WATCH: Camila Cabello releases new music video for single ‘Crying In The Club’

Taken from FAULT Magazine Issue 25 shoot

It’s Friday and you know what means – FAULT 25 coverstar Camila Cabello has released her new solo single ‘Crying In The Club’ today!
Taken from her debut album, ‘The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving’, the single starts off as a heart-wrenching ballad driven by her unwavering powerhouse vocal chronicling “the hurting” portion of the album but it soon evolves into a faster-paced jaunt as Camilla sings “ain’t no crying in the club”.
Once again Camila is flexing her songwriting muscles, penning this track alongside musical legend, Sia.


Don’t take our word for it however, in a recent interview our previous FAULT coverstar Ryan Tedder proclaimed “She’s not only an incredible singer, but she’s also the most talented young artist I think I’ve worked with in songwriting in the longest time.” FAULT alumni Charli XCX shared his sentiment by simple saying “Honestly I was floored.”
But that’s enough yammering on from us – see the whole video below and let us know what you think!

Find “Crying in the Club” starting May 19th & “I Have Questions” starting May 21st at:
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Rising star Raye is just getting started: Exclusive Fault shoot and interview

At just 19, South London songstress Raye is setting her sights on world domination. Featured on BBC Music’s Sound Of 2017 list – which aims to predict the most exciting new musicians of the year – the Brit School alumni’s distinctive, sultry vocals has won her collaborations with big name artists such as Nas, Stormzy and Charli XCX, the latter of whom co-wrote Raye’s breakthrough single ‘I, U, Us’.

Now signed to Polydor, Raye will be touring a number of UK festivals this year, including Parklife, Lovebox and V Festival. We spoke to the rising star about her musical influences, overcoming her fears, why guilty pleasures can be cool, and shooting for the stars.

Growing up in a music-loving family, was your decision to pursue a music career based more on nurture or nature?

I’d probably say both. All my sisters can sing, maybe it’s genetic, but also nurture because it [music] was always around me growing up. Being able to perform is a recent revelation; I’ve always had it in me but I’ve never quite been able to go for it. When I was doing my first support gig maybe one or two years ago, I was very much by the microphone, a bit scared of the stage and using the space. But I recently had a revelation that I could be myself. I think now, when I’m on stage, I really am myself.

Shirt – House of Sunny @ Utter Couture boutique / Jacket – Teatum Jones


Who do you look to for inspiration and influence musically?

I’m part African, I’m part Swiss and then British and I guess I’ve grown up hearing lots and lots of different styles and types [of music]. I think I take a lot from my African roots – I’m a quarter Ghanaian – and I was always brought up listening to gospel church music, but being from Ghana it always had these amazing afrobeats. I grew up listening to a lot of empowered, really proficient female songwriters: Natasha Bedingfield, Nelly Furtado, Jill Scott, Nina Simone. I had a really healthy dose growing up, but those were the things I latched on to most.

How would you describe your creative process?

I’ve been writing for quite a while. Five or six years full-time almost. I don’t like to have specific habits; I think the lyrics are very important, I like a strong lyric to come in with. Often, before I get to the session, however I’m travelling there, I’ll just do a little brainstorm before I get in, log some lyric and melody ideas, I’ll record some voice notes. My phone is all clogged up with voice notes and lyric ideas! Usually, I just go in, meet the people and present my ideas. It’s good to come prepared.

Shirt – House of Sunny @ Utter Couture boutique

You’ve collaborated with some amazing artists – Stormzy, Nas, Jonas Blue, Jax Jones and Charli XCX. How did these collabs come about?

Most of them were just being in the right place at the right time, honestly. This whole thing is just a bit of luck and hard work. I just thought to myself when I was a kid, if I’m in the studio enough and I meet people, then I’ll start to open doors for myself – and that’s exactly what kind of happened. With Charli, I became really good mates with her after we had sessions together and then she wanted to do more and ended up directing my music video for me.

You write a lot of your own material. Would you say your songs are predominantly autobiographical?

Most of them. I do act like an over dramatic 19-year-old girl, I over-exaggerate everything, but the songs are about dramatisations. Exaggerations of small issues. They’re mostly very personal and real to me.

Jacket – Teatum Jones


At your recent headline show at Heaven, you performed Britney’s Womaniser. Do you have any other guilty pleasures you love to listen to?

I’ve got hundreds, loads! You know what I really love? ‘Birthday’ by Katy Perry! I put it on when I’m doing my washing in the house. I love guilty pleasures; there’s so much naughty pop music that’s “not cool” to listen to but that’s why I wanted to do ‘Womaniser’ because I could dance round my living room to it. For weeks on end I’ve wanted nothing more than to do my own little karaoke version of it on stage, it was really fun. I did get a lot of stick for wanting to put that in from my management. I think it’s actually cool when you’re not trying to do something, you’re just having fun. On stage, that’s what it’s all about for me. You just want to have fun and you want people to have fun with you.

Do you have any pre-show rituals to psych yourself up before you go on stage?

I get ready, have my honey and lemon and then I just jump around really. We put a playlist on and just go a bit wild, American rap vibes, massively turn up. Before you go on stage, you need to feel like, “I’m the shit,” even though you’re not. I listen to JME, Giggs, Stormzy – just the big UK grime stuff before I go on stage.

Robe – Felder Felder / Dress – Just Hype

What’s your career goal? The feeling you’ll have when you know you’ve ‘made it’?

I have the biggest dreams. I really wanna achieve world bloody domination! I just wanna be a massive artist and I want everybody to play my songs. I know this is a really weird thing for a British artist to say because we’re so humble over here; you don’t say those things, it’s not cool, you know? Your Katy Perrys, your Taylor Swifts and Rihannas – they’re on the next level. I wanna reach that. I mean I’m 19 and if I work bloody hard enough, who knows?

What is your FAULT?

I can be very impatient. When you’re writing songs every day, there’s so many that never come out. [New song ‘The Line’] was written two years ago and it’s only just come out! I really do have to learn to be patient.

Raye’s new track THE LINE is out today. Find it here:

Catch her on FacebookTwitterInstagram

Words: Aimee Phillips

Photography: Ashleigh Nayomi

Styling: Edith Walker Millwood

Make-Up: Abbie May using Inglot

Hair: Nick Peters @ Eighteen Management

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FAULT Magazine Reviews: Roast, Borough Market


London’s Borough Market has always home to foodies and street food lovers and for over a decade, Roast has been at the centre of the hype surrounding the area.With Summer just around the corner, FAULT is on the quest to bring you the very best of dining experiences in London for our 2018 “Where To Dine This Summer Guide” and with that in mind, we headed down to see if it would live up to all the hype!

On entering the restaurant, you’re instantly transported from the hustle and bustle of the street below and welcomed to the cosmopolitan and modernly furnished restaurant; not what one would expect from an establishment priding itself on being “deliciously British” but that’s not to say the restaurant is stale and lifeless, quite the opposite. Located over two floors of Floral Hall, the restaurant is spacious and from our table, we could see marvel at views of St Pauls and The Shard – all rather elegant.

The aperitif menu is expansive and that’s without mentioning the welcoming bar at the front of the restaurant. We started with a Sweet Black Manhattan- not too sweet and not too bitter either, a perfect start.


Starter Menu:

Rock oysters with Scrubby Oak apple vinegar and shallots 6 Carlingford 18.50 / 12 Carlingford 36.00 6 Jersey 17.50 / 12 Jersey 34.00

Scallops with spiced apple tea raisins, cauliflower and cashew nuts 14.00

Baked charcoal cheddar soufflé with oyster mushrooms and chives 8.50

Baby kale with sprouting beans, avocado, miso aubergine, feta and salted almonds 10.25



From the starter menu above, you’d be forgiven for thinking the flavours (on paper at least) wouldn’t be anything to write home about but alas you’d be wrong. I went with the cheddar soufflé with my dining guest choosing the less adventurous scallops. The soufflé you’ll be happy to know tastes exceptionally better than it looks – well bodied and well complimented by oyster mushrooms and chives, at first I didn’t have the highest of hopes but Roast was able to put their own twist on the dish and serve up a real treat. My guest’s scallops were fried expertly and the adorning cashews were given the same fine treatment – if you do visit Roast, be sure not to jump straight to the mains.

With both of us deciding on red wine – we left it up to our waiter to choose a wine for us. We went with a modest Italian Bacchus Rosso Piceno Ciu Ciu and while it was nowhere near the most extravagant wine in their cellar – it certainly went down a treat.

For my main, I went for the beef wellington,  and it was truly cooked to perfection. Throughout the whole dining experience, Roast continued to take what is usually a standard flavoured dish and heightened it to gourmet standard. The exterior was light, crispy and just the right amount of butter glazed, which is a lot to say about the pastry alone but it really was perfect. The meat was flavoursome, tender and just how I wanted it. The course was accompanied with crispy roast potatoes which were but I’d highly recommend the ‘Creamed spinach with nutmeg’ as a side.

My dining guest went with the Hereford sirloin steak on the bone (400g) with chimichurri and chips and from what I hear, it was “banging” – which I can confirm is a positive trait. I did have a try and while the steak was indeed impressive – it also confirmed that our waiter who I asked to select the wine for us is an expert at wine pairing. The flavours of the meat and chimichurri were complimented extremely well with the juicy summer berry hints from the Bacchus Rosso Piceno Ciu Ciu.

Somehow I found room for the Eton Mess which was equally as exceptional but I’m running out of positive adjectives and word count so let’s move on.

So does the Roast make the list? It sure does! If you’re looking for the homely country pub style roast then setting wise, Roast is not going to provide the experience you crave but what if lacks in homeliness it more than makes up for in other areas. We’d highly recommend Roast for our readers looking to visit the quintessential foodie capital but still want a more refined meal than that served on the markets below. Roast is where you go when quality and taste are at the forefront of the experience. Not just for the leisurely diners, it also doubles as the perfect venue to host business lunches with non-locals who are looking to sample the very best of British food.

It must also be said that the service provided by all the staff, from the maître d to the waiters inside was exemplary and a great model for every high-end venue staff in the capital – great customer service needn’t be robotic and the Roast staff have mastered this.

If you’re looking for the best British food that London has to offer, look no further than Roast.



7am-11am, 12pm-3.45pm, 5.30pm-10.45pm


8.30am-11am, 12pm-3.45pm, 6pm-10.45pm





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Lucy Chappell features in an exclusive Fault editorial by Saskia Lawson

Blue top, Shirt and Trousers by Glassworks Shoes by Aeydé Coat by Harris Wharf Earrings by Wild and Wooly Rings by Chloe + Sam Belt Stylist’s own

Jacket and Shirt by Glassworks
Trousers by Cimone
Shoes by Aeydé

Jacket by Rohmir
Shirt by Glassworks
Trousers by Theory
Shoes by Aeydé

Shirt and Skirt by Topshop
Necklace by Chloe + Sam
Earrings by Wild and Wolly

Suit by Cimone
Shoes Models own

Blue top, Shirt and Trousers by Glassworks
Shoes by Aeydé
Coat by Harris Wharf
Earrings by Wild and Wooly
Rings by Chloe + Sam
Belt Stylist’s own

Jacket, Jumper and Trousers by Theory
Skirt by Rohmir
Necklace by Chloe + Sam
Belt Stylists own

Jacket and Shirt by Glassworks
Trousers by Cimone
Shoes by Aeydé

Outfit by Cimone
Necklaces by Chloe + Sam
Shoes Stylists own

Blue top, Shirt and Trousers by Glassworks
Shoes by Aeydé
Coat by Harris Wharf
Earrings by Wild and Wooly
Rings by Chloe + Sam
Belt Stylist’s own

Photography – Saskia Lawson (@saskinsss)

Styling – Roxanne Henley (@roxlenestyling)

Makeup – Lauren Alice at Mandy Coakley Represents (@laurenalicemua)

Hair – Kieron Lavine at Mandy Coakley Represents (@kieronlavine)

Photography Assistant – Amber Eggleden (@ambereggleden)

Featuring Lucy Chappell at Storm Artists (@lucychappell_)

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FAULT Weekly Playlist: TOTEM

It’s always great to see more diversity in the music industry and TOTEM one of the artists cropping up that’s challenging perceptions. TOTEM is an Indian-American man who weaves smart political and social commentary into slick pop production. Proving that pop music doesn’t have to be thoughtless 4-on-the-floor beats, his skill of turning astute cultural criticism into catchy earworms is bringing him surprising success.

TOTEM is currently working on his EP, which will be out this summer, but before that we asked him to put together some of his current favorite songs. Take a listen below.

Calvin Harris – Heatstroke

“I love this new new disco feel that Calvin Harris is doing. This and Slide have been on repeat. Pharrell’s pre-chorus is so unexpected but feels so good. I loved Jamie XX’s last album and this is as close as we have come in pop music.”

Kodak Black – Tunnel Vision

“The hook is an earworm and that detuned sample in the background reminds me of a song from Lauryn Hill’s “Unplugged” album. You gotta listen to this under the influence in a dark room.”

Future – Mask Off

“I read something in the New York Times magazine about this song a couple weeks ago and it made me appreciate this song a lot more. I had no idea about Future’s personal transformation. Also, the recorder sample.”

Julia Michaels – Issues

“It’s great to see songwriters win as artists, and Julia Michaels deserves to win. She and Justin Tranter have been writing exclusively hits for over a year, and this one is no different.”

Vice feat. Jon Bellion – Obsession

“Jon Bellion is one of my favorite songwriters and vocalists. This is such a feel good tune.”

mansionz – Wicked

“I hate the shtick, but this song is really good.”

Drake – Blem

“My favorite song off the new Drake playlist. I really envy his melodic simplicity.”

KAYTRANADA – Got it Good

“I was really late on KAYTRANADA, but this is the song that got me. Nice to hear Craig David’s voice too. His kind of pop R&B is what the world is missing right now.”

Frank Ocean – Chanel

“I’m always amazed how many really dynamic melodies Frank Ocean can fit into one song. This one sounds so fresh but classic.”

Zedd and Alessia Cara – Stay

“Zedd is a musical genius. The drop in this song has so many elements I love— space, harmonies, vocoders. Simplicity at it’s most impactful.”

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Camila Cabello reveals her upcoming album title and release date of her debut single!

FAULT Issue 25 coverstar Camila Cabello has released further details to her debut solo album releasing later this year. Tweeting to her followers, Camila has revealed that her album is to be entitled “The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving.” and it will chronicle Camila’s journey from darkness into light. In Camila’s words, the album will give an insight into “a time when I was lost to a time when I found myself again.”

You might remember from our interview with Camila, we wrote about how “Camila moves graciously through the attempted adumbration of negativity into the spotlight” and it sounds like her new album will be an exact telling of just how she has grown to become the artist she is today.

Camila also revealed that her debut solo single will be released this Friday (19th May) so Camila fans have 4 days left to make sure their wigs are glued on tight in an attempt to avoid an inevitable snatching!

The new single will follow hit collaborations “Hey Ma” with J Balvin and Pitbull from the “The Fate of the Furious” soundtrack and the international smash “Bad Things” with Machine Gun Kelly, which reached #1 on the Billboard pop chart and has racked up over 148,000,000 YouTube views to date. Camila has also previously duetted with Shawn Mendes on the track “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

You can read more from our exclusive interview and photoshoot with Camila HERE

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