The Fashion Revolution: Why We Love Inspiration from the Past

People often say that fashion is revolutionary. With every passing decade we grow closer to repeating the successes (and failures – shell suits!?) of the past. Embracing what was great about the fashions of a past decade – what they represented culturally and socially – is key in showing how we have developed and can bring in previous motifs to the modern day. Let’s take a look at fashions from the 1960s right through to earlier in the 21st century to see which looks are enduring and why it’s important to keep links with the past.

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Back to the Sixties

The 1960s were one of the first decades that made waves with fashion. While the standardized nature of the post-war years gave us some interesting touches such as the beehive hairdo and the dotted pencil skirt, it was the 1960s that allowed fashion to begin to speak for itself. Using fashion as a way to showcase culture was a huge part of the love revolution that took over the decade of the Beatles and Woodstock. The 1960s introduced mini skirts, leopard print, and knee-high boots. While the first two have remained popular since their inception, knee-high boots are making a true comeback. The 1960s also gave us the empire waist, a dress that used the defined waistline that sat higher on the frame to produce a unique and statuesque silhouette. The empire waist is suited for special occasions, so can often be seen as the feature on bridesmaids dresses and prom dresses. Though not everything from the 1960s could make a comeback – babydoll dresses, entire outfits made of the same color, and the color of the mods, lime green, have thankfully stayed in their decade.

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Disco Fever

The 1970s gave us disco music and the entire culture and lifestyle that came with it – including metallics, sequins, and neon inspired clothing. One key trend from the 1970s that has made a recurrence is the flared trouser look. Harper’s Bazaar showcases many celebrities who embrace the look in 2018 and the loose fitting nature of the clothing could provide the perfect breezy relief for summer. In the 1970s people were taking more and more chances with what they wore – and in an age of freedom such as 2018, the same thing is happening with some 1970s motifs. Bohemian chic has made a comeback thanks to the hipsters and those appreciating the bohemian subculture. The outfits may be updated, but the understated, flowing, casual nature is retained. The punk rock styles of the ’70s have also remained timeless, with leather jackets staying in fashion thanks to their constant use by high fashion celebrities. The durable material allows the wearer to blend seamlessly into both casual and more formal settings and the style has only appreciated in value since its inception. Thankfully, the 1970s trend of safari attire and faux military khaki have left us with the last days of disco.

It’s Not Just Fashions – Hobbies Are Making a Comeback

But it’s not just fashions of the past that are making a comeback. Once a way in which to make do and mend, knitting has found a resurgence – with a high number of men taking up the therapeutic hobby. Bingo has seen a rise too. With the ability to play bingo online with no deposits, millennials are flocking to play the game of the baby boomers. Baking has seen a renaissance as well – with the success of the Great British Bake Off, more and more people are turning to traditional crafts that stood for values of reducing waste and centering the family around the dinner table. While our fashions are returning to the past through inspirational looks, our pastimes are as well, bringing modern touches – playing games online and reading receipts from iPads – to the classic nature of the hobby.

Straight Out of the Eighties

The 1980s took the fashion steps made in the 1960s and 1970s and ran with them. Dozens of fashions from the 1980s have remained popular – from t-shirts with bands on them to logo t-shirts to leggings with them. Shoulder pads and crimped hair are yet to make a reoccurrence, as are batwing sleeves. The 1980s personified the trend of dressing to exercise, and while we don’t wear sweatbands are our wrists and foreheads, wearing tracksuits and jogging bottoms with vests is an enduring fashion.

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Not So Long Ago

We assume when people are talking about past fashions that they’re talking about the distant past and since the 1980s we have gained a collective fashion conscience to move forwards. But the 1990s, looking back – and being almost thirty years ago – had their share of outlandish fashions. Let’s start with curtained fringes, which have make a comeback, especially with models. Faded jeans and oversized t-shirts have also seen a rise in fashion stores such as ASOS, and colored jumpers and sweatshirts have circulated back into fashion. Looking back at bands from the 1990s, such as the Spice Girls, and blockbusters such as Clueless show us what fashion was back then. We didn’t notice the garish and striking nature of it at the time, but have since developed more of an eye for what looks good.

