It’s a Man’s World – new editorial by Tré & Elmaz

Coat by Sorapol Bra by Mimi Holliday by Damaris

Coat by Sorapol
Bra by Mimi Holliday by Damaris

He wears all clothes and shoes vintage from Rokit She wears stockings by Wolford

He wears all clothes and shoes vintage
from Rokit
She wears stockings by Wolford

Knickers and Suspender Belt by Mimi Holliday by Damaris Stockings by What Katie Did Headpice by Fumbalinas

Knickers and Suspender Belt by
Mimi Holliday by Damaris
Stockings by What Katie Did
Headpice by Fumbalinas

He wears vintage jacket and trousers from Rokit She wears body from I. D. Sarrieri

He wears vintage jacket and
trousers from Rokit
She wears body from I. D. Sarrieri

He wears vintage jacket from Rokit

He wears vintage jacket from Rokit

He wears bra by Mimi Holliday by Damaris Coat by Sorapol Vintage trousers from Rokit She wears dress and harness by Manuel Diaz

He wears bra by Mimi Holliday by
Coat by Sorapol
Vintage trousers from Rokit
She wears dress and harness by
Manuel Diaz

He wears bra by Mimi Holliday by Damaris Coat by Sorapol Mask by Elliot Joseph Rentz She wears dress by Manuel Diaz

He wears bra by Mimi Holliday by
Coat by Sorapol
Mask by Elliot Joseph Rentz
She wears dress by Manuel Diaz

He wears vintage trousers from Rokit Shoes by Charkviani She wear knickers by Mimi Holliday by Damaris Veil (worn over body) by Jay Briggs

He wears vintage trousers from Rokit
Shoes by Charkviani
She wear knickers by Mimi Holliday by
Veil (worn over body) by Jay Briggs

He wears glove by Sorapol Bra by Mimi Holliday by Damaris Vintage trousers from Rokit

He wears glove by Sorapol
Bra by Mimi Holliday by Damaris
Vintage trousers from Rokit

Veil by Jay Briggs Knickers by Mimi Holliday by Damaris

Veil by Jay Briggs
Knickers by Mimi Holliday by Damaris


Trousers vintage from Rokit Coat by Sorapol Shoes by Dora Teymur

Photography by Tré & Elmaz
Talent: Caroline Rausch & Erin Fee @ Storm Models
Styling: Victoria Gregory
Make Up: Lara Brewster
Hair: Stefanie Bacelic
Assistant: Sylvia Pam
Location: Simon Drake’s House of Magic

Stylish Rotterdam- Exhibitions for Autumn

Rotterdam never fails to disappoint in the style stakes. With modern architecture and its canal setting, it’s a great place for a weekend break. My second visit to the city felt like visiting a favourite cousin- the lush green parks, clean streets and hospitable locals making it more of a pleasure than a work chore!


My home for the weekend was the newest pad in town, and I was excited to sample a room on the penthouse floor of the latest addition to the city’s five star offerings, The Mainport Hotel. Aptly situated near the port, it commands spectacular views of the city and sunset. Viewed all the better in the luxury spa complete with swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna, treatment rooms and gym on the 9th floor. Perfectly situated for a stunning view and opening hours from 6.30am – 11pm, there is no excuse not to wind down here!


With great sights promised on my weekend agenda, it is only right to mention that this hotel is a preferred partner of the current James Bond exhibition at the Kunsthal Museum. “Designing 007: 50 years of Bond Style” is the definitive showcase for Bond fans. Celebrating the iconic world of the world’s best-loved action man (in all his guises). The style and sex appeal of 50 years worth of films is fully explored in a blockbuster of a show. With more than 500 gadgets, costumes, classic vehicles, props and film clips, carefully curated by London’s Barbican Centre, and presented in an out of this world multimedia experience of the world’s favourite secret agent. (Whichever actor is your preference!) Back at the hotel, a speedboat ride, Bollinger (Bond’s preferred champagne) and his shaken not stirred Martini are on offer. But I would recommend the boat ride pre martini- it really is quite speedy!


With two major style exhibitions on offer this autumn, I was very much looking forward to the `The Future of Fashion is Now´ which opened last week until 18th January 2015, at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. This promised to be a completely different experience – fusing art, design, photography, technology and fashion. Not specifically targeted to fashion fans, or art historians, this is a must see exhibition about the future of what we wear and how we wear it.


