FAULT Weekly Playlist: Anson

Pop punk has a new face fronted by rising three-piece ANSON. Comprised of Anson Li (Vocals), George Tello (Bassist), and Zack Mueller (Lead Guitarist) offer an array of introspective songs about life and discovering who you are as a person, while also paying homage to the early 2000s emo rock scene that launched the careers of Taking Back Sunday, Paramore, and Jimmy Eat World.

Their latest single “Hailey” comes from the band’s debut EP entitled “To Be or Nothing At All,” which is set to released later this month on September 29th. Ahead of the EP drop, we asked Anson, George, and Zack to share with us tracks that have been formative for them as musicians. Take a listen below.

“To Be or Nothing At All” is available for pre-order here.

Taking Back Sunday – A Decade Under The Influence
“This song comes from my favorite record of all time. I cannot think of how many times this
album has saved me from my depression and has lifted me up when I’m down. No matter what
time period in my life, this song has always touched my soul with so much emotion that it
reminds me of why I write music in the first place.” – Anson

Neck Deep – Don’t Wait (ft. Sam Carter)
“I’m a fan of pop punk, this song is the perfect mix of pop punk and heavy. Wait it has Sam carter
what a surprise .” – George

Minus The Bear – Pachuca Sunrise
“‘Midnight on a Beach in the Mediterranean, and I miss you’. The first verse could be one of the
most beautifully written lines in all of indie rock and the guitars are doing some really cool lines.
This song is a masterpiece. “– Zack

Relient K – College Kids
“This song always puts me in a good mood. This particular album this song comes from always
reminds me that music is fun. The style and the lyrics of the music you make are what you want
to make of it. In this specific case, a funny song about why college sucks. We’ve all been there.” – Anson

Beartooth – Me In My Own Head
“This one is an oldie but a Goldie. I suffered with depression for a bit and this song did the trick
to pull me out. Everything can be fixed, it’s just me in my own head. “ – George

Brand New – Guernica
“Really any song off Deja Entendu can be on the list, it’s one of the albums I listen to from top to
bottom every couple days. That’s partly because of LA traffic but I digress.” – Zack

Mayday Parade – If You Wanted A Song Written About You, All You Had To Do Was Ask
“Nothing better than some old school Mayday Parade. This song always intrigued me because of
the melody as well as the notable bass and drum intro. This song has a lot of subtle cool
background production that I always have appreciated.” – Anson

City and Colour – Hello, I’m In Delaware
“This song is about being on tour and missing your loved ones. It’s helped me get through a lot of
lows on the road and there is a live version on Youtube with a full band, and it is show-stopping
stunning.” – Zack

Architects – Youth Is Wasted On The Young
“This song is powerful, and maintains a heavy beat with meaningful lyrics love it.” – George

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FAULT Weekly Playlist: elkkle

Melbourne artist elkkle is making waves there’s no dying that. The burgeoning artist has recently closed out a tour supporting Golden Vessel along to run alongside a feature on the fellow Australian’s single “Shoulders.” With all of this under his belt, elkkle is an artist that’s starting to bubble over the surface.

In anticipation of his debut solo EP, elkke has released a new single “Fails,” a track about the relationship between mental and physical health. Your ears and imagination will conjure up images of fragility, yet leave you feeling empowered with his strength of conviction.

We asked elkkle to put together a playlist of his current favorite tracks, and it’s clear that he has a wide range of influences. Check out his selections below and fall into a deep, deep groove that will carry you into the weekend.

Noname – Shadow Man

“This song is pure existential bliss. I love the thought of all these fantastic musicians sitting around the studio sharing their thoughts and experiences of death, and trying to paint their own cool picture of the afterlife and the world they leave behind. Makes me all warm and fuzzy and humbled.”

Lonelyspeck – Settle

“It would be understatement to say I love the music of Lonelyspeck. I’m really inspired by everything in here – the kick placements that toy with your expectations, the delicate vocals and thoughtful lyric of self-realization, the incredible sound design. Most of all what I love is that it all just sounds fearless.”

Aphir – Can’t Comfort

“Aphir is making some of the most unique music coming out of Australia. Her soft vocals bring a sensitivity made powerful by bold production.”

Apollo – Nobody (ft Jay Cooper)

“There’s something happening in LA, stirring and hidden, and this is the first glimpse.
Not much more to say. This track is huge.”

Galimatias – Won’t Forget

“I’ve never heard a song climax like this. Not to mention the journey that comes afterwards. It’s hard to stop this track from putting you right where it wants you – nostalgic, thinking about your crush and wishing they were there to dance with you.”

Leftenent – We Can Do Better

“I remember I was on a train in Sydney to a friend’s house (who happens to also be on this list) when I first heard this. The profound feeling I experienced was something I’d never had happen before.

Leftenent’s music conjures up imagery of vast spaces and vivid colors, yet somehow feels restrained – like it wants to let you down easy, and make you understand.”

Lupa J – Keep Back

“Lupa J’s esoteric sound is one you cannot find in any other artist.
She’s pushing song writing somewhere gritty and honest, while retaining pop undertones. Her blistering production that’s always striking to hear. All self-produced!

I’ve seen her live, too, and that is something special indeed.”

htmlFlowers – Chrome Halo

“htmlFlowers is making music that gives a voice to those that rarely get a chance to. Without putting him up on a pedestal, I just think it’s straight-up important listening. Besides that the lyrics are thoughtful and honest and the beats are as just as heavy.

Banoffee’s vocals hit that spot Banoffee is best at hitting: Standoffish, charming and unapologetic.”

Nico Niquo – In A Silent Way

“Silence is a part of music often misunderstood by artists and listeners as empty time. No sound, no meaning, nothing said. But oh boy does this piece say a lot with its silence, careful pacing and movement. Nico is an artist worthy of the tunneled eyes of history.”

Golden Vessel – Shoulders ft. elkkle & Mallrat

“Golden Vessel is one of the sharpest producers out there, creating sounds that are immediately relatable and fun to listen to, while still having enough bite and intrigue to keep lovers of sound design on their toes. He’s probably going to change the game altogether pretty soon. This track was so much fun to work on. It came together so naturally which is a testament to GV as a collaborator. Keep an eye out for his name in the credits of your next favourite car-trip track; ‘cause everything he touches turns golden (eyyyyyy lmao).

Mallrat is already changing the game, to be honest. A super talented writer and vocalist, she’s ahead of her time in many ways. Also has the best fan base I’ve seen.”

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See music through the kaleidoscopic lens of Australian beatmaker Daily Holla

Gold Coast producer Harry Deadman, aka Daily Holla, is back with a full body of work with the HYPERCOLOUR collection, a cosmic soundscape of fluid synths. Each track represents a certain time, place, or memory of Deadman’s, taking listeners on a deeply personal listening journey.

The collection is the culmination of two years of writing and today we’re happy to share it. Take a listen below.

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FAULT Weekly Playlist: cln

Australian producer cln is taking heartbreak and using it as an opportunity to make big changes. Musically, the end of a yearlong relationship caused him to take another look at songwriting and production – to switch gears if you will. It’s only fitting that his latest single is thus called “Switch Gears.”psuedo adds crisp verses and a melodic chorus over cln’s chilled out production with trap undertones.

This song release gave us the opportunity ask cln what he’s been listening to and inspiring him lately. Take a listen through his exclusive playlist for FAULT below.

Tyler, The Creator – Where This Flower Blooms

“Tyler’s new album is one of my favourite albums released this year. His music has matured significantly, and the whole album is really well done. The production in this song is super unique, and i love the Frank x Tyler combination.”

Sampha – Reverse Faults

“Sampha’s voice is incredible and I can’t stop listening to his recent album. I could pretty much list any song from the album here, but this one is my favourite. The snare drum in the drop is 10/10.”

Golden Vessel – Shoulders (ft. Elkkle + Mallrat) https://open.spotify.com/track/5GEDa0CNHxhGk0mn1gmcXX
“Golden Vessel is a good friend of mine, and this song is my favourite from him. The production is super lush and intricate + it’s combined with some really good songwriting.”

Frank Ocean – Godspeed

“Blonde is probably my favourite album of all time. I have listened to it constantly since it came out. A lot of people dismissed it because it’s not very poppy like Channel Orange, but i think anyone who has given it a few listens has fallen in love with it.

Again, I could list the whole album here. I’ve chosen Godspeed because i think it’s one of the more underrated songs on the album. The organ chord progression makes me melt.”

Tennyson – Like What

“This song is ridiculous. Possibly the coolest drop I have ever heard – when i listened to it for the first time it blew my mind. Their production is on a whole different level.”

Thundercat – Show You The Way

“Flying Lotus is one of the producers who I respect the most. When I found out he’d produced most of Thundercat’s album I was very excited. The whole album is really cool and unusual.
This song is my favourite, probably because of the Kenny Loggins + Michael McDonald features.”


“Any song that has A$AP Rocky and Frank Ocean is a winner in my book. Banger.”

Hiatus Kaiyote – Molasses

“This song came out in 2015 but I still can’t get over how complex it is. The amount of talent in this band is unreal.”

Montaigne – Consolation Prize

“Everyone loves a good ballad. Montaigne has an amazing voice and this song really shows it off well. Really beautiful stuff.”

SG Lewis – Yours

“SG Lewis is just a really good producer. He is good at keeping only the essential elements in his songs, he doesn’t overpopulate them with sounds. It’s really hard to do that well, and he does it perfectly.”

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FAULT Weekly Playlist: Night Argent

Welcome to Night Argent’s world of alternative rock. The Washington outfit recently released their highly anticipated sophomore EP “The Fear,” touting heavyweight co-writes from John Feldmann (Neon Trees, Biffy Clyro, Blink-182) and Steven Solomon. The six-track collection showcases Night Argent dynamic sound and puts forth the overarching mantra of tackling the thing, whatever it may be, that’s holding you back.


We asked the guys to put together a playlist of songs they can’t get enough of right now, including cuts from Halsey and Kesha’s new albums. Take a listen below and be sure to watch their self-directed and produced video for “Dreamcatcher.”


K.Flay – High Enough
“The thing I love about K.Flay is she doesn’t hold back lyrically. Her music is catchy, grimy, and honest. The production/arrangement in ‘High Enough’ is a great example of her musical versatility.”

Paper Route – Chariots 
“Paper Route has been one of my favorite bands for a long time. The Peace of Wild Things is still one of the best records I’ve ever listened to. Their new album ‘Real Emotion’ just builds on that legacy, with ‘Chariots’ being one of the stand out tracks.”

Syml – Where’s My Love
“We’ve had a chance to work and write with Brian Fennell, the mastermind behind Syml. His voice is raw and pure, and carries an emotional weight to it that’s unmatched. ‘Where’s My Love’ is melodically haunting, and never fails to illicit an emotional response from me.”

John Legend  – Love Me Now
“Hands down one of the best live performers of our lifetime. He can command an arena full of people with just his voice. I can listen to his music anywhere and everywhere, whether it’s working out, relaxing at home, or out with friends.”

Imagine Dragons – I’ll Make It Up To You 
“Obviously one of the biggest Rock Bands of this millennium, Imagine Dragons has no shortage of big and powerful rock songs. This song showcases their ability to take an 80’s dance production vibe and create an emotionally charged track that grooves the best of the Alt-Indie dance tracks.”

Niall Horan – Slow Hands
To be honest, I fell in love with this track long before I found out it was by a former member of OneDirection. That only made me respect this track that much more. The simplicity in the production, the unique gating of the vocals, and the catchiness of the melody create an irresistible combo.”

Halsey – Castle 
“I always expect to hear Halsey in every movie trailer or soundtrack. Her cinematic production, pop melodies, and edgy lyrics all act as the perfect display for her sweetly unique vocals. ‘Castle’ is a great example of that.”

Kesha – Praying 
“Anyone paying attention to things going on in the world are very well aware of Kesha’s story. Her struggle played out very publicly, and this track is a culmination of all of that. Stripped of the huge Dance/Pop Production, Kesha’s vocals are allowed to shine, and she pours every bit of herself into the song.”

Post Malone – Congratulations
“Say what you want about Post Malone, I know he’s the target of a lot of jokes, but he’s proven himself to be a real player in the music game. ‘Congratulations’ is extremely catchy, and every time it comes on I can’t help but to groove with it.”

Allen Stone – American Privilege 
“Allen is from our neck of the woods, and proudly represents the Pacific Northwest in everything he does. He’s one of the most soulful singers you’ll ever hear, and his band are some of the most talented guys in the game. ‘American Privilege’ is a very poignant look at our society and all of the things that we take for granted.”

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FAULT Weekly Playlist: Kite String Tangle

Australian beatmaker The Kite String Tangle (Danny Harley) reaches into the recesses of your fragile heart with his emotionally stirring music. Earlier this summer, he released his debut self-titled album and it’s nothing short of a work of art.

His dynamism as a producer as well as a vocalist is showcased across the 11 tracks, displaying his penchant for edge-y production and unburdened lyrics. Music is of course, supposed to be a release from the mundane, from reality is it not? The Kite String Tangle makes that so.

We asked Danny to put together some of his current favorite tracks including cuts from Tourist, The Beach Boys, and Jamie XX to name a few. Be sure to give his latest single “Waiting” a spin as well.

Tourist – Run

“This song is one of the first I heard from his debut album. I’ve been watching his career for a while and hoping he’d drop an album and it was everything I could have hoped for. I feel like this album was made specifically for me. World class production and tastefully restrained where it needs to be without losing any interest.”

The Beach Boys – God Only Knows

“I was revisiting some older tunes lately. Not really sure why. I stumbled across this one and had totally forgotten how untouchable a song it is. It’s a classic for a reason and the harmony and melody are just so genius. Go Brian.”

Ambassadeurs – Tonight

“I’ve been a fan of a bunch of remixes from these guys and only the other day i decided to delve a little deeper and found this album from 2015, this is the last track from the record and is just a lovely little spacious tune to zone out to. Really digging it right now.”

George Fitzgerald – Full Circle

“I was pretty late to this one but totally fell in love with it years after it being released which is just a testament to the song and the power of honest music. This tune is crunchy unpredictable but still has such a great flow, just feels familiar in a nostalgic kind of way.”

Caribou – Mars

“One of my favourite tunes to throw into DJ sets when I do them. I love the unassuming groove and how it doesn’t really go anywhere and how absolutely fine that is.”

Jamie XX – I’ll Take Care of U

“I’m a massive Jamie XX fan and I’ve recently been going back to that album he did with Gil Scott-Heron. There’s some pretty wacky stuff on there, in a really good way. This is probably my favourite from that record.”

Fever Ray – Seven

“This is an album i was super super into ages ago. It’s still stuck with me because it’s just such an insanely unique sound, nobody really sounds like this or has tried to since then. The lyrics are just as quirky as the production. Great album, great song.”

Jonsi & Alex – Happiness

“This song changed my life. I’m a big fan of ambient music and I listened mostly to Brian Eno to get that fix…until this album. This song in particular showed me that something can be intensely beautiful through texture alone. Such a powerful thing.”

Flume – Wallfuck

“A super important album for electronic music. This song is a really good representation of where I think Flume wants to go with all of his music. I love that he still gets to be experimental but also make amazing pop music. Clever boy.”

Golden Vessel – Never Know (Feat. LASTLINGS)

“This is a song by super talented producer Max Byrne who is signed to my label Exist Recordings. It features effortlessly cool act LASTLINGS who are also signed to my label. It’s one of the best tracks from this EP and he has some even stronger stuff coming out on his next EP soon too. I recommend digging deep into Golden Vessel.”

The Kite String Tangle Socials:

FAULT Weekly Playlist: Kamaliza

Sydney’s Kamaliza and former member of the duo Olympic Ayres is looking to take over the world with his solo project. Recently Kamaliza quit his office job in order to dive into making music full-time, and we have to say we’re impressed with the results so far.

His latest single “Zanzibar” showcases Kamaliza’s distinctive and clear vocals on top of a whimsical flow of R&B electronica leading into a swell of multi-layered percussive rhythms and synths.

We asked Kamaliza to put together a playlist of what he’s been listening to, including a track from his bae SZA. Take a listen below and be sure to check out the music video for “Zanzibar.”

Darius, Wayne Snow – Helios

“Very sexy track, I love the sentiment – ‘Lend me your power, merge into me.'”

SZA, Travi$ Scott – Love Galore

“SZA’s my bae; she just doesn’t know it yet. What a beautiful voice and great songwriter.”

Outkast – SpottiOttieDopaliscious

“Those trumpets get me every time! In this song they capture their surroundings perfectly.”

X-COAST – Mango Bay

“If you like 90’s house, this one is for you.”

Frank Ocean – Pink + White

“When I hear this song I appreciate the fun I had in my youth so much more.”

Maleek Berry – Kontrol

“This song is pure African joy, chuck it on at a house party, watch the people dance.”

Tora – Another Case

“Was so proud to be Australian when I heard this track for the first time. Great call and response between the bass lines, I feel it in my gut.”

Klyne – Water Flow

“This track is tight, it came on randomly via SoundCloud and I’ve been bumping it on my travels.”

Jeremy Olander – Caravelle

“Sit tight with this one and wait for the release of tension at 3:40, you wont be disappointed.”

Rudimental – Spoons

“This song has been out for about 4 years now and I keep going back to it. If I ever need to realign my focus – this is my song of choice.”

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Melbourne beatmaker Elkkle shares future trap single “Diderot”


What is a Diderot?” you might ask. For one, it’s the title of Melbourne producer Elkkle’s latest single but according to textbooks “The Diderot Effect observes the tendency for people to buy things that compliment their identity, and when they buy things that demonstrate a shift in their identity, a spiral of consumption can follow as they seek to abandon anything that no longer aligns with that identity.” Sounds pretty ominous and it’s perhaps a reflection on our consumer culture.

Elkkle’s track is a multi-layered, introspective cut with strong trap influences, recorded in the same old shipping container where Elkkle wrote and recorded the demo vocals for the recent Golden Vessel single ‘Shoulders’, and where he and Woodes created the 2015 Woodes x Elkkle EP.

Stream “Diderot” below and watch the official clip for the track.

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