How To Choose The Right Beauty Products for Different Climates



When it comes to beauty and makeup, the weather is one thing that women can’t control — but we can be prepared for it. Realistically, the weather can be forecasted accurately a maximum of 10 days in the future, as discussed in The Washington Post; however, that gives us girls plenty of time to stock up on the right products that will keep us looking good through any condition. But what exactly are the right cosmetics to get your hands on for each weather forecast? Here are the items you should keep around for that particularly dry, humid or rainy day.


It may not seem like a surprise, but dry weather means that there is little to no moisture in the air, which can quickly lead to dry skin. Whether you’re living in dry climates or traveling to a desert-like destination, your No. 1 beauty priority should be taking care of your skin. Swap out your foamy facial cleanser for something more gentle on the skin that doesn’t take out the moisture, and make sure you apply facial and body lotion right after getting out of the shower so the moisture can really seep into your skin. Instead of a foundation, use a BB cream that has sunscreen and moisturizing elements in it. Lastly, keep a lip balm close by as your lips are usually the first to be affected by dehydration and dry weather.


In the heat, makeup tends to move around and smudge a lot. To minimize this reaction, start with an oil-free moisturizer and add a primer base to your makeup routine — this will help hold make up together for longer. Generally, you should stick to the motto “less is more” in hot weather. Use a tinted moisturizer, concealer and powder foundation, and stay away from thick, creamy layers that will leave your face looking extra shiny in the heat. For those of you who love wearing lash extensions, be mindful of the type of lash extension glue you use, as its effectiveness can be affected by the humidity in the air.


Rainy weather can wash away your makeup in a few quick minutes. Stylecaster recommends rubbing your makeup into your skin when it’s wet outside, rather than just leaving it sitting on top of your skin, to help keep it in place. Just as you should do in humid weather, using a primer base is a great way to add an extra-strong hold to your makeup, and avoid it seeping away quickly. When you are faced with a rainy day, be sure to reach for the waterproof mascara in your makeup bag, and skip the shimmer and shine products, as the matte look is much easier to maintain when water is present, says Stylecaster.

Whether you’re off to work, on a girls outing or going on vacation, we never want inclement weather conditions to get in the way of our day — or our makeup. Our beauty routine can be vital to how we’re feeling, so make sure you’re prepared for any climate by following these tips.

FAULT Magazine Photoshoot and Interview with YUNGBLUD


Photography: Miles Holder

Words: Sammie Caine

With a stark sense of honesty to his music and a clear talent for songwriting, YUNGBLUD has emerged on the music scene and is certainly one to watch. Not only does YUNGBLUD offer music sure to get stuck in your head (including ‘I Love You, Will You Marry Me’), but he also delivers a message with his lyrics and an energy set to get you dancing along at a gig.

Following the release of his self-titled EP, FAULT had the chance to catch up with YUNGBLUD ahead of the exciting year he has before him.


So, the YUNGBLUD EP is finally out! How does it feel getting to release it to the world?

It’s pretty amazing. I think it’s kind of the first body of work that I’ve got to put out that represents what’s been going on in my head. Right now the world is such a confusing place for young people – I think we are such a clever, clued up generation and see a future and world that we want to live in, but it’s been held back by a generation that aren’t necessarily ready for the world to go there yet or just don’t understand us.

I didn’t agree with that; do you know what I mean? Me and a lot of my friends were angry and it’s just been so amazing to kind of use my music as an outlet to talk about shit like that, because I think everything right now is so safe and it’s amazing to have [the EP] out and to kind of allow people to go to it and just know exactly who I am as an artist. Yeah man, it’s exciting as fuck.


What’s one place you can’t wait to go play on tour?

Probably New York, man. I love New York. I can’t wait to play there in March again. I played a showcase there but I can’t wait to play a proper gig there. I love that city, it just blows my mind.


What would you say is your favourite song to play at gigs, and why?

