Janelle Monáe releases ‘Dirty Computer’ Album & Narrative Film: WATCH HERE!


With the release of Black Panther and now news of Janelle Monáe special trailer for her highly anticipated third solo album, this truly is the week that keeps on giving. While it’s been a few years since the release of Monae’s critically acclaimed ‘Janelle Monae Wondaland Presents The Eephus’, we’ve been lucky enough to watch her flex her acting muscles in huge movies such as Hidden Figures and Moonlight.

The special trailer for her highly anticipated third solo album & narrative film project, Dirty Computer, will air in cinemas across America before screenings of Marvel’s Black Panther.

In anticipation of this moment, Janelle has unveiled the first online teaser for Dirty Computer which you can watch below! 


Stay Stylish and Look Glamorous: Tips for Ageing Gracefully 


Simply put, everyone is more confident when they like the way they look, when they can express themselves honestly in their sense of style and when others compliment them on their design choices. Confidence comes from many different facets of life, and yes, your appearance is one of them. Age, however, should never impact how you feel. That is why you should follow this guide to look great and feel great, no matter how old you are:


Water is Your Best Friend

Water is an underrated drink. Water, unlike getting hydration from any other form (from juices to foods) is a great detoxifier. It has no other nutritional value, so your body can take the most from it. Drinking the recommended amount of water per day can help your skin stay hydrated, but it can also help reduce headaches, improve your metabolism, and make you more alert.

Healthy Eating, Healthy Living

It’s no secret that what you put into your body determines how you feel, and even your health. If you want to stay stylish and look glamorous as you age, you need to put your health at the forefront of your attention. Cut out toxic substances like smoking and even drinking alcohol, and depending on your metabolism even foods like dairy. Instead, eat foods rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants. Your overall health will improve, and you will age gracefully.


Consistency is Key

 Morning routines can help you look great for years to come, but they must be done every morning. Consistency is key when it comes to your beauty routine, which is why you should always give new products a few weeks of consistent use before you decide whether something works for you or not. Similarly, you might find that your skin gets worse before it gets better, in the case of acne. 


How to Make Your Wardrobe Work for You

You should never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot wear, but you also need to be aware of what you are saying with what you wear. That is why there is the notion of dressing for your age. Instead, find quality pieces that flatter you, so that your clothes work with you, rather than against you. You can store your old clothes if you still fit them (or for your child, as they grow up) or you can clear out your wardrobe and have a staple look.


Combat Obvious Signs of Ageing

Good habits and dressing will take you far in terms of ageing gracefully, but unfortunately, genetics sometimes have other things to say. Be aware of your options, and you’ll be better prepared to deal with the hair loss, or the loss of skin elasticity, or even the health concerns. Consult professionals, regardless whether it is a technician on what the FUE hair transplant cost is, a doctor, a dietician, or even a personal trainer.

Too often people forget how health and beauty coincide, and too often they forget that they can be beautiful at any age. Follow this guide, and you’ll be feeling as confident as you were when you were twenty.

Jacob Banks Exclusive Photoshoot and Interview for FAULT Magazine

Jacob Banks X FAULT Magazine

Words & Photography: Miles Holder

Styling: Rachel Gold

Leather tassel waistcoat Rokit
Roll neck Ralph Lauren

It’s no big secret, that here at FAULT we’re all huge fans of Jacob Banks; you can read our live review of his London show as proof here. The 26-year-old British-Nigerian singer-songwriter is often described as the saviour of blues, the “young man with the voice to bring blues into the 21st century”, but behind the hype lies a man wanting only to tell great stories through music. Moving unphased by the titles and accolades unwantedly bestowed upon him, Jacob lives in the moment, wishing only to create great music for himself and those willing to listen to it. We caught up with Jacob on the London leg of his worldwide ‘Into The Wild’ tour to find out more about the man behind the music.


FAULT Magazine: You’re currently on your worldwide tour, do you find that you enjoy the stage and perfoming more so than the studio enviroment?

Jacob Banks:  I think it has to be equal; I don’t do both at the same time. If I’m touring, I’m touring, and if I’m writing I’m writing. When I write a song, I write and then record, and then I’m done but the song isn’t truly ready until it’s had a chance to exist in a different space outside of the studio. Sometimes I can write what I believe to be a good song, but I don’t know if it’s a great song until I’ve tested it on tour and that’s why touring gives me the chance to experiment and really push the songs that I create to another level.


Denim suit: Newell Bespoke
Roll neck: Hackett
Pocket square: Dunhill
Beenie and trainers models own


FAULT Magazine: What’s your writing discipline like, do you do the writers workshops and say “today, I’m writing x amount of a song’ or do you let the songs come to you organically over time? 

