The Berenik Autumn/Winter 17 presentation definitely made its impact on fashion week with one of the most cohesive and natural RTW collections to be seen. The first thing the super cool Swiss creative, artist and designer did right was choosing Pier 59 Studio space to put on a fashion art performance. This seems to be the latest cult craze in the fashion world, whether it be showcased at Pier 59 Studios or Skylight Clarkson.

Pier 59 is the ideal location for any visionary, with nothing but plenty of open space and opportunity. Veronika Brusa, Berenik Creative Director/Designer was able to create a powerful energy by mass producing original artwork against the backdrop of the seemingly endless white walls, LORDE’s thumping “TEAM” in the background and a room full of creative movers and shakers, physically and figuratively speaking. I felt like I was in a perfect utopian bubble where everyone worked together, moved together, danced together or even stood still together in oversized wool knits and cozy yet loose fitting ensembles.

The power of community and connection seemed to be the underlying current of the night. The dancers were models, the models were actors, but they were all one in the same which was really interesting to watch the energy flow from one human being to the next.

Veronika didn’t shy away from the prints and wearable art pieces which is one of the reasons why the brand is so popular amongst street kids and art schoolers, who were enthralled by the art fashion presentation. “We all want to be connected,” Veronika said during a brief interview I had with her before the show. You could definitely see that the current state of world affairs played a major role in this collection. Art…fashion, should reflect the times and that’s exactly what The Berenik show felt like; a foreshadowed alternative from the apocalyptic state of how things are, to this dream-like state where all the problems of the human existence were solved by coming together for the greater good of the whole. The color palette for any minimalist of course was neutral with pops of wearable art like printed shirts, bomber jackets and short shorts. The fabrics were oversized and thick and free forming, which I’m sure was for the purpose of creating these utilitarian inspired designs. In short, there is a freedom of evolution and release significantly symbolized by Berenik’s talented representation and reveal of the garb we choose to wear upon our backs.

Words: Seth Heru | Images: The Bromley Group

View: Travis Taddeo unveils latest collection

TRAVIS TADDEO’s instantly recognizable women’s and men’s collections, noted for their minimalist yet intricate details, are created to push the boundaries of everyday style. Each collection offers a combination of casual clothing and unique pieces that weld luxury and edge together. The brand has been focused on quality since its debut, clearly demonstrated through the selection of the finest fabrics; hand-selected, hand-washed and hand-cut in TT Old Montreal atelier. Passion, care and attention to detail is what creates these durable, yet timeless pieces. The collection is available at the TRAVIS TADDEO flagship store – 415 West Broadway, New York.

Four Hot Designers Using Upcycled Materials

As more of us are looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment, fast fashions have fallen out of favour. Instead, the style-conscious are turning to eco-friendly, fair trade styles that feature recycled materials. Upcycled products and materials give today’s designers a wide range of textures, colours, and finishes to play with, for truly timeless results. Here are four fashion brands out there working wonders with upcycled materials.

  1. Matt and Nat

Carried by the likes of Natalie Portman, Ellen Page, and Olivia Wilde, Matt and Nat handbags are the vegan accessory du jour. These fashion-forward accessories are not just vegan, however. Matt & Nat bags also feature a lining that’s constructed from 100% recycled bottles. The designers favour sustainable materials like rubber, cork, and nylon, which is upcycled into sleek eco-friendly designs.

Image Source: Matt and Nat

The name “Matt and Nat” stems from a combination of Mat-erial and Nat-ure, and the fashion brand works hard to find new ways to play around with these two concepts. Formed in 1995 in Montreal, the brand has only grown since then and you can now purchase fully recycled, animal-free designs that stand on their own as statement pieces.

  1. Titania Inglis

Fans of minimalist fashion won’t want to miss the latest looks from Titania Inglis. This edgy LA-based designer uses materials like dead stock wool and Japanese organic cotton to create raw, visually striking garments. Her designs are often sported by musicians, including Kim Gordon, M83, and Charli XCX.

Image Source: Titania Inglis

With a rock and roll aesthetic and dedication to sustainable material sources, Inglis snuggles comfortably into the niche between haute couture, fancy dresses, and environmental friendliness. You can choose from a range of complimentary separates as well as jewellery and handbags, all capable of taking you from day to night with a flattering flair. The pieces are designed to last from season to season, ensuring long life and durability.  

  1. Elvis & Kresse

One of the most creative forces in upcycling, Elvis & Kresse is an English brand that uses everything from coffee sacks to old parachutes in their accessory line. The fire hose is the brand’s signature material, which they save from landfills to transform into something new, innovative, and gorgeous. Parachute silk is another favourite material, turned into bags and wallets. Printing blankets, old leather scraps, and shoe boxes are just a few other raw materials of choice.

Image Source: Elvis and Kresse

While these materials would normally clog landfills, instead they’re recycled into practical pieces. On top of this, they donate a sizeable portion of their proceeds to charity.

  1. Charlotte Bialas

Based in Paris, Charlotte Bialas works with beautiful vintage textiles. Silk scarves from the 1950s are upcycled into completely one-of-a-kind designs. Bialas only sources the highest-quality raw materials, scouring vintage stock, mills, and auctions across the globe.

Image source: Charlotte Bialas

If you’re looking for garments that are truly unique, it’s hard to beat the ethereal, sophisticated design of her pieces. Bialas’s garments are timeless in their silhouette, while retaining a contemporary flair. The timelessness of the garments and high quality of the recycled silk ensures that the clothing will be a long-lasting favourite in your wardrobe.