Basically Yesterday

Fashions from the 2000s are also coming back – and ones we didn’t even realize had left circulation until we saw photographic documentation of what we used to look like fifteen years ago. The age of social media means that we are more conscious of how we look and what we wear, so creating unique fashions seems more contrived that the way they naturally trickled through society. Wearing trends such as Beyonce’s Blue Ivy ranges and men wearing white jeans are some trends that cropped up and instantly faded in recent years. Topknots were also the rage just a few years ago, yet are seldom sported now, receiving raised eyebrows instead. Looking forward, it could be that in five to ten years’ time, topknots will be the rage again, sported by celebrities and civilians alike, with no memory of the way they boomed and faded only yesterday. Fashion is revolutionary and just as we repeat and take influence from the past, we are creating fashions that will feed into fashion revolutions of the future.

So, as we can see, the fashions of the past 50 years can be called upon in modern times to help accent certain features or infuse a look with the culture and attitudes that helped its invention. Bringing back fashions from the past not only helps introduce them to a new audience but reminds us of how far we have come and how we should constantly be looking back in order to cultivate a better future.

Acufocal: Focus on camera bag brand founder Robert Baggs

Acufocal is a camera bag brand founded by London-based professional photographer and editor Robert Baggs. Launched after years of exasperation at having to lug around ungainly, unsightly rucksacks, Acufocal released their first design, the Orwell, in Summer 2017. Fashioned from quality, heavy duty black canvas while sporting stylish leather straps and glistening chrome buckles, the Orwell is just as slick and sophisticated as it is rugged and utilitarian.

Modestly priced in the £150 bracket, the Orwell’s stand-out feature is its bipartite design. Splitting the bag into two compartments, separated by a simple zip, means easy access to important gear – imperative for photographers working in testing environments. The fact that it’s beautiful and practical in equal measures is more than just a bonus: it makes it a no-brainer for freelancers for whom image is so important.


FAULT: There are a few designers out there trying to offer what Acufocal does. What gives you the edge?

Robert Baggs (Acufocal): What makes us different is the motivation behind the brand: my needs as a professional photographer who enjoys fashion. I don’t need to research what photographers need in this area, I just need to look at what it is I can’t seem to find when buying a camera bag and create it.


You’re a photographer yourself, and your website goes into a lot of depth describing your frustrations with having to choose between “function or fashion” in camera bags. Do you think that’s a universal concern among photographers or just for those who work in particularly fashion-conscious environments?

Acufocal: I try to remain as transparent and honest as possible, and the answer to that is: no, it’s not a universal problem. There are, I’m sure, myriad photographers who don’t care how their bag looks and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, I also know there are lots of people like me who would love the functionality and the care for its contents that a good camera bag has, but with a design that looks more like a backpack from a fashion label. This has been confirmed by all the attention the Orwell has garnered and positivity, which has been gratifying. From the start my aim for Acufocal was and is to create products for photographers that don’t compromise fashion or functionality, despite how difficult it might be.

What were your top 3 concerns when developing the Orwell design?

Acufocal: That’s a tough one. Again, in the interest of honesty, the final design was far from the first sample we had made. My number one concern was always “where will I be expected to compromise functionality or style, and how will I get around it?” Second was creating enough space, padding, and pockets to house the plethora of gear us photographers carry, without infringing on the design; that was what changed the most from the first sample to the final product. Thirdly was achieving all my above goals, the highest quality materials I could get my hands on, weather proofing the materials (which takes a week), and heavy-duty zips and clasps, all without causing us to have to put a huge price tag on it.


What would you say the “hook” of the design is, functionality wise?

Acufocal: The bag being essentially comprised of two bags with the middle being unzippable to access the bottom section. Rucksacks make for great camera bags because equipment is heavy and it’s the best way to support the weight. However, trying to wade through everything at the top of the bag to get to the stuff at the bottom was so much hassle. To bypass that problem, the Orwell unzips in to halves.


