FAULT Weekly Playlist: Chores

New Zealand duo Chores offers up summery feel-good dance treats, the latest being their single “Vampire Teeth.” It’s sure to put some pep in your step before the weekend. Of the song, Chores says “Vampire Teeth” is a metaphor about the girl that you wished you loved, but it feels more like you own her.

We asked the guys to put together a playlist of some of the songs they have on repeat. You’ll find quite a few Aussies and New Zealand dance music stalwarts like Rufus Du Sol, Peking Duk and more. Listen in below!

Matthew Young – Fix Me Up

Mathew Young – this guy has been a hidden gem in NZ for a while, just released his first EP and this is the best track on the EP, got that smooth modern RnB vibe.

Rufus Du Sol – No Place

Rufus or Rufus Du Sol is one of the best bands in the world. Constantly pushing boundaries, always hitting the mark. These guys never miss the mark.

Oscar Key Sung – Simple Luv

Oscar Key Sung is Melbourne based RnB singer/songwriter. Been a huge fan of his for a while, and while all his stuff is amazing, his newest stuff is his best yet!

Benson & ZOLLY – Hold Out

Benson is a legend, amazing producer, nicest dude but also one of the funniest people in the music industry. This new single with Zolly is his strongest work yet, we actually have a remix of this coming out soon.

Jordan Burns – Buy My Love

I love any quality house music backing track with full vocals and thats exactly what this number is from Jordan Burns. Again another Australian, there is so much quality coming from here.

Golden Features – Worship

If Rufus is one of our favourite bands, then Golden Features is one of our favourite producers. His dark and rugged sound is so unique and unlike anyone else. The fact his new album he is utilising vocalists is just a bonus. Cant wait to hear the rest of the album.

Set Mo – Fault Lines

Set Mo are releasing a song a month every month at the moment. Some of them are deep club cuts and the others are vocal heavy radio tracks like this. However, all of them are amazing. This is my favourite so far.

Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa & ZHU – One Kiss

I love how innovative Zhu is, whether he’s doing an original, a remix, or in this case he’s doing a remix and then sings his own parts in sections. His production is always slick, and his voice is something else.

Peking Duk – Wasted

Peking duk are one of the most exciting acts in the country. Their live show is something else, we just saw them in Melbourne and then in NYC within two weeks. We are always referencing these guys in the studio and this track is our personal favourite at the moment.

ODESZA – All We Need (feat. Shy Girls)

One more dance/rnb track. This is a classic, love Shy Girls vocals and Odesza’s production is a given how world class it is.


[PREMIERE] Listen to Origami’s blissful new single “Back To California”

California upstart Origami’s new single “Back To California” shares the promise of warm weather and poolside escape. A slick synth loop sets the tone as smooth vocals and a funky beat take center stage to unleash their magic on a laid-back groove. Not much is known about Origami right now but the excitement is sure to rise as he’s set to release several singles over the rest of the year.

Take a listen below!


Australian producer Litche shares self-titled debut EP

Over the last few months we’ve been treated to two very amazing singles – “Voyage” featuring Woodes & “Winter” featuring Nrthn – from Australian producer Litche. In addition to these two lead singles, Litche today shares two previously unheard tunes to round of the angelic sounds of his debut self-titled EP, out now from La Belle Musique.

Of the EP writing experience Litche says the process was both “solitary and collaborative,” with all four EP tracks inspired by either a texture or field recording. “I really like to use samples with imperfection because they add a human and tangible element to a song.”

You can listen to Litche’s debut EP in full below.

Litche Socials:

North London crooner Latir channels fuzzed out R&B sounds with “I’ll Be There”

Ready to take Summer 2018 by storm, North London singer/songwriter Latir returns to the scene with his refreshing new single “I’ll Be There”. Inspired by a past love, for whom he desires to show his utmost love and care. “I’ll Be There” is a light-hearted, feel good reminder, that just as much as she is there for him, he is also there for her, especially in her specific periods of personal dismay.

Produced by Danny George, “I’ll Be There” showcases Latir’s vocal range over a slacker pop beat, fuzzed out synths, and jazz-influenced piano. Listen in below.”

Latir Socials:

Get transported to another world in Amsterdam duo CUT_’s music video for “Trick Me”

Amsterdam duo CUT_ takes you through their cinematic pop universe in the music video for their single “Trick Me”. The minimalist clip features glitchy tight framed cuts of Alice, performing an interpretive style of dance that mirrors the frenetic energy of the track. Her almost animal-like dance qualities combined with her androgynous beauty shines through in the video.