I think probably ‘Tin Pan Boy’ because it just goes off every night and I can just get it out. As soon as I walk on the stage I can be undeniably, completely myself and I can just get everything out and it’s just sick. It’s the last song, so everybody’s going mental together and it’s kind of just uncensored.

I don’t know, I feel like I can just let everything out without people looking at me like I’m completely mental.

You’ve definitely made an impact with your music already – especially with the likes of ‘Polygraph Eyes’, which touches on the issue of sexual assault. Do you think it’s important to make a statement with your music?

Oh absolutely, that’s the fundamental core of Yungblud and what I am. I just believe that music’s been so lost and I think mainstream music’s not representing anything. I think it’s just quite sad because the stuff I grew up on represented a way of thinking or a way of feeling.

I don’t know, I just think the world is such a crazy place right now and politics is an issue. There’s stuff at the forefront of everyone’s mind right now and I just can’t believe that nobody’s talking about it in popular music. So, I just thought I need to do that.

And I’m not trying to preach to anyone or anything because if I get preached to I just switch off. I’m just saying what I think and all I want to do is empower people to say what they think because then that’s how we can change shit.

Who, or what, inspired you to get into writing and performing music?

I think music was just the only thing that encaptured my soul when I was young. I know that sounds really cliché and weird, but I was just brought up in a very musical family and it was always on in the background no matter what, it was just always on.

It was the thing that could kind of make me feel happy or make me feel sad instantly and that just encaptured me. But then I found out I was shit at it – all my mates could play ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ better than me and I didn’t like that, so I kind of sat there and approached it from a different way and started writing. That got my interest because the way I could tell a story through music was just so much better to me than just playing the guitar, so it kind of started from there. I started writing my first songs at probably like 11.

You’ve been compared to artists such as Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turn and Sex Pistols’ John Lydon. how does it feel knowing that you’re already getting that kind of attention as a musician?

It’s amazing. Of course, it’s incredible because Alex is such a big influence of mine and I want to be that. I always said I wanted to be that.

I fundamentally love artists, real artists, who represent something. To me, man, if you’re not representing something or you’re not talking about something real, you’re not an artist you’re a singer. And I don’t want to be a fucking singer, do you know what I’m saying?

So to be compared to people like Alex Turner is just amazing because he was one of the only people that got me growing up and it’s down to him that I’m in to writing music. It’s amazing that I’m kind of placed in that calibre and that category because that’s all I wanted to be. That’s all I want to be. I just want to be an artist, I mean a proper artist like that.

What’s next on the cards for YUNGBLUD?

A lot. I’m getting tired looking at my travel schedule. I can’t wait though – so much touring. I don’t even think I come home ’til September already. I literally gave up my flat in London because I’m not going to be home before September.

And just releasing so much music, there’s so much music in the bag and I can’t wait to just release it all and get it out there. It’s weird, man, as soon as I write a song I just want to put it out. I know you’ve got to do the whole fucking games and shit, but I just can’t wait to put all the music out, it’s gonna be sick.


What is your FAULT?

Ooh, what is my fault? I pick my nose.

The self-titled ‘YUNGBLUD’ EP is out now, and YUNGBLUD is playing shows across Europe and the US throughout 2018.

FAULT Magazine 2018 Oscar Predictions

fWith the Bafta’s now behind us, it’s time we turned our heads towards the Oscar’s. After the #Oscarssowhite controversy miring previous years and Moonlight/La La Land mishaps from last year, all eyes will be fixed squarely on this year’s award ceremony! While it’s a close race and no one can be sure until the night, many platforms are making last-minute Oscar predictions so allow us to present to you the Official FAULT Magazine 2018 Oscar Prediction list!

Award: Best Actor
Nominees: Daniel Kaluuya “Get Out”
Timothée Chalamet “Call Me by Your Name”
Gary Oldman “Darkest Hour”
Daniel Day-Lewis “Phantom Thread”
Denzel Washington “Roman J. Israel, Esq.”

FAULT Prediction: Gary Oldman

While odds at Betfair currently place Gary Oldman at 33/1 to win behind Timothee Chalamet and Daniel Kaluuya’s 16/1, Gary Oldman still edged them out at the Bafta’s taking home the coveted best Leading Acting award for his portrayal of Winston Churchill. While we believe Kaluuya and Chalamet both put in Oscar Award-winning performances in their respective projects, ‘Darkest Hour’ is the epitome of an “Oscar Movie”. Unless the Academy has made significant strides to modernise this 2018, we predict that once again it will be the biopic/period drama to bring things home this year.


Award: Actor In A Supporting Role

Nominees: Christopher Plummer ‘All the Money in the World”
Woody Harrelson “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”
Sam Rockwell “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”
Willem Dafoe “The Florida Project”
Richard Jenkins “The Shape of Water”

FAULT Prediction: Willem Dafoe

Sam Rockwell’s performance as Jason Dixon in “Three Billboards” has already earned him a SAG Awards, BAFTA, Critics’ Choice and Golden Globe awards, makes it hard to deny that he is a clear favourite to win this year with the general public. That being said, we’re going to route for Willem Dafoe for his performance in “The Florida Project” to take the award for Best Supporting Actor. While we won’t comment on the actor’s respective performances or acting prowess, Dafoe’s performance gained universal praise from The NYTimes, Vulture, Common Sense Media and if past years have taught us anything, it’s that the titles above and the academy, all speak the same language.


Award: Best Actress

Nominees: Meryl Streep “The Post”
Sally Hawkins “The Shape of Water”
Margot Robbie “I, Tonya”
Frances McDormand “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”
Saoirse Ronan “Lady Bird”

FAULT Prediction: Frances McDormand

It’s going to be a close year for Best Actress nominations making it tough to predict an all-out winner. If we’re to follow the BAFTA pattern, Frances McDormand picked up the award for Best Actress earlier this week, and we imagine she will do quite the same at The Oscars but this year is anyone’s game, and every actress is well deserved of that Oscar nod this year.



Award: Actress In A Supporting Role

Nominations: Lesley Manville “Phantom Thread”
Laurie Metcalf “Lady Bird”
Allison Janney “I, Tonya”
Mary J. Blige “Mudbound”
Octavia Spencer “The Shape of Water”

FAULT Predictions: Mary J. Blige

We’re throwing all metrics out of the window here, and we’ll admit, we’re trying to speak this one into existence here! When the nominees have announced, Mary J. Blige made history by becoming the first person (not women, not black women, but first person ever in the entirety of The Oscars), to be nominated for her acting performance and an original song in a single year. Let that sink in, now imagine Blige becomes the first actress ever to win both awards…! Disclaimer: All signs point to Allison Janney winning for “I, Tonya” but we’ll save such logic for another category.


Paul Thomas Anderson “Phantom Thread”
Guillermo del Toro “The Shape of Water.”
Christopher Nolan “Dunkirk”
Greta Gerwig “Lady Bird”
Jordan Peele “Get Out”

FAULT Predictions: Jordan Peele

Despite our earlier comments on Gary Oldman being our prediction for the Best Actor for his traditional Oscar-winning portrayal of Churchill, we’re going with Jordan Peele to pick up the award for Best Director. Plainly put, it’s the smartest move for The Academy to show that they’re ready for a change by awarding Peele the award. That’s not to say it’s a baseless token by any stretch of the imagination, Jordan Peele’s directorial debut grossed $176 million domestically. Peele created a horror movie like non-other, a film which while genuinely frightening was still able to touch on social issues and speak to the latest generation of moviegoers in a way unlike many other Oscar Award winning Directors we’ve seen in previous years. If the academy believes in modernising and listening to the also subjective views of the movie-going public, they’ll award Peele with his Best Picture Nomination.


