Melbourne beatmaker Elkkle shares future trap single “Diderot”


What is a Diderot?” you might ask. For one, it’s the title of Melbourne producer Elkkle’s latest single but according to textbooks “The Diderot Effect observes the tendency for people to buy things that compliment their identity, and when they buy things that demonstrate a shift in their identity, a spiral of consumption can follow as they seek to abandon anything that no longer aligns with that identity.” Sounds pretty ominous and it’s perhaps a reflection on our consumer culture.

Elkkle’s track is a multi-layered, introspective cut with strong trap influences, recorded in the same old shipping container where Elkkle wrote and recorded the demo vocals for the recent Golden Vessel single ‘Shoulders’, and where he and Woodes created the 2015 Woodes x Elkkle EP.

Stream “Diderot” below and watch the official clip for the track.

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FAULT Weekly Playlist: Saro

Los Angeles artist Saro is prepping to release his forthcoming new EP late summer / early fall and recently released the first single “Sky Doesn’t Blue.” Saro’s clear voice cuts through the track like the sun breaking through the clouds on an overcast day, with percussive synths that provide a dream pop atmosphere.

We asked Saro to put together a playlist of what he’s currently digging including SZA and Weyes Blood – take a listen below!

Marie Davidson – Naïve to the Bone

“You can’t listen to this song and not want to move. This has been my go to album for dancing in the shower.”

SZA – Anything

“This song just reminds me of cool. The entire SZA record has been heavily on repeat since its release.”

Perfume Genius – Slip Away

“I’ve been a fan of his for so long and the music gets better with every album.”

Weyes Blood – Be Free

“I once worked out to this song on repeat for 20 minutes without realizing it.”

Jeff Buckley and Elizabeth Frazer

“All Flowers In Time Bend Toward The Sun – This song devastates me every time. It’s a demo that was leaked after Buckley’s untimely death.”

The Smiths – Reel Around the Fountain

“I have read between the lines while listening to this song for so many years. I have no idea what the song is actually about but it gives me a feeling of solidarity.”

Hundred Waters – Jewel In My Hands

“I love the ethereal atmospherics and Nicole’s lyrics are so beautiful.”

ionna Lee – Not Human

“This is the newest from Jonna Lee (Iamamiwhoami). She is one of my favorite performers. I was lucky enough to see her perform with Royksopp this spring. She’s definitely not human.”

Big Thief – Shark Smile

“I just discovered Big Thief and they’re quickly becoming a favorite. The guitar tones are perfect and the vocals are timeless.”

Arca – Piel

“The first time I heard this, the feedback synth made my brain twitch. Now I long for that feeling. Everything about the track is beautifully haunting.”

Music and Anime Intersect in Leng Hock’s Music Video for “All The Way”

Emerging hip hop/R&B crossover artist Leng Hock is quickly becoming one of Australia’s most eclectic artists as evident by his latest release “All The Way.” The accompanying music video is the perfect marriage of music and breath taking visuals that depicts Hock’s inner turmoil about a relationship close to him.

Half of the video features real life actors, while the other half has scenes curated from Hock’s favourite anime Inu x Boku SS and Terror in Resonance and film Fallen Angels. Watch it below.

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FAULT Weekly Playlist: Chimes

Dance pop duo CHIMES (Jamie Draper and Paul Aiden) recently released their anticipated, Ninety Four EP, a collection of genre bending tracks that integrate elements of electronic, R&B and pop with an undeniable commercial appeal.

Over the past year, the pair have steadily been establishing an online presence, garnering regular support from BBC Introducing. Aside from singles releases, Ninety Four is their first body of work for CHIMES and showcases Jamie and Paul’s penchant for creating infectious dance pop tunes.

We asked CHIMES to put together some of their current favorite tracks including Little Dragon and HONNE. Stream it below!

Little Dragon – Twice

“We both have an eclectic taste in music but we find common ground in the abstract. This and the next track both speak wonders in style and character. We’ve sat back in the studio listening to these to ‘reset.'”

Radiohead – Burn The Witch

“Everything in this has its rightful place. Nothing is wasted. It takes several listens to appreciate it.”

Washed Out – Feel It All Around

“Love this one, really sets a scene which we try to do with our music. It’s an instant vibe, no prep needed.”

Galantis – Runaway (U & I)

“When this first came out it was a smash hit. It was a really inspiring track in terms of its writing. Great one to get pumped to on the way to the studio or show.”

Frank Ocean – Swim Good

“Paul is one to really channel inspiration from this, I like it too but Paul’s the leader on this.”

HONNE & Izzy Bizu – Someone That Loves You

“Another studio chill/break track that really helps reset your ears. It’s one of the smoothest tracks I know and love.”

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FAULT Weekly Playlist: TOTEM

It’s always great to see more diversity in the music industry and TOTEM one of the artists cropping up that’s challenging perceptions. TOTEM is an Indian-American man who weaves smart political and social commentary into slick pop production. Proving that pop music doesn’t have to be thoughtless 4-on-the-floor beats, his skill of turning astute cultural criticism into catchy earworms is bringing him surprising success.

TOTEM is currently working on his EP, which will be out this summer, but before that we asked him to put together some of his current favorite songs. Take a listen below.

Calvin Harris – Heatstroke

“I love this new new disco feel that Calvin Harris is doing. This and Slide have been on repeat. Pharrell’s pre-chorus is so unexpected but feels so good. I loved Jamie XX’s last album and this is as close as we have come in pop music.”

Kodak Black – Tunnel Vision

“The hook is an earworm and that detuned sample in the background reminds me of a song from Lauryn Hill’s “Unplugged” album. You gotta listen to this under the influence in a dark room.”

Future – Mask Off

“I read something in the New York Times magazine about this song a couple weeks ago and it made me appreciate this song a lot more. I had no idea about Future’s personal transformation. Also, the recorder sample.”

Julia Michaels – Issues

“It’s great to see songwriters win as artists, and Julia Michaels deserves to win. She and Justin Tranter have been writing exclusively hits for over a year, and this one is no different.”

Vice feat. Jon Bellion – Obsession

“Jon Bellion is one of my favorite songwriters and vocalists. This is such a feel good tune.”

mansionz – Wicked

“I hate the shtick, but this song is really good.”

Drake – Blem

“My favorite song off the new Drake playlist. I really envy his melodic simplicity.”

KAYTRANADA – Got it Good

“I was really late on KAYTRANADA, but this is the song that got me. Nice to hear Craig David’s voice too. His kind of pop R&B is what the world is missing right now.”

Frank Ocean – Chanel

“I’m always amazed how many really dynamic melodies Frank Ocean can fit into one song. This one sounds so fresh but classic.”

Zedd and Alessia Cara – Stay

“Zedd is a musical genius. The drop in this song has so many elements I love— space, harmonies, vocoders. Simplicity at it’s most impactful.”

FAULT Weekly Playlist: Midnight Pool Party

Sydney producers Midnight Pool Party make the kind of music you want to play while out on a late night drive or in the club dancing under a disco ball. The pair have released their anticipated debut EP ‘Dalliance’, which sees a playful five-track body of work brought to life through a clear musical objective. Lyrically, the EP draws from the bittersweet emotions of the ups and downs of relationships, but musically expresses an irresistible groove with soulful, feel-good rhythms. So if you’re in need of a pick-me-up post-breakup, this is what just the doctor ordered.

We asked MPP to put together some of their favorite tunes, which includes tracks from fellow Aussies Flight Facilities and Flume, as well as one of the duo’s inspirations, Snakehips.

Cosmos Midnight – History

“Getting drunk and going home with someone shouldn’t. Taking that scenario turning it into a dance song applies to so many people on the dance floor, smart and catchy AF.”

Calvin Harris/Frank Ocean/Migos – Slide

“When we read ‘CALVIN + FRANK + MIGOS’ we did know what to expect… until we pressed ‘PLAY’ and it was instant love.”

Kaytranada – Got It Good

“Kaytranada never does anything wrong and pairing up with smooth vocals from Craig David makes this song so smooth and so chill.”

Drake – Take Care

“Drake combined with Jamie xx was unexpected but so cool. It was different from what other hip hop artists were doing at the time. Drake always seems to keep things interesting.”

Banks – Warm Water (Snakehips Remix)

“We loved the original version by Banks, but Snakehips injected so much grove into their remix that we couldn’t stop listening. It’s everything we aimed for when we were making our own music.”

Flight Facilities – Clair de Lune

“FF Boys are gods to us and this song inspired us to write our track ‘collide’, intense, beautiful.”

Young Franco – Drop Your Love (Ja Funk Remix)

“Young Franco is the coolest dudes ever! The original amazing but this funky ass remix just takes it to a different level.”

Flume – Never Be Like You

“There’s a reason why this was #1 on triple j hottest 100! Flume is doing Australia proud.”

Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You

“That falsetto! Oooft! Even if you can’t sing, you can’t help but sing along anyway… and cry at the same time haha.”

Chance The Rapper – All Night

“His whole album is amazing and this song is an absolute jam. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, when this song comes on your body just moves to the beat without you knowing it… now THAT is a good song!”

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FAULT Weekly Playlist: Sun City

Perth duo Sun City have pleasured our ears with tracks off their “Daytona EP” that is the perfect companion to the fact that it’s the first day of Spring. The duo, comprised of Tobias John and Daniel Mackey, have allowed this record to be a vessel to share what’s been happening while they’ve been in hibernation.

The EP recalls the glory days of nu-disco and echoes the tropicana beats of production heavyweights like Fred Falke and Gigamesh. We asked Sun City to put together some of their favorite Spotify songs and it’s no surprise that they’ve selected some of their Australian buddies like The Aston Shuffle and Pnau to lead the charge. Take a listen below!

Benson – Trying (feat. Yeo)

“The combination of these two Aussie guys is fire. Production lords! Both well and truly doing big things ATM, they have created something really special. Full of melancholy melody’s and heart hitting hooks this track really hits the spot. Get around it!”

Crooked Colours – Flow

“Growing up in the scene with these 3 dudes, watching and listing to there tunes has been awesome. Their new track Flow has them really showing us what they can do. Lead singer Phil’s vocals and story telling really sets the tone for this song. Accompanied by some beachy surf rock beats and Wavy synth sections, it makes us feel like We’re at some kind of psychedelic beach party. Lovin it!”

New Order – Age of Consent

“A classic track by one of the classic 80’s dance floor kings. Age of consent pretty self-explanatory. A coming of age song! A track that just makes you want to grab all your mates and road trip down the coast. Making your own adventure and getting into trouble.”

Commandeur – Speak your mind (ft. Yeo)

Pnau – Chameleon

“Yeah ok it’s a bit of a banger (is that even a bad thing? Surely not), but Chameleon is the latest release from Oz dance outfit PNAU! It’s been a while between tunes but it was worth the wait! It is everything and more you’d expect from legends of the scene. They just know how do right. It’s Progressive and super catchy!”

Tourist – Too Late

“British lord Tourist is that one guy on the scene who has just mastered the progression of a beat and sound. Such simple changes thru out his tracks create whole new ways of hearing them. It is a skill! This track too late is prime example. Always gets you moving.”

The Aston Shuffle – Pass You By

“These two guys have been a massive inspiration to us. Both as super talented artists, but also just super nice guys (cue the time they took us out to dinner five years ago when we supported them in Perth – it was our first big show!). Talented and always pushing the envelope with what aussie dance music is, and the nicest blokes you’ll ever meet. Their new track Pass You By continues to hit all the right places.”

Danny Darko – Los Angeles (Slinko Remix )

“Such a funky, tropical, house jam with a pop polish. With hooks in all the right places and a solid cruising 4 on the floor. This remix sets you up for a good afternoon in the sun with your mates.”

Gigamesh – The Music

“We love this track and is a regular in our Dj sets. It always gets the crowd moving. With such a suitable name for a song, “the Music” is a track that shows how all the different moving parts of a track come together to give us a joyous dance floor jam.”

Bonobo – Kerela

“The musical landscapes created in Bonobos tracks are more than often ridiculous! Being able to pull at your soul from a few sound waves and changing your moods… you have to give credit. This track Kerela is a bit of a lounge track, showing off their percussive prowess and emotive melodies. True artists!”

Sun City Socials:

FAULT Weekly Playlist: LEVV

LEVV is the electropop duo of Audrey Assad and Seth Jones dedicated to helping music lovers dance through life’s pain by giving voice and rhythm to their own. Together they make pop songs that meld emotional substance with electronic finesse; themes as intimate as the dissolution of Seth’s marriage and Audrey’s escape from a cult are set to a dance beat without sacrificing substance.

Recently the pair shared “Collateral Damage,” the lead single from their forthcoming EP. We had the opportunity ask Seth and Audrey about some of the songs they’re listening to currently that inspire them, including singles from Bon Iver and Agnes Obel. Take a listen below!

Frida Sundemo – Neon

“This is one of the few songs you hear in life that grab you in some unexplainable way and never let you go. There have been a number of LEVV writing sessions that were inspired by this song and other songs of Frida’s. It is the perfect example of how a song can be greater than the sum of its parts. The emotion of chorus melody takes you somewhere familiar you’ve never been.” – Seth

Haux – Caves (Samuraii Remix)

“I love this song because of how simply it accomplishes what it set out to. As a producer, many times you’re tempted by all the tools in your hands. I love tracks like this Caves remix because it reminds me that deliberate production is always better than “noise.” It’s understated but powerful.” – Seth

Banners – Shine A Light

“There’s something about this lyric that continues to draw me back to it. There aren’t any bells and whistles in the track, it’s straight forward euro-dance, but the magic is in the melody and lyric. With Collateral Damage, we really tried to capture powerful emotion in simple ideas. Shine A Light does it to perfection.” – Seth

Among Savages – Start At The Beginning

“Seth and I were both listening to this when we first started writing / recording LEVV songs. The disorienting, daring orchestration and shuffling drums were great inspiration for our first batches of orchestral pop music—it’s elegant and emotive, but not too pretty.” – Audrey

Agnes Obel – Riverside

“Agnes is a big influence on me as a pianist and a lyricist—she evokes so much about the interior journey of life through her visceral descriptions of the physical world and her delicate, yet adventurous piano and vocal work on this song. There’s a really pleasant Scandinavian sensibility to her arrangements—sparse, but lush. This song in particular has haunted me since I first heard it and I’m ok with that!” – Audrey

Bon Iver – Beth/Rest 

“Where do I begin with this song? The Chicago keyboard sounds, the saxophone weaving in and out, the aching melody—this song scratches pretty much all my 80s kid itches, not to mention that it makes me want to climb a mountain at sunset and drink til I cry healing tears! I think it’s safe to say when Bon Iver put that saxophone all over this track like chocolate sauce the rest of us felt permission to finally do the same—we certainly took that liberty with Collateral Damage.” – Audrey

Grey/Bahari – I Miss You 

“Slightly tribal, with a close and emotional vocal, I Miss You is a one-song melancholy party for all your sad dance needs. We like to think we make sad dance music (of which Collateral Damage is only our first example) and there isn’t enough of it in the world, so this track is right up our alley.” – Audrey

Manse, ft. Jantine – Time Of Our Lives 

“Even the saddest dance music nerds (hint: us) would like to let go and have a good time once in a while. This track is effervescent and fun and bubbles over like champagne, with no sad lyrics in sight. We love Jantine’s soft, sweet vocals. I don’t have a big voice so it’s always nice to hear other dance vocalists who have tender voices doing big fun tracks.” – Audrey

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