Showcasing more than fifty contemporary international designers, artists and creators including renowned names like Viktor&Rolf, Hussein Chalayan and Nick Knight to emerging talents such as Ana Rajacevic and Rejina Py; the gallery has been transformed into a present-day playground for the next generation of designers, who showcased their innovation interpretation of the concept of ‘fashion’.fof2


The exhibition has been in the making for quite some time and six cutting edge designers were carefully chosen by an international judging panel and awarded the coveted title of The Future of Fashion. These included Iris van Herpen (Netherlands), Lucîa Cuba (Peru), Craig Green (UK), and OLEK (Poland/USA) who showcased their exclusive site-specific work at the exhibition; It is worth checking the online platform at for an insight into the creative process.


With fashion being such a commercial enterprise in the 21st century, it is interesting to see how the next generation of designers is given a free range to develop their exciting visions and take on the notion of fashion of the future. The show takes us on a journey where they re-define the concept of the traditional fashion calendar. Six monthly seasons and trends have been boycotted and the focus is on well and truly on fashion being fun, exciting, innovative and perhaps not even wearable- fusing fashion with wearable art. The technically advanced designs offer an insight of what fashion might look in the future.


Pushing boundaries is what the Netherlands is good at, and it seems only right that this exhibition was launched in Rotterdam, a very forward thinking city in more ways than one.


Once you have had your fill of fashion, it is definitely worth a visit to another Rotterdam highlight- the recently opened Markthal Rotterdam. The much talked about food walhalla, is one of the cities most welcome and tasty additions, offering a wide range of fresh, modern delicacies in beautiful surroundings in a glass horse-shoe shaped arch in the heart of the city. Open every day of the week until 8pm, you can be sure to want a second visit- before or after hitting the local shops- including the newly launched and biggest H & M store in Europe!


So if it’s art, fashion, culture, food or shopping, you are after, you can soak it all up in a weekend in Rotterdam, and with flights from City Airport, London, taking just 40 minutes, I know I will be back.


For more information check out the extremely helpful tourist board



Mainport Hotel



Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style, until 8th February 2015.


The Future of Fashion is Now, until 18th January 2015.


By Sara Darling

FAULT Focus: Screenwriter and novelist Kelly Oxford for FAULT Issue 19

Kelly Oxford inside 1

Kelly Oxford was shot at her LA office by Brian Ziff. Interview by Chris Purnell.
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Most of us had heard of her back around 2010 when the number of followers one had became a big deal. Twitter personalities where starting to break into the mainstream, and she was one of the first. But we didn’t know her name. We were told that she was the Canadian housewife with a million Twitter followers who parleyed that into a screenwriting career, had a glamorous life in LA and pissed off a million writers that wondered how she got so lucky.

But the truth was less sensational. It involved hard work, practice and years of writing for little to no money. It wasn’t the American dream I had imagined. Or even cared to.

Now Kelly Oxford is famous, despite what she tells us. She is a New York Times bestselling author, she has a TV deal, a movie deal, she gets to talk to FAULT, and still finds time to annoy the Kardashians and their legions on Twitter: “If you can name 5 Kardashians but can’t name 5 countries in Asia, stick a knife in an electrical socket.”

Kelly Oxford inside 2

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FAULT: Do you know how the story of you coming out of nowhere came about?

Kelly: The first time I got picked up by the media was a charity event in Los Angeles called ‘Night of 140 Tweets’ at the very beginning of 2010. That was a celebrity event where people would read a Tweet was to raise money for disaster relief in Haiti. I was the only one out of 140 people that wasn’t a celebrity. I was just a writer from Canada. I was a housewife. I was somebody who nobody really knew and I was only invited because people that were involved with this – actors and writers – liked me on Twitter and thought, “if we put her on this it’ll make sense because she’s very popular on Twitter and this is a night of tweeting.” All of a sudden I was part of a group of people when I really wasn’t one of them.

How did it [really] begin for you?