Take a look below!

Tour Dates:
April 20th: Luxor Live @ Arnhem, The Netherlands
April 21st: Grenswerk @ Venlo, The Netherlands
April 28th: Muziekgieterij @ Maastricht, The Netherlands
May 16th: Ancienne Belgique @ Brussels, Belgium
May 18th: Paradiso @ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
May 19th: Mezz @ Breda, The Netherlands
May 26th: Dauwpop Festival @ Hellendoorn, The Netherlands

CUT_ Socials:

FAULT Weekly Playlist: China Roses

Adelaide pop-rap duo China Roses (comprised of vocalist Jessica Fisher and producer Pietro Filippone) have dropped their latest single with a sound ever so familiar to that of fellow Radelaidian Allday and Brissy artist Mallrat.

“Piedaterres” is an uplifting track inspired by love and appreciation for those in your life who believe in the artistry you’re creating. “It’s written around the theme of surrounding yourself with people that believe in you, and encourage you to fulfill your potential.” We’re all about positive vibes and creating an inclusive community so we’re fully on board with China Roses.

We asked the duo to put together some of their current favorite tracks and you can see both Jes and Pietro’s picks below! Add these to your weekend party playlist.

Jes’s Picks

Mallrat – UFO

Amazing perspective. I also feel like an alien, going back to when I was 7 though. These two vibing are powerful and magical. A gift to the earth.

Paradise Club – Saturday Night

The nostalgic feel in this song from these fellow South Australians is amazing. Something about the combination of the synth and chorusing guitar is awesome Just one of the many bands I love for this reason along with Trophy Eyes and Good Doogs.

Kllo – Last Yearn

Such a cute cousin duo. I love her dark vocals and his minimalistic production. Definitely something we use as inspiration for our own music.

Odesza – Late Night

Play this on repeat to get out of a bad funk. This track is a day changer.

Jess Day – Waiting

This girl is talented. Her voice is so moving and inspires me to create things. Another South Australian, Jess and I have supported each other with our music from both of our beginnings.

Pietro’s Picks

Uth Fruit – Thorns

Virtually unknown, this guy is one of my biggest influences. His production is crisp, his music is unbelievably exciting and vibey. If I was stuck on a desert island with only one artist to listen to, this would be the guy.

Louis The Child – Slow Down Love

Since finding these guys on FIFA they have never missed the mark. One of my biggest influences, I just love everything they do.

Duckwrth – I’m Dead

Always keen to hear something super funky with genuinely dope and unique rapping. This guy is next level.

ShockOne – Bleed Black

Putting in a good word for a fellow Adelaidian. It’s hard to pull off a track of this caliber but he nailed it so hard, it’s like getting kicked in the ear.

Lido – Problems

I’ve listened to Lido for a while and this has got to be my favourite of his tracks. It’s so simple but does so much for me.

China Roses Socials:

FAULT Weekly Playlist: KODA

The grandson of a famous Haitian singer and a self-proclaimed vagabond, Koda channels his free-spirited personality in his music. Initially crafted as a side-project, Koda’s penchant for hook-laden ambient dream pop caught the attention of over 20 million streams and with it, calls from music supervisors all over the world.

That success led to the a one-way ticket from Colombia to Los Angeles, where Koda would spend the next few years buried in the studio, writing 100s of songs as he developed what would eventually become his? ?debut LP,? ?i? ?hope? ?this? ?makes? ?us? ?better?.? ?The project marks a return to his rock roots, a blend of vocals-driven neue-gaze, post-rock, and alternative electronica.

We asked Koda to put together a playlist of tracks that inspire him, including some music he picked up on while living on Colombia to b-sides from hip hop stalwarts OutKast. Tune in below.

Soft Hair – Lying Has to Stop

I am OBSESSED with this song. It’s pure bouncy, bubbly fun. It has this absurdist youthful Spongebob aesthetic to it- it’s actually insane, and the lyrics are so pointed and goofy. Connan Mockasin is a genius; I saw him once at UCLA, and halfway through his set he brought out Sergio Flores (the sexy sax man) and he was shooting roses into the crowd from his saxophone, it made so much sense. Everyone is sleeping on this song – it’s the only thing that makes sense in this fucked up reality.

Dámaso Pérez Prado – Caballo Negro

I was stoned out of my mind when I first heard this – It plays at the beginning of Santa Sangre; there’s a brilliant, literal bird’s eye view shot over the circus and this song choice is perfect. I don’t have much to say about this one beyond its perfection when married to those particular images. I spend a lot of my time writing music to picture and i don’t think i’ll ever get it this right.