Award: Best Picture
“Darkest Hour”
“Phantom Thread”
“Get Out”
“The Post”
“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”
“The Shape of Water”
“Lady Bird”
“Call Me by Your Name”

FAULT Predictions: Call Me By Your Name

It’s a tough one this year, it’s not actually until I saw all the movies laid out did I realise just how great the year was for cinema. If we learnt anything from last year, it’s that The Oscars are listening to stories emanating from the LGBTQ community. However that isn’t the only theme Call Me By You Name shares with last year winner, ‘Moonlight’. What both managed to do, was to convey the story and struggle of homosexuality but in a way that resonated with all peoples who have suffered with otherness and we think the academy will see this and will once again reward such a feat.

FAULT Magazine Weekly Playlist by L Devine

L Devine first caught our eye with her EP with her full EP video ‘Growing Pains’. Despite her young age, L Devine opening narration speaks of an artist far beyond her years as she speaks about inspiring women and all the inspiring women in her life who gave her the courage to release the EP. You can watch the full video by Emil Nava HERE.

Today we’re very proud to present L Devine’s FAULT Magazine Playlist of all her personal favourite songs and just why she loves them. Sit back, relax and enjoy!


Miss You: Cashmere Cat, Major Lazer & Tory Lanez
This is my favourite song right now. I’ve had it on repeat since it came out. The chorus is a flip of another song and it works so well but I just love how simple the whole song feels, it’s like they did one pass on the mic for melodies while writing and they just went with it. I’m really into Tory’s vocals on it too, sounds so soft and lazy. This song is such a vibe!!

Imperfections: Starrah & Diplo
I’m totally obsessed with Starrah. She’s definitely my favourite artist right now. Every one of her tracks is so hooky but still really understated and cool. She’s written hits like Havana for Camila and Fake Love for Drake and more but her own stuff rocks my fkn world!! And it’s so inspiring seeing a young female completely dominate the songwriting game. She’s written the biggest songs of the past couple of years – it’s so motivating.

Mango: Siba
Siba is my favourite collaborator and my best friend! He produced and co-wrote my song Like You Like That with me, and many more yet to be released songs of mine. When he’s not writing pop gold, he works on his artist project, which is all written, recorded and produced by him. This is my favourite of his, it’s such a head nodder!!

Don’t Worry Baby: The Beach Boys
The Beach Boys are probably my favourite band of all time. Brian Wilson is my ultimate songwriting idol, I think he’s truly a genius. I saw him live a few years ago and I was sat right in the front row. I think Brian and his band loved the fact there was someone under 50 years old there so they passed me their setlist, guitar picks and drumsticks at the end. Pretty cool!!  I don’t know if this is my favourite song by The Beach Boys because there’s too many to choose from, but I love it, it’s so sweet.

Hands To Myself: Selena Gomez
I’ll never ever get sick of hearing this song. I think the chorus is the most satisfying thing I’ve ever heard and I just love Selena’s tone – it’s so delicate and intimate. Plus, it was written by Julia Michaels, another one of my songwriting idols!

Overload – Sugababes 
Nothing can beat old Sugababes. This song in particular. The melodies feel kinda weird and eerie. And I love how the vocals don’t have any tuning on them and feel really dry…it fits with the eerie vibe!!

When I See U: Fantasia
This song really makes me feel something. The lyrics are just so good. It just takes me back to anytime I’ve ever had a crush on someone and was too scared to tell them…which is pretty much all the time haha.

With Every Heartbeat: Robyn
Robyn is such a big inspiration of mine, I love that she makes sad songs you can dance to! She definitely inspired my song Like You Like That. This song in particular was the start of my obsession with arpeggiators and the whole Scandi-pop sound.

You’re Not Good Enough: Blood Orange 
I’ve got really into Dev Hynes while I’ve been writing my next EP. I first heard about him through the beautiful Solange song Losing You and then became obsessed with his Blood Orange stuff. I really like the whole sombre 80s vibe, it’s so funky but so melancholy.