If I had been born in the United States, I’m 100% sure that when I graduated high school I would have moved to Los Angeles and started a normal writing career by becoming an assistant and working my way up the ranks. But I was Canadian. That sort of thing wasn’t an option for me. I could have moved down here and done all that stuff, lots of Canadians have, but I wasn’t ambitious about getting a career. I’d rather have a family and stay at home and pursue my passion. So I just did what I did, which was to just take some writing classes and write things on my Geocity page and just wonder if anybody would read it.



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Tyga – FAULT Issue 19 Music section cover star


Tyga - FAULT Issue 19 Music cover

FAULT Issue 19’s Music section cover star Tyga was shot by Dove Shore and styled by Leah Adicoff and Leah Henken.
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Cash Money/Young Money rapper and entrepreneur Tyga is hard at work perfecting The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, set to drop November 18th. This could explain why, despite numerous efforts to connect with Tyga, he was unavailable to speak with FAULT. Nevertheless, this third studio release seems to be an early 25th birthday present, a passion project that has been gestating since the summer.

Tyga has been steadily rolling out select tracks from the album, including ‘Wait For a Minute’ featuring Justin Bieber and ‘Hookah’ featuring Young Thug. Additionally, Tyga has teamed up with past collaborator Chris Brown for the Fan of a Fan 2 mixtape, the follow-up to the 2010 release that featured ‘Deuces’.

Tyga for FAULT Magazine Issue 19

Tyga wears designs by Official Last Kings, Saint Laurent, Givenchy & more in this FAULT exclusive shoot.Words by Vanessa Willoughby

Like any good mini-mogul, the rapper has made efforts to gain inside knowledge of his business ventures. The rapper flew from California to New York City to attend NY Fashion Week, where he made an appearance at Alexander Wang’s Spring 2015 show.

With such a packed schedule, it’s easy to see why Tyga is always on the go. After all, when you’re busy overseeing a fledgling empire, who really has time to make small talk?

Tyga - FAULT Issue 19 (inside 2)

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Debby Ryan – our Style section cover for FAULT Issue 19

debby ryan - fault issue 19 style cover

FAULT Issue 19’s Style section cover star Debby Ryan was shot by Brian Ziff and styled by Avo Yermagyan.
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Debby Ryan‘s staggering diversity as an artist sits nicely with a very healthy dose of natural talent and her near-zealous work ethic. It is the combination of these factors that marks Debby out as an anomaly in an age when so many of her peers seem content to reach a certain point before resting on their laurels. For Debby, it seems, her work has only just begun.

Ryan’s big break came in 2008 when she landed the role of Bailey on the Disney Channel’s original series ‘The Suite Life on Deck’. She now not only stars in Disney’s smash hit show ‘Jessie’, but has also produced, directed and written for the series.

This Summer the actress released a long-awaited debut album, One, with her band, The Never Ending. Featuring crystal clear vocals from Ryan, the simple, straightforward style with which she has launched her music career away from Disney has seen her gain widespread acclaim from critics and fans alike.

FAULT had the pleasure of spending the day with Debby on our exclusive shoot for Issue 19. We took the opportunity to pinpoint her various inspirations for tracks on her album, her direct involvement with changes to her character on ‘Jessie’ and what lies ahead for the star in the near future.

debby ryan - fault issue 19 (inside 1)

Production by Zizi Zarkadas + Leah Blewitt

FAULT: You recently released your album One with your band, The Never Ending. How did you came up with your group’s name and how did you and your bandmates meet?

Debby: I was actually working on another music project and started writing a lot of songs with friends. Throughout the process these lyrics and melodies really started to develop as part of the collaboration, all of which really felt like “me” – not to sound cliché [laughs]!

It was definitely a passion project, bringing my songs, words and sounds all together and telling a story. Music to me is something that lasts longer than ourselves. The idea of being a successful musician or artist is really never-ending because you’re always growing and being inspired- so that is how the band name came about.

What’s it been like for you to basically grow up in the public eye? Do you ever get used to fame and to your fans being interested in what you do both on and off the screen?

Well, due to social media, things have changed a lot since I first started. There is definitely way more access to peoples lives. I’m inherently a private person – believe it or not. It’s funny to me what the media focuses on and things that make “the news” – like hair color changes [laughs]! Don’t get me wrong: I am truly blessed and I love my fans – it’s just [that] sometimes the assumptions people, [and] media make about you or [when they think] that they truly know you on a personal level….

debby ryan - fault issue 19 (inside 2)

Interview by Leah Blewitt

How would you describe you own personal style?