Jacob Banks: For me, I’m writing constantly, and I’m almost trying to remember a song as opposed to writing a new one. I listen to people that inspire; listen to them talk, and I love vocabulary and the way different people can string sentences together in a certain way. For me, it’s about staying open to inspiration no matter where it might come from. That may be a chord progression that I hear from a television advert or an odd sound that I hear whilst playing Fifa but it’s always about staying open and being aware of every sound, every thought and conversation that’s around me that might become my next song.


Where do you go from there and find inspiration to turn those fleeting moments into a narrative within your music? 

Music, art, family and sometimes I tell stories about other people. Every second of the day is as an opportunity to tell a story and as an artist you can’t miss them. If I’m having a conversation with someone and it’s just a conversation where we’re not thinking of music, it’s in those moments that I find great inspiration because it’s natural and people are at their most honest. Staying unique is a personal battle because it’s easy not to stay unique, you can do it only once, and it’s so easy to fall back into old patterns because it felt so great the first time around. As an artist, it’s important for me to be unique and I’d rather be hated for being weird than known for mediocracy.


FAULT Magazine: Many people claim that you are the “saviour of blues” and the one person who can bring the genre to a new generation of music lovers, does the pressure of such acclaim ever get to you?

Jacob Banks: Nah, I didn’t know people cared! [laughs] I’m just having fun and making records with great people. I think everything else is a bonus and a constant struggle for me is figuring out what truly matters. For me, it’s just ensuring that I’m nice to people. My job is to give people company through my music and I’m not concerned with blues or being the saviour of anything as much as people think I am. I’d be happy to write a book as long as I felt that I was expressing my true self.


FAULT Magazine: How did the Timbaland remix to ‘Unknown’ (to you) come about?

Jacob Banks: That’s random! He came across the song and loved it so he reached out. For the longest time, I didn’t believe it would happen because it was “The Timbaland” and I grew up with his music with Aaliyah and Missy Elliot. It gave me great bragging rights for the longest time, and no one could tell me anything!

Denim suit: Newell Bespoke
Rollneck: Hackett
Pocket square: Dunhill
Beenie and trainers models own


FAULT Magazine: What’s been the proudest moment of the musical moment so far

Jacob Banks: Not to sound cliché but literally every day of being of musician and that is such a luxury. I get to see the world and play music to fans who might as well be my friends. I always pinch myself to remind myself how lucky I am. For me, the highlight is getting to express myself so openly.


FAULT Magazine: How do you ensure that you’re always true to yourself as an artist and expressing yourself and not a version of yourself that others want you to be?

Jacob Banks: I just ask myself, do I like the song? That’s all that matters so I just have to be honest with myself, and it’s easy to be influenced, and sometimes I get influenced if pressured. If you leave me for a week, then I will know if it’s truly a song that I like because I’ll go back to it naturally. If I’ll go out of my way to listen to a song again, it’s because I’ve wanted to and it’s something that I’d appreciate even if another artist were singing it.

Coat: Newell | Bespoke Zip top: Luke

What is your FAULT?

Jacob Banks: I’m always trying to rationalise everything; one plus one is two and that’s a fact I can hold on to but I’m trying to not be so rigid in my understandings of certain things.


To see Jacob Banks in a city near you, CLICK HERE

GOUSTO – The New Age of Home Cooked Meals

As soon as I got my first Gousto delivery, I was in a state of shock. Never in my life have I been in such awe at the sight of lettuce. So much lettuce. And kale. And cauliflower. A rainbow of vitamins all delivered to my front door. Such joy!


The Gousto box contains 3 recipes that you have to cook over the span of a week. You have the option to order for either 2 people or 4 people. I went with recipes for 4 people as it’s nice to treat family and friends for once. Which is fantastic – if you’re a cooking enthusiast. Alas – I am not. Yet here I am venturing outside of my comfort zone for the sake of editorial quality and in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

My first attempt shall be turmeric pork with chili-lime radish salad. Merely typing that got my taste buds excited. I’ve literally got all ingredients laid out in front of me in the cutest, tiniest plastic satchels I’ve ever seen. Makes me want to use them for decorative purposes more. I shall restrain myself though and use them for their intended purpose – which is preparing delicious meals.

For this recipe – we’ve got coriander, lime, ground turmeric, carrots, rice vinegar, British hand-diced pork, gem lettuce, radish (d’oh), chipotle paste (things just got interesting), honey, rice noodles and soy sauce. Recipe from heaven or will I manage to destroy everything in the process?

