FAULT Weekly Playlist: Night Argent

Welcome to Night Argent’s world of alternative rock. The Washington outfit recently released their highly anticipated sophomore EP “The Fear,” touting heavyweight co-writes from John Feldmann (Neon Trees, Biffy Clyro, Blink-182) and Steven Solomon. The six-track collection showcases Night Argent dynamic sound and puts forth the overarching mantra of tackling the thing, whatever it may be, that’s holding you back.


We asked the guys to put together a playlist of songs they can’t get enough of right now, including cuts from Halsey and Kesha’s new albums. Take a listen below and be sure to watch their self-directed and produced video for “Dreamcatcher.”


K.Flay – High Enough
“The thing I love about K.Flay is she doesn’t hold back lyrically. Her music is catchy, grimy, and honest. The production/arrangement in ‘High Enough’ is a great example of her musical versatility.”

Paper Route – Chariots 
“Paper Route has been one of my favorite bands for a long time. The Peace of Wild Things is still one of the best records I’ve ever listened to. Their new album ‘Real Emotion’ just builds on that legacy, with ‘Chariots’ being one of the stand out tracks.”

Syml – Where’s My Love
“We’ve had a chance to work and write with Brian Fennell, the mastermind behind Syml. His voice is raw and pure, and carries an emotional weight to it that’s unmatched. ‘Where’s My Love’ is melodically haunting, and never fails to illicit an emotional response from me.”

John Legend  – Love Me Now
“Hands down one of the best live performers of our lifetime. He can command an arena full of people with just his voice. I can listen to his music anywhere and everywhere, whether it’s working out, relaxing at home, or out with friends.”

Imagine Dragons – I’ll Make It Up To You 
“Obviously one of the biggest Rock Bands of this millennium, Imagine Dragons has no shortage of big and powerful rock songs. This song showcases their ability to take an 80’s dance production vibe and create an emotionally charged track that grooves the best of the Alt-Indie dance tracks.”

Niall Horan – Slow Hands
To be honest, I fell in love with this track long before I found out it was by a former member of OneDirection. That only made me respect this track that much more. The simplicity in the production, the unique gating of the vocals, and the catchiness of the melody create an irresistible combo.”

Halsey – Castle 
“I always expect to hear Halsey in every movie trailer or soundtrack. Her cinematic production, pop melodies, and edgy lyrics all act as the perfect display for her sweetly unique vocals. ‘Castle’ is a great example of that.”

Kesha – Praying 
“Anyone paying attention to things going on in the world are very well aware of Kesha’s story. Her struggle played out very publicly, and this track is a culmination of all of that. Stripped of the huge Dance/Pop Production, Kesha’s vocals are allowed to shine, and she pours every bit of herself into the song.”

Post Malone – Congratulations
“Say what you want about Post Malone, I know he’s the target of a lot of jokes, but he’s proven himself to be a real player in the music game. ‘Congratulations’ is extremely catchy, and every time it comes on I can’t help but to groove with it.”

Allen Stone – American Privilege 
“Allen is from our neck of the woods, and proudly represents the Pacific Northwest in everything he does. He’s one of the most soulful singers you’ll ever hear, and his band are some of the most talented guys in the game. ‘American Privilege’ is a very poignant look at our society and all of the things that we take for granted.”

Night Argent Socials:

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Tom Taylor: An exclusive chat with The Dark Tower’s leading lad

Tom Taylor first came to our attention in award-winning BBC drama series Doctor Foster. Next, he popped up as the lead in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’, which shot to the #1 spot in the US box office. Here we chat to the rising young actor about the numerous projects he has releasing this year.

What was the biggest difference between shooting a TV series and a film? Which did you prefer?

Firstly, with a film there is a lot more time to get the perfect scene which can be great as you get to explore the character in different ways.  Whereas with TV there is less time to do this and you just speed through scenes.  For example, I spent about 4 months of filming for a 1.5 hour film and in the same time for Doctor Foster we made 5 hours worth of film.  I think I like the extravagance of film but I love the realness of TV.

The Dark Tower was predominantly filmed in South Africa – was it a bit of a culture shock? How did you find filming there?

Filming in South Africa was mad!  It was a huge culture shock, which is made obvious the moment I landed in the Country.  I’d only ever seen towships on television but seeing them in real life was surreal, to know that there is so much going on in the world that sat at home in England, people have little idea about.  But, yeah, in few words, I feel grateful.  The views and scenery are phenomenal and if not for movies I don’t think I would have ever had seen the rare cave paintings and animals that I did.  South Africa was a truly eye-opening experience and people should try to go there if they can.

Being an adaptation of a book by an author as iconic as Stephen King, did you feel pressure to satisfy fans of the book and their image of the character of Jake?

I tried to portray the character, Jake, in a way that pleases the fans of the books, because I know how much it betrays you when someone you’ve imagined is ruined by movies.  But I also added elements that made the character feel really and hopefully all audiences will notice this.  I have not met Stephen King but I hope he approves – ha!

You’ve been a lot more active on Twitter lately – have you received much feedback from the fans of the book about their thoughts thus far?

On Twitter, I see reactions of the film and book and most people say “Oh the film only got 18% on rotten tomatoes.  I was hoping I’d like the film…..” and I believe that the audiences should make their own minds up and not be influenced by the “superior critics” – ha!  But to be honest, I think the film is awesome and I can’t believe I’m in it in the first place!

Doctor Foster returns later this year. Your character finds himself torn between his parents as they go through a divorce. What can you tell us about how he handles it?

Tom goes through a lot in the next series! 😉

You’re still so young but already have numerous notable accomplishments under your belt – what can we expect next?

I have some things in the pipeline…….

Finally, what is your FAULT? 

My bedroom’s really untidy (I have a floordrobe) and my handwriting could be better which my Mum will vouch for when she’s trying to type these answers up!


Tom stars in The Dark Tower, in UK cinemas from 18th August.


Photos and words Jack Alexander

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Premiere: The Wandering Hearts debut Western-themed visuals for ‘Devil’

Fresh from their performance at British Summer Time Festival in London’s Hyde Park, supporting
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Stevie Nicks and The Lumineers, folk-Americana group The Wandering Hearts
reveal the visuals for their latest single ‘Devil’, which just released on Decca Records last month, exclusively on FAULT.

Filmed on location at Laredo Western Town, hidden away in Kent, the video shows the band pull up to play a show – except the town appears to be completely empty. They set up to play, and as they sing, the ghosts of the inhabitants of the town appear, with the music bringing them back to life. As the song draws to a close, the ghosts and band all disappear and the town population sign shows to have grown by 4 (indicating the band are now inhabitants of the ghost town).

The Wandering Hearts say: “This is a story about throwing your hands up in the air, admitting your flaws and past
mistakes, and owning them. Living life how you want to live it and knowing that if it all goes wrong, at least it was
your choice. Ultimately, life is about doing what you’re passionate about and having hope for whatever may lie

Watch the video below. You can find the band on Instagram here.

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Bulldog Gin announce Neverland London partnership

This month, one of our faves BULLDOG Gin are linking up with Neverland London – that being, London’s only
Thameside beach venue! They’ll be opening their doors to an alfresco brunch offering. As of
Sunday 13th August, Neverland London will play host to a new brunch menu with entertainment
and DJs, served alongside unlimited (!!!) prosecco, cider or bespoke Neverland House Cocktails which
have been specially curated by BULLDOG Gin.

After the success of the initial BULLDOG Brunch series last month at London’s latest rooftop hotspot, SISU, on Sunday 20th August BULLDOG Gin, in partnership with the legendary Pikes Hotel, will be combining Neverland’s brunch offering with Ibiza’s historic party culture; featuring special guest DJs, gin cocktails and more!

We’re told BULLDOG Gin cocktails will be served right to your table, as well as a whole host of ingredients for your party to craft your very own Red Snappers, and a DJ playing Balearic beats whilst shake off the week’s stress.

In partnership with Pikes Hotel, Ibiza (who brought you Wham’s Club Tropicana and have played host to a whole catalogue of bohemian celebrity escapades), and millennial lifestyle brand Urbanologie, BULLDOG Gin are combining the now institutionalized brunch party with Ibiza’s historic party culture for a set of one-off brunch experiences at select locations in the heart of the capital.

RRP £30, Tickets* available at Design My Night
*Tickets include: 1x admission (all day entry), bottomless prosecco, cider or BULLDOG Gin Neverland
House Cocktail for 3 hours (2pm-5pm), Red Snapper ingredients, food with any trader on site (up to
the value of £10), entertainment.

For more information on BULLDOG Gin, please contact Lara MacAlpine:

lara.m@brand-revolution.com / 0207 259 9499

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FAULT Future: Jazz Morley at home in the music


You’ve been very open with your lyrics in ‘Safe Place’, was it hard for you to put so much of yourself out there? 
My lyrics are always fairly honest and open. I am a very open person, but especially so when writing; it’s a form of therapy for me. Sometimes when I’ve been too afraid to speak something, I’ve been able to put it into a song and communicate how I feel that way.
When you released the single, were you happy to have so much off your chest or was it nerve wracking knowing it was out there? 
I never feel nervous about putting music out. What’s the worse that can happen? People might say they don’t like it, or not even take any notice. That’s kind of irrelevant to me by that point; I like the song, that’s why I wrote it. If people react well to my music and find a connection with it, that’s a bonus. I get excited about releasing music- the possibilities are endless, and so many doors can be opened.
What sort of headspace were you in when you wrote ‘Safe Place’ 
I was in a very peaceful headspace. I was sat under a blanket in my friend Brad’s studio and I said “I’m going to write a song about being in this blanket, in a Safe Place”. And that’s what happened. The song is about the place I have come to, both geographically and emotionally. I feel so much safer in my head. I am surrounded by people I love, and the future looks bright.
Is Safe PLACE written as an anthem for Bournemouth and how it makes you feel being there, or is it more of a message of how unsure of yourself you felt in London/ other capital cities. 
I never felt unsure in the city. In fact, I had an amazing time! I lived in some crazy places and met so many cool people. It was more about the journey that has brought me to where I am now. I spent many years travelling around gigging, which was exciting at first but after a while I craved a feeling of belonging, and somewhere to call home. On top of that i often struggled with my mental health. When I returned to where I grew up and took a moment to breathe, so many things fell into place for me.

What’s been the best moment of your musical journey so far? 
My headline gig in London a few weeks ago at The Courtyard Theatre. Something magical happened that night; I believe I’ll look back at that gig for years to come and recognise it as a seminal point in my career.
Who would you say were your musical influences? 
My musical influences are extremely varied. In my opinion, the more creative stuff you put in to your body, the more good stuff will come out. I love the old school soul of Etta James and Gladys Knight, the 90s power houses such as Whitney and Toni Braxton, the bands I grew up listening to like Fleetwood Mac, the more traditional, lyric-driven songwriters like Joni Mitchell and, as of more recently, I’ve started a love affair with down-beat electronic music and alternative pop. I’m loving Christine and the Queens, LANY, Trace, Honne and Sampha at the moment.
Has music always been in your life and has it always had a therapeutic effect on you when you’re writing/playing?
Always. My mum and dad are musical so I grew up surrounded with it. The stage has always felt like home to me; we could never have been separated. I always loved creative writing too, so music and words came together very naturally for me. I think the first time I really knew that my music could communicate my feelings more effectively than anything else was when my brother went to Afghanistan about 8 years ago. My head was a cloud of confusion, and the only way I found clarity was when I wrote a song about it. I came away from the piano feeling like i’d had 6 months of counselling.
What’s next for you in 2017? 
2017 is looking really exciting. Hopefully a tour in the Autumn, alongside an EP. Then I’d love to get over to the States or Europe before the year is out.
What is your FAULT?
I have many faults, but I think my most prevalent is that I am an unashamed hedonist. If there is music, wine and good times, I’ll try my damnedest to be there.
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FAULT Magazine attends James Bay X TOPMAN Launch Party

The fashion and music industries have always shared a close bond with artists such as Kanye West, Justin Timberlake and Tinie Tempah making genuine waves and turning heads within the fashion world. Today we’ve been blessed with a new collaborative capsule collection from Brit Award-winning artist James Bay and Topman.


Last night we attended the official launch party at London’s Ace Hotel to get a closer look at the 13-piece line and to see the man behind the collection.

The collection is personal and the pieces are all items which we can imagine James Bay would wear himself as opposed to the old ‘Slap a famous name on a predesigned collection’ which we’ve seen so much of from other brands in the past. As with many things, the true beauty of this collection is in the details; the effort put into the meticulous embroidery, addition of personal lyrics, intrinsic patterns truly show and elevate the collection above the norm.

FAULT Magazine alumni were out in full force last night with Ella Eyre, Vanessa White and Becca Dudley all showing up to give their support.  Sipping Patrón Tequila, including Patrónics, Patron Margaritas on the rooftop bar the space was completely decked out like we were on the set of the lookbook shoot – guitars and all!

A wonderful evening of fashion, friends and music – we’re looking forward to seeing what other exciting strides Topman can continue to make!

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