The Janoskians For FAULT Issue 21 – What it takes to be POPular in the Digital age



Photography: Leigh Keily
Styling: Vesa Perakyla
Grooming: Daniel Rymer Robinson

We are now well and truly settled into the era of “Online Stars.” Since it’s inception in 2004 and subsequent mass following in the years that followed, YouTube has helped launch the careers for many of today’s notable public figures and celebrities. Enter Janoskians, (Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation) were five teenagers from Melbourne who shot to the ever elusive “internet fame” in 2011. After amassing over 1.8  million subscribers, their international following is arguably reminiscent of the 1960’s Beatlesmania.

We chat with one of the first teen sensations of the digital age about what it means to be POPular and how sustainable that popularity can be…


FAULT: Do you have a close connection to your fans when you’re performing live?

Janoskians: Yeah. I think it’s because of social media, that’s a way for us to connect with our fans on a personal level. It’s a really cool to connect through Twitter, Instagram, that sort of stuff. It’s a way for us to connect on a personal level. It’s not in your inbox anymore, it’s not checking your mail, you just have to check your phone and start replying to fans. It’s really cool that we’ve managed to do that through social media.

 You released ‘Would you love me’ earlier this year, do you prefer recording? What’s your recording experience like?

Janoskians: I really love getting into the studio and being creative and just having a chill out moment with the boys, sorting out whatever’s on our minds and getting that onto the tracks. I really enjoy that process as well. Getting funny in the studio as well and letting everything out.

When you started on YouTube, did you ever forsee that it would lead into an album and you performing live in front of all your adoring fans worldwide? And not just in your home, but selling out shows in England?

I’d never even imagined us performing a gig at a club in Melbourne. Touring the whole world and performing to all these people is really crazy.

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Adam Lamber X Nick Jonas covers

Nick Jonas Photographed by Matt Holyoak and styled by Kristine Kilty
Adam Lamber Photographed by Giuliano Bekor and styled by Avo Yermagyan

FAULT Magazine  – The POP Issue – proudly presents exclusive shoots and interviews with:

Adam Lambert

Nick Jonas

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Conor Maynard 

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Plus a FAULTless selection of Film, Fashion, Music & Photography encompassing what it means to be “Pop”. From popular music to  pop art to popular figures who have amassed  large followings throughout the years. Also included in this double cover issue are the two artists that gained great popularity among  FAULT readers.

Nick Jonas first appeared on FAULT #16 as part of The Jonas Brothers and Adam Lambert appeared on the cover of FAULT #10. A lot has changed for these two cover stars since their respective features in FAULT but still our readers lusted to see them both return to our pages and so we listened. We are very proud to present FAULT Issue 21 – The POP Issue.



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Adam Lambert Returns to the cover of FAULT Magazine!






Adam Lambert is one of our ultimate FAULT Favourites, and one of yours too. In fact, last time we had him on our cover- for Issue 10 in 2012- our website went into overdrive and crashed ( we have now updated our servers)!

Adam recently released ‘Ghost Town’, the first single taken from The Original High, which has been executive-produced by legendary hit-makers Max Martin and Shellback. Within minutes, the track title was trending worldwide, and in just five days the lyric video for ‘Ghost Town’ had been streamed over a million times.

We had a great old catch up with Adam to find out what he’s been up to this past 3 years!


What are the main themes for this album?

It’s about the pursuit of happiness. We all have something that gives us pleasure, but that thing can sometimes turn on you and put you through Hell. Each song comes back to that.

It’s interesting because I feel each of your albums almost belongs to a different chapter of your life – from American Idol, to RCA, and now to Warner Bros. Do you feel you’ve grown up a lot over the course of your music career?

Definitely. I feel a lot more grounded, and more comfortable in my skin. I think I feel more confident in my talent than I did before, and more clear in my direction. I don’t feel I have to assert myself as much, which means there’s a lot less ego in the music.

adam 2

Do you feel that this album has that same sentiment to it, in terms of being more stripped down?

 I wanted to strip it back, having been so over-the-top. When I started I was constantly trying to create something, but now I want it to be like real-life…I want people to know what I’m really about. 



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Conor Maynard poses for an Exclusive Photoshoot for FAULT Online

Miles Holder

Jacket:Scotch and Soda
Tshirt: Penfield
Jeans: Waven
Boots: Redwing




At just 21 years old Conor Maynard has already scored five top ten singles and a number one album, with massive hits such as ‘Can’t Say No’, ‘Turn Around’ and ‘R U Crazy’ to his name. Since his debut in 2012, which featured the likes of Ne-Yo, Frank Ocean, and Pharrell Williams, Conor has toured with will.i,am and Jason Derulo, all whilst working on his second album, which is due for release this year. Recently he released Talking About, the first track from his sophomore release, featuring Craig David.

We sat down with Conor to discuss childhood icons, changing his sound, break-ups and breaking the mould.

Sweater: Ben Sherman Tshirt: Element Jeans:Waven Boots: Conor’s own

Sweater: Ben Sherman
Tshirt: Element
Boots: Conor’s own

Do you feel that this time you’re writing with a lot more life experience under your belt?

Yeah definitely! First time around, I had only just moved out of my parents’ house, moved to London and it was all happening. This time around, I’ve been through a lot more- I’ve had girlfriends, break-ups, and I think that comes across in the music.


Jacket: Scotch & Soda
Top: Our Legacy
Jeans: Waven
Boots: Redwing

Whilst you have been working on this record, you’ve been touring the world. Is the live experience something you really enjoy? 

I always say my favourite aspects of being an artist are a) writing in the studio, and b) performing live. On the one hand, you’re writing this music and you’re the only one who can hear it, sometimes without realising you’re actually writing the next hit single. Then on the other hand, you’re performing a track to a crowd, hearing them sing back lyrics you wrote six months, maybe even a year, ago. It’s a really cool feeling.

What else can we expect from this album?

It’s a very versatile album. Some fans love the upbeat, up-tempo records, but some fans love the stripped-back, acoustic tracks. I think I just want my fans to realise that there will be a real range on this album. I’ve tried to make sure there’s a track for everyone [laughs]


Shirt: Our Legacy
Jeans: Waven
Shoes: Conor’s own

Your latest single from the album, Talking About, features Craig David. How did that come about?

I’ve always been a big Craig David fan. Whilst working on this album, there was one day when my manager and I were sitting in the studio and we were almost a bit down because we had all these tracks ready to go, but just didn’t have that one song to really kick things off. Then this song came through and it was just the one!

It was risky because it’s a bit different – it’s house-influenced, it has the drop in it– but we went ahead, I recorded it, and a few days later we heard that he had listened to it and loved it.

Are there any dream collaborators you have in mind for the future?

I’d love to work with John Mayer; it’s quite random I know, but I think his Continuum album is one of the best out there. He comes across as a really cool, down to earth guy so I keep dropping his name in interviews, hoping to make it happen [laughs]


Jacket: Musee Noir
Sweater: Ben Sherman
Jeans: Waven
Boots: Redwing

Finally, what is your FAULT?

Where to begin? [laughs] I guess I can be a bit lazy – I will make excuses to leave the studio early, just because I want to go home and get to bed!

Words: Will Ballantyne-Reid

Photographer: Miles Holder

Fashion Editor: Kristine Kilty @ Lovely Management

Grooming: Amy Brandon @ Lovely Management

Fashion Assistant: Shannon McGrath

‘The War Princess’ FAULT Exclusive Fashion Editorial -


Dress: Gucci Bracelet: Giuseppe Zanotti

Dress: Gucci
Bracelet: Giuseppe Zanotti

Jacket: Giorgio Armani Dress: Lanvin Necklace and ring: Giuseppe Zanotti

Jacket: Giorgio Armani Dress: Lanvin
Necklace and ring: Giuseppe Zanotti

Dress and pants: Giorgio Armani Necklace: Giuseppe Zanotti

Dress and pants: Giorgio Armani
Necklace: Giuseppe Zanotti

Dress: Hugo Boss Jacket: Calvin Klein Collection Necklace: Giorgio Armani Ring and shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

Dress: Hugo Boss
Jacket: Calvin Klein Collection
Necklace: Giorgio Armani
Ring and shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

Jacket and pants: Tom Ford Top and Belt: Goirgio Armani  Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

Jacket and pants: Tom Ford
Top and Belt: Giorgio Armani
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

Top: Emporio Armani  Jacket: Goirgio Armani  Necklace: Giuseppe Zanotti

Top: Emporio Armani
Jacket: Giorgio Armani
Necklace: Giuseppe Zanotti

Photography: Jeff Ip
Styling: Syan Leung, assisted by Cava Chan
Makeup: Miffy Ng
Hair: Alex Chu @ A ten studio
Model: Anastasia Guseva@Mission Model

FAULT Favourite Flo Morrissey releases debut album ‘Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful’


FAULT Favourite Flo Morrissey, who we featured for FAULT Online in March, will be releasing her debut album ‘Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful‘ next week, on Monday 15th June (Glassnote Records.)

Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful, (Glassnote Records), released June 15th

Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful, (Glassnote Records), released June 15th

We were able to have a listen to the record before Flo releases it into the world and it is a remarkably strong statement for a debuting artist (especially one who is only 20 years old.) Her voice is haunting and unique, richly retro-inspired, and hallmarked with the influence of Kate Bush, Devendra Banhart, Bjork, and Jeff Buckley. Her lyrics have a child-like fragility, and we see her exploring the journey into adulthood (especially pertinent given that she herself is on the cusp of a similar leap into the spotlight.) ‘Pages of Gold‘ and ‘Show Me‘ are statement tracks, with pop-power and surging melodies, whilst ‘Wildflower‘ and title-track ‘Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful‘ are somehow both ghostly and anthemic- an unexpected and beautiful balancing act. ‘Why’ almost teeters too far into fairytale-territory, with it’s lilting melody reminiscent of the Disney score for Sleeping Beauty (perhaps this particular reference says more about me than Morrissey), but its searching vocals are intriguing and anchor the track in emotion and experience. It is impossible to ignore the force of Morrissey’s artistry, and just how enchanting her voice truly is. Full of range, story-telling character, and effortless stylistic variations, we have no doubt she will continue to captivate as this album finally reaches its eagerly-awaiting public.

Revisit our exclusive feature with Flo here, with photographs by Kurtiss Lloyd.

Flo Morrissey, photographed exclusively for FAULT Online by Kurtiss Lloyd in March 2015.

Flo Morrissey, photographed exclusively for FAULT Online by Kurtiss Lloyd in March 2015.

FAULT Fashion – interview with Barbara Hulanicki

Barbara Hulanicki designer

Barbara Hulanicki. Photography by Dania Graibe

Whilst many fashion legends of the 60s have faded into history, Barbara Hulanicki, founder and head designer of Biba, is still making her artistic mark on the world.  Though she is only involved with the Biba brand, which made a high street fashion and interiors revival in 2010, on a consultancy basis she has busied herself with (much more exciting) ventures in interior design and a new fashion range called Iconclub.

The 79 year old – and OBE – now lives in Miami, designing the interiors for hotels and nightclubs and turning her narrative illustrations into scarves, bags and tshirts that inject the same sense of fun and liveliness as the Biba brand did in the 60s with a modern day update.

FAULT quizzed Barbara on her thoughts on fashion yesterday and today…

Talk us through the concepts for the illustrations on the new scarf collection…

It is so exciting to work with new digital printing techniques. In the past, I was restricted by cost because of the number of screens one would want for a design yet today it’s so wonderful to design on a computer, anything is possible. I generally start with an original illustration and we scan it in the computer and have a go with colors, styles, prints etc.

Barbara Hulanicki scarf

Why did you decide to manufacture the new scarf line in Britain?

I just wanted so badly to work with a UK factory like I did during the BIBA days where we manufactured everything in London’s east end.

What’s your design philosophy?

I just keep observing everything and watch how and when fashion changes. The most recent is how the high heel died! I was wondering when women would just say STOP.

We think it’s incredible that you’re still working, do you think you will ever stop designing?

There is no “work” word in my vocabulary. There is so much more to learn and absorb from new situations and meeting new people.

What does it take to succeed in the design business?

Perseverance and just hard plod!

Iconclub Barbara Hulanicki

What have been some of your favourite projects to work on?

There are always new projects coming up. I seem to be interior design at the moment. I am very excited about working on a Hotel in Hollywood called Runway. It is the perfect partner for my fashion project Iconclub.

Why did you decide to settle in Miami?

It was not a conscious decision. I loved it as it was so rough, so raw. I came to Miami Beach to work on a club in the late eighties for Ronnie Wood. I met Chris Blackwell during that time, and he had just bought a job lot of hotels in Miami Beach. He gave me one to begin with, The Marlin Hotel. Then I continued to work with him on his hotels for about twenty years.

What do you think about the revival of 60s and 70s fashion in modern fashion?

Oh boy! Seen and done it and to me it’s not really new, the designers are stuck!

Who do you think is creating groundbreaking fashion today?

I really like Rick Owens and a few people who are still independent and not just governed by sales figures, the people who move forward regardless.

What’s your fault?

I am lazy, terrified to give in.

Exclusive Haute Fashion Editorial – Marango’s FAULT



1 w









Photography/Concept: Marango

Stylist: Petra

Make up: Chantal

Model: Katerina Anastasia

Model: Ines

Model: Celine