So far so good – the carrots were super easily turned into ribbons, to my surprise. The only small challenge encountered was actually finding the patience to chop about 50 radishes. All ended well with a bunch of good background music and a small glass of wine.

We carry on.

As opposed to documenting every single step of my new culinary experience I’ve decided to just go ahead and experience the actual act of cooking.

I will have you know that the final result is nothing short of awe-inducing. I couldn’t be more pleased with myself.

The only downside to the recipe is the fact that the abundance of turmeric has now given my kitchen some sort of a vintage yellow hue – along with my newly acquired nude nail polish. Which is entirely a fault of my own. Please do look after your kitchenware when using turmeric – apparently, it stains.

A personal suggestion would be to leave the pork to cook a little bit longer than 2-3 minutes on each side. Overall – the whole recipe took about 55 minutes for 4 people – mainly because I’ve added 10 extra minutes when frying the turmeric pork.

The final result is very fresh and flavor-y. And for once, my friends are not leaving this dinner party secretly fearing for their lives and intestinal well-being.

My second recipe proved itself to be a little more challenging due to my extreme tiredness, yet here I venture into my next culinary adventure.

Ladies and gents I give you the Salsa Verde Chicken Broth. This takes about 40 minutes to make – and it proved itself to be a lot easier than I thought.

This recipe is quite straightforward. Chicken, leeks, courgettes and many other greens that I like to believe will bring all the health in the world into my life.

The recipe in itself is quite easy to make, as it hasn’t got as many ingredients as the previous one – although the boiling and cooking time is essentially longer.

I’m now writing this while my courgettes and leeks are perfectly arrayed in the oven. Thus I shall proceed towards my battle with the chicken fillet.

There’s something about this recipe that I find quite intriguing. It might be because the picture on the package looks a lot like chicken Pho. I’m bound to find out.

Regardless, this has definitely taken me out of my comfort zone in regards to my cooking. It’s been a learning experience from Day 1 – and I can now clearly see the benefits of fine dining at home.

First of all, you actually know what goes into your food. As much as you hail Michelin star restaurants for their kids sized delicious portions, it’s always a little more satisfying to know the quality and the quantity of each ingredient that is part of your meal.

I disregard people who say that fine dining can’t be done at home. With the proper equipment, with the ingredients measured accordingly and a drizzle of patience, you can make it all happen yourself.

Going back to the cooker – I’ve now put the wheat berries in a boiling pot and my adventure continues.

I’m nearly done and I can safely say that this one took literally 40 minutes.

One thing that I’d like to add is the fact that I’ve separated the vegetables from the chicken – as the latter needed extra cooking time, while the courgettes and leeks were nearly overcooked.

Also, the boiling time for the lentils is a little longer than 2 minutes. I’ve gone with about 10 minutes and still waiting for them to go tender.

After having a few tastes, there’s definitely a bit of an eastern tone to the recipe. As previously mentioned with the cooked pork – it’s very fresh and light. It gives you an instant energy boost and it’s very refreshing. I see this regime as a pick me up after the heavy eating done during the Christmas time. Which I’m still recovering from, by the way.

Last but not least – my favorite of all 3 recipes was definitely the Curried Coconut Quinoa with Cauliflower and Kale.

I’m a big fan of quinoa and I enjoy adding it to my usual recipes, instead of using rice. The ground turmeric and the roasted cauliflower also gives it enough flavor to make it a classic yet exciting recipe.

The overall cooking time took less than half an hour – which means that I’ve quite progressed in my cooking ventures. I did not document this recipe from start to finish, yet instead, I decided to enjoy the whole process from minute one.

I have to say that after a week of testing out the Gousto recipes, I’ve come to a few simple conclusions which I’ve laid out for you below:


  1. I don’t think I can go back to shopping for myself ever again
  2. I will definitely become slowly but surely addicted to ordering the boxes in – I can’t quite put into words how excited I was when I received all the recipes in one go!
  3. My diet has completely changed. I couldn’t go back to eating takeaways or any type of fast food.
  4. Even if you’re not a fan of cooking – at the end of the day, it’s all a question of habit. As I stated while documenting my first recipe, I am not an enthusiast. However, now I look forward to every dinner that I make for myself and my friends when I know how incredible the results are.
  5. The Gousto boxes are life-changing. With my busy schedule, I couldn’t have obtained a balanced diet without the Gousto recipes.

It’s definitely a 5-star experience from team FAULT and – no pun intended – it’s a uniquely faultless experience that you need to try for yourself in order to understand.


For more details – head to Gousto and choose your box yourself. They’ve recently launched their Plant-Based recipes and their Boost and Balance recipes. A single portion of a 4 person box costs only 2.38£ and your tummy will thank you for it.

Oliver Stark ‘Breaking The States’ FAULT Magazine Interview

Oliver Stark: Breaking The States 

(Originally published inside FAULT Issue 25)


Photography by Irvin Rivera at Graphicsmetropolis Styling by Monica Cargile Grooming by Preston Wada at Opus Beauty using Kevin Murphy using V76 Photography assistance by Phill Limprasertwong at phillldotcom


Words: Miles Holder 

Fans of British tv and cinema will likely recognise Oliver Stark from various independent movies and UK television dramas. While the roles were small, they gave Oliver the confidence he needed to join a long list of British actors to head to the states with hopes of landing a big time role in Hollywood. It’s a move that many make but one that very few manage to succeed at and while Oliver knows all too well what defeat can feel – he conversely has seen what persistence, courage and the drive born from those setbacks can produce. On his second attempt to crack the US television market, Oliver landed the role of Ryder on AMC’s ‘Into The Badlands’ and the rest, as they say, is history. Now reaping the rewards from years of dedication to his craft, the only way is up for this young actor. As his career climbs to new heights, we sat down with Oliver to discuss his journey into Hollywood and to find out what’s next for the London-born actor with so much more to give.


What is it about a script or a role that draws you in?

I think that’s changed over the past year. Now, I really want to be involved in projects focussed on what’s happening around us at the moment and tell a story that has a relevance to society. The way the world is now and where it’s going as a population, I think there are stories that need to be told and I’d love to be a part of that.


Much like the parallels Into The Badlands shares with gun control laws?

That’s something that I didn’t expect to come into the discussion with Into The Badlands but it’s great to be a part of things and see it’s connected with people that way. I want to get people talking about real life and even though the show is in such a different world, it’s great it’s a vehicle for wider discussions.


How daunting was your move to LA?

I first came out here in January 2014 and I originally came for two months with a head full of dreams and didn’t actually have the best time if I’m honest with you. I wasn’t very busy and I didn’t do very well in auditions so I came home very dejected after that. The second time I went out was a much bigger deal for me because I had to rebuild all the confidence I’d lost and it was on that trip that I booked Into The Badlands.

It’s a big commitment to British actors to do it because it’s a lot of money and you have to readjust your entire life so there is a certain level of commitment to the craft actors show when they make the jump.


Even if it has already been done, what would be your dream role?

Some part of me has always wanted to be involved in a football movie! One of those by the numbers movies when it’s very clear who is going to win but is also very heartfelt and glory to all at the end. I’ve always wanted a movie which lets me show off my football skill too! [Laughs]



What’s it like to meet fans of Into The Badlands?

I think the greatest compliment I can receive is “I didn’t know you were British” because that is always a phew moment because it means I’ve got the accent nailed at the very least.


What is your FAULT?

The inability to escape my own head at times because there is always that voice back there that in a room full of great actors will ask “do I deserve to be here?” I think it’s something that everyone struggles.

Diesel release FAULTless Embrace Your Flaws Campaign Video

Diesel release FAULTless ‘Go With The Flaw’ Campaign Video


Words: Miles Holder

While 2018 hasn’t gotten off to the most optimistic start, if you search hard enough, you can still find the good news meshed within the sea of dystopian updates. Today that update comes from Diesel’s ‘Embrace Your Flaws’ campaign. Celebrating the flaws that make us all unique, Diesel has followed on from their 2017 ‘Go With The Flaw’ campaign and once again enlisted director Francois Rousselet to create a beautiful, poignant yet still comical romance story.

In their own words “If in the first film we saw the perfectly flawed result of a rookie director’s attempt at making his first film, in this new episode, with irony and a good dose of carelessness, we show you what happens when you… Don’t go with the flaw? When, in fact, you do everything you can to hide the flaws in your life, chasing perfection as the world imposes, because common sense thinks that beauty is just another duty.”

To echo the words of FAULT Magazine Issue 23 cover star Alicia Keys, “Let go of the word “perfection”. It’s not real, and it’s a word that tears us down. There is no way to be perfect and no fun in being perfect.” And Diesel has hit the nail on the head with this new campaign video.

While it goes without saying that the campaign is commendable, a visual delight and more evidence of Diesel’s honest commitment to promoting self-love, the production team on ‘Embrace Your Flaws’ also deserve credit for sending such a poignant message without preaching. Sometimes humour is the best device to deliver an important message and judging by the number of shares this campaign has received; this is one of those times!

Check out the video below!


Diesel artistic director for this campaign NICOLA FORMICHETTI




Brushing With Style Thanks To The UberSonic Club


I won’t patronise you; everyone understands how important oral hygiene is and why it’s essential for both your personal and professional life. What a lot of people fail to recognise is in fact just how important getting a good toothbrush is. Sure, sure, it’s all subjective, and there are so many on the market right now it’s hard to work out precisely what the best model to go for might be. I didn’t know the first place to start, so I decided to find one that would fit into my lifestyle first and go from there. 1) I travel a lot for work and I don’t like to spend my precious home time running to the shops to buy replacement toothbrush heads. 2) I work in fashion, and I have an affiliation for anything of good design, where do I turn? Enter, winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2016, ‘The Ubersonic.’

As a member of the Uber Sonic Club, in theory, you’ll never have to buy a toothbrush ever again. Anyone that owns an electric toothbrush can attest to their many benefits, but sadly, in turn, we can all also attest to the annoyance at running out to buy replacement heads every couple of months, leading to many of us simply neglecting to change them. With the Ubersonic, the all too common stress of hunting down a compatible replacement head on the high street is removed from the equation. After the initial purchase of the Ubersonic for the ludicrously low price of £19, every two months you’ll receive two more replacement heads for £9 direct to your door.

The toothbrush design is certainly deserving of its award-winning acclaim, the grip and overall presentation of the brush far outperform its price tag. Of course, The Ubersonic team have wanted to produce a toothbrush which is still competitive on the market so while they have opted for cost-effective materials they have not reigned in the design.

The brush heads use sonic vibrations at a rate of 35,000 times a minute to break down plaque and provide a far more significant feeling of clean than a standard manual brush. The vibrating mechanism allows the user to brush just as they would with a manual as opposed to oscillating models. Every thirty seconds, the toothbrush will emit a beeping sound to remind you that it’s time to switch from your upper set of teeth to the lower if you’re a zombie in the early hours, this makes for a gentle reminder.

Along with your first set of brushes, you’ll also receive an at-home tooth whitening kits. The at-home whitening package is similar to those you’ll find touted by all the top beauty bloggers on Instagram. Inside the pack, you’ll receive a mouth guard and whitening gel which you’ll need to mould to your teeth and then leave on for thirty minutes, all of which is far easier than it sounds and the results are pretty impressive.

Best of all with the model, you can cancel the subscription at any point without any fees. I’ve heard criticism that changing your toothbrush heads every month is excessive, and I’m inclined to agree; but with the free cancellation, there’s nothing stopping you from ending your subscription after two months and using the four heads throughout the rest of the year.

All in all, we were pleasantly surprised with the Uber Sonic. While there are improvements which can be made, namely in build quality and battery life (which despite claims, I found would only last three brushes), for the price you’re paying, you are receiving a great product. Where I do feel the Uber Sonic might fail, is in gauging the British public’s interest in a subscription model for toothbrushes. While there are many subscription boxes for a variety of male grooming products, I have yet to find anyone who has one set up for their toothbrush. Maybe Uber Sonic is here to change that, in the US there are already a plethora of companies already offering the service so maybe 2018 will see the UK consumer base joining in on all the fun. At a low price of £19, you’ll receive an electric toothbrush and whitening kit (the latter alone usually retails at £30), so we’d recommend picking up a start kit and seeing for yourself. As for me, I’ll be keeping my UberSonic subscription, it’s simpler and cheaper than what I’m currently spending, and as with most grooming subscriptions, it’s one less thing to worry about.

Find out more here: www.ubersonic.co.uk

Wireless Festival Announce 2018 Line-up

Wireless Festival

London’s premier day festival returns to Finsbury Park this summer and we’re understandably very excited. Year on year, it seems that Wireless Festival pushes the star power of their lineup and it would seem, 2018 is gearing up to be their best yet! Now in its 12th year, Wireless has just released their highly anticipated lineup and visitors are sure to be very impressed. In terms of international talent, this is certainly on of their best years with Platinum-with-no-features J.Cole making his Friday set a UK exclusive. DJ Khalid, Big Sean, French Montana are also on the bill this year.

J Hus and Stormzy will be taking to the stage on Saturday, both had whirlwind 2017s which saw the release of their respective debut albums both receiving nominations for the coveted Mercury Prize. Seasons grime artists such as Giggs, Wiley and Wretch 32 will also be performing and if previous performances are anything to go by, you won’t want to miss it!

Fawning over, check out the full lineup below and tickets are on sale now: https://www.wirelessfestival.co.uk/tickets