Outkast – Prototype

Has there ever been a sadder, sexier song? I think not. It’s so many things at once and it’s one of those things you have to repeat 3-4 times every time it comes on. I’ve listened 3 times trying to find the words to describe it – it’s just so simple and succinct and the groove is incredible. Did André 3000 play bass on it?

Cibo Matto – Birthday Cake

This perfectly encapsulates the 1990’s. I’m very terrified of having children one day, and I think it has something to do with the way she’s pleading with her son in this. It’s so raw, and the kooky organ really hammers it in. It’s featured in this Japanese video game Jet Set Radio Future and that soundtrack was very formative; serving as precursor for the whole Bristol sound trip hop thing (for me).

The Mars Volta – Televators

I first heard this on a college music mag compilation CD courtesy of my dad, and I think it was the first time I really cried because of music. It was so beyond (in scope, in sound, in musical maturity) pretty much everything I was listening to at the time, and Cedric’s crooning absolutely destroyed my soul. Confession: I used to get picked on hard for my curly hair and used to either straighten it or cut it until I got into this band. It was always either too frizzy or too dirty or any number of things, and none of the bands I listened to looked anything like me. Then I saw The Mars Volta, and Cedric had this huge curly mess going, and he was SUCH A BADASS. It all clicked for me then. I don’t think I’d be singing today without them as role-models.

Radiohead – Daydreaming

This is an obvious pick. Thom Yorke is this huge role model for me and the depth of emotion on this track is shattering. It feels like my hero’s heart is breaking into a million pieces – it’s one of those things you hear and think “what’s even left for him?” It gave me this lingering fear of love and loss that’s hard to cope with. I can’t relate with it yet, and I’m terrified now of the day I can.

Nine Inch Nails – 20 Ghosts III

This has to be my favorite mood piece – the way it washes in and out – the techy nightmare world it paints a picture of. It’s night personified. Weaving in and out of traffic. Heavy Rain. I always picture some Lynchian horrorshow. I want to direct a music video for this some day – I don’t really know how, I just want to. This is such an ungroovy playlist now.

Krzysztof Penderecki – Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima

There’s a shame to this song. Even if you didn’t know the title you’d know what it was about, you can feel it in your core – this great evil we unleashed. My connection with music is mostly emotional and rarely intellectual – so i’m not the one to reflect on this piece in writing beyond saying “oh my god”. Haunting in the worst way.

Koda Socials:

FAULT Weekly Playlist: NoMBe

The Pharrell endorsed rising electro-soul phenomenon NoMBe has been releasing a steady stream of tracks over the last couple years, recently culminating in his first full-length “They Might’ve Even Love Me.”

On the buzzy, vibrant 18-track concept album, NoMBe explores and interrogates his relationships with all the women who’ve shaped his life, from ex’s to high school crushes, to true loves, to his mother, to his god-mother, soul legend Chaka Khan. With each love song taking on a different relationship, the album is a diaristic, brutally honest collection that sees NoMBe seductive, tender, elated, heartbroken and inspired all at once.

Following a successful run of shows at this year’s SXSW, NoMBe will support alt-J for a pair of shows, as well as a co-headline run of dates with Mikky Ekko and Mansionair. Before we get to that, NoMBe has shared with us some of his go-to tracks to listen to while on the road. Dive in.

Electric Guest – Dear To Me

These guys have been one of my favorites of recent years and on heavy rotation at my house. If you aren’t familiar, that needs to change!

THEY. – Dante’s Creek

I fell in love with this tune immediately. I’m a big fan of what these guys are doing. It’s very dark and emotional in a unique way with a lot of attitude…collaborations are in the works, too.

Boots – Mercy

Every now and then you find a record as an artist that makes you wonder what the hell you’re doing with your time. Mercy was that for me. My buddy Mikey Mike showed this to me and I was floored. It just sounded superior in quality and had a great song. Check out more from boots, he actually produced a lot of Beyonce’s records, too.

Sonder – Too Fast

This is my favorite record when I’m driving. Great production and Brent Faiyaz voice is jus butter..

Beshkin – Faceless

I remember meeting these cats on set shooting the video to “Faceless” and thought this might be cool. Once I heard the song weeks later I realized there’s some serious talent about to come up. Gus solo work has also been very inspiring. Make sure to give him a listen as well.

DCKWRTH – Michull

DUCKWRTH has been another great artist I’ve been really into. His whole swag and esthetic are really inspiring. Check out our song together called 2 Bucks!

NoMBe Socials: