan etiquette, just know that the instrument is normally kept well away from jazz; until Andy Narell that is. His set was unique and I hadn’t expected the organisers to take the risk of including a non-purest jazz performer but I’m thankful they took the chance and included Andy in the night’s line-up because it added another layer of original musicality to the whole evening.

Moving on from there we were treated to UK’s own Zara McFarlane. The young vocalist and her band brought the house down. Her vocal lights and shades were rich with texture and her full chest and head voice prowess left me and the crowd blown away. As a big shoot-out to her bassist Max Luthert who really stood out as a legend in the making, I expect to hear great things to come from this group of young British jazz talent. Calivigny island is truly stunning and it was a wonderful exclusive night to ease us into the festival. While it was a wonderful night of music and without question an impressive show of budding and recognised talents, it didn’t convey the local charm of the Caribbean. This night was definitely suited for those looking to experience Grenada with a VIP edge and many people travel to the island in search of. For those who prefer a more down to earth and casual experience, don’t worry because there’s something for everyone at the Pure Grenada Music Festival.

Day two of the Pure Grenada Music Festival and it was time for their ‘Rock De Boat’ night and as you might have guessed, we were in store for a boat party. Sailing to the centre of The Carenage in St. George’s, we were stationed opposite a floating stage under the starry night sky. This was a million miles away from the boat parties you’d expect on European islands, this party was a far more “elegantly casual” affair with cocktails, dancing below deck and wonderful live performances; it was all rather romantic.The Rock De Boat line-up again boasted international talent and every performer had their own individual music style. From the local four-piece band, ‘The Phoenix’ to the folk/pop stylings of duo ‘Madison Violet’ and Erik Pédurand’s soulful jazzy performance, there was definitely something for everyone this night.

The Pheonix opened the show with a mixture of their own original music and a number of covers to really get the crowd ready for the party. The young four-piece showed great potential and we’re glad to see that local talent was included in the show. While we might not have heard of them prior, it’s great to have been introduced to their music on this night and their cover of Bon Jovi’s ‘Living On A Prayer’ really got the crowd in the mood to party the night away.Next up was Erik Pédurand who hails from Guadeloupe. If you’ve not listened to Erik before, he is definitely worth checking out, especially for tracks ‘Elle Donne’ and ‘Paris Chérie’. While many of Erik’s songs are in French, his smooth vocal tones and stage presence transcend the language barrier much like the french singing artist, Stromae. Again, this is another artist who we weren’t familiar with and are now listening to non-stop. This is the magic of an international festival such as this, the chance to discover unheard artists and to have bragging rights of introducing them to new audiences back home after the trip.Next came Canadian duo Madison Violet who were arguably the most established performer of the night. As mentioned on the previous page, the organisers truly excelled at filling the festival with both up-and-coming talent and established performers. Madison Violet certainly qualify for the latter with seven albums and a Juno nomination under their belt. Their set was certainly new to many listeners and locals in the crowd but it was clear that they all enjoyed the set and enjoyed discovering new music as much as we did with the performances prior.

Watching the performers in the cool Grenadian evening with locals and tourists enjoying the performances from smaller boats below, it really allowed us to see the true beauty of St. George’s at nighttime. While again, this wasn’t your typical festival experience and it was certainly tamer than what some might be used, it was truly a magical evening in an amazing setting. For honeymooners and mature travellers looking for a classy night in the centre of St.George’s, we would highly recommend heading to the Rock De Boat party of The Pure Grenada Festival.

For those that prefer more of a wild “mosh-pit” festival experience, keep reading! As we said, there’s something for everyone in Grenada and the remaining nights will provide exactly what you’re looking for…

Night three, and it’s on this night we finally felt that we had ditched the tour guides, VIP handlers and champagne flutes and were ready to experience life outside of the PR approved bubble. Of course, we hadn’t and the PR was with us at every step but surrounded by locals, tourists and students, we were ready to experience Pure Grenada Music Festival unfiltered and from the mosh pit. It’s important to mention that while the music was loud and the atmosphere buzzing, this wasn’t the same crowd you find at Glastonbury, Leeds and the like. Festival goers were excited about the music and danced into the early hours each night but Pure Grenada Music Festival felt far more family friendly and safe compared to many other European festivals. Of course, all festivals at home and abroad can be daunting and you have to always keep your wits about you; we didn’t experience or witness a single incident which caused for concern. Throughout the final three days, we saw children, adults and elderly music-lovers all enjoying the festival together and that’s what other festivals should find a way of adopting.

On our first night at the performance space in Port Louis, we were delighted to find out it was the much anticipated Reggae Night presented by Westerhall Rum. With it being Grenada and reggae having a rich history on the island, as you might expect, we were extremely excited for this night. Taking to the stage this night was Steel Pulse, Etana, Jesse Royal, Spice Rock and Dj Ezzy B and despite being a Reggae themes night, all performers brought something different to the stage. Of course, we cheered loudest for the Birmingham’s own legendary Steel Pulse who killed their set and really and truly brought the house down. Again, this night also highlighted new artists Jesse Royal and Etana who put on a hell of a show well beyond their years.

The following evening was Rhythm and Soul Night which we spent away from the press tent and in the main spectator’s area.  Joss Stone, The British Collective, Andy Narell & Pan Allstars, Jomo & Gylfi were all on hand to deliver the sounds of soul. The atmosphere this night was much calmer than the previous and many spectators brought blankets and opted to sit and enjoy the music rather than dance the night away – like I’ve said before, there is something for everybody at Pure Grenada  Music Festival!

The chilled atmosphere gave us a chance to taste some of the great food on offer from the various vendors and chat to some fellow festival goers. I joined a group of young Grenadians relaxing on the grass and they explained to me how proud they were of the event. While Pure Grenada Music Festival caught the eye of many international travellers, the locals were just as excited to see what their island could achieve – the general consensus from both groups was that the festival had been a great success. Locals also spoke of excitement for next year and how they appreciated that Pure Grenada Music Festival was boosting the economy and encouraging attendance of locals by offering discounted tickets for Grenada residents.

Despite two very exclusive and high grandeur nights at the festival, it was wonderful to sit on the grass and join the locals in discussion and see the festival from their perspective. Both experiences have their place at Pure Grenada Music Festival and while I’m aware that our readers are more inclined to the exclusive, I’d highly recommend spending a few hours outside of the VIP lounge for a more humbling experience with the locals.

Our final night and it was time for ‘Pure Grenada Vibz and my favourite night at Pure Grenada Music Festival. The mood was electric as festival goers listened to some of the greatest talents Grenada has to offer.

After strong performances from Tammy Baldo, Tallpree, Scholar, Rootsman Kelly, Black Wizard and other island favourites, it was time for Mr. Killa to show all of us foreign travellers that Grenadian’s know how to throw one hell of a party. Leaping from the stage and into the crowd, Mr. Killa danced with a number of audience members without missing a single beat. His set was filled with pure energy, passion and fun, which are all the characteristics of Grenada that tourists love to see.

All in all, the Pure Grenada Music Festival was mightily impressive, especially for their debut. If Grenada can hold to this high standard of quality, it could very well grow to be the most popular festival in the Carribean. It’s not often that we visit a festival knowing so few names on the lineup and still enjoy it to the fullest but Pure Genada Music Festival proves that sometimes the fun is in the discovery. As long as Grenada can continue to highlight their great up-and-comers and established acts, I see no reason for people not to contiue flocking to the island year after year.

Pure Grenada Music Festival returns 5-7th May 2017

Tickets Available at www.Grenadamusicfestival.com

For further information on planning your own trip to Grenada, head to www.PureGrenada.com


Day 2 of LFWM featured the A/W ’17 collections of designers such as Oliver Spencer, Cottweiler and Christopher Shannon . Below, FAULT’s Menswear Editor Kristine Kilty picks out her key looks from each of the aforementioned collections:


 Oliver Spencer




Christopher Shannon


Fashion Editor: Kristine Kilty 

FAULT Magazine Reviews Liam Hodges LFWM AW/17


The press release began with a line written by performance poet Hector Aponysus, “Looking for a vocation in the decline of civilisation”. And after seeing how last year panned out, this best describes the dumbfounded state we find ourselves in today. In the face of the present political landscape, Liam Hodges rolled out a post-apocalyptic collection heated with strength and power.

Military-infected hues and industrial streetwear harked references from the likes of Total Recall and Mad Max. Donned on jackets was the quote “ideology is a myth” and playful prints reminiscent of the Seditionaries’ Tits tee were printed across T-shirts and hoodies. Oh, and these were inspired by Total Recall’s icon, Mary the triple breasted sex worker, just FYI.

A spectrum of green (forest, olive and acid) ran tyrant down the runway, and the camouflage was designed by Hodge’s team and applied to custom-designed Levi’s 501® jeans and Trucker jackets. Hodges put focus on technical solutions like the collarless puffer jackets that had room for a hoodie to fit comfortably.

The hard-edged (an equally comically-cool) Liam Hodges named his show ‘Dystopia Lives’ and we couldn’t think of a better statement to sum it up.

Words: Lizzie Griffin


Day 1 of LFWM featured the A/W ’17 collections of designers such as Alex Mullins, Phoebe English Man and Nigel Cabourn. Below, FAULT’s Menswear Editor Kristine Kilty picks out her key looks from each of the aforementioned collections:


Alex Mullins


Nigel Cabourn

Phoebe English Man


Fashion Editor: Kristine Kilty 

Discussing Inspirations and 2017 with FAULTFuture Actress – Jamey May

Rising British actress Jamey May is best known for her role as Sandra in the 2016’s critically acclaimed ‘White Colour Black’. While still rather new in the game, Jamey approaches all her projects with confidence and passion driven and the glow of positive energy. We sat down with Jamey to discuss her upcoming projects and acting inspirations.
Can you tell us about Holly the role you play in Lucid?
Holly is Zel’s brother’s girlfriend (Zel is who the film is about, a young guy who suffers from social anxiety and uses lucid dreaming to get what he wants).. She is outspoken, always overdresses and is the life of the party. I wouldn’t say too far away from myself, haha. That’s all I’ll say for now 😉
Growing up who was your big acting inspiration?
Well, Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic was the first poster I ever put up on my wall. He’s just a pure natural and brings this natural charm to everything he does. All of his film choices have been absolutely spot on.
I was inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s philosophy pretty early in life. He said he would be the highest paid actor and biggest bodybuilder in the world. With all the laughs and taunts he got, he became exactly what he said he’d be. I truly believe you create your own destiny. I believe that every energy configuration has already been made, so as an infinite part of consciousness, we can literally tap into a certain vibration and create exactly what we want. It comes with faith in the universe or higher power or God, or whatever you want to call it. I know it’s real because I’ve had some crazy things happen to me that could not just be a co-incidence so I’ve become interested in how and why these things happen.
What do you look for in a character before accepting the role?
I look for a character that challenges me. I like to play characters that are far far away from who I am as a person, something I can really get stuck into..It’s usually the characters I absolutely despise at the start, that I research and work on and play around with that I end up falling in love with the most.
If you could play any role (even if it’s one that already been done), which one would it be?
I love the idea of playing a ‘seemingly completely normal girl’ that has a deep dark side, someone multi-faceted..”GONE GIRL” was great. Anything philosophical or psychological. I love psychological thrillers. Shutter Island too. I like roles that are far away from me and the stereotypical blonde curliness that I have on the outside… I feel like I secretly have dark straight sleek hair that flops over one eye with shaved sides and cheekbones that are chiselled and sharp as fuck I want to pull out the dark pieces of me and explore them to their depths to surprise myself. Catch Me If You Can, I would love to play a female version of Leo, I’ll do that someday.
What’s next to come for Jamey May in 2017?
Oh, I’m totally working with Terrence Malick, Bernado Bertolucci, Gaspar Nöe, Mike Leigh, Brad Pitt and in the next season of Westworld… HAHA.
In reality, I have three Independent British films upcoming, all challenging characters with beautiful meaningful stories. One Is about homelessness, something I’m very passionate about, It will change the lives of people that watch it. I have my own production company, Bronco Pictures, we shoot exciting creative shorts all the time so they’re my little passion projects aside from working.
When you close your eyes and envision your “big dream” what do you see?
Working with the above names. Writing my own material that sends powerful hard hitting messages out to the world. Film has the strong ability to plant seeds in people’s minds and change their perception of things. I’m writing a script about transcendental meditation, I can’t say too much about it but it’s a fantasy thriller, very mystical but at the same time real because we can genuinely access these realms all in the back of our minds. Real, raw and universal are my key words. I hate the silver lined shit. As long as every bit of work I do is honest, raw and real, I’ll be very happy.
What is your FAULT?
I overthink, everything. I’m slowly learning to let the need for perfection dissipate because there is no such thing. Our rawness and vulnerability is what makes us special. I’m  very hard on myself. I find it hard to take a break and chill the fuck out sometimes, it’s important to do that and recharge. There’s just always something to do. I always feel like time’s running out…I always have. But I suppose that’s why I feel like I’ve lived 20 years longer than I actually have. It’s a short life, I mean let’s do this properly and get out everything we fucking can!

Photography: Amber Eggleden

Styling: Belda Chung

MUA: Dominic Paul

Hair: Martyna Parzniewska

Makeup Assistant: Ruby Watt


FAULT Weekly Playlist: King Of Nothing


King of Nothing is a budding rapper whose music pairs hard hitting flows over house inspired production he’s self-dubbed as “post-rap.” His single “4Criss” is out first introduction to the 22-year-old who hails from Houston (holler chopped and screwed) who now calls New York City his home.  The track eloquently highlights King of Nothing’s lyrical style and technical finesse.

We asked KoN to put together some of his current favorite tracks, which includes selections from fellow NYC based artists JIL and KYLE as well as a sweet make-out tune from Charlotte Day Wilson. Dig in below.

Jessy Lanza – VV Violence

“I fucking looooovvvveeeeee Jessy Lanza!!! I got to kick it with her for a bit when her tour stopped in Houston this summer, and she’s like the nicest and coolest person ever. You should definitely the album she dropped last spring, because it was a huge influence for me in terms of my approach to song structure and what I look for in production.”

KYLE – Doubt it

“Had to put some KYLE on this playlist. I’ve always been a fan of this dude because he’s not afraid to be himself, even if it comes of as corny sometimes lolol. Also the production on this song and all his others is consistently really good.”

Quiet Luke – Where U Were

“One of my favorite tracks of 2016. Quiet Luke is someone I really respect and identify with, mostly because he’s balancing being and artist and going to school in New York just like me :).”

JIL – All Your Words

“Nothing but good things to say about these dudes, especially since we’re all (in one way or another) Columbia kids. I’m cool with Sleator and Julian and we’ve played many a few together, so hopefully we can sit down and write a record one of these days.”

ARME – Ode 2 Bae

“More shit from my homies! I’m actually working on a track with these guys right now, so stay tuned… (this is a great song to do the carlton to btw).”

Charlotte Day Wilson – Find You

“So fucking talented. Also, I made out with a girl to this song once, so v thankful for that!”

Ugly God – I Got Bitches FREESTYLE

“I think me and every other immature nigga from Houston I grew up with fucks with Ugly God. All his shit reminds me of the freestyles we used to have in the locker room before basketball games in high school. I can understand how people don’t fuck with meme rap, but I think he does it the right way.”

Maxo Kream – Big Worm

“Another one of my favorite rappers from back home. Bump this when you have to go do something that you don’t feel like you’re cool enough to pull off.”

6LACK – Alone/EA6

“If you haven’t jumped on the 6LACK wave yet, you’re late. This is perfect for DM-sliding and other ratchet activities.”

The Code – Crazy

“Yah dude dis a rly gud song 1sec my seamless jus came brb.”

Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack (C & J Street Mix)

“Kk y’all I’m back and full of salad and ready to close out my playlist with the greatest fucking song of all time ever.”

King of Nothing Socials: