FAULT Weekly Playlist: Midnight Pool Party

Sydney producers Midnight Pool Party make the kind of music you want to play while out on a late night drive or in the club dancing under a disco ball. The pair have released their anticipated debut EP ‘Dalliance’, which sees a playful five-track body of work brought to life through a clear musical objective. Lyrically, the EP draws from the bittersweet emotions of the ups and downs of relationships, but musically expresses an irresistible groove with soulful, feel-good rhythms. So if you’re in need of a pick-me-up post-breakup, this is what just the doctor ordered.

We asked MPP to put together some of their favorite tunes, which includes tracks from fellow Aussies Flight Facilities and Flume, as well as one of the duo’s inspirations, Snakehips.

Cosmos Midnight – History

“Getting drunk and going home with someone shouldn’t. Taking that scenario turning it into a dance song applies to so many people on the dance floor, smart and catchy AF.”

Calvin Harris/Frank Ocean/Migos – Slide

“When we read ‘CALVIN + FRANK + MIGOS’ we did know what to expect… until we pressed ‘PLAY’ and it was instant love.”

Kaytranada – Got It Good

“Kaytranada never does anything wrong and pairing up with smooth vocals from Craig David makes this song so smooth and so chill.”

Drake – Take Care

“Drake combined with Jamie xx was unexpected but so cool. It was different from what other hip hop artists were doing at the time. Drake always seems to keep things interesting.”

Banks – Warm Water (Snakehips Remix)

“We loved the original version by Banks, but Snakehips injected so much grove into their remix that we couldn’t stop listening. It’s everything we aimed for when we were making our own music.”

Flight Facilities – Clair de Lune

“FF Boys are gods to us and this song inspired us to write our track ‘collide’, intense, beautiful.”

Young Franco – Drop Your Love (Ja Funk Remix)

“Young Franco is the coolest dudes ever! The original amazing but this funky ass remix just takes it to a different level.”

Flume – Never Be Like You

“There’s a reason why this was #1 on triple j hottest 100! Flume is doing Australia proud.”

Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You

“That falsetto! Oooft! Even if you can’t sing, you can’t help but sing along anyway… and cry at the same time haha.”

Chance The Rapper – All Night

“His whole album is amazing and this song is an absolute jam. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, when this song comes on your body just moves to the beat without you knowing it… now THAT is a good song!”

Midnight Pool Party Socials:

FAULT Weekly Playlist: Sun City

Perth duo Sun City have pleasured our ears with tracks off their “Daytona EP” that is the perfect companion to the fact that it’s the first day of Spring. The duo, comprised of Tobias John and Daniel Mackey, have allowed this record to be a vessel to share what’s been happening while they’ve been in hibernation.

The EP recalls the glory days of nu-disco and echoes the tropicana beats of production heavyweights like Fred Falke and Gigamesh. We asked Sun City to put together some of their favorite Spotify songs and it’s no surprise that they’ve selected some of their Australian buddies like The Aston Shuffle and Pnau to lead the charge. Take a listen below!

Benson – Trying (feat. Yeo)

“The combination of these two Aussie guys is fire. Production lords! Both well and truly doing big things ATM, they have created something really special. Full of melancholy melody’s and heart hitting hooks this track really hits the spot. Get around it!”

Crooked Colours – Flow

“Growing up in the scene with these 3 dudes, watching and listing to there tunes has been awesome. Their new track Flow has them really showing us what they can do. Lead singer Phil’s vocals and story telling really sets the tone for this song. Accompanied by some beachy surf rock beats and Wavy synth sections, it makes us feel like We’re at some kind of psychedelic beach party. Lovin it!”

New Order – Age of Consent

“A classic track by one of the classic 80’s dance floor kings. Age of consent pretty self-explanatory. A coming of age song! A track that just makes you want to grab all your mates and road trip down the coast. Making your own adventure and getting into trouble.”

Commandeur – Speak your mind (ft. Yeo)

Pnau – Chameleon

“Yeah ok it’s a bit of a banger (is that even a bad thing? Surely not), but Chameleon is the latest release from Oz dance outfit PNAU! It’s been a while between tunes but it was worth the wait! It is everything and more you’d expect from legends of the scene. They just know how do right. It’s Progressive and super catchy!”

