FAULT Reviews: ArtBaB Fair, Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain may be small but it punches above its weight in the wealth and new tech stakes. It is now establishing itself as a leading cultural destination in the Gulf via ArtBaB.

Guests at ArtBaB

Guests at ArtBaB


FAULT’s sister publication, The Art Collector, visited ArtBaB (Art Bahrain across Borders) which is just in its second year. ArtBaB’s mission is to create a platform for both local and international galleries to engender a dialogue on how art bridges geographical locations by a shared aesthetic and artistic language. The incubation of high-quality home-grown artists juxtaposed against international ones created a fascinating platform for comparison of both the differences and the similarities.

There are several factors that contribute to making an art fair globally significant. The foundation is, as ever, great art; the structure is heavyweight collectors; the organisation is logistics, sponsors, media and invited guests.  This is what has made the Frieze Art Fairs a superbrand.

A spade of art fairs in the UAE means that ArtBaB fits nicely into the emerging rhetoric of the Middle East as a cultural hot spot that is shaping up as a formidable contender to the West.

The requisite art-collector-guest ratio that is needed for a successful art fair is beginning to coalesce around ArtBaB. The fair is still young, but it means that ArtBaB is able to cultivate high-quality artists and works whilst building a more substantial art platform. The fair has already attracted renowned Middle Eastern artists and a handful of high-end commercial galleries from around the world such as Maddox Gallery, London, XVA Gallery, Dubai, Project 88, Mumbai and Bait Munza, Oman.


The artists

For the seasoned art circuit-hopper the art might come across as not edgy enough. At the same time, the works on show were underpinned by great skill and good taste. This is art that is not pandering to trends but has its own agenda. Some of the works had an iconic quality about them and will pass the test of time. It is, after all, the strength of talent that will place Middle Eastern (and Bahraini) artists into the cannon of contemporary art.

A good example are the works of  Lulwa Al Khalifa defined by her own mission statement:

“Today art is weighed down by pretension that defies its true purpose, to inspire, evoke, provoke and delight. I believe that art is for everyone, it should be shared and appreciated.”

A self-taught painter, her oil canvasses are a mixture of abstract expressionism and the figurative. The blend creates a mellifluous hazy texture in the background, which is often in stark contrast to the very real and very beautiful figures in the foreground. The result is a magical – filled with colour and emotions.

You can view a sample of her works here.


Omani artist Ahmed Al-Shukali was one of the few Omani artists exhibiting at ArtBaB. His introspective portraits draw in the viewer who are confronted with a very raw and real view into the everyday life of the working man. The portrait photographs are intimate and, relatively uncontrived, show every human’s basic essence – with the only difference being the eyes, which, as the proverb goes, are the window to one’s soul. Equally impressive are the expansive landscapes which breathe new life into an often empty space.

Structure: the Collectors

The fair has already attracted a few patrons from the Gulf and a trickle of quality collectors from around the world, clearly aiming at becoming a contender to the well-established neighboring ArtDubai.


The fair

With several well-known international galleries firmly entrenched at ArtBaB, it is evident that in a few years the fair will be booming with talent from around the world.


In terms of juxtaposition between art from the West and that from the Middle East, the former was dominated by trendy styles that are recycled in a lively manner with an array of pop art, the conceptual and the abstract. The Middle Eastern art, on the other hand, appeared to retain its traditional roots all the while experimenting with contemporary ideas. The Middle Eastern rhetoric is supported by traditional motifs and references, and enhanced by contemporary ideas and styles. It is already both well-received and exhibits all the hallmarks of enduring relevance.




ArtBaB is evolving organically, striving to combine authenticity with quality, as it grows to join the ranks of international art fairs. Having already generated sales of over 200,000 Bahraini Dinars this year alone, it is already making serious strides in that direction – both in terms of the works on show and in terms of high-profile attendees.

Art Bab

With thanks to sponsors Gulf Air for assisting with the flights and the Four Seasons Bahrain.

Originally posted on The Art Collector

Four Hot Designers Using Upcycled Materials

As more of us are looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment, fast fashions have fallen out of favour. Instead, the style-conscious are turning to eco-friendly, fair trade styles that feature recycled materials. Upcycled products and materials give today’s designers a wide range of textures, colours, and finishes to play with, for truly timeless results. Here are four fashion brands out there working wonders with upcycled materials.

  1. Matt and Nat

Carried by the likes of Natalie Portman, Ellen Page, and Olivia Wilde, Matt and Nat handbags are the vegan accessory du jour. These fashion-forward accessories are not just vegan, however. Matt & Nat bags also feature a lining that’s constructed from 100% recycled bottles. The designers favour sustainable materials like rubber, cork, and nylon, which is upcycled into sleek eco-friendly designs.

Image Source: Matt and Nat

The name “Matt and Nat” stems from a combination of Mat-erial and Nat-ure, and the fashion brand works hard to find new ways to play around with these two concepts. Formed in 1995 in Montreal, the brand has only grown since then and you can now purchase fully recycled, animal-free designs that stand on their own as statement pieces.

  1. Titania Inglis

Fans of minimalist fashion won’t want to miss the latest looks from Titania Inglis. This edgy LA-based designer uses materials like dead stock wool and Japanese organic cotton to create raw, visually striking garments. Her designs are often sported by musicians, including Kim Gordon, M83, and Charli XCX.

Image Source: Titania Inglis

With a rock and roll aesthetic and dedication to sustainable material sources, Inglis snuggles comfortably into the niche between haute couture, fancy dresses, and environmental friendliness. You can choose from a range of complimentary separates as well as jewellery and handbags, all capable of taking you from day to night with a flattering flair. The pieces are designed to last from season to season, ensuring long life and durability.  

  1. Elvis & Kresse

One of the most creative forces in upcycling, Elvis & Kresse is an English brand that uses everything from coffee sacks to old parachutes in their accessory line. The fire hose is the brand’s signature material, which they save from landfills to transform into something new, innovative, and gorgeous. Parachute silk is another favourite material, turned into bags and wallets. Printing blankets, old leather scraps, and shoe boxes are just a few other raw materials of choice.

Image Source: Elvis and Kresse

While these materials would normally clog landfills, instead they’re recycled into practical pieces. On top of this, they donate a sizeable portion of their proceeds to charity.

  1. Charlotte Bialas

Based in Paris, Charlotte Bialas works with beautiful vintage textiles. Silk scarves from the 1950s are upcycled into completely one-of-a-kind designs. Bialas only sources the highest-quality raw materials, scouring vintage stock, mills, and auctions across the globe.

Image source: Charlotte Bialas

If you’re looking for garments that are truly unique, it’s hard to beat the ethereal, sophisticated design of her pieces. Bialas’s garments are timeless in their silhouette, while retaining a contemporary flair. The timelessness of the garments and high quality of the recycled silk ensures that the clothing will be a long-lasting favourite in your wardrobe.

Essential Jewelry Every Fashionable Woman Should Own

Okay, so it’s a bit too cliché saying diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but who cares about cliché when you can own a perfect diamond devoid of all flaws and cut to perfection for that ring or pendant you are having designed for you? The fact is, jewelry can make or break an outfit and can actually define your style so much better than the clothes on your back. Why? Because there is no mistaking quality for quantity and that’s the one thing every woman should understand. If you are looking to complement your wardrobe with the perfect collection of jewelry, here are some tips. This is essential jewelry every fashionable woman should own.

No Collection Is Complete without One or More Diamonds

Although a diamond may not be your birthstone, every woman should have at least one high quality diamond in her collection of gems. Not only are diamonds a sign of breeding and wealth but they are also among the world’s most sought after and valuable gem stones. You don’t need to wait for an engagement ring to own a fabulously eye-catching diamond ring. The only problem is that most women buy off-the-shelf jewelry that doesn’t speak of who they are and what their personal style might be.

The first step is to choose a diamond and then let it speak to you as to how it should be worn. To get some ideas on how to pick the perfect diamond, click here. Once you’ve found it, then it’s time to decide if it should be the center gem in a multi-stone ring, a pendant, a brooch, or even a charm on an 18k gold bracelet.

A Matching Set or Two

There is almost nothing worse than seeing a woman dressed to kill but with jewelry that doesn’t work well together. Most of the top designers will gladly tell you that you should have at least one coordinating jewelry set where the earrings, necklace, bracelet and even brooches and lapel pins match. Oddly shaped and mismatched pieces can ruin the look you are trying to achieve, but with a high quality diamond jewelry set you just can’t go wrong. Diamonds go with literally everything, including jeans!

Why Earrings before All Else

One of the reasons why you should own a great pair or two of earrings is because of the fact that they are visible at eye level and can be seen immediately. A necklace, bracelet, ring or brooch will be noticed, but when you are speaking with someone and you maintain eye contact, your earrings will be seen in their peripheral vision. Your choice of earrings is vital simply because they are the only piece you can guarantee will get seen.

From rings to earrings, no wardrobe is complete without essential pieces of jewelry and it is imperative that you understand the importance of high quality gems. You don’t need a lot, but what you have should be flawless. Nothing defines you quite like the jewels you wear and if you want to portray yourself as a woman of quality and breeding, you can’t go wrong with 18k gold and diamonds.

Everything You Wanted to Know about The Balayage Trend

Hairstyle trends come and go with the times, but every now and then one takes hold and sticks around longer than usual. Stylists around the world work hard to keep up to date on learning and implementing new techniques to meet the demand that inevitably follows a celebrity or reality TV star debuting a new look. One such look, balayage has taken the hair styling world by storm in recent years, and for good reason.

What is Balayage?

Derived from the French language, the term means to paint, or sweep, a manner that implements color on the hair in a way that it blends in naturally. The end result is a soft sun-kissed glow that looks as though it was achieved by sitting out in the sun. Many establishments, like a luxury hair salon in Encinitas, offer the service in Southern California where the style is supremely popular.

How Does Balayage Compare to Foils?

Highlights are a great way to soften up hair color, particularly in the spring and summer seasons, and most people opt for either foils or balayage to achieve the look. The execution is different, however, as is the end result. With foils, the stylist separates strands throughout your head, layering them on a foil sheet, applying the bleach or color solution and then sealing the foil while the color goes to work. Foil highlights tend to start at the scalp and the color is evenly distributed on each strand.

With balayage, the solution is applied freehand throughout the hair using a brush and stroking motions. The main difference is that the color is lightly applied towards the upper half of the hair with more saturation towards the ends. This creates a look where the colors blend together throughout the hair for a more organic look. If you’re concerned about damage from bleaching, ask your stylist about using a protecting agent such as Olaplex to help mitigate any stress on your locks.

Is the Look Hard to Maintain?

One of the benefits of the balayage technique is that it’s simple to maintain and even easier to let grow out. With foils, the roots are apparent, especially if your hair is significantly darker than the highlights. Since balayage has a higher concentration of color towards the ends, it doesn’t create a stark contrast, and if you decide to grow it out, even after one session, the look doesn’t change much. This type of look also doesn’t require as much touch-up as foil highlighting does. You can go once every two to three months instead of every six weeks.

It is important, however, to care properly for your hair no matter what coloring technique you model. Heat and color protectants are essential to keeping your locks looking and feeling healthy. Make sure to invest in high-quality shampoo and conditioner, preferably ones that are free of sulfates. If you like to curl or flat-iron your hair, be sure to apply a heat protector and use appliances on the lowest setting possible to avoid scorching and damaging.

What Types of Hair is it Good For?

Balayage is a universal style that works on all types of locks. Whether you have fine or thick, straight or curly hair, you can easily embrace the technique and benefit from the look. It also works equally well on light and dark shades. If you have blonde hair, you can go lighter on the ends, and if you have dark hair, you can opt for a golden bronze tone instead of bright blonde.

The technique has been widely embraced by women around the world, as evidenced by the increasingly popular posts on Instagram and other social media sites. It really complements any look, making it a versatile option for nearly anybody. Pair the hairstyle with a natural makeup look, or go full-on glam and rock it like a starlet.

Under the Influence of Edward Munch – Dag Knudsen’s FAULT

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Photographer (pictured above): Dag Knudsen
Models: Johanne / Lea Petrine / Jeanett / Heartbreak Models
Makeup & hair: Lillian Aasebø
Design & Layout: Geir Lysbakken

The Cranleigh Boutique – visit whimsical Windermere for a wonderful UK Valentine’s Day retreat


The Cranleigh Boutique Hotel, Windermere, Cumbria (UK)

We’ve occasionally been accused of being too London-centric here at FAULT. But while it’s true that a lot of what we cover here in the UK happens in and around the capital, that doesn’t mean that we’re not interested in getting away from the big smoke every once in a while – or, more accurately, as often as we can! With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, we’re ready to jump at the chance to get out of town for a few days, and where better than one of the most naturally beautiful sites in the UK to do precisely that?

Although London on “V-Day” has its charms, anyone looking for the quintessential romantic retreat could do a lot worse than the rolling, rugged but simultaneously verdant backdrop of the Lake District. Cumbria’s Windermere cushions the famous lake of the same name and epitomises the idea of (hipsters look away now) quaint, English countryside in a way that few other destinations can manage.

cranleigh_boutique_hideaway_bedroom (Custom)

Th Cranleigh Boutique’s ‘Hideaway bedroom’

Tempted? If you’re not yet then you soon will be: Windermere manages to combine its idyllic setting with a plethora of outdoors activities and some truly spectacular hosptirality options – many of them at totally unspectacular prices. Right up there on our FAULT Favourite retreats list is the Cranleigh Boutique, perfectly located a short walk away from Lake Windermere itself and the village centre of Bowness-on-Windermere. The 5 star hideaway hotel is listed as the number 1 hotel in the area on Trip Advisor and the second best in the whole region of Cumbria (out of 175 in total) – and they are currently offering a fantastic ‘2 Night Winter Warmer’ deal that will be sure to keep the heat in your Valentine’s Day celebrations. Details below:


2 Night Winter Warmer
January – March 31st

Enjoy a 2 Night Stay From £120 Per Night Including Champagne, Chocolates & Huggie


Treat yourself and your loved one to a fabulous offer of a 2 night luxury stay with a bottle of Champagne, Chocolates and a Huggie Bear waiting for you in one of our standard, superior or luxury rooms on arrival .

2 Nights in a Standard  Room     £240
2 Nights in a Superior Room       £280
2 Nights in a Luxury Room           £320
2 Nights in The Sanctuary           £640

Includes all of the following:

A bottle of champagne in your room on arrival
A Huggie Bear to adopt and take home with you
Handmade Cranleigh Chocolates
2 nights in a  standard,superior or luxury room of your choice
Free access to fantastic leisure facilities, 20m swimming pool, sauna and steam room (a two minute walk away)
Free access to our huge DVD library to fully relax in your room
Air spa baths with bathroom TV’s in all Luxury rooms
Enjoy our fantastic Cranleigh breakfast each morning
Located perfectly, only a two minute walk from dozens of fantastic places to eat and drink
Friendly genuine service that makes you feel cared for


This offer is valid from 1st January through to 31st March 2014. Excludes Bank Holidays, Christmas/ New Year & Valentines. Valid only Sunday – Friday. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or existing bookings and is subject to availability.

 For more information, please visit:


PLAKINGER: the new Shanghai campaign for FAULT Favourite emerging designers’ AW ’14-15 collection

All designs exclusively by PLAKINGER

All designs exclusively by PLAKINGER

All designs exclusively by PLAKINGER

All designs exclusively by PLAKINGER

All designs exclusively by PLAKINGER

All designs exclusively by PLAKINGER

All designs exclusively by PLAKINGER

Photographer: Momo Chen
Model: Jie Gao
Make-up artist and hairstylist: 
Chen Chen
Zisheng Zhou

For more from PLAKINGER, visit their website or check out our interview with the mother and daughter designer duo in FAULT Issue 19:


plakinger inside 1 (Medium)

Galina Plakinger and Svetlana Ziggel, the founders of PLAKINGER, spoke to FAULT for the Focus section for Issue 19, out now.

Making it in the music industry – the 5 step guide

Music is a journey – it takes motion and perseverance to reach your destination. In this business, success doesn’t just happen like magic (unless you’re some rich record producer’s son/daughter – but you wouldn’t need this guide if you were).

Real success takes hard work, focused talent, and an unyielding determination to reach your goals. Dreaming of superstardom isn’t going to help you become a superstar, but it is a good start. It’s time to build a foundation under that dream, and start working hard to make your dream a reality.


Your goals should not read like a fantasy novel; meaning, you shouldn’t write, “I want to be the next Dio,” (for example) or “I’m going to sell out Madison Square Garden.” Instead, set realistic, achievable goals. If you want to be the next big thing, then write: “I will join a band, and practice my stage presence four times a week.”

It’s important to make two goal lists:

1. Short term: these goals should focus on the next three months or so.

2. Long term: these are the goals you want to complete within 12 months.


Don’t waste your time hiding out inside – get out there, and make your name known. Heather McDonald, a music careers expert, warns that you’re going to hear the word “no” a lot. “You’d better get used to it,” she writes. Is there a particular club you’d love to play, or a local record producer you want to impress? Don’t be afraid to show up and ask.

McDonald writes: “The bottom line is that if you don’t ask, you don’t get.”

You can network online, too. YouTube is a fantastic arena to show off your skills. Share those videos and recordings with your social networks, and ask your friends and family to share them with their networks. Your friends and family members are your biggest fans, so leverage them whenever possible.


No one is a perfect musician. It takes a lot of practice to get to a superstar level, and you have to continue practicing for as long as you hope to remain at the top. Do you think Beyoncé just gets on stage, and does her thing? No. She’s a perfectionist; and proof that practice makes perfect.

It also helps if you’re multi-faceted. For instance, if you’re a singer, why not learn to write songs or play the guitar? If you’re a guitar player, you may benefit from some vocal lessons. Websites like LessonRating.com offer instant access to thousands of local music teachers offering vocal lessons and lessons for a wide range of instruments. You can study online, or meet in person.


Ask yourself: “What do I stand for?” Define who you are, and then dress accordingly. It’s important to look good for your audience, and have a cohesive image that’s both identifiable and relatable to your audience.

Don’t be afraid to snap a bunch of photos of your “look,” and use those photos in any marketing you do. For example, if you’ve recorded a demo, and you’re publishing it online, attach the photo and a logo as the demo’s cover.


This final step may be the most important. You need people – it’s important to recognize that, and be open to help. You can hire a booking agent to help you score gigs at local venues, or you can ask a trusted friend to manage you. Overall, it’s these people who are going to help hoist you to the top, so don’t forget them, don’t mistreat them, and always be open to their suggestions.