Jessica Sanchez is our Beauty section cover for FAULT Issue 16

She has appeared on shows such as Showtime at the Apollo and America’s Got Talent, with dazzling performances of classics such as Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’ and Celine Dion’s ‘I Surrender’, but Jessica Sanchez’s popularity soared while competing on American Idol. The young songstress took on monster hits such as ‘I Will Always Love You’, ‘And I’m Telling You’ and ‘Everybody Has a Dream’, broadcasting her incredible talent to millions of fans worldwide.

After achieving second place in the competition, Sanchez followed up her tremendous success with an appearance on Glee, and she just released her first album, Me, You and The Music. FAULT sat down with the young starlet on her first major editorial and talked with her about her rise to fame, her plans for the rest of 2013 and how much her fans mean to her.

FAULT Magazine Issue 16 - Jessica Sanchez Beauty cover (web)

Jessica Sanchez was shot by Irvin Riviera and styled by Jenna Enns, Ali Levine & Malcolm Joris Bacani exclusively for FAULT Issue 16‘s Beauty section cover.

FAULT: Your fans totally adore you. How do you find being in the public eye?

Jessica: … I really adore my fans and can’t thank them enough for all the support.

FAULT Magazine Issue 16 - Jessica Sanchez 1 (web)

Interview by Leah Blewitt

Your album dropped just recently and you’ve collaborated and worked with so many amazing artist including Ne-Yo. How did that come about?

It was really an incredible experience and working with Ne-Yo was amazing. He gave me so much great advice and he is just so talented. He even wrote me a song in half an hour called ‘Plastic Roses’, which is on the album.

Looks like you had an absolutely amazing time on Glee. That must have been such an incredible experience.

… Being on Glee was such an amazing experience… They where beyond amazing to me. They really truly as a cast are very close and like family to each other.

FAULT Magazine Issue 16 - Jessica Sanchez 2 (web)

See the whole shoot – exclusively in FAULT Issue 16!

What projects are you currently working on and what can fans expect?

I’m also working on something… I can’t really say what it is now, but expect something unexpected and something big!



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  1. yey, “expect something big”! Go, Jessica! Love you 🙂

  2. So Gorgeous young lady.. and her voice is as gorgeous as She is…

  3. Far3away says:

    We will surely see the best of Jessica Sanchez in her best fashion attire. We miss your pitch-perfect voice that soothes ones soul . When can we see/hear
    you singing again?

  4. Team Jessica Sanchez says:

    THANK YOU Fault!!! <3

  5. JAY FAN eneria avilo says:

    You are simply amazing Jessica Sanchez! And my appreciation to Fault Magazine for featuring this talented young lady! She’s gorgeous! Hope everyone grabs a copy of this issue 16. Thanks a lot!

  6. Jessica Sanchez pretty unique , one of a kind. So happy for you:-)) must have a copy..

  7. Blujays says:


  8. Trying to order digital version. it’s not posted yet.

  9. Rick Tidwell says:

    Great shoot Jessica!! Nice work Fault this young lady deserves to be in lot of magazines. Very proud to be a fan of her music and everthing else she is doing

  10. myling4. says:

    yey…thank you fault magazine….

  11. Would love to see al the pics from the full shoot. The ones in the mag only represent maybe 1/3 of what has been leaked elsewhere.

  12. Lear Oroc says:

    Love everything about FAULT MAGAZINE ISSUE 16, with JESSICA SANCHEZ on the BEAUTY SECTION. Can we have more of JS ?

  13. Lear Oroc says:

    By the way, can we have her sing again on a big stage just like the American Idol .Please feature her also on national TV & make her sing ballad songs ,maybe songs from her ME,YOU & the MUSIC album. We greatly appreciate.

  14. Nelia Cuando says:

    I’ve foreseen this Jessica Sanchez featured in a top magazine like Fault,capturing her Unique beauty.Artist for an artist choice.

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