Tourist – Too Late

“British lord Tourist is that one guy on the scene who has just mastered the progression of a beat and sound. Such simple changes thru out his tracks create whole new ways of hearing them. It is a skill! This track too late is prime example. Always gets you moving.”

The Aston Shuffle – Pass You By

“These two guys have been a massive inspiration to us. Both as super talented artists, but also just super nice guys (cue the time they took us out to dinner five years ago when we supported them in Perth – it was our first big show!). Talented and always pushing the envelope with what aussie dance music is, and the nicest blokes you’ll ever meet. Their new track Pass You By continues to hit all the right places.”

Danny Darko – Los Angeles (Slinko Remix )

“Such a funky, tropical, house jam with a pop polish. With hooks in all the right places and a solid cruising 4 on the floor. This remix sets you up for a good afternoon in the sun with your mates.”

Gigamesh – The Music

“We love this track and is a regular in our Dj sets. It always gets the crowd moving. With such a suitable name for a song, “the Music” is a track that shows how all the different moving parts of a track come together to give us a joyous dance floor jam.”

Bonobo – Kerela

“The musical landscapes created in Bonobos tracks are more than often ridiculous! Being able to pull at your soul from a few sound waves and changing your moods… you have to give credit. This track Kerela is a bit of a lounge track, showing off their percussive prowess and emotive melodies. True artists!”

Sun City Socials:

FAULT Weekly Playlist: LEVV

LEVV is the electropop duo of Audrey Assad and Seth Jones dedicated to helping music lovers dance through life’s pain by giving voice and rhythm to their own. Together they make pop songs that meld emotional substance with electronic finesse; themes as intimate as the dissolution of Seth’s marriage and Audrey’s escape from a cult are set to a dance beat without sacrificing substance.

Recently the pair shared “Collateral Damage,” the lead single from their forthcoming EP. We had the opportunity ask Seth and Audrey about some of the songs they’re listening to currently that inspire them, including singles from Bon Iver and Agnes Obel. Take a listen below!

Frida Sundemo – Neon

“This is one of the few songs you hear in life that grab you in some unexplainable way and never let you go. There have been a number of LEVV writing sessions that were inspired by this song and other songs of Frida’s. It is the perfect example of how a song can be greater than the sum of its parts. The emotion of chorus melody takes you somewhere familiar you’ve never been.” – Seth

Haux – Caves (Samuraii Remix)

“I love this song because of how simply it accomplishes what it set out to. As a producer, many times you’re tempted by all the tools in your hands. I love tracks like this Caves remix because it reminds me that deliberate production is always better than “noise.” It’s understated but powerful.” – Seth

Banners – Shine A Light

“There’s something about this lyric that continues to draw me back to it. There aren’t any bells and whistles in the track, it’s straight forward euro-dance, but the magic is in the melody and lyric. With Collateral Damage, we really tried to capture powerful emotion in simple ideas. Shine A Light does it to perfection.” – Seth

Among Savages – Start At The Beginning

“Seth and I were both listening to this when we first started writing / recording LEVV songs. The disorienting, daring orchestration and shuffling drums were great inspiration for our first batches of orchestral pop music—it’s elegant and emotive, but not too pretty.” – Audrey

Agnes Obel – Riverside

“Agnes is a big influence on me as a pianist and a lyricist—she evokes so much about the interior journey of life through her visceral descriptions of the physical world and her delicate, yet adventurous piano and vocal work on this song. There’s a really pleasant Scandinavian sensibility to her arrangements—sparse, but lush. This song in particular has haunted me since I first heard it and I’m ok with that!” – Audrey

Bon Iver – Beth/Rest 

“Where do I begin with this song? The Chicago keyboard sounds, the saxophone weaving in and out, the aching melody—this song scratches pretty much all my 80s kid itches, not to mention that it makes me want to climb a mountain at sunset and drink til I cry healing tears! I think it’s safe to say when Bon Iver put that saxophone all over this track like chocolate sauce the rest of us felt permission to finally do the same—we certainly took that liberty with Collateral Damage.” – Audrey

Grey/Bahari – I Miss You 

“Slightly tribal, with a close and emotional vocal, I Miss You is a one-song melancholy party for all your sad dance needs. We like to think we make sad dance music (of which Collateral Damage is only our first example) and there isn’t enough of it in the world, so this track is right up our alley.” – Audrey

Manse, ft. Jantine – Time Of Our Lives 

“Even the saddest dance music nerds (hint: us) would like to let go and have a good time once in a while. This track is effervescent and fun and bubbles over like champagne, with no sad lyrics in sight. We love Jantine’s soft, sweet vocals. I don’t have a big voice so it’s always nice to hear other dance vocalists who have tender voices doing big fun tracks.” – Audrey

LEVV Socials:

In Conversation with Australia’s hottest new export Daily Holla

We might have a little bit of a crush on Daily Holla aka Harry Deadman. The Gold Coast producer is not only a total babe, but also has recently fared out on his own to launch his solo project. His latest release is the emotionally charged single “Waves” that we can’t stop hitting the repeat button on. It’s a much needed dose of chilled out electronica that’s brimming with juicy ambience.

We had a chance to chat with Harry to talk about “Waves,” his dream collaborations and much more.

FAULT Magazine: As the producer for Gold Coast, what was it that made you want to release solo material?
Daily Holla: I moved up to the Gold Coast from my home town of Adelaide in late 2014 to study at University, and have been based here since. I have always loved to write my own music. I first got into guitar when I was about twelve after my best friend bought a blue Fender Squire. At the time I thought it was the coolest thing ever, so the next day I raced out and got a Peavey guitar starter pack. I didn’t even really like music at the time. I played in a band during high school and was always wanting to write all the music, and would often show fully completed songs at practice, rather than just a riff to jam off. So working on my own music came as a natural progression. I love being in a studio and mucking around with all forms of sound, seeing where I can take something and placing it into somewhat of a structured song.

FAULT: What can we expect from the forthcoming EP?
DH: ‘the HYPERCOLOUR collection EP’, as the title suggests, is a collection of tracks that I have made over the past year. I am still at a stage where I am experimenting with lots of different sounds and ideas, to see what sits in the Daily Holla universe. Not that I ever want to have a ‘sound’ that I am limited to. At a basic level, the EP delves into the combination of guitar and electronic production. I am not the greatest guitarist in the world by a long stretch, so I like treating the guitar as a tool to either create washy pads or grab small samples. I feel that my biggest strength is recognising the potential in a sound, whether it’s a mistake on a guitar or synth, or something I have recorded on my phone, most of the time it can all be used!

FAULT: Who are some of your dream collaborations?
DH: There are so many people I would love to work with! I follow so many musicians, producers and artists on Instagram, all of whom inspire me to create more work every day. People like Bonobo, Jon Hopkins, Trent Reznor and Kaytranada all inspire me in different ways, and I would love to sit in a studio with any one of them and try to just take it all in! If I was pressed, I’d have to say that the artist I would most love to work with, would be John Gourley of Portugal. The Man. Again, I would love to sit in a room with the whole Portugal. The Man guys and watch them create their music.

FAULT: What do you hope people take away from listening to your music?
DH: I am so focussed on making the next song, or the next video for a track, that I sometimes forget the music I make is for people to listen to! I still don’t know if people really do listen to it yet haha. Maybe I will believe it I ever hear it played somewhere and I’m like ‘Oh, I made that!’

I hope that people can enjoy it and want to listen to it again, or show their friends. That may sound silly, but I myself am still working it all out, and what I want the music to represent. I hope the EP will provide people with something that feels real and genuine, as all six tracks were written to represent different events or situations in my life over the past year as I’ve finished up University and progressed into the big, scary ‘real world’.

Daily Holla Socials:

FAULT Weekly Playlist: Jake Alder

We like to keep an eye on new talent and Jake Alder has caught our attention. His single “Chasing Time” featuring tFinnish electro pop singer/producer LKA  draws on Jake’s versatile tastes and spectrum of musical influences. Moving away from his known tropical style in 2016, Jake has teamed up with formidable singer LKA to create a song combining epic synth surges with fulfilling drum beats to create an emotional experience. Alongside the distinctive and mermerizing vocals of LKA, this latest musical installment is set to separate him from crowd.

While we anticipate what’s coming next for Jake and LKA, we had the opportunity to ask each of them about the inspiration behind “Chasing Time” and for them to put together some of their current favorite songs. Dig in below!


FAULT Magazine: Jake, can you tell me the same about the UK’s music scene?
Jake Aider: I think the UK music scene is really strong at the moment. Behind all of the music you hear in the charts and on radio there is a lot of unique artists and musicians waiting for the lime light and I think now more than ever their voice is starting to get heard.

FAULT: What’s the story behind “Chasin Time?”
JA: Throughout my life I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate artistically with a wide scale of talented individuals. The only problem was that slowly, but surely, I began to listen to what everyone else was saying and didn’t take any time to think about how I wanted to present my art. I was told what my sound was, what kind of lyrics I should write and what kind of clothes I should wear, etc. For a while, I wanted to blame others. However, now as I look back, I realise that the only person I can blame for the mistakes that I have made is myself. I was the one who was actually holding myself back. I could have, so many times, gone with my gut, but I didn’t. I don’t regret a single experience that I have been through, because I believe that every moment along the way has been a valuable lesson for what lies ahead. As soon as I heard Jakes incredible production, the lyrics and melody began to tumble out and I was absolutely inspired. I feel like our collaboration has been one of the most inspiring experiences that I have had in a long time, and I’m really thankful! Now, as I have processed a lot of what I have been through so far, I feel like I’m at a point where I am done “chasin’ time gone by”, and instead, I want to take one step at a time towards whatever is next.

FAULT: How would you each describe your sound in three words?
JA: Uplifting. Big. Thoughtful

FAULT: What’s coming up next for you?
JA: I am working on the next few releases for 2017 already. Shouldn’t be too long until you hear more from me! Chasin’ Time was the perfect song to start 2017 off and hopefully my next single will keep the good vibes coming! I am sure this won’t be the first and last time LKA and myself will work together.

Gallant – Weight in Gold

“Gallant’s vocals on this track are amazing. Still sends shivers up my spine. The synth surges in the chorus make this soulful RnB track stand out and this track oozes emotion.”

Frank Gamble – Heart Speaks

“Heart Speaks is just glitch soul greatness! The chorus is colossal and will put anyone in a good mood!”

Krrum – Still Love

“I am a huge fan of Krrum, and his most recent release ‘Still Love’ is still played on a daily basis. Again like the other tracks i have mentioned, this tracks beat and catchy vocals along with my love of dirty brass makes a great song!”

Ella Vos – Down In Flames

“This song is like Imogen Heaps ‘Hide and Seek’ but with an amazing bounce like feel to it. Her vocals are so soothing and the instrumentation makes it a great come down song!”

LKA – Underwater

“I could not not put one of LKA’s tracks in my list. I have wanted to work with LKA for a long time now and when I heard ‘Underwater’ late last year, I had to reach out to her for a collaboration! Her soulful and emotional vocals over the glitchy yet anthemic instrumentation is what I am all about! I feel ‘Chasin Time’ is the combination of our best attributes in one song!”

HANNAH – Stranded

“I am a huge fan of LKA’s partner in crime, HANNAH. Her most recent track ’Stranded’ the chorus is an anthem in itself. The dynamic build makes this track beautifully intense. My kind of track!”


FAULT Magazine: LKA, can you tell me the same about the UK’s music scene?
LKA: I’ve spent the first 18 years of my life moving around from country to country (Japan-Finland-Canada-Finland-Japan), which I believe has had an influence on the fact that I am not so deeply aware of the music scene in Finland. I’ve always been more focused on finding new inspiration from abroad. However, Jippu is an exception. She’s one of the few Finnish artists that I have listened to for years now. She is an absolutely incredible vocalist and every time that I see her perform live, I get shivers and cry. She sings with every fibre of her being, and always leaves everything on the stage. There are, however, also a lot of really cool “underground” artists in Finland who are on the rise, such as HANNAH, Jenniy, Siiri Kangas and LadyH. They are all close friends, and seeing them working passionately on their artistries from a close range has been extremely inspiring.

FAULT: What’s the story behind “Chasin Time?”
LKA: I’ve always been a dreamer. Throughout my life I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate artistically with a wide scale of talented individuals. The only problem was that slowly, but surely, I began to listen to what everyone else was saying and didn’t take any time to think about how I wanted to present my art. I was told what my sound was, what kind of lyrics I should write and what kind of clothes I should wear, etc. For a while, I wanted to blame others. However, now as I look back, I realise that the only person I can blame for the mistakes that I have made is myself. I was the one who was actually holding myself back. I could have, so many times, gone with my gut, but I didn’t. The thing is, I don’t regret a single experience that I have been through, because I believe that every moment along the way has been a valuable lesson for what lies ahead. So easily, we want to put the blame on someone other than ourselves. The thing is, we should all take a long, hard look in the mirror before we try to find the fault in others. Now, as I have processed a lot of what I have been through so far, I feel like I’m at a point where I am done “chasin’ time gone by”, and instead, I want to take one step at a time towards whatever is next. As soon as I heard Jakes incredible production, the lyrics and melody began to tumble out and I was absolutely inspired. I feel like our collaboration has been one of the most uplifting experiences that I have had in a long time musically, and I’m really thankful!

FAULT: How would you each describe your sound in three words?
LKA: Candid. Hopeful. Vulnerable.

FAULT: What’s coming up next for you?
LKA: A bunch of new music will be out this year! I’m always working with my partner-in-crime HANNAH. We write music as a team for ourselves, as well as other artists, and we call ourselves Sky & Fey Music. Some exciting things are coming up. Also, I’m definitely looking forward to future collaborations with Jake!

Lizzy Land – Sweet Melodies

“I could listen to this song over and over again, I think it’s super hypnotising!”

White Balance – Flock

“I really appreciate the simplicity of the production and I love how Maaria’s perfectly soft vocals flow over the track.”

Kevin Garrett – Refuse

“Kevin’s vocals are amazing! I find this to be incredibly soothing.”

Jake Alder Socials:

LKA Socials:

FAULT Weekly Playlist: Benji Lewis

Let the sound electronic sounds and falsetto vocals of Melbourne artist Benji Lewis and his latest single “Drift” carry you away. “Drift” comes ahead of his “Home For Now” EP and the track’s warm melodies are sure to put any of your woes at ease. Co-written and produced with Golden Vessel, this song explores the ebbs and flows of a melodic-electronic soundscape accented by a strong synth beat and firefly-like twinkles.

We asked Benji to put together a playlist of some of his current favorite Soundcloud releases including tracks from Aquilo, Lapsley, and WOODES. Take a listen below.

Aquilo – Silhouette

“I love everything about this song. The beauty, the emotion behind the vocals and that piano. It has you from the start, love these guys. their sound and what they do.”

Slumberjack ft. Vera Blue – Fracture

“Already being a fan of Vera Blue and her beautiful voice. Was pretty easy to get hooked on this big song with all the right beats to go with her powerful voice. Always turn this one up!”

gnash ft. wrenn – fragile

“This song is just perfect. The simple acoustic guitar and the two voices of gnash and wrenn is all you want to hear and keep hearing once the song starts. It has a sadness to it, but it’s speaking of a story in such a truthful way. So beautiful!”

Lapsley – Falling Short

“Ohhhh this womans voice, just LOVE! I love how the piano, vocals, the effects and loops all just roll so effortlessly from one to the other and together in the best of ways.”

Woodes – Rise

“I mean the style of production from the intro already has you and then when Woodes starts singing, I’m done. Really cool, uplifting song.”

Alex Vargas – Higher Love

“This guy’s voice is just sooo good, so already loving that plus the power and pumping up feels that come with this song. Always a good listen.”

The Weeknd ft. Lana Del Rey – Stargirl Interlude

“This guy’s music is always cool and has a good beat, add the beautiful voice of Lana Del Rey and the way she delivers her vocals. So simple, elegant, relaxed, sexy and beautiful. Just a short interlude, but I love it!”

Golden Vessel ft. Woodes – Vines

“I have been a fan of the production style of Golden Vessel since I first came across his stuff last year. This song is no different, it’s relaxed, minimal and leaves all the space for the cool and beautiful vocals from Woodes. Good chill out song.”

Mallrat – Uninvited

“Only got on the Mallrat train recently, through a crossing of networks. It’s such a fun cool song to have on at all different times of the day. Gets ya moving and singing along.”

JOY. – Heads or Tails

“I always come back to this EP from Joy. Her song ‘Like Home’ got hooked again to that and all her music again. This is now my favourite. The melodies, how her cool and beautiful voice go together with the music. All the emotion and true lyrics, I relate to it and love it. To listen to, turn up with headphones on and sing along to. Yusssss”

Benji Lewis Socials:

Big Beat Records Highlights Dance Music from Around the World

Big Beat Records is a label that has set the current industry standard in the electronic music space. As a purveyor of some of the biggest household names in dance, the label has announced the release of the second edition of their “Ignition” compilation.

The series highlights an expertly curated selection of electronic and dance music from around the world to bring attention to the global community that has come together around the music’s culture. From late night bedroom listening to legendary club nights to the festival stages that draw crowds larger than some entire cities, Big Beat Ignition showcases this world while celebrating and highlighting some of our favorite music creators, from the up-and-coming to the established.

All 10 tracks on the compilation are previously unreleased and spotlights Paris’ burgeoning scene through an extended visual that follows a group of spirited youths as they take on the city from day to night. Produced and directed by New York based trio Stephanie Varela, Derec Dunn and Katia Spivakova who wanted to “capture some of the Parisian essence: seductive, magic and timeless.” Over email the three told us “there was no plot other than ‘this is us, here, tonight’.”

Check out the full tracklist for “Ignition: Paris” below and purchase the compilation here.

1) Henri – Fine Day (feat. Anita Briem) (Henri’s Monstertooth Mix)
2) Benson Groove – String Ting
3) Ofenbach – Be Mine
4) Get To Know – About You
5) Stray Echo – Mad Day Out
6) Jynx – Night Shade
7) Club Cheval – Discipline
8) Kattison & Parx – Nodus
9) Applebottom – Dials
10) KENDL – Drive Slow

FAULT Weekly Playlist: POOLCLVB

Sydney producer POOLCLVB’s music feels like the summer disco romance you’ve been waiting for. He recently released his highly anticipated “You + Me” EP – a collection of four tracks brimming with cosmic synths and disco infused bounce.

“You + Me EP is in essence a story of boy meets girl, the relationship that follows and an expression of emotion that can sometimes be unspoken,” POOLCLVB says about the release. “I’ve created two characters here, somewhat based on real events and people in my life. This EP gives a voice to those to express how they truly feel, whether it be positive or negative.”

We asked POOLCLVB to put together some of his current favorite songs, including tracks from Bonobo’s latest album and much more.

Winston Surfshirt – Be About You

“These guys are one of the most exciting acts about blow the roof off 2017. Dude can sing, rap and write.. triple threat action, mic drop.”

Sage Nebulous – Harambe’s Night Out

“Found this dude on spotify crossing the border of Hong Kong into China.. Punch as hell synth work and surprise sax!…Don’t let the name full you.”

Cosmo’s Midnight – History

“This little weapon is fresh off the burner, and i haven’t stopped listening to it. Everything Cosmo’s do is pure genius.”

Troyboi – And Wot

“What were we just talking about?. Oh yeah.. Punchy AF synth work.. Perfect mash of neo soul, uk garage and everything in between.”

Nick Wisdom – Neeed That

“Another revamped neo soul-esk heater. Its all about the drums. This is for fans of Kaytranada.”

Bonobo – Kerala

“Whole album is pure fire, hard to pick a fav. but this is doing everything it needs to.”

RÜFÜS – Innerbloom

“This 9 minute epic goes everywhere it needs to, you get lost in time. If you get a chance to witness it live, your life will change. If i ever did a top 5 fav bands of all time, these guys would place high.”

NVOY – Make You Mine

“Young guns of the UK house scene, pretty much play everything they put out. That synth work tho!”

Bob Moses – Tearing Me Up

“Chill out to some Bob Moses, thanks for stopping by xo.”