‘Peacock’ – Daniela Mace Rossiter’s FAULT

Long aluminium dress by CHARLOTTE MULLOR Zizgag ring by MAXIME LLORENS




Leather dress by JITROIS Maxi Skirt by JEAN-PAUL GAULTIER Long patterned jacket by RYNSHU Coil ring by 14C JWLS Zigzag ring by MAXIME LLORENS Acetate and metal sunglasses by GIVENCHY

Leather dress:JITROIS
Ring: 14C JWLS
Acetate and metal sunglasses: GIVENCHY

Dress by ALINE OCHOA Long patterned jacket by SONIA DELAUNAY Sleeveless jacket with fringes by ART/C Wool coat coated by RYNSHU Irresistible nylon pantyhose by NICOLAS MESSINA Earrings by DSQUARED2

Long patterned jacket by SONIA DELAUNAY Sleeveless jacket with fringes by ART/C
Wool coat coated: RYNSHU
Nylon pantyhose: NICOLAS MESSINA
Earrings: DSQUARED2

Leather deer aspect body by JITROIS Plastron covered with feathers by ALINE OCHOA Afternoon earrings by SWAROVSKI

Leather deer aspect body: JITROIS

Golden bomber by JONATHAN LIANG Coat embroidered sequins and metal by DSQUARED2 Triangle ring Stein On The Beach by CLE?MENTINE HENRION Glasses by CHOPARD

Golden bomber: JONATHAN LIANG
Glasses: CHOPARD


Art Direction & Photography : Daniela Mace Rossiter

Stylism : Marine Souq

Hair : Vladimir Vreba

Make-up : Anais Cordevant

Model : Daria (Marylin Agency)


FAULT Reviews: Detroit rapper Danny Brown live at the Met (Pawtucket, RI)

When you attend a Danny Brown concert, expect to quickly befriend your neighbor. Or at least become accustomed to the scent of joints and Newports while you dance. Having followed the rapper’s career from afar, I didn’t exactly know what to expect. Would we encounter a charismatic wordsmith on the prowl or a vulnerable introvert with the habit of posting confessional snippets on Twitter? I suppose that I shouldn’t have underestimated Brown’s ability to navigate the balance of comedic spectacle and natural skill.

Danny Gate cigBW1500

Photo: Josh Wehle

Following a set from show-openers Tanboys, the polarizing underdog of rap was clearly the king of the court at The Met in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. From the second that he hit the stage, Brown, sporting recently dyed hair the color of a St. Patrick’s Day shamrock, controlled the eager masses with his tightly-controlled rhythm and signature voice, spitting out rhymes like a man who knew that he had nothing to lose. After all, Brown’s fans embrace his “weirdness” (he once stated that 50 Cent didn’t want to sign him to a label due to his affinity for skinny jeans), championing the rapper’s unflinching honesty about growing up in Detroit, in addition to his high-pitched wordplay. Surrounded by the energy of the Bruiser Brigade, Brown performed songs from 2011’s XXX and his current album Old. Highlights from Old included: ‘Side A (Old)’, ’25 Bucks’, ‘Handstand’, and ’Smokin and Drinkin’. The crowd, which seemed to have a median age of twenty-two, seemed to be enraptured. The rapper’s mere presence was enough to incite mania. Unlike a Drake or even hometown rival Big Sean, Brown doesn’t need the gaudy distractions of bottle-popping club thumpers or odes to designer-duds. His power lies in his conviction, the dedication to exposing the raw and ugly truths of life. Girls decked out in skate shoes and Obey snapbacks partied next to hip-hop heads in fresh sneakers and chunky chains. Bouncing with boundless showmanship, Brown tore through song after song. He moved about the stage with ease, ending every other song with the flash of his tongue. Combined with the venue setup and the crowd demographic, I couldn’t help but feel transported back to the days of college house parties, where nearly everyone swayed to the bass while clutching a red cup.


Brown has been adamant about sticking to the truth of his craft, rather than clamoring for radio-friendly hits. In the past, he’s said: “I think now with me and my music, it’s just something that I want to leave behind when I die.” Considering the work that Brown has already released, I doubt that his work will be forgotten. At the core of his music, Brown is a story-teller, one who captures the humanity of his community, no matter how bleak or grim (it’s no surprise that he cites Nas as one of his early influences). As long as Brown continues to have something to say, count me among the many hip-hop aficionados that will continue to listen.


Words: Vanessa Willoughby

FAULT Focus: International Designer Sophie Zinga



What was your primary inspiration when you started the Sophie Zinga label?

When I first launched the line my primary inspiration came from my country, Senegal. I remember sourcing fabrics and creating intricate designs with Senegalese hand woven fabrics.

How would you describe the brand in 3 words?

Feminine. Classic. Minimal.



Congratulations on your first show at Paris Fashion Week! You displayed your AW’14-15 collection – what/who were the main influences behind that (if any)?

Thank you. Even though New York is my base and it’s an untraditional approach, I think my international fan base appreciated it. I think it was important to show in Paris, which is the original fashion capital of the world.

Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?

Yes my favourite piece is the gold metallic lame dress. It is glamorous silk metallic lame but at the same time keeps Sophie Zinga’s minimal quality and focus on lavish fabrics and clean lines.


You have such a cosmopolitan background – from Dakar (Senegal) to New York via Paris and Lagos – how do these disparate influences manifest themselves in your designs?

It comes naturally. Sophie Zinga is named after myself so it reflects parts of personality, my reality and myself, which translates into my designs.

Can you tell us about some of the unique features of the label?

The label is 100% made in Senegal (West Africa).

We love Animals. No real fur policy.

We only use silks, brocades or hand woven fabrics.


Is there a particular process you follow when designing?

I travel a lot. My parents travel a lot so I get a lot of my inspiration from traveling or from my parents’ trips. My mother is a great storyteller so she has an amazing way of giving people details about her trips that makes you feel like you were there. Other than that, it starts with sketches in my red little to-go red book I keep with me at all times. Picking out fabrics is my favourite part! I sometimes source fabrics depending on how I’m feeling.

You describe the label as “socially conscious”. Could you expand on that?

When I first thought about creating the label, giving back and creating jobs in West Africa was my biggest motivation. I have a background in development and economics and I’ve extensively volunteered and worked in development issues regarding Africa so naturally I always wanted to incorporate that in the label’s DNA. I made the conscious move of keeping the manufacturing done in 100% in West Africa. I am currently working with different multinational entities to improve to livelihoods women and girls and to give workers from disadvantaged communities the opportunities to have a dignified job in fashion, which in return benefits the whole community.


Who would be your dream client to design for/work with?

Lupita Nyongo. She perfectly nails the essence of style in an effortless way, without trying too hard. Angelina Jolie would be an amazing client as well. She can do no wrong on the red carpet.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on my Spring/Summer 15 collection, which is going to be the most extensive collection yet to date. Excitement is an understatement!


What are your plans to expand the line?

I would love to expand the line and ultimately create a diffusion line 5 years down the road. In 2016 I plan on developing accessories.

What is your FAULT?

Procrastinating. LOL.


Images: Ibra Ake; Mambu Bayoh

Art Attack! Rachell Smith’s FAULT


Dress Paule Ka
Necklace Vicki Sarge


Necklace from Mawi
Bralet and trousers from Fyodor Golan
Shoes Sophia Webster


dress Tata-Naka
Shoes Miu Miu
Heart shape sunglasses from Jeremy Scott for Linda Farrow


Top and skirt from Peter Pilotto
Bangle from Alexander Mcqueen @ Harvey Nichols
Shoes Vivienne Westwood


Coat from Prada


Full look from Prada


Full look from Miu Miu


Dress by Jil Sander

Photographer: Rachell Smith
Stylist: Alexandria Reid @ Frank Agency
Makeup: Harriet Hadfield Using MAC
Hair: Aaron Carlo @ Frank Agency

FAULT checks out pop-up dining event BE at Buckley’s – or “Why living in London might not kill you after all”

Over the past few days, we’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve been told that living in London is killing us. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good old-fashioned sensationalist headline as much as the next set of writers who have lost all faith in any continuing concept of journalistic integrity. That said, these things do become rather depressing after a while.

In case you were wondering, smog is apparently the big killer in London nowadays. Welcome back to Dickensian Britain folks: can I interest any of you in a Tale of Two Cities? In one of them you’re going to die from fatal asthma/bronchitis/TB/sustained exposure to fatuous pseudo-scientific commentary; the other is not called London.

Still, it’s not all bad here. Luckily for the FAULT team, our mutual friend over at Lux & Noah has kindly dropped us an invitation to an event that a) looks like a lot of fun and b) might actually improve your quality of life.

Be-at-Buckleys Invitation - social media

BE at Buckley’s is the new monthly pop-up dining event taking place at Mr Buckley’s Restaurant, 227 Hackney Road. The event is a culinary collaboration between the restaurant, chef Daryll Wilson and Tasha Bermingham (aka Tashe/BE), a highly regarded young health and well-being practitioner.

Serendipitously, the upcoming BE at Buckley’s events seem perfectly suited to the current climate, with the invitation declaring the dinners on the 15th and 22nd of April to have been influenced by “the pre-industrial way of eating”.

With dishes on offer including a Ceviche of Seabass and the intriguingly named ‘Sutton Hoo chicken two ways’, this three course meal looks to be an absolute feast – although we still wouldn’t bet against some of us holding out our bowls and asking for some more. A selection of freshly pressed juices, cocktails and bio-dynamic wines are also available for purchase on the night.

BE at Buckleys Menu (White) (Custom)

Menu for BE at Buckley’s pop-up dining event (April ’14)

Priced at just £35/head, BE at Buckley’s is unlikely to result in too many of you falling on hard times. Quite the opposite, in fact: just looking at the menu, which is free from gluten, grains, sugar, hydrogenated oils, and pasteurised dairy, makes us feel healthy without the usual high cost – both to one’s bank account and one’s taste buds.

Sensationalism aside, tickets are selling fast – we know because we’ve already gobbled up two of them for the 22nd – so be sure to pre-order yours now via Mr Buckley’s:

Mr Buckley’s
277 Hackney Rd
London E2 8NA

Web: www.mrbuckleys.com
Tel: 0203 664 0033


Words: Nicholas Nickleby
Sketches by Boz


Leather Bra: no9.com Leather skirt: Acne Archive Shoes: Zara

Leather Bra: no9.com
Leather skirt: Acne Archive
Shoes: Zara

Cardigan: Helmut Lang Bandau bikini top: Wolford Jeans Acne Archive. Sh

Cardigan: Helmut Lang
Bandau Bikini Top: Wolford


Dress: NLY trend. 7+8. Malin.  Shirt Sleeve Shirt: FWSS

Dress: NLY trend. 7+8. Malin.
Shirt Sleeve Shirt: FWSS

Skirt: Helmut Lang   Earring: Maria Nilsdotter.

Skirt: Helmut Lang
Earring: Maria Nilsdotter

Denim jacket: Acne Archive Leather Pants: Helmut Lang/ Den Dama

Denim jacket: Acne Archive
Leather Pants: Helmut Lang/ Den Dama


Denim jacket: Acne Archive

Denim jacket: Acne Archive


Photographer: Truls Qvale www.trulsmqvale.com

Styling: Margrethe Gilboe/PudderAgency

Hair and makeup: Sissel Fylling using Armani/ shu uemura Aoh/La prairie / Pudder Agency

Photo Assistant: Marius Viken

Models: Malin and Rebekka /Heartbreak