James Magee in Exclusive Fault editorial by photographer Charl Marais

Shirt: Di Liborio / Trousers- Di Liborio / Pendant – Pyrrha / Hat- Lyonard

Shirt: Di Liborio / Trousers- Di Liborio / Pendant – Pyrrha / Hat- Lyonard

Sweater – Rui Xu / Trousers- John Varvatos / Rings on left hand- Pyrrha / Rings on right hand – Northskull

Sweater – Rui Xu / Ring- Pyrrha

Jacket – Bodybound / Sweat Pants- Bodybound

Jacket – Bodybound / Sweat Pants- Bodybound / Trainers- Nike / Socks- Nike

Sweater – Bodybound / Sweat Pants- Bodybound

Sweater- Wood Wood

T-shirt – Element / Trousers- Di Liborio / Boots – H London

Photographer: Charl Marais @ Kayte Ellis Agency

Fashion Editor: Kristine Kilty

Grooming: Kristina Vidic using: Mac cosmetics, skincare Dr. Hauschka

Photography Assistant: Lotti Brewer-Gmoser

Model: James Magee @ Select

Kehlani: Focused, Fashionable and FAULTY in FAULT Magazine #25 Covershoot


Photography by Jacob Hodgkinson
Styling by Rachel Holland
Makeup by Nicky Weir
Hairstyling by Stefan Bertin
Styling assistance by Ines Oom, Tara Theiss & Stephanie – Min Hua Choo

Kehlani – ‘A Rise With Grace’

Words: Miles Holder

The rise of Kehlani hasn’t been an easy one; at every stage in her career she has been given a new cross to bear or obstacle to climb but despite all her hardships, she has always emerged triumphant. Releasing her critically acclaimed debut album ‘SweetSexySavage’ in January 2017 and currently on her highly rated world tour, while it’s been a long time coming, it would seem that Kehlani is finally seeing the fruits of her many years of hard labour. Speaking with a delicate manner but a hardened confidence far beyond her 21 years of age, we sat down to find out more about one of R&B’s most exciting artists.

Looking back, were you happy with how your album did?

I think it was really good for the time that it came out. There was a lot of negative commotion happening especially in my country with the US election so I think that something easy and positive was definitely needed at that time.

You air your personal feelings and fears out there on the album, is it hard to expose so much emotion for the world to hear?

With me, it’s all or nothing; go hard or go home. We all as know what’s really going on and people will feel it if it’s not really me on the track. I want to make people feel through my music – we all put up with fake shit all the time so I wanted to contribute something that’s the real me.

Music has always been your life and it’s something you’ve been working on for so long, did that not put a lot of pressure on you to succeed when dropping new music?

For me, the pressure doesn’t come from outside people, it’s all what I put on myself in the creative process. I’m asking myself “Could I hit that note better” or “should I shift beats differently”, but I’m not thinking about the sales-numbers because that doesn’t really matter. I just worry about making sure whatever I’m working on is a better project than the last.

How do you deal with the pressure of all the show business?

I’m doing so much that I never have time to really stop and think about it all. I don’t have the focus and it’s hard to manage but at the end of the day, it’s got to get done! Ain’t non of this shit easy for anyone.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I’d tell myself to just stay focused and get as much rest as you can because you’re about to turn up! [laughs] But seriously, I’d tell myself to learn how to prioritise myself and to learn how to protect my energy. If I had entered the industry with more knowledge on self, how to protect myself and emotional take care of my life then things would have been much easier.

Being a sensitive, open and loving person has definitely led to some downfalls but I do wish I’d learnt some emotional grounding as a kid but I don’t beat myself up about it because it’s hard and most people don’t even learn half of that until they’re old.

When you shut your eyes and you think of your perfect future, what is it?

I want to be a mum. I want to have my kids and just settle down. If I keep going as fast as I’ve been going, I’m going to be over it and it’ll be time for the quiet life one day.

What’s your message to all young people out there who might have gone through or are going through the same struggles you have?

Don’t let the world discourage you or let the things that weigh on your shoulders crush you. Know that for me, it’s really hard and as a woman especially because we’re so caring and we have large hearts which make us want to fix the unfixable and carry a weight too large to bear. I just hope everyone out there knows to just breathe through it and to take everything at their own pace. Most importantly, people should never forget to take care of themselves.

What is your FAULT?

I don’t know how to answer that because I’m so human and I never stop to imagine that I’d only ever have one fault. We all have FAULTs, being twenty-one-years-old reminds me that I’m human because I’m pretty sure I have a fuck up every single day. I can’t think of just one thing -that’s my FAULT.

Read Kehlani’s full interview and see more exclusive photographs only in FAULT’s Special #25



Taking points from the homeless population and there means of survival, N.Hoolywood sent models down the runway with layers upon layers of garments and trash bags as accessories. As you peeled back the many layers, the individual garments of denim jackets, button down striped shirts with “survive” written down the front and hunter green leather pants were beautifully crafted. A strong message and excellent styling did not over shadow the design of the collection.

Words & Photographer: Mikah James


Let N-P Elliott take you on a magical fantastical voyage ride. Perfection in sync with traditionally cultured tribal representation. 70s toned elegant sportswear with fur trims and velvet riches usher in a refreshment of championed extraterrestrial excellence. Mixed weighted volumes of play, complimentary separates and central earth tones fire off signals of growth, expansion, birth, renewal and revival.

Words: Chaunielle Brown | Photographer: Julie Warner




Dyne merged technology and fashion with the sporty collection. Pullover hoodies, track pants with special details and oversized anorak jackets all equipped with a touchpoint tag when in contact with a Samsung devices shows where the garment can be purchased. As models demonstrated the tech capabilities of their stylish threads, onlookers marveled at the innovations.

Words: Mikah James | Photographer: Julie Warner