I wear a a lot of black on black and I LOVE vintage. Definitely a laid back, comfortable style but always with a feminine touch. I love mixing and matching, taking basic black jeans and pairing a more casual piece from Topshop with a designer like Balenciaga.

What is your FAULT?

Well, if you asked my friends they will tell you [that] I’m the mom – or act like a mom! So hmm… I’d say taking in strays. I really love animals and just adopted another kitten recently.

I also take in drummers – my dummer is living with us as well [laughs]!

debby ryan - fault issue 19 (inside 3)

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Alexander McQueen 


What does the theatrical Alexander McQueen have in store for spring/summer 15? Floral meets bondage meets Aztec meets East Asia. Not quite sure how that would look?

Florals came as large narrative prints spaciously decorating dresses. There were also the overly romantic evening dresses with tiers of ruffled silk with delicate fabric flowers sewn down it.

By contrast, the black latex face masks and gladiator heels worn by the models and the thick black leather harness straps brought the macabre edginess we all love from McQueen.

The lace-up boots, whilst working with the erotic theme, also helped set the scene for Aztec influences. Grids of circular motifs looked like ancient symbols and mosaic tile maxi skirts and capes tapped into the theme too.

The distinct reference to Far East culture came in the bold red, white and black colour palette and the stylisation of the floral prints. Mandarin collars also featured as did tightly belted waists on flat-collar jackets which hinted at an attempt to appeal to the brand’s wealthy Asian following.

Despite the jumble of apparent influences, this was another strong and dramatic collection with lashings of leather and quirky prints that softened the effect to avoid looking severe.


Iris van Herpen


Forget ‘what’s in’ ‘what’s hot’ and what’s the latest trend, Iris van Herpen is in a league of her own. The only trend she’s concerned with is technological ones that can help her to create something new and extraordinary.

There were some very wearable pieces such as a structural power jacket that stuck out from the waist, a distressed denim-effect mini dresses with a flipped up collar and a black jumpsuit with a plunging neckline and embellished waistband but that’s not why you go to the Iris van Herpen show. You go for the alien-like blue metallic cage dress and the 3D printed, interlocking fabric that created a chainmail effect on cocktail dresses, cap sleeve jackets and a sleeveless shift dress with exaggerated hips and a waving hem line. You go for the finale dresses that, surrounded by coral-like structures, looked like living organisms.

It was typically other-worldly, typically Iris, and yet every season she gives us something to gasp about and applaud her genius as an architect of fashion.


Saint Laurent


Slimane appeared to have created a new subculture at Saint Laurent’s spring/summer 15 show. The uniform is a cross between rockabilly neck ties and pop prints (cherries, leopard print, stars), biker chick leathers and black sheer tights and hipster kid pork pie hats. They flaunt their long legs in ultra-high hemlines and have no qualms in taking necklines down to their navels either. They show-off their youthfulness. They clash multiple prints and mix every texture going – sequins, leather, denim, lamé, suede and fur. Platform sandals are the footwear of choice.

This collection is begging to be adopted by the hippest new poplings and given a soundtrack to complete the cult. Their style may be difficult to imitate but they’ll have everyone trying.


Sonia Rykiel


Next season, Sonia does boho as the Parisian label sent tiered maxi dresses, denim jumpsuits and fur gillets down the runway at Paris Fashion Week. There was a heavy dose of ‘free love’ too with sheer babydoll dresses, bandage crop tops and studded leather jackets, miniskirts and belts for a sexy twist on the daydreamer vibe.

Street style favourite culottes were also key from tailored brilliant white pairs to functional khaki and denim. The dungaree-style jumpsuits will be a hit with the office-to-bar crowd but we’ll be leaving the comeback of the poncho on the shelf.

Stella McCartney


Stella McCartney presented ribbed knits, parachute material jumpsuits and pyjama two-pieces in what was a rather cosy collection for spring/summer 15.

In a loungewear-friendly palette too of white, nude, navy and black, more structured elements included oversized buckle straps, cut-out oblong and semi-circle shapes on the décolletage, midriff and calves and exposed zips on lightweight jackets and coats.

Bedtime checks on shirts with matching palazzo trousers and sleeveless spring dresses with scoop necks cemented Stella’s place as the queen of nightwear as daywear yet again this season. A flurry of fine, silky dresses in a jumble of mixed prints with butterfly shaped panels closed the show for a new element to the collection to complete a 360 wardrobe for relaxed yet elegant style next season



Sacai infused lace, prints and pleats into a utilitarian uniform for spring/summer 15 presenting the tough woman who isn’t afraid to use her femininity. Boxy silhouettes, breast pockets and large black buttons complemented the military-like khaki and navy ensembles while asymmetrical side splits in skirts added a feminine touch compared to the rigid, high collars and blunt, short sleeves.

Skirts were given delicate lace trims or sheer pleated panels juxtaposing the tough, practical fabrics. Warrior-like blue tartan also made an appearance, as did the modern office-workers battle uniform – pinstripe. Aggressive touches like the Mongolian fur lined leather jackets and feet laced up in open platform sandals make the Sacai woman an intimidating force to be reckoned with and she has a killer wardrobe to match.


Words: Olivia Pinnock

FASHION MONTH IS FINALLY OVER: Here’s the trends you will need to know

By Sara Darling

Fashion is going raving with a nod to neon.

Pack your glow sticks for SS15, as this summer’s neon trend is not going anywhere! If you missed the boat this summer (or indeed the eighties!) several designers were re-living their youth with flashes on neon suitable for Goa-n beach parties or hot long nights in the city. Fyodor Golan provided highlighter-marker stripes and ostrich feathers, whilst Christopher Raeburn and Ashish worked up multi-coloured frenzy; Lucas Nascimento proved that doubling up is not such a bad thing, with a double dose of orange- having the same mind set is Emilia Wickstead! For accessories, Sophia Webster mashed up clashing prints and rainbow textures, while Markus Lupfer journeyed to California for his super brights ‘surf dudes’ collection. Let’s hope next summer is a hot one! Neon goes so well with a suntan!

Emilia Wickstead SS15, backstage (Daniel Sims, British Fashion Council) 3

The 70s glamour puss

The 70s have dominated the men’s catwalks for the past two seasons, but now the womenswear designers are claiming the decade with my fave picks showcasing flattering flares, bold prints and glam rock platforms. Check out designers including Tom Ford who’s rock chick collection is perfect for Kate Moss or Mossy wannabes! House of Holland featured 70s loud prints on shirts, dresses and skirts in a mixture of that classic vintage curtain palette of yellow, green, red and orange. Matthew Williamson’s catwalk show at the BFC show space was stacked with 70s references: halter necks, jumpsuits and maxi dresses- perfect to embrace your inner hippy.


Denim like you’ve never seen it before

Burberry Prorsum is always a popular London show. It sets trends that become instant classics, and SS15 is no different. Creative Director Christopher Bailey wowed us all with his new denim trench coat, alongside cropped denim jackets and denim with feathers- some more practical than others!

Marques’ Almeida took inspiration from the 90s and the drama of songstress PJ Harvey by incorporating black metallic denim in part of the collection, for a grungy feel for summer. Perfect for sitting under a tree and writing poetry! Joseph on the other hand did oversized double denim. In the disused industrial show space, the loose shirts, frayed edges chunky jumpers and leather were layered up to accentuate the moody mood.

Meanwhile in Paris, Kenzo did supersize denim, with wide legged pants, midi length skirts and ¾ sleeve jackets. Perfect as separates as it becomes a little last season pyjama-party as a full look. Even Milan, the capital of sophistication, mixed denim with drummer-boy jackets and silk kimono jackets at Gucci.Post-Burberry-Prorsum-Womenswear-Spring-Summer-2015-Collection-Look-17JOSEPH_ss15


Flower Power

With flowers never going out of fashion, somewhere across the globe designers nodded to the 60s, 70s and nineties at the shows this year, but the floral print was definitely given a 21st century makeover.

It is never a surprise when the humble flower is on trend for the spring/summer season. After all what summarises the spring more than a blooming bulb? However, this time the floral trend is a little different, with 3D floral embellishments leading the way for SS15. Erdem featured 3D floral patterns, and House of Holland featured tops and dresses with 3D floral embellishment designs.

Paul & Joe gave us pretty florals AND stripes (two trends in one!) and Sarah Burton at McQueen showed us a collection inspired by traditional kimonos, complete with leather, buckles and graphic floral motifs. One can only hope the very enviable lace up gladiator sandals will go into production too.

On the other end of the spectrum, Viktor and Rolf showed very wearable loose floral separates, and in Milan, Marni went bold with daffodils, daisies, lilies and chrysanthemums playing a big part in the the garden party collection. Achew!! Now where did I put my hayfever tabs?


Technology Students

With designers out smarting themselves in the field of fabric development, it is great to see how engineering is fused with fashion to make some anti- sports, sportswear designs. Richard Nicoll used mesh and fibres and H by Hakaan Yildrim worked cylindrical shapes and hexagonal motif on skirts and outerwear. Marios Schwab’s collection was an architectural adventure into fitness and travel, and Preen by Thornton Bregazzi led the body con trend in scuba style fabrics and made dresses look sporty and sexy! The Whistles collection was inspired by grown up street wear, as was the new kid on the block, Nasir Mazhar who knows how to make a crop top. Alexander Wang re-interpreted sportswear with bodycon dresses, high-heeled pumps and sporty accessories- which you don’t need to wear at the gym.

Even the humble parka was brought back to life at the New York shows, with a makeover by J. Crew and Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Hugo Boss offered us a safe and completely wearable take on the polo shirt.



Gingham girls

Stripes and checks make for a Little House on the Prairie trend with New York leading the way. Diane von Furstenberg showcased flirty dresses perfect for the French Riviera, and bound to put a spring in your pedicured step! Oscar de la Renta is as glam as you can expect, and his checks took a large, pastel turn. Shorts suits coupled with loose oversized jackets are perfect for layering and pretty enough to see you through any weather and Lela Rose showed us that checks don’t have to look like your granny’s tablecloth in her version of the spring summer two piece! And if you need any extra assurance, check out Altuzarra- perfect for the sexy girl. The gingham silhouettes unbuttoned just enough to tantalize and a silhouette designed to flatter. Whilst the Italian powerhouse Mui Mui took us on a trip to a John Walters film with 50s inspired pencil skirts and housecoats.

In London, we did it slightly differently and Ryan Lo presented a knitted version in a sugarcoated pastel palette and Lulu Lui gave us vertical stripes – if you have the legs for it! Or spend the next five months getting those legs into check!

altruzza_ss15 muimui_ss15

By Sara Darling




Between Space – the new editorial by Kailas exclusive to FAULT Online!

1 (Medium)

Jacket (Georgine) Shirtdress (Lie Sang Bong) Earring, worn as pendant (Erickson Beamon)

2 (Medium)

Coat (Kelly Wearstler) Dress (Victoria Andreyanova) Belt (Cheap Monday) Shoes (Marissa Webb) Ring (Alexis Bittar)

3 (Medium)

Blouse (Suno) Sweater (Dr. Martins) Skirt and belt (Bibhu Mohapatra) Shoes (Marissa Webb) Necklace (Alexis Bittar)

5 (Medium)

Blouse (Rachel Zoe) Jumper (Novis) Shoes (Walter Steiger) Necklace (Erickson Beamon) Purse (Osklen)

6 (Medium)

Jacket (Katie Ermilio) Dress, worn as blouse (BCBG MaxAzria) Skirt (Novis) Shoes (John Fluevog) – NOT PICTURED Earrings (Erickson Beamon)

7 (Medium)

Jacket (Lie Sang Bong) Fur stole (Adrienne Landau) Sweater (Suno) Skirt (Cheap Monday) Shoes (John Fluevog) Bangles (Circa Sixty Three)

8 (Medium)

Mesh top (Stijlus) Collared top (Katie Ermilio) Ring (Erickson Beamon)

Photographer: Kailas (
Photo assistant: Nick Ducot
Fashion Stylist: Emily Bess (
Hair: Jeanie Syfu (
Makeup: Anastasia Durasova (
Fashion Stylist Assistant: Brandon Garr
Model: Kristy Kaurova