Pink: Julia Michaels
I completely rinsed this track from Julia’s debut mini-album. I really wasn’t expecting the album to be so left and quirky, but I’m so glad it is! She writes pop smashes like Sorry for Justin Bieber and her own Issues and then also makes these really weird and interesting tracks with so much of her personality in them. It feels like I’m having a conversation with her in every track.


Listen To The Playlist on the go HERE

Seal adds New London Show to his ‘Standards’ Tour

We’ve spoken openly about our love for Seal and his ‘Standards’ album, in fact, we loved it so much we made Seal our FAULT Magazine issue 26 Menswear Coverstar! Backed by a big band, Seal will be returning to London on 22nd and 23rd of February to perform songs from his tenth (yes tenth!) studio album ‘Standards’ and all-time crowd-pleasing favourite hits ‘Killer’ and Kiss from a Rose’. 
While the 22nd is sadly sold out, you now have the chance to grab tickets to his new Friday 23rd February date! Check out the link below – trust us, you won’t want to miss it!

BAFTA EE Presents The Costume Series in partnership with Swarovski


Each year, the BAFTA Awards showcase an incredible array of talent in the most poignant cinematic categories.


This weekend, The Sessions held at BAFTA HQ shone a light on the makers of the most incredible films to grace the screen in 2017. From Production Design to Hair and Makeup, along with talks from this year’s EE Rising Star Nominees, the panels offered an exclusive in-depth look at the work and passion that is put behind each film and each talent nominated for this year’s awards.


As part of the Costume Sessions, we had an exclusive opportunity to see what actually went into the makings of the incredible dressings from BAFTA Nominated films The Shape of Water and I, Tonya.


The process that goes into the making of a costume is intrinsically fascinating and complex. Speaking to the crowd, Jennifer Johnson, the costume designer behind I, Tonya’s iconic looks has delved in depth into what actually goes into the garment-making of an iconic biographical film.

Photo: Neon

`’It’s a magical time when an actor feels incredibly wholesome with the costume” she says while reflecting on working with Margot Robbie. Robbie’s costumes were made from scratch – there was no particular insight into Tonya’s actual outfits that she wore during the Olympics. By studying significant amounts of documentary series on Tonya’s performances along with VHS footage and very old poor quality photographs, Johnson only had 5 weeks of pre-production time to be able to put together all of Robbie’s outfits. Challenging yet rewarding at the same time, the team behind I, Tonya acted as a very nurturing environment for Johnson to work in. Margot Robbie acted as a title character as well as a producer alongside her husband who was a screenwriter. We’d call it a family affair. It was very important for Johnson to get a good grasp of Margot’s character at first. Speaking to FAULT of her experience, she recalls that the moment Robbie became one with the costume was a wholesome process. “The body warms up, they accept the costume and they become one with it. If the actor doesn’t accept the costume in their sphere and their comfort, then that’s when difficulties occur.”


The second panelist of the evening was Luis Sequeira, the designer behind the iconic period looks of The Shape of Water who is currently being nominated in 13 different categories.

Octavia Spencer and Sally Hawkins in the film THE SHAPE OF WATER. Photo by Kerry Hayes. © 2017 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation All Rights Reserved

When working with Guillermo Del Toro, Luis explains that it’s a very particular and intense experience. On a production of the scale of The Shape of Water, it was very important to keep all the details in check from start to finish. A fabric that looks a certain way in the palm of your hards takes entirely different dimensions when put in front of a camera. The second part of the film was shot entirely underwater, which added an extra element of difficulty when addressing the costumes. For the final scene, Sequiera explains that he chose to use a different type of fabric that would accurately reflect the movements of Sally. When speaking of his experience of working alongside her, he explains that there’s “always a magical melding of actually creating characters with Sally and that forms a healthy balance.” In perspective, the cast is at their most vulnerable with the costume designers and they believe in that a strong blend of trust and friendship needs to exist. Although Sequeira insists that a boundary still needs to exist. Even though he’s close to Sally, he explains that ‘close friends don’t tie her shoelaces’ – which inevitably creates a division in between a working relationship and an actual friendship. Not to say that one can’t be formed, but what’s most important on a film set is a level of professional trust in between designers and cast members.


The question on everyone’s lips is ‘Who’s going to win Best Picture at the awards this weekend?’ Reluctant to answer, Sequeira believes it’s quite likely ‘Guillerom del Torro’s turn this year’. We tend to agree, yet the answer to the question shall be revealed this evening.


The EE British Academy Film Awards is broadcast on BBC One at 9pm on Sunday 18th February. For advice and inspiration from the best creative minds working in film, games and television,






Janelle Monáe releases ‘Dirty Computer’ Album & Narrative Film: WATCH HERE!


With the release of Black Panther and now news of Janelle Monáe special trailer for her highly anticipated third solo album, this truly is the week that keeps on giving. While it’s been a few years since the release of Monae’s critically acclaimed ‘Janelle Monae Wondaland Presents The Eephus’, we’ve been lucky enough to watch her flex her acting muscles in huge movies such as Hidden Figures and Moonlight.

The special trailer for her highly anticipated third solo album & narrative film project, Dirty Computer, will air in cinemas across America before screenings of Marvel’s Black Panther.

In anticipation of this moment, Janelle has unveiled the first online teaser for Dirty Computer which you can watch below! 


Stay Stylish and Look Glamorous: Tips for Ageing Gracefully 


Simply put, everyone is more confident when they like the way they look, when they can express themselves honestly in their sense of style and when others compliment them on their design choices. Confidence comes from many different facets of life, and yes, your appearance is one of them. Age, however, should never impact how you feel. That is why you should follow this guide to look great and feel great, no matter how old you are:


Water is Your Best Friend

Water is an underrated drink. Water, unlike getting hydration from any other form (from juices to foods) is a great detoxifier. It has no other nutritional value, so your body can take the most from it. Drinking the recommended amount of water per day can help your skin stay hydrated, but it can also help reduce headaches, improve your metabolism, and make you more alert.

Healthy Eating, Healthy Living

It’s no secret that what you put into your body determines how you feel, and even your health. If you want to stay stylish and look glamorous as you age, you need to put your health at the forefront of your attention. Cut out toxic substances like smoking and even drinking alcohol, and depending on your metabolism even foods like dairy. Instead, eat foods rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants. Your overall health will improve, and you will age gracefully.


Consistency is Key

 Morning routines can help you look great for years to come, but they must be done every morning. Consistency is key when it comes to your beauty routine, which is why you should always give new products a few weeks of consistent use before you decide whether something works for you or not. Similarly, you might find that your skin gets worse before it gets better, in the case of acne. 


How to Make Your Wardrobe Work for You

You should never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot wear, but you also need to be aware of what you are saying with what you wear. That is why there is the notion of dressing for your age. Instead, find quality pieces that flatter you, so that your clothes work with you, rather than against you. You can store your old clothes if you still fit them (or for your child, as they grow up) or you can clear out your wardrobe and have a staple look.


Combat Obvious Signs of Ageing

Good habits and dressing will take you far in terms of ageing gracefully, but unfortunately, genetics sometimes have other things to say. Be aware of your options, and you’ll be better prepared to deal with the hair loss, or the loss of skin elasticity, or even the health concerns. Consult professionals, regardless whether it is a technician on what the FUE hair transplant cost is, a doctor, a dietician, or even a personal trainer.

Too often people forget how health and beauty coincide, and too often they forget that they can be beautiful at any age. Follow this guide, and you’ll be feeling as confident as you were when you were twenty.