FULL Moon Music Festival Comes Back Bigger & Better Than ever!


One of our favourite music festivals is back! Full Moon Fest now in its 6th year kicks off on August 20th and is now double the fun as they’ve increased it to a 2 dayer! Full moon festival has gained great acclaim and with that comes bigger artists and you’ll see from the lineup below that the talent is now at an all-time high.


This year’s line-up includes household name musicians SBTRKT, Pusha T, Santigold, Kali Uchis, Moodymann and more. Over the 2 days, Full Moon Fest will transform NYC’s Governors Island into a hub of live music, art and culinary excellence, providing a boutique festival experience.

For more info head over to Full Moon Festival 2016

Tickets on-sale now!

Aussie Beatmaker cln Announces Debut North American Tour


Australian beatmaker cln (aka Callan Alexander) announces his debut North American appearance with a 9-date tour this coming August & September which includes Nocturnal Wonderland and a support slot with The Chainsmokers at their Red Rocks show in Denver.

The tour comes ahead of his October EP release, which includes recent singles “Mist” and “Owls.”


cln Socials:

FAULT Interview: Alev Lenz


London’s latest it girl is Alev Lenz, a rising musician who has recently taken a step back into the spotlight after spending time working on soundtracks for high profile German films. Her style is hard to put a finger on – a steady mix of cinematic, world, and classical influences expressed through off-kilter harmonies and utterly personal lyrics that have led to comparison with Fiona Apple and Regina Spektor.

Her latest single “Airport,” was written during a hot summer – an introspective piece about relationships, knowing your worth and being brave enough to ask for what you deserve.

We had a chance to chat with Alev about her music as well as her thoughts on Britain’s recent exit from the EU. A HOT topic for sure. Read our conversation with Alev:

FAULT Magazine: You’ve been compared to Regina Spektor and Fiona Apple are those two artists you grew up listening to?

Alev Lenz: Not at all actually. I grew up listening to Chopin, then Michael Jackson and then Alanis Morrisette’s first two albums, and then my ears went everywhere. I can’t pin it down to one artist anymore.

I always knew the songs from Fiona’s first album, as it was so popular, but really started listening to her material only after I started performing my music. I love her latest album and the production work, and I listen to it like to a class. In fact, I listen to most music like a master class!

And Regina Spektor started to get famous around the time I was living in New York. She had also performed a lot at the Sidewalk Cafe (before my time there) and that’s when I first heard of her. I went to her first concert at Two Hall Theater in NYC. I was watching a lot of performers at the time, who were playing the piano and singing, the whole scene was completely new to me and I thought what I do must be silly and impossible, as I didn’t know it to be like that from living in Germany. I really found a musical how when watching Regina.

FAULT Magazine: “Airport” like your last song “Eggshell” is about love and relationships and in a way, learning to appreciate the value of yourself and not accepting anything less than what you deserve. What is your biggest takeaway from the relationships that you’ve had?

Alev Lenz: I think a lot of the times we get confused with what we deserve. First of all, that concept can be difficult anyhow, we all deserve happiness the minute we are born.

But I think it is not about what we deserve, rather than what we ask for and what we give in order to receive what we ask for. I was asking for a fantasy love story with sparkles and fireworks, but really only giving what didn’t make me feel vulnerable. And you don’t get far with that. I was trying to be a cool version of myself, but without our vulnerabilities and without showing them and accepting them, it is hard to start relationships that will make us profoundly happy and enable us to grow.

And Eggshell is about the relationship we have with our parents. The biggest takeaway from that is that whatever they did or didn’t do, they enabled my mind and heart to be free and examine, even this most important relationship of our lives without fear.

FAULT Magazine: Any artists you’re dying to collaborate with?

Alev Lenz: Most of them are dead! 😉 Oh I find this a tough question to answer! I already started exchanging thoughts again with Jas Shaw for my next album which makes me really happy and excited. There is no one in particular I am dying to work with, I think every collaboration is wonderful. I think I know what to answer: I am dying to collaborate more!

FAULT Magazine: Can you tell me about the London artist community? It seems to be a bastion of amazing songwriting and creativity right now and I’m wondering if you’re feeling that. Are there particular places or spaces where artists gather?

Alev Lenz: There is music everywhere! I have never lived or been in a city where music is so central to everyone’s life. And that enables a lot of music to live in a lot of places. I used to get out more but I am again in a songwriting and processing phase in which I dwell mainly alone! Probably shouldn’t, see my answer above!

But I love the Daylight Music Gigs at Union Chapel, I have met great people there. I think Cafe Oto is fantastic to go see concerts and hang out. And I always ask my band what’s cool and where they hang out, they know much better and then I repeat after them 🙂 I love to hang out with them.

Oh and I really loved the time when I had a little permanent recording room at The Premises Studios in London, hanging out there made great things happen for me!

FAULT Magazine: Being a London resident, how do you feel about the current political situation and #Brexit?

Alev Lenz: I find it disastrous. It was a terrible sign to send out to the world. I was so proud to live here in the UK where the fear-mongering-xenophobic-racist-BS-talk had no grounds in media and politics and I am utterly disappointed. And in shock. But that’s probably what being a London resident means, we didn’t see it coming – it is so far from the daily life and conversation in London.

Alev Lenz Socials:

Wireless Festival reminds London why it’s a must visit!


London’s premier day festival returned to Finsbury Park over the weekend of 8-10 July 2016, with a stellar line up to accompany some stellar weather. Headliners across the weekend included Calvin Harris, The 1975, Chase and Status, Future, Sigma and Boy Better Know, with FAULT Magazine attending the first two days.

A former FAULT cover star, and firm favourite in the office, Miguel graced the main stage on Friday and didn’t disappoint. With his incredible and distinctive voice, Miguel performed with a real energy as he lapped up the crowd’s excitement. With a mix of songs from his latest studio album Wildheart as well as his sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream, those who basked in the London sunshine were treated to one of R&B’s elite talents hard at work. Miguel took time to address the recent police violence in the USA, with an emotional address for an end to violence. In addition to being an incredible talent, it was touching to see Miguel tearing up while he bared his emotions.

Making their Wireless debut, the 1975 were the chief support act to Calvin Harris and showed why they are one of the hottest bands in the world. With their new album (deep breath) I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it topping both the UK Album Chart and the USA Billboard 200, this was a chance for a lucky crowd to see a band soaring to the top. And they more than delivered. With their ability to deliver instantly catchy songs, the crowd sang along to hits such as ‘Girls’ and ‘The Sound’. Chief support act this year, don’t bet against The 1975 headlining Wireless very soon.

By now it was time for the headline act, and they don’t get much bigger than Calvin Harris. The world’s highest paid DJ (and for good reason) was the main event and was introduced by undisputed A-list star Will Smith. An endless run of hits followed including ‘I Need Your Love’, ‘Summer’, ‘We Found Love’ and this year’s summer anthem ‘This Is What You Came For’. Accompanied by an incredible light show, coinciding with the setting of the sun, it made for a perfect end to day one of the festival.

Day two, and an amazing day at Wireless on Friday only strengthened our desire to get back there for more of the same.

One of the hottest hip hop artists in the world, Future, graced the main stage and whipped the Saturday crowd into a frenzy with his highly respected flow and lyrics. Hits such as ‘Where Ya At’, ‘Wicked’, ‘Jumpman’ and ‘F*ck Up Some Commas’, Future satisfied his huge UK fan base with a lively and passionate performance.

We then headed over to the Pepsi Max Arena to see Sigma perform a live DJ set, with stunning results. The impressive tented area made for an intimate atmosphere, with thousands revelling in the drum and bass tones of the English duo. With the sun still shining, the crowd partied hard to a great atmosphere, and showed how Sigma have deserved the acclaim they’ve received after years in the shadows.

Saturday closed with legends of the drum and bass scene, Chase & Status. Having been on this rodeo throughout their career, the duo had no problem entertaining the crowd, calling up Tempa T and George The Poet to supplement their set. Closing with ‘Blind Faith’, it turned out our faith in Chase & Status’ headline set was fully justified.

We loved the diversity of the line-up, with Wireless Festival attracting a broad spectrum of artists and with that, people attending the festival. An incredible weekend came to a close for us, just wishing we could have made Sunday as well.

Until next year!


Words: Kelvin Lyster

FAULT Magazine MFW NYFW Fashion Roundup

David Naman

DAVID NAMAN with the dressy, casual cool vibes.  Beautifully crafted suits paired with sneakers, blazers paired with jeans, and button ups paired with slacks. The details of the patchwork denim to the details on the pockets of jackets were magnificent.  A floral, peach bomber jacket even made an appearance as did a suit with shorts. Perfect balance between dressy and relaxed.


Wood House

WOOD HOUSE puts a modern twist to the 70’s vibe. There was a solid navy matching set of cropped flared trousers with a zipper going down the middle of each pant leg. A light grey and white stripped matching jacket and wide legged pants paired with a straw fedora really captured the boho vibe. The printed details of this collection with the printed tops and large buttons are incredible. The looks were complete with hats, sunglasses, and sandals to give you that summery vibe.



PLAC gives you that casual cool street vibe with printed tops, matching the backdrop of the presentation. This contemporary clothing line featured basic wear with unique, innovative twists to each look. There were bomber jackets, long trench coats, and blazers. Plac’s wearable line  lived up to it’s expectations targeting those with a strong fashion sense.

Max n’ Chester

MAX N’ CHESTER gives you the lightweight, most authentic fabric perfect for the summer weather. The color palette of whites, cream, light blue, and navy were featured in blazers, tunics, wide leg pants, and shorts. There was a matching set of a light blue thin stripped blazer and fitted trousers. There was a pop of floral print on a button down shirt paired with a navy blazer. All the looks were complete with canvas slip-ons. This collection is perfect for the summer getaway with its deconstructed tailoring.

David Hart

The DAVID HART presentation made you feel ready for the beach with Hawaiian prints and button downs with palm trees on them. The show featured a wooden walkway all the models walked down to show off this confident yet approachable collection.  There was a graphic shirt with DAVID HART graffitied on it. There were suits paired with Hawaiian shirts. There was even a tribal printed suit with a leaf brooch.  All the looks were complete with canvas slip-ons and sandals to finish off the beach vibe.

Maiden Noir

MAIDEN NOIR’S presentation was filled with greens, khakis, pinks, and blues. The perfect balance between sport and street for a man looking for athleisure. There was a dark green track suit with a khaki trench coat. Jackets with two oversized pockets in the front showing in light pink, khaki,olive green, and even a plaid navy blue. There was a bit of a safari vibe with the mixes of khaki and olive greens. Each look was finished off with a pair of chucks to compliment the relaxed silhouettes of Maiden Noir.


Suitsupply did not disappoint with it’s unique opening.  The men in their suits and ties strolled down the streets of soho on bicycles for their entrance. Suitsupply is known for combining craftsmanship with flair and this collection did just that. The impeccable tailoring and high quality of fabric combined makes for a contemporary style of suit. The suits ranged from solids to plaids and blazers to vests.  The looks were complete with bowties, ties, and pocket squares.


Words: Julie Green

Dougie Poynter’s Exclusive Photoshoot and Interview for FAULT Magazine Online


Dougie Poynter first burst onto the scene back in 2004 as part of the band Mcfly  who in their career spanning over thirteen years have amassed 19 top 10 singles, 5 albums and will be heading off on their 14th tour in September! Dougie’s personal writing skills are just as impressive, credited for his songwriting on tracks by 5SOS and One Direction respectively, he has also cut his teeth as FAULT Magazine’s own guest reporter at London Collection Man. 

We caught up with Dougie to discuss next month’s tour, favourite band moments and where his creative steps will take him.


When the news broke that bandmate Harry Judd had suffered a neck injury forcing you to postpone your Mcfly Anthology tour, were you relieved for the extra rehearsal time?

It’s weird, it felt like someone had moved Christmas. I’m still very excited though and now Danny will actually have learned all the songs again. The only bit of production we were bringing on tour was an autocue for lyrics so it’ll be nice to just let loose without it!


You’re going from 6 members in McBusted back to 4 in Mcfly, will the stage feel more daunting with less members?

There will be more space, that’s for sure because with 6 of us we were constantly running into each other. When we would play arenas it was fine because the stage was massive but our guitars came away full of dents! I have some gnarly jumps up my sleeve now we have the extra space.


In a few words, what can fans expect to see on your tour?

It’s every album back to back. There will be songs that as a band we’ve only ever played one time during recording sessions but never played live. It will definitely be a one off for us.


Looking back to 2013 and to McFly’s first album, many people said you’d be a passing fancy but here you are in 2016 you’re about to embark on nationwide tour. How does it feel to prove so many naysayers wrong?

It doesn’t feel like good in a smug sense because for us it’s been a continuous thing. It really weirds us out when people are like “you were my first concert when I was in year 6” and now they’re all adults with jobs and kids! We’ve never really stopped working, even when we took 9 months off after McBusted to work on other projects, we were all still working.

We are just grateful that we have had the opportunity to stay making music because we always say to ourselves that “the band won’t be around forever” although we’re starting to think it will be! Our awesome fanbase keeps us going even though we haven’t released new music in so long. We’ve actually recorded 2 albums and just scrapped them because we can’t make up our minds at all!


Do you foresee there will be McFly tour when you’re old and grey?

If we survive that is! Everyone keeps hurting themselves, Harry has slipped a disc and Danny fractured his elbow so it’s pretty good we had more time to recoup and recover!


Can you pinpoint one favourite moment from your career?

We’ve done some really cool stuff and won awards and set world records but honestly, when we’re all together and reminiscing, our favourite moments are when we’re just pissing around and getting up to no good. It’s the little things…Although it is nice to win awards.


Future plans for the rest of the year?

Everyone has their own thing going on. As we’ve gotten older our solo careers keep us busy, Tom has his songwriting and Danny is a DJ and I’ve been out in the states doing my own thing. We’ll probably postpone the tour again after I hurt myself on this shoot!

What are you working on in the states?

I’ve been studying acting for the last 2 years. I just really enjoy studying and taking on new crafts. It’s a bit of everything and by the end of the tour I plan to relocate to LA and continue the acting.

Despite only ever putting your music out there, the press continuously write about your personal relationships, has that pressure every become too much for you?

I don’t like the personal stories about me. It always freaks me out, I know some celebrities can just brush it off and say any press is good press but there’s something about it that makes me feel very uneasy.

What is your FAULT?

I hate the feeling of powerlessness. I’ve been very involved with charities cleaning up the ocean and stopping plastics and micro plastics from being dumped but it Is bewildering to see just how much needs to be done and how little I can do alone.


Words: Miles Holder