Acufocal - FAULT Magazine interview Robert Baggs


You worked on the Orwell with the help of a fashion designer, and you’ve admitted that the prototype wasn’t perfect (to be fair, they rarely are!). It sounds like it was a bit of challenge to translate your understanding of how the bag should work into a final product. Did that come as a surprise to you?

Acufocal: Yes and no. I expected there to be problems before I’d received the first sample, but the areas that I wanted changed were not what I expected. The first prototype had a lower grade fabric, rougher cotton inside, cheaper leather, and so on. So, even after we made several changes to the design, I then had to just concede that I couldn’t accept a product that wasn’t the best we could possibly make, and so we upgraded every single element of the bag to the best quality we could get. The difference was utterly staggering and that really did surprise me. They say you get what you pay for and I’ve never seen that truer than in manufacturing.


Let’s talk price. For a boutique brand, your prices stack up remarkably well to your more mainstream competition (some of the nattier Nat Geo bags are priced in the region of £200). Is that sustainable for you, or will you be upping your prices for the Orwell or other products in future?

Acufocal: As you can guess from my above answers, money was a real consideration for both us and our customer base. We didn’t and don’t have any investors, it’s just me and my business partner trying to realise my vision for a brand. I have spent twice what our bag costs on an ugly (albeit functional) camera bag and I really wanted to avoid that price tag. The price is sustainable, yes, but it wasn’t set by the business side of my brain, that’s for sure. The price won’t be going up though. I want to see my bags being put to good use and enjoyed, not just something for the elite.


Are you planning on developing other products to expand the line?

Acufocal: That’s top of my list. I would like to add more products and more colours of the Orwell, but as I say, this is my passion project and I’m not the front man of a large corporation. As we continue to grow I will put my ideas to our designer and see where we go.


What are your plans to grow the business in general? Where does Acufocal go from here?

Acufocal: My end game is to comprehensively fill the void of fashion-conscious bags for photographers. I will continue to weather the headaches in order to never compromise on function or style and it would make me very happy if one day we’re the go-to for photographers who care what they look like when they’re out and about.


What has been your proudest moment working on Acufocal so far?

Acufocal: Without question it’s seeing top photographers enjoying the bag. After all the work, time and effort that has gone in to transitioning from a dream of mine, to having the bags on sale, to having a photographer tag me in a picture of his Orwell was so rewarding. One of our customers is a videographer working on the Olympics opening ceremony and for whatever reason, that was particularly pleasing!


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Galvin Green from Function 18: must-have gear for golf fantatics

Galvin Green from Function 18

Golfers among us will recognise the name Galvin Green as one of the highest quality. Their garments, while understated, boast the technical design and consideration that is more typically seen in top of the range ski wear. The materials used are what strikes you first, with that stretchable fabric that ensures a tailored fit, while breathable enough that you don’t incubate. As with ski wear, golf clothing ought to be attractive, but needs to be comfortable and highly flexible; Galvin Green does exactly that. The tops are windproof and resilient to the elements and all the attributes lead to that prevalent word whenever this brand is mentioned: quality.

Galvin Green Dex Insula Golf Pullover

The Galvin Green Dex Insula Golf Pullover might — as its name implies — be marketed toward golfers, but in many ways that undersells it. The Dex Insula is premium sportswear no matter what metric you choose to employ to measure it by; fit, fabric, design… it’s superb. I haven’t yet tested its insulating properties to any extremes, but it has not fallen short so far in our tumultuous British Spring. Finally, and there’s no macho way to express this: it’s really soft. You can pretend that soft isn’t appealing all you like: no one’s buying it.

Another key component of golf clothing is, of course, sartorial sensibility. OK, the Galvin Green Dex Insula Golf Pullover isn’t exactly Ian Poulter grade gear but it is extremely stylish nonetheless. The lightweight yet durable polyester and elastane blend makes it flexible enough to adjust to your body movement while also having the added benefit of being neatly fitted for all those triumphal struts towards the green. That applies equally – if not more so – for the otherwise shame filled trudges into the rough as you prepare to try and swing your way through various bracken /parking lot mopeds /woodland creatures /other…

In summary: the Dex Insula has all the components required to be considered great sportswear: style, comfort, flexibility and durability. It’s true that there may be cheaper brands out there. But, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for and if you’re in the market for golf wear that ticks all the boxes and that will stand the test of time as it contorts to your swing, Galvin Green – available from Function 18 – should definitely be your first port of call.

Words: Robert Baggs

Images: courtesy of Galvin Green + Function 18

Galvin Green Dex Insula Golf Pullover

Contact Lenses: The End of the Glasses Dilemma

Glasses wearers, this is a call out to you. There are numerous situations when glasses just get annoying, and what’s worse, there’s nothing that can be done, as glasses are vital in providing the ability to see clearly for some. Or is that really the case? Yes, everyone, contact lenses do exist, and you should have heard of them by now, this is the 21st century after all.

If you are still a bit squeamish at the thought of wearing contact lenses and sticking your finger in your eye, then perhaps it is time to overcome your fears, because contact lenses do so much more than allow you to see. They can transform your life, whether that is dressing to impress on a night out, or just for sheer practicality. Move on over glasses, let contact lenses show you what they can do.

Dress to Impress

Source: Pexels

Date night or time with friends? Contact lenses can elevate a look in the simplest of ways. Choosing an outfit with colours that match your eyes will make them stand out more, ideal for when you are sharing loving gazes with your other half. Nowadays, buying lenses online is becoming more popular, as you don’t need to make the extra effort to go the shops, and you can order them in time for the next big night out. In some cases, such as with Vision Direct, you can order at 8pm to receive the following day. Contacts and nights out also go hand-in-hand on a practical level too, especially with couple’s time such as a cinema date. 3D films are a nightmare with glasses, as you end up having to wear the 3D glasses over your normal glasses. Not a way to show off your fashion prowess. Contact lenses change this though, also making for a more comfortable and stylish evening.

Fitness Fun

Fitness Photography – Female Fitness Mod” (CC BY 2.0) by vanitystudiosphotography

Treating yourself to some more fitness gear feels almost as good as getting glamorous for a night out. Not only is it a source of motivation for working out, but you also get to strut your stuff at the gym or on the sports’ grounds in the latest sportswear designs. It sounds great, doesn’t it? The issue is glasses. Granted, glasses look the picture of sophistication with formalwear, but when you are going to be running and jumping around, having to keep adjusting your glasses is not fun. If you are someone who works out regularly, monthly lenses will avoid this inconvenience and contacts can actually improve your performance as a result. Wearing lenses does not have to break the bank either, as you can get cheap contact lenses that work. This way, you can afford more nights out, clothes and gym sessions.

Just with these simple tips and tricks, making the switch from glasses to contact lenses is easy and makes a big difference to even the smallest things in life. No more awkward moments on nights out such as the double glasses look or worse, glasses ruining a first kiss because they are in the way. Contacts let you feel better in your own skin, and all that’s left is fashion, fitness, and fun. Impressive.


Festivals: They’re Not All About The Music

It’s not even spring, but our minds are already firmly switched onto the summer festival circuit. Across the globe, acts classic and new will be taking to the stage – and it’s likely that you’ve already got your favorite picked out.
But what if festivals could be so much more? Don’t worry – they already are.

Spiritual Awakenings

The UK’s Glastonbury Festival is one of the most prestigious festivals around. This year, the eclectic festival is headed up by Radiohead, the Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran, and punters can expect a diversity of acts spattered across the bill.

It’s also a spiritual home away from home. Regardless of faith – or lack thereof – Glastonbury is home to a special church as well as Hari Krishna practitioners, on hand to offer food and simple welfare. You will also find the healing fields, famous for being a harmonious place where different groups gather together. Buddhists, Taoists and Hindus sit alongside pagans. You can go along in between acts to learn more about different cultures, or even learn more about yourself and your current situations with some insight from tarot readings, this traditional and almost legendary way of fortune telling.

Finally, you’ll also find the Iona Community in the Field of Avalon. Their beliefs stem from a Scottish sect of Christianity, but they devote their lives and their time at the festival to matters of peace, equality and social and environmental justice. Join them for worship, counselling or simply a conversation.

Artistic Collectives

Everyone knows about Burning Man, but nobody really knows what it’s all about until they’ve been – and since it’s so creative, it changes every year. If you can score tickets to this desert party, this August will be a wild, unknown ride. One thing is for sure though. If you’re going to Burning Man, you’re probably quite creative. This is so much more than a festival – this is true art.

Each year has a theme. Last year, it was Radical Ritual, and participants were free to interpret this however they liked. As a result, a variety of art installations centred themselves as part of the bizarre, nine-day-long action. That’s the beauty of it… you never know exactly what you’re going to get.

This one is truly DIY. There’s no cash on site. Everything is paid for through the principles of a gifting society. This doesn’t have to be material items. It’s about creativity and emotional connections but look – just don’t forget your toothbrush!

Music Vacations

Nope, we’re not talking about the absolute nightmare that turned into the failed Fyre Fest of 2017. Music vacations are on the rise, and this goes beyond simply traveling to locations far away for an event.
Did you know you can take a cruise across the Caribbean or over to Mexico with some of your favorite DJs and bands? Sixthman have created an entire business concept over it, inviting artists from Kiss to Paramore, EDM DJs to literally the entire Warped Tour to join them at high seas. You’re not just paying for a music festival, you’re paying for a lifestyle – food, drink, excursions – a true vacation experience.
Festivals are a staple of any summer, but if you’re not quite digging any of the line-ups, don’t give up just yet. You’re still going to have an amazing time.

Lady Gaga to Start Her Residency at the MGM Park Theater in Las Vegas in 2018

Lady Gaga signing her 2-year residency contract with MGM
Source: @LadyGaga via Instagram

Going to the Sin City is not just about poker games and slot machines. Recently, six-time Grammy Award winner Lady Gaga and the MGM in Las Vegas announced that a two-year residency will be happening soon for the “Mother Monster”. A concert residency is a series of live music performances done in one location over a period of time. In this case, Lady Gaga will be performing at the Park Theater. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, the Joanne singer will be having 74 shows at the said venue. Park Theater confirmed that the series will commence in December 2018.

Lady Gaga’s hit song ‘Poker Face’, released in 2009

The 31-year old multi-awarded singer, known for her hit song Poker Face which was released in 2008 as part of her debut album The Fame, expressed her excitement to be performing in the Sin City, where big names such as Elton John, Elvis, Judy Garland, Tony Bennet, Frank Sinatra and more have also performed and had residencies throughout the years. “It has been a life-long dream of mine to play Las Vegas,” she exclaimed, before adding “I am humbled to be a part of a historical lineup of performers, and to have the honor of creating a new show unlike anything Vegas has ever seen before.”

It is said that the deal is worth $100 million and Lady Gaga is expected to make $1 million for each show. The Park Theater is a 5,300-seat venue located at the Las Vegas Strip resort. It is currently transitioning from the Monte Carlo to Park MGM.

How Las Vegas Became a Music Destination alongside being a Gambling Destination

The concept of a concert residency started with piano virtuoso and singer Liberace, who debuted in Las Vegas in 1944. After Liberace’s debut, Frank Sinatra followed suit with the Rat Pack and Elvis Presley. In April 1956, Elvis began a two-week concert residency at the New Frontier Hotel and Casino in the Sin City, after his self-titled debut album was released.

Caesars Palace vice president of entertainment Kurt Melien shared that for a time, the music scene in the Sin City was not as glorious as it was or is now, “Historically, Vegas residencies were more a loss-leader event – famous artists playing in small showrooms just to draw in the gambling crowds.” In the live music world, Las Vegas used to be known as the place where singers went to die, where they could earn a crust in their twilight years entertaining tourists on the Strip alongside magicians like David Copperfield, or Siegfried & Roy.

However, Celine Dion restored the popularity of concert residencies in Las Vegas with her A New Day… residency which spanned from 2003 through 2007. During Celine Dion’s residency, she introduced a refreshing form of live musical entertainment that involved a blend of song, performance art and state-of-the-art stagecraft and technology. Las Vegas residency was revitalized and became something which all the top music artists aspired to achieve.

Kurt Melien commended Celine Dion for bringing back the popularity of Vegas residencies and paving the way for others, “Celine was a pioneer without question. Twenty years ago, we couldn’t have got someone the stature of Britney Spears to appear in Vegas. [Celine Dion] changed the face of modern Vegas.” The singer returned to the Sin City in 2011 for her second residency, Celine. And in 2016, Celine Dion performed her record-breaking 1000th performance in her years of residency in Las Vegas.

Famous Music Artists Who Have Performed in Las Vegas

Since the glory days of concert residencies in Las Vegas which began in the 1940s by singer-pianist Liberace and reignited by Celine Dion in 2003, various popular music artists such as Cher, Toni Braxton, Rod Stewart, Ricky Martin, Shania Twain, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris, Backstreet Boys, and Britney Spears.

Cher on stage in Las Vegas
Source: Cher on Facebook

Pop legend Cher’s first concert residency was A Celebration at the Circus Maximus Showroom at Caesars Palace. Cher performed a total of 125 shows from 1979 to 1982. Her next stint in the Sin City was titled Cher at the Colosseum which also took place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, this time for a three-year engagement from 2008 to 2011, grossing over $97 million. In 2017, Cher signed on for another Las Vegas residency, Classic Cher, this time to perform at the Park Theater.

Britney Spears, who became famous after her hit single …Baby One More Time spent four years performing in her first concert residency Britney: Piece of Me at The AXIS auditorium located in Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Her first show was held on December 27, 2013, and her final performance which concluded her Vegas residency was on December 31, 2017. She completed a total of 250 performances.

Viva Poker Face: Vegas’ Influence on the Music Industry

The allure of Las Vegas to music artists in undeniable, with so many songs written containing reference to the Sin City and its most loved games, including slots, roulette and poker. One such song is Garth Brooks’ Two of a Kind, Workin’ on a Full House which was released in 1990 was originally written and recorded by Dennis Robbins in 1987. The song compares finding the love of your life to a winning poker hand. In this song, the singer and his lover as said to be two of a kind but they are “workin’ on a full house,” which means that there are kids in the cards. The lyrics abound with poker references like a “wildcard man” and “little queen of the south.”

The song Shape of My Heart performed by Sting and released in 1993 is another great song with obvious poker references. This song is about a Texas Hold’em poker player who plays the game not to win, but to learn how poker works so he can crack the code of the game. As the song goes, “he deals the cards to find the answer, the sacred geometry of chance, the hidden law of a probable outcome.” The player eventually learns that “spades are the swords of a soldier,” that “clubs are weapons of war,” and that “diamonds mean money for this art.”

Another song that’s strongly influenced by the poker game is Aerosmith’s Deuces Are Wild which was released in 1994. For casino players who have played deuces wild poker, landing a two is an awesome thing because deuces can be whatever you want them to be. Inspired by deuces, Steven Tyler sings about this woman whom he is obsessed with. Similar to the poker game’s deuces, the singer expresses his passion for this “wild, girl, like a double shot of lovin’ so fine.” Another subtle poker reference in the song is in the part where he sings “cause you and me is two of a kind.”

For those who have been wondering how a few rounds of poker with the devil could end up, an O.A.R. classic released in 1997 and titled That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker would give you an idea. The song narrates the story of an unlucky man who constantly loses at the poker tables, which seems to be something we see every so often at casinos. However, in this song, things got out of hand when whisky, bourbon, and a 45-caliber revolver was added into the mix.


A decade ago, Lady Gaga’s Poker Face was released. Hitting the shops in 2008, this track is about reading opponents’ “tells” in the popular casino game, which was already popular online, after the “poker boom” of 2003 onwards. It was a perfect time for Lady Gaga to capitalize on the global rise of online poker, which did (and does) not only mean a rise in the number of players worldwide but also a rise in the number of poker variants available to play online, with Omaha, 7 Card STud and Texas Hold’em the classics next to new ways of playing like SNAP and sit & go tournaments on mobiles and desktops. Lady Gaga’s song became a smash hit because of its engaging beat and the cleverly assembled lyrics that fused love and everybody’s favorite card game of skill. Within the lyrics of this song, there’s a lot of poker-fueled lines, such as, “luck and intuition play the cards with spades to start” and “I wanna hold em’ like they do in Texas.”

Katy Perry’s 2009 hit song Waking Up In Vegas takes the focus away from poker and other card games and centers on the crazy night life in the Sin City and what happens the morning after. In this song, a young couple woke up trying to piece together what happened to them the previous night. It was apparent that they got married the infamous Vegas style as was implied by the line “Oh, did we get hitched last night, dressed up like Elvis.” Other than that, everything else remains a mystery to the hung over couple who seemed to have enjoyed their night in the Sin City a little too much.

Las Vegas is the ultimate place to be for anyone who wants to have fun, and that includes music. Aside from the casino games that we all love like slot machines, roulette, baccarat, and poker, going to the Sin City for live entertainment will definitely give you an amazing experience. And this time around, Lady Gaga will take center stage.

5 Celebrity Perfumes That Actually Smell Amazing

Just because a product has a celebrity tie-up, it doesn’t automatically mean that it’s a winner, because there are some pretty awful and subpar products endorsed by celebs as well. Nevertheless, we are going to avoid such misleading names today as we concentrate on a few celebrity perfumes that actually do smell amazing.

Heat by Beyoncé
Perhaps the most popular name on this list is Heat by Beyoncé and if you have not tried it yet, you definitely should, especially since it’s actually not that expensive at all. Keep in mind that this is a fresh, flowery-fruity fragrance with sweet and spicy notes. Red vanilla-orchid, neroli, peach and magnolia are the chief ingredients used in Heat.

Fantasy by Britney Spears
While her lifestyle choices may not have been ideal over the years, there is no doubting the pop idol’s choice when it comes to fragrance, as made evident by the sweet and sensual aroma of Fantasy, where a hint of creamy musk hides beneath the fragrance of lychee, quince and white chocolate.

Kim Kardashian
Featuring notes of jacaranda wood, sandalwood, and onka bean, the perfume by Kim Kardashian is directly and exclusively named after the reality TV star. Do not be fooled by all the bad press and Kim Kardashian’s somewhat strange promotion of the perfume; it’ a clean, sweet and flowery fresh smell that you will actually like.

Jennifer Aniston
Another fragrance that’s named directly and exclusively after the celebrity, Jennifer Aniston is quite a hit really. Lily, rose water, wood, and a hint of musk dominates this scent, reminding you instantly of the beach.

Fancy by Jessica Simpson
This is the perfume to get if you are not fond of strong, overpowering scents that often give people a headache. With the fragrance of amber, pear, jasmine and apricot, Fancy is a sweet and light perfume, perfect for just about anywhere, including the office.

SJP NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker
If you want a downright sexy scent for that much awaited date night, SJP NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker would be perfect. Notes of honeysuckle, rose, mimosa and rum are boldly evident in this strong but sexy little fragrance by SJP.

Eva by Eva Longoria
A particularly feminine perfume, Eva is deliberately delicate with its notes of sandalwood, tea, bergamot, neroli and jasmine. Aside from the beautiful smell, Eva is also known for lingering on further than most other perfumes, even on the hot, sweaty days.

Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna
The final entry on this list is the Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna, and just like the name suggests, it’s nothing like anything else. Through a combination of tuberose, hibiscus, violet and coconut water, Reb’l Fleur creates a fruity-sweet and refreshingly new delight for the senses,

The choice will of course differ from person to person, but whichever one you choose, the important thing is to make sure that it’s an original product. Always buy discounted fragrance from reliable online shops like Maple Prime or a brand-recognized store, because that bottle of expensive perfume you saw available at half the price from a shady eBay seller is most likely a fake.

Elton John Announces Farewell Tour – But Is He Gone for Good?

Elton John

SOURCE: @cbsnews via Twitter

Hold me close now tiny dancer! Elton John has announced his retirement from live touring. But fear not – the 70-year old will complete a 300-date tour beginning at the end of 2018 and spanning over 2019 before the Crocodile Rock singer hangs up his touring sunglasses for good. The Yellow Brick Road tour will encompass five continents, as Elton (real name Reginald Dwight) claims he wants to spend more time with his husband, David Furnish, and their family. But what does it mean for the self-proclaimed ‘Rocket Man’ – and does the 2-year tour signal the end for the renowned musician’s career?

When is the Farewell Tour?

The American leg of the tour will kick off at the PPL Centre in Allentown, Pennsylvania in September 2018 and draw to a close in March 2019 at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville, Florida one week before the singer’s birthday on March 25th. After a quick break, the European leg of the tour will see Elton jetsetting around the continent over summer 2019, with dates already set in Belgium, Germany, Poland, Denmark, and Switzerland. With the uptake of tickets already fairly high, they will undoubtedly sell out quickly when the dates – including predicted UK dates – are released later in the year. Allowing fans over two years to say goodbye and many opportunities to obtain tickets to see him play is only fitting for one of music’s most legendary greats.

Will Elton John Take Another Residency?

While his touring days are over, the Rocket Music-signed artist hasn’t ruled out a residency somewhere – perhaps something similar to Kate Bush’s 22-night run in London’s Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith back in 2014. In fact, he had his own residency in Las Vegas that will play its final show in May 2018, the Million Dollar Piano show. Elton’s 207 shows – over a seven year period – brought in the singer approximately $404,541 in revenue per show, according to Betway Casino’s research on the biggest Las Vegas acts. Should he return to a residency in Vegas, John would be in good company, with Vegas legend Celine Dion reportedly totalling $229,086,433 in her own residency at The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace. John’s previous residency at Caesar’s Palace, The Red Piano show, ran from 2004 to 2009, bringing in fans from far and wide, so the singer is no stranger to performing on the strip.

Elton John in concert

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Will Elton John Be Back on the Road?

This isn’t the first time the ‘I’m Still Standing’ crooner announced his retirement from touring. 40 years ago, in 1977, Elton revealed that he was taking a break from the road – only to return two years later. The singer is by no means retiring for good, having said he doesn’t enjoy the downtime and has a few more albums in him. Citing his need to relax and see friends while recording albums from home, many suspect that a recent health scare may have prompted Elton’s decision. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee had to cancel a spate of tours back in 2017 after contracting a rare infection in South America, which many claim has prompted the final tour. But, if history repeats itself, we could even expect to see Elton back on the road. Musicians are fond of announcing farewells and retirements only to feel the pull of performing live some years later.

What Are Elton John’s Biggest Hits?

Elton John – while resonating with the audience he developed for himself from the 1960s onwards – is also a hit with newer generations of music fans. His timeless classics have endured and Elton John’s star has never waned in his illustrious career. Elton – and writing partner Tim Rice – penned cult and commercial hit The Lion King (1993), which was then adapted for both Broadway and the West End. More recently, he was even in the running at the latest UK Music Video Awards for Bennie and the Jets, against Ed Sheeran and Dua Lipa. Music newcomer Olly Chamberlain even cited Elton John as one of his musical inspirations, keeping the star’s music alive through the musically minded fans. While folk singer Darshana Congreve also cites the blues nature of Elton’s work as an inspiration. His Greatest Hits album, containing most of his classics including ‘I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues’, ‘Candle in the Wind’, and ‘Your Song’, sold 17 million copies and was listed as number 13 on The Independent’s 50 Best Selling Albums listing.

But despite churning out future albums, the music industry will definitely notice his absence from the gig circuit – having played around 133 shows a year for the past 20 years. Sir Elton Hercules John CBE will no doubt immortalise his own words that he is still standing – and will continue to produce hits, amaze fans, and live up to the Hall of Fame title and knighthood his tireless